what they don't tell you about wedding planning

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Haley Pham

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Haley Pham
Haley Pham 4 місяці tagasi
Hi girlypops! I hope you enjoyed the lil intro and editing style of this video! In all reality I am truly having such a good time in my life and not stressing, but this is a video I would’ve loved to watch before getting married to understand the little things that go into a wedding! Thank you for all the kind comments, I love going through and hearting them 🥺🥺🥺🥺
Alyssa Cantu-Noble
Alyssa Cantu-Noble 2 місяці tagasi
You’re supposed to have two bouquets one bigger one to walk down the Isle and a smaller one to throw to the single girls. Also supposed to have two garters a nice one to keep and one that Ryan flings to the single guys
Jenn Jones
Jenn Jones 3 місяці tagasi
I did freeze the top part of my wedding cake and had it a year later. It might sound gross but it was cool to do and it was just as delicious as it was on my wedding day ❣️
Amie Kaufman
Amie Kaufman 3 місяці tagasi
Loved the new editing style 🥰🙏
Serenity Campbell
Serenity Campbell 4 місяці tagasi
Jery xx Yes I understand what you are saying. She definitely could be more careful about those things. It is just really hard to watch every single thing you say making sure you aren’t offending anyone, or saying things that you haven’t done all of the research on.
Jery xx
Jery xx 4 місяці tagasi
Serenity Campbell Hi! Yes, what you said makes sense. And of course her disclaimer about not being a doctor is appreciated. But there’s a difference in giving your opinions on things and then spreading completely false information about sex Ed. None of the things I saw in the video I watched were “opinions” or just her talking about her experiences. She was straight up speaking on things she thought to be truths and when her friend would say “omg is that true I didn’t know that” she would respond with “yes” and now her friend along with everyone else listening thinks that is true. If that makes sense. It’s just not okay since there are girls younger than her listening who might not do their own research who will now believe the things she is saying even though she is completely FALSE and hasn’t done her own research in advance before spreading all this information with thousandssss of people. Ya know?
Mistee Ray
Mistee Ray 4 päeva tagasi
Is anyone else severely bothered by their seatbelts in the beginning? 😭
Lucas Tilson
Lucas Tilson 19 päeva tagasi
i luv u
Reni Cruz
Reni Cruz 20 päeva tagasi
So relatable 😬😬
Aja Cousin
Aja Cousin Місяць tagasi
most relatable sentence of 2020: 9:40
Korede Treasure
Korede Treasure Місяць tagasi
Girl!!!! Please don’t do your makeup!! Let your makeup artist do your makeup!! It will look amazing trust me!!
Emily Kettels
Emily Kettels Місяць tagasi
love the undo
Azlen_Moore_ Adventures
Azlen_Moore_ Adventures Місяць tagasi
I have to plan a wedding in two weeks at age 14 for an exam😥😬
gurlygirl Місяць tagasi
well maybe don’t do that then bruh
poobie Місяць tagasi
then don’t do it??? tf???
Mandyy B
Mandyy B Місяць tagasi
It's so satisfying to see you growing
Jessica Hayes
Jessica Hayes Місяць tagasi
I got married at 19 and it was SO worth it! You guys will be so happy!
Jessica Hayes
Jessica Hayes Місяць tagasi
Also, the frozen wedding cake on your anniversary really isn't gross. My husband and I were skeptical but our cake was still really good after a year, and it was just a cheap grocery store cake!
Grace Lim
Grace Lim 2 місяці tagasi
for your nails you can get press-ons!! static nails is a cool company that does long-lasting ones that file super well (if you want) and have multiple styles. plus then you can try diff ones and pick the perfect one you want for your wedding day!
Paula Martínez
Paula Martínez 2 місяці tagasi
Wedding planning at any age is stressing lol, don’t get married guys 😂
Alexandra Sanchez
Alexandra Sanchez 2 місяці tagasi
Maybe cause no one should be getting engaged at 19…¿?
