WHAT IF SPY NINJAS QUIT? Regina Last Name Reveal and Fun YouTuber Challenges IRL!

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Chad Wild Clay

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After Chad Wild Clay made CAN SHE SURVIVE an OVERNIGHT POOL CHALLENGE? Spending 24 Hours Swimming for Friends Last Name!, Vy Qwaint created I OPENED a McDONALD'S at My HOUSE! Hacker Blind Date at Home and How to Make Funny Food Hacks!, and Daniel Gizmo uploaded REGINA FINDS SECRET BOYFRIEND! Date Night Challenge vs Hackers Try Not To Laugh for 24 Hours!, the Spy Ninjas have finally learned all the letters in Regina's last name! We use the old GKC computer from the underground hatch to determine it spells Ginera! The PZ Leader hacked Daniel's computer in the Gizmo lab and said if we keep trying to stop Project Zorgo, he'll delete one of Chad's EEpost videos. Daniel decides it's time for everyone to quit the Spy Ninjas and leave Project Zorgo alone! Chad tells Daniel if he can beat the rest of the Spy Ninjas in four fun EEpost challenges we'll become regular EEpostrs. A build your own DIY car to pop balloons in an epic race head-to-head. Use Melvin's pickup truck to run over Halloween spooky squishy toys and hear ASMR crackling sounds to find the best crunchy soft satisfying noises from the squishies running them over with the car tire. Fruit and soda chopping skills using a sword to slice like a fruit ninjua. After that, Vy does a makeup tutorial on Daniel with lip gloss, false eyelashes, and eye shadow. Will Daniel convince Chad, Vy, and Regina that it's time to quit being Spy Ninjas? Who will win the challenges? Which video will the PZ Leader delete? Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy vlog videos in 2020!
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Chad Wild Clay
Chad Wild Clay 12 päeva tagasi
What is up Spy Ninjas! Do you think we should let Project Zorgo win so they don't delete my EEpost video?
Ismaeel Hussain
Ismaeel Hussain Päev tagasi
I dont wont your vid to get deleted so be normal
Dema Yoganandh Yadav
Dema Yoganandh Yadav 3 päeