Worst Robbery Attempt Ever

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This is the greatest brick throw of All Time

J Volpe
J Volpe 18 tundi tagasi
He looks like if Razors Pirates used sex offenders instead of Murderers in HxH
Ok U
Ok U 20 tundi tagasi
Robbery is theft with violence This is just Mischief and attempt theft Robbery makes for a better attention grabbing title though....
Thisisnotmyrealname8 Päev tagasi
That's not a criminal, it's a protester. I seent it on tv.
Thomas McGuinness
Thomas McGuinness Päev tagasi
You can pick that fupa out in any lineup
1st Amendment
1st Amendment Päev tagasi
He’s got a massive 🅱️🅾️N3️⃣®️
Helmininack 2 päeva tagasi
i think thats wings of redemption
Ãlæx Myßß3rii
Ãlæx Myßß3rii 2 päeva tagasi
No no, this was actually a pig in a blanket trying to save his brothers
Trajanus LaRocque
Trajanus LaRocque 3 päeva tagasi
But this is a burglary
Kitten Soundwave
Kitten Soundwave 3 päeva tagasi
So fat, his primal instincts took over
Shane 3 päeva tagasi
Clicks on video next to family: Sees charlie: **CLICKS OFF**
Besta best
Besta best 4 päeva tagasi
0:33 That's a pretty agile dive actually.
Himiko Toga
Himiko Toga 4 päeva tagasi
He had pajamas on 🤣🤣🤣
cbthethird 4 päeva tagasi
He looks like a crappy villain from a mid-90's FMV game.
N G 4 päeva tagasi
What a classic
Steefan nafeets
Steefan nafeets 4 päeva tagasi
That cant be a real stomach
Jerone57 4 päeva tagasi
That robber looks like the clown from Dead By Daylight
bonkt 4 päeva tagasi
*hes a little confused but he got the spirit*
Ayaya Shamwow
Ayaya Shamwow 5 päeva tagasi
This gentleman is the definition of Murphys Law.
AK MTB 5 päeva tagasi
Made me smile, thanks
Aaron Perry
Aaron Perry 5 päeva tagasi
The store is Kent's meats and groceries, they do sell meat, and many other things. I live in Shasta county, there are so many people that look just like him it would be difficult to figure out just which one was him. I think the store was in on it just to bring themselves a moment of fame.🤷
Ryan Dvernychuk
Ryan Dvernychuk 5 päeva tagasi
Throw that man a steak 😂
Mumba Mumba
Mumba Mumba 5 päeva tagasi
Well, you probably never heard of the bank robber that put lemon juice on his face because he thought it would make him invisible. The reason why he thought lemon juice would make him invisible is the fact that you can use lemon juice as an invisible ink. Surprisingly it didn't work.
xl Accuracy lx
xl Accuracy lx 5 päeva tagasi
The not so Slender Man 🤣
Uber Smoke
Uber Smoke 5 päeva tagasi
Lmao some steal for economics, some to survive.
Bruh Moment
Bruh Moment 6 päeva tagasi
This made me feel better
Danie 6 päeva tagasi
And too this day his still not caught what a legend!
EscanorSinOfPride 6 päeva tagasi
Still not as good as the one where there’s two guys and as one goes to throw the brick the other steps In front of him and knocks the dude out cold 😂👌
IQ Unknown
IQ Unknown 6 päeva tagasi
bmaster461603 6 päeva tagasi
The worst one ever recorded was when the robber throws a brick at the window and it knocks his accomplice out
Δriella 6 päeva tagasi
He looks like the clown from "We're Back" a dinosaur story.
死枝荡妇 6 päeva tagasi
I want to look into this. Where is this footage from?
Chaska Crowghost
Chaska Crowghost 6 päeva tagasi
He’s dressed like Scrooge from A CHRISTMAS CAROL
SpeedyB0y 6 päeva tagasi
I ve seen worst than him. There was a video with 2 people throwing bricks to the window and the one hit the other and KO him . They are definitely worse
LearningAnimate 6 päeva tagasi
This man made a history
Cyrelkin 6 päeva tagasi
The thumbnail makes it look like a Clown skin from DbD... The bottles were bricks
Bimmer Life
Bimmer Life 6 päeva tagasi
Home boy was hungry looks like fat joker from evil bat man movie name twister 🌪
Rehanbhikan 6 päeva tagasi
peter Griffin
Cold Sleep
Cold Sleep 6 päeva tagasi
The not-so-slender man hahaha.
Plebb Squad
Plebb Squad 7 päeva tagasi
wanna know whats worse the company, aswell as other hard working individuals pay the taxes that fills his bank account because he refuses to work for a living.
daryl G
daryl G 7 päeva tagasi
I think you mean burglary
Bronx 7 päeva tagasi
he fell right on that belly lump T_T
Boost Waynee IG
Boost Waynee IG 7 päeva tagasi
Dude looks like crumb from ahh real monsters 😆🤣
Christian Petersen
Christian Petersen 8 päeva tagasi
He was going on a low carb diet but he couldn't break the exercise barrier.
INTERNERT! 8 päeva tagasi
“the not so slender man” lol
Aaron Perez
Aaron Perez 8 päeva tagasi
He probably got hungry and wanted some meat.
Chris Brandenburg
Chris Brandenburg 8 päeva tagasi
that man is one of the "water people"
Elijah Monroy
Elijah Monroy 8 päeva tagasi
I died when he called him the not so slenderman
Daniel Potyok
Daniel Potyok 8 päeva tagasi
The only thing that could make that FUDA worse is those pants. He tripped because he couldn't see the parking block past the FUDA.
True Scotsman
True Scotsman 8 päeva tagasi
this place is right across the street from where i work. there are a lot of people like this guy in our area. its actually a convenience market and they have alcohol. hes trying to get some good booze.