I don’t know what to name myself sry
I don’t know what to name myself sry 2 місяці tagasi
Where do they live?
Arielle Rodriguez
Arielle Rodriguez 2 місяці tagasi
dont get married at 19 youll regret it cause men dont always stay with a girl especially at his age but the best of luck hope yall stay together forever
Hailey Galloso
Hailey Galloso 3 місяці tagasi
i really dont wanna be a hater because i love haley but, like really, she's being kind of dramatic because- ITS GONNA BE STRESSFUL
Shelby Bruce
Shelby Bruce 3 місяці tagasi
Look for all inclusive venues. I'm eloping with a some family in the smoky mountains of tennessee
Kasandra Campbell
Kasandra Campbell 3 місяці tagasi
The best advise I can give about wedding planning is that there is literally nothing you “have to do”. Thinking of all the expectations, traditions, pomp, and showmanship will drive you up a wall. If you don’t like the idea of something flat out don’t do it and move on.
Raya Steinbrecher
Raya Steinbrecher 3 місяці tagasi
you should get like a french manicure for the wedding!
Mackenzie Koehler
Mackenzie Koehler 3 місяці tagasi
i love this video!!
Ayyee Its meg
Ayyee Its meg 3 місяці tagasi
Idk if you know this already but don’t worry about setting up and decorating at the venue on your wedding day! Leave that for others to do that for you. Your big day should be spent relaxing, getting ready, and having fun not stressing about setting up chairs and tables and everything else! Also: one cute idea would be having a drink menu and having a drink named after Spock with his picture next to the picture of the drink
Emma Q
Emma Q 3 місяці tagasi
I got married at 21 and there were so many challenges and stress but our wedding was beautiful and 3 years later we are happier than ever. You’ll be so happy once the actual wedding is over and you guys can just enjoy being married. Wedding planning can suck at times but it’s usually worth it in the end to have a beautiful day you will remember forever.
Parth Menon
Parth Menon 3 місяці tagasi
Relatable . I hope you and Ryan make it through the community who don’t support the marriage . You guys are made for each other. Though if you feel your not ready I would support the decision.
Furieni 3 місяці tagasi
OMG, the seatbelts, my OCD is crying.
strxwberri mxlkshake
strxwberri mxlkshake 3 місяці tagasi
2:12 wait what 'there's a tiny little man in my stomach'
GamersGirlyful 3 місяці tagasi
Okay i love you girl and i might be stepping out of line here but i can't just sit by and watch you do this to yourselves... STRAIGHTEN OUT YOUR CAR BELTS FOR THE LOVE OF GOD it messed me up to see them all twisted like that😭😭
lixzzyy 3 місяці tagasi
my luck id get a big zit on my face DAY OF
Chloe L. Davis
Chloe L. Davis 3 місяці tagasi
Just realized I am the same age as you are.. and single in college. I don't know how to feel about it. But I absolutely love watching your videos!!
Makyden Parreira
Makyden Parreira 3 місяці tagasi
Yeah, I bet a wedding is stressful to plan!!
SwimSweetie100 3 місяці tagasi
The editing is super annoying in the video. Tooo much
Daniel Blount
Daniel Blount 3 місяці tagasi
Ooh! Idea. Make sure that your videographer and photographer GET ALONG!! I’ve had some based experiences where they just don’t work together in harmony
Landen Pham
Landen Pham 3 місяці tagasi
Hayley I’m your cousin ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhbhhhhhhhh
TessCovers 3 місяці tagasi
he’s 21 your 19 btw.. also don’t call me a “girly pop”
Natalie McCarty
Natalie McCarty 3 місяці tagasi
you and ryan are so cute
Kymia Darab
Kymia Darab 3 місяці tagasi
Also the way he looks at her just 🥰🥰
Kymia Darab
Kymia Darab 3 місяці tagasi
the intro is so nice
Rink 3 місяці tagasi
Yo wtf Im a kid and Im a girlypop?? Well no...Im not subbed and this is my first time watching you and I came here because of Ryan but ye maybe I'll sub later.
Arlette Ruiz
Arlette Ruiz 3 місяці tagasi
Awww the way Ryan looks at Haley so cute
Kyla-Rose Shinko
Kyla-Rose Shinko 3 місяці tagasi
one MAJOR thing to remember. don’t worry about traditions and the little things. i stressed myself before my wedding w the little things and the endless lists of little things i kept forgetting. GUESS WHAT i don’t even remember my wedding day bc i was so stressed. everyone adding their 2 cents in added more stress and trying to follow them plus traditions made my engagement/planning hard. just do what you want and skip the “i need to have everything correct” i promise it’s not worth it
Allen Han
Allen Han 3 місяці tagasi
I give it 5 years. Noooo one ever stays together when they marry young these days. Every young marriage I've seen divorces before 30. You're a dumbass if you are marrying that young. The moment you get a taste of nightlife or freedom after 21, it will wreck your marriage. It only takes one of them to fuck up.
Eshani Mathur
Eshani Mathur 3 місяці tagasi
Is that a girl love locket? 😍
Geetanshi Kaushik
Geetanshi Kaushik 4 місяці tagasi
how are you doing this during covid?
sahasra Місяць tagasi
@TrinityBlake27 I disagree, this isn't hate- its simply a question about how the wedding is going to carry out. As to the question, I think that's really up to haley and ryan, but I expect they're taking the right precautions (or waiting until covid is over)
haylee lamb
haylee lamb 4 місяці tagasi
I love being able to watch you grow on this channel
Natalie Brown
Natalie Brown 4 місяці tagasi
Girl you are rushing this wedding. There's no reason to not to wait a few years and take time making decisions.
kayla91794 4 місяці tagasi
Have you checked out the knot? They have like a wedding planning timeline of things to do/get so maybe that would help!
Amber Noel
Amber Noel 4 місяці tagasi
hey girl wondering when restock happens bc yes please
Anastasia Cristescu
Anastasia Cristescu 4 місяці tagasi
Only Jesus can truly satisfy, everything else are just wells that run dry; in Him we have purpose, in Him we find love and comfort and such a great Father, Friend, Savior. He died to save us all, believe in Him today, He is the Way the Truth and the Life and no one comes to the Father but by Him. For all have fallen Short of the glory of God, there is none that does good, No not one.With the heart one believes unto righteousness and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth on Him shall not perish but have everlasting life 🙏🏻🧡:)
alexandra beard
alexandra beard 4 місяці tagasi
i actually loved the intro
Abby Moe
Abby Moe 4 місяці tagasi
Ur gonna have a wedding in the middle of r o n a ??
gigi mu
gigi mu 2 місяці tagasi
And honeymoon! They got married on 8/11 and are on the trip right now.
Rawa Biah
Rawa Biah 4 місяці tagasi
You should watch spv laboratories’s new video called Ryan trahan and Haley Pham need to press pause it’s very interesting and accurate
Addie Soignier
Addie Soignier 3 місяці tagasi
People just need to stop judging them. If you’ve watched some of Ryan’s recent videos you’ll know that he struggled with depression. This is a stressful time for everyone but it doesn’t give anyone a reason to take it out on other. Of course they’ve made some mistakes in the past but so has everyone
liizabee 4 місяці tagasi
I second this
Ragnheiður Hlynsdóttit
Ragnheiður Hlynsdóttit 4 місяці tagasi
Haley, there are so many mid rolls. could you please not do so so so many.