Dan42 8 päeva tagasi
Menace to Society
fredericstvenin 9 päeva tagasi
You'r dop 🤣
Littles - Rucoy
Littles - Rucoy 9 päeva tagasi
“The not so slender man” I’m dead 😂
Chad Manster
Chad Manster 9 päeva tagasi
Either the mans is wearing a shirt so tight that all his fat migrated to his crotch OR he’s got his own meat store in his pants
Brian Hewitt
Brian Hewitt 9 päeva tagasi
The Ham burglar!!!!!! Crying!
Peter Kraus
Peter Kraus 9 päeva tagasi
Jesus is back
Jackey Lovalux
Jackey Lovalux 9 päeva tagasi
the whole thing looked like a 3 stooges scene lol
thummbs 10 päeva tagasi
new gta heist looks sick
Just Smokes
Just Smokes 10 päeva tagasi
Dude didn’t get caught that’s a win to me
eggs panda
eggs panda 10 päeva tagasi
Straight outa Gotham
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget 10 päeva tagasi
people are being affected by him and your laughing
Murrangurk2 10 päeva tagasi
A midnight stroll? This guy doesn't seem like the strolling type to me.
Magallan Simp
Magallan Simp 10 päeva tagasi
who is gonna pay for the glass :C
rtyuik7 10 päeva tagasi
"not-so-slenderman"...i mean, the best i had was "BigGut", but i dont have much practice in 'naming fat cryptids' xD
Jay Beam
Jay Beam 10 päeva tagasi
That fucking fupa though..
gsdlmj 10 päeva tagasi
what that gunt do tho
Bill Ding
Bill Ding 11 päeva tagasi
This dudes dad trims his beard. At least he combs his own hair.
Sunny Rana
Sunny Rana 11 päeva tagasi
I've seen worse robbery attempts, trust me
2 demons attached
2 demons attached 11 päeva tagasi
Them pants were built for comfort, not speed. That's were he failed.
Mitchel Turner
Mitchel Turner 11 päeva tagasi
honestly they should just give him a night in jail for stupidity
Trevor Philips
Trevor Philips 11 päeva tagasi
El Duce's never before seen footage
Ryan Flanagin
Ryan Flanagin 11 päeva tagasi
the heck is in his pants
Drew P. Nutsack
Drew P. Nutsack 11 päeva tagasi
Gave birth to twins the next morning at the homeless shelter
kruemel 12 päeva tagasi
The „not so slender man“ got me good
Hattorr 12 päeva tagasi
TemplarCrusader 12 päeva tagasi
Original video?
Sergej Unowa
Sergej Unowa 12 päeva tagasi
What comes after death: this.
miniko artsy
miniko artsy 13 päeva tagasi
No one talking about how this is the first video that he didn’t end with “see ya”
President of Super Straight Pride Dovah Kanye
President of Super Straight Pride Dovah Kanye 13 päeva tagasi
This guy never watched Larry Lawton.
CharlieJulietSierra 13 päeva tagasi
Laminated glass is a morons cryptonite.
Lazy Predator
Lazy Predator 13 päeva tagasi
When he says you’ll never be as pathetic as this guy would be hilarious if he watches the vid
Christian Hamann
Christian Hamann 13 päeva tagasi
Haha this was in Redding, CA I remember when this happened 😂
Drew P. Nutsack
Drew P. Nutsack 11 päeva tagasi
It was your uncle Remus
Zestybot 13 päeva tagasi
I almost died while watching this
NK 13 päeva tagasi
“The Not-So Slenderman”
Andrewlol 13 päeva tagasi
But what if you are... 'That guy?' asking for a friend.
Golo Golorson
Golo Golorson 14 päeva tagasi
Did the look next door?
Róbert Vörös
Róbert Vörös 14 päeva tagasi
Azazel 15 päeva tagasi
In Lebanon we are poor enough to steal booksn
SimpleMoneyDrop 15 päeva tagasi
I wish I had a bigger mouth to eat a digestive in one go because whenever I take one bite the rest of it falls apart...
AnduinX BYM
AnduinX BYM 15 päeva tagasi
Was it even an attempted robbery, or just vandalism? Given his body size, I would wager that he goes to meat stores quite often. Perhaps, this meat store pissed him off somehow. Maybe they didn't give him the usual discount he has clearly been taking advantage of - so he decided to get even by throwing a brick at a window.
Ken Hamms cousin
Ken Hamms cousin 15 päeva tagasi
Years ago I stole from Kmart and as I walk outside the loss prevention guy walks up to me from in front so I was confused at first. Then when I understood I start booking it all the sudden and OFC I got like 3 steps away and then fell down. That sucked
Mike Kelly
Mike Kelly 15 päeva tagasi
Bro are you sure they weren’t filming a new trailer park boys episode
SurfingSosa 16 päeva tagasi
all dude does is show clips that have been on tosh and be 1/10 as funny
Lil Perogi
Lil Perogi 16 päeva tagasi
"Not so slender man"
Syndro Dome
Syndro Dome 16 päeva tagasi
to whoever left a dislike after it reached 420 screw you
ItalianGambino 16 päeva tagasi
Homeless Jesus show us your Knowledge 🙏
insta: gokiiim
insta: gokiiim 16 päeva tagasi
he was just hungry tbh didnt get his snickers
Fred Weller
Fred Weller 16 päeva tagasi
He is the lead trainer for ANTFA
Whytoo _
Whytoo _ 17 päeva tagasi
Flawless robbery
robert odeneal jr.
robert odeneal jr. 17 päeva tagasi
Jo 17 päeva tagasi
Me trying to get some chicken nuggies.
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