emelbird 4 місяці tagasi
emelbird 4 місяці tagasi
emelbird 4 місяці tagasi
emelbird 4 місяці tagasi
emelbird 4 місяці tagasi
Gbekeee it’s worth it i swear😭😭
Gbekeee 4 місяці tagasi
emelbird omg it’s 2hrs😫
emelbird 4 місяці tagasi
Gbekeee watch the video haha
Gbekeee 4 місяці tagasi
Why what happened
Kimberly Zeggert
Kimberly Zeggert 4 місяці tagasi
Idea for hair half up half down wavy soooo adorable
its Rahquel
its Rahquel 4 місяці tagasi
have y’all tried getting spock training of some sort? so he doesnt hate people anymore 😭
Missy Elaine
Missy Elaine 4 місяці tagasi
me watching this while struggling to plan and pay for my own wedding
Marisa Zamora
Marisa Zamora 4 місяці tagasi
Maybe a useful tip: If you have specific people, groups of people, or separate family members, write out a list for your planner and/or your photographer with the names of each people you want in each of the photos with y'all. This will make photos after the ceremony go by faster, smoother, as well as making sure you got photos with everyone you wanted!!
Seanna Rose
Seanna Rose 4 місяці tagasi
The way they look at each other is everything😍
Cooper Erickson
Cooper Erickson 4 місяці tagasi
idk if youre even having a flower girl but if you do you should have her throw dog treats so spock wants to walk down the isle
Tiana Trulock
Tiana Trulock 4 місяці tagasi
"There's a tiny little man in my stomach arguguygeryryer I got da cramps" 😂😂😂 wish I couldn't relate
Avery Rocha
Avery Rocha 4 місяці tagasi
I LOVE WEDDINGS AND PLANNING!!! I've been in 4 weddings and been to at least 20 🤩
Miranda Miller
Miranda Miller 4 місяці tagasi
the twisted seatbelts...UGHH
Kristina Calonge
Kristina Calonge 4 місяці tagasi
Hey Haley, I got married earlier this year! Getting married can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be! I got married after being engaged for only four months and was kinda stressed bit thankfully was constantly reminded that marriage is much bigger than the food you eat or dress you wear! It's a picture of Christ and his bride and how he was willing to sacrifice himself for the church. It's a larger picture of the Gospel. Praise God that we get to enjoy the gift of marriage. Ephesians 5 is a solid reminder of this truth. 🙂hope this is encouraging!!
Erin Hague
Erin Hague 4 місяці tagasi
I am an XL in hoodies & was really wanting a hoodie but by the time I got paid there was no XL left Bc there wasn’t a lot made. And tie dye is my favorite. Will you be restocking?🥺❤️
Sarah McDowell
Sarah McDowell 4 місяці tagasi
take each day at a time Haley! A lot of times when I'm stressed I just have to rest a moment, recenter on God and His promises, and then do the next right step. It's so important to write everything down and keep track, there's a lot to do but don't be afraid to ask for help. Especially if it's for Spock or needing assistance from others- it's easy to forget that it's not all on your shoulders and you can only do so much at one time, so keep reaching out when it becomes overwhelming. You can do it! Remember to be present and lay it all down in Gods hands.
A G 4 місяці tagasi
Someone please tell me where to find those wedding shoes 😭
Tales toTell
Tales toTell 4 місяці tagasi
"Trying to remind myself that I am still a kid" ummm girl, you're a whole ass adult. Own it. You can be a child or a bride. Not both.
Madeline R. Young
Madeline R. Young 4 місяці tagasi
I love how humble and genuine you are 🥺❤️
Kiara Nguyen
Kiara Nguyen 4 місяці tagasi
the way Ryan was staring at you while you were talking about the coffee 🥺
Mary Oary
Mary Oary 4 місяці tagasi
You look so beautiful!
Melissa Quinn
Melissa Quinn 4 місяці tagasi
Advice for spock: see if y'all could get a pet sitter for your wedding. I was asked to babysit some kids whose aunt was getting married. I attended the wedding and the party afterwords for like, an hour then I took the kids home and put them to sleep
Raenna Montoya
Raenna Montoya 4 місяці tagasi
I feel this my wedding is August 21, 2021 and I have nothing picked but the food and venue and I have no friends for bridesmaids 😂😂
Karla Carrazco
Karla Carrazco 4 місяці tagasi
Can you do a video of where you go more in depth with all the wedding stuff, that no one tells us?
Audrey Moore
Audrey Moore 4 місяці tagasi
dude black rock is the bees knees
olivia 4 місяці tagasi
Bella Ramacciotti
Bella Ramacciotti 4 місяці tagasi
save your wedding flowers and put them in a shadow box!
Kate Vento
Kate Vento 4 місяці tagasi
Omg am I the only person who thought that the wedding planners did everything 😑
Kassandra Palmer
Kassandra Palmer 4 місяці tagasi
I did my own makeup on my wedding day because I wanted to look like myself! No regrets!
ErinGrace 4 місяці tagasi
“Idc about the details, I just wanna marry my best friend.” 🥺🥺❤️❤️
Taylor Besler
Taylor Besler 4 місяці tagasi
I absolutely LOVE this video.
Jeralyn Montejo
Jeralyn Montejo 4 місяці tagasi
april kepner can plan for u
Tyler Young
Tyler Young 4 місяці tagasi
Girl SAMMMEEEE IM 19 and getting married next fall and I’m already freaking out with stress!! But it’s a stress I’m grateful for !
Reign 4 місяці tagasi
Hey advice: YOU NEED A CLEANUP CREW FOR AFTER THE RECEPTION!! I go to around 10+ weddings every year and every time they completely forget it. The families normally have to stay for hours and clean. This especially happened at 2 of my siblings weddings (reception ended at 9, i had to stay til 4 cleaning.) I promise you its a massive need. MORE ADVICE: If your table cloths are in need of ironing, start weeks beforehand if your families are doing it. Otherwise hire someone :) much love praying for you, ryan, and your families!! also i PRAY you see this bc its so necessary
Nikki Albosta
Nikki Albosta 4 місяці tagasi
If you wrap the cake REEEALLY well in foil, it'll keep super well in the freezer!! Ours was still really good after a year! :)
Nesub 4 місяці tagasi
this video screamed WHOLESOME to me!! (and kinda relatable in the future cause i felt the 'find someone to marry me' LOL)
Lo ‘
Lo ‘ 4 місяці tagasi
We get it
Sxnia 4 місяці tagasi
Who are your wedding shoes made by?
Rhiannon Elizabeth
Rhiannon Elizabeth 4 місяці tagasi
I got married at 18 to the love of my life for immigration related reasons so I feel ya on that "I got married before I could drink" 😂😊 we met in high school and have been together for years
Codie Wagers
Codie Wagers 4 місяці tagasi
who got kinda triggered when the seat belt straps were all janky???
Jennifer Pottinger
Jennifer Pottinger 4 місяці tagasi
Hey girlie! I orded your new girly pp tie die merch in midium, its be a while and I still havent gotten it :c Please reply idk what to do
Jennifer Pottinger
Jennifer Pottinger 4 місяці tagasi
pop* dye*
Alexi Madison
Alexi Madison 4 місяці tagasi
Hayley why you gotta be so amazing like I am just trying to buy like all your merchandise and they are like all sold out. Lysm I hope the stress goes away💖💖
Bella Rose
Bella Rose 4 місяці tagasi
Jamie Wolfer's master plan has helped me a ton!!!
Emily Martin
Emily Martin 4 місяці tagasi
Haley your twisted seatbelts are making me so uncomfortable 😂😂💕 I love you both, I’m 23 And my partner is 21 so this is so relatable. Him and I are faced with a world who is telling us we are too young so I am right there with you sis. Life is stressful, but God really has it all written down and has it all handled already. Keep your chin up, I love you.
Lisa Lele
Lisa Lele 4 місяці tagasi
This was such a fun vid!
Hamilton.Is.Life 4 місяці tagasi
Elope 👁👄👁 jk
Ashley Pearse
Ashley Pearse 4 місяці tagasi
I wonder if you would like a waterfall braid with the waves/curls.
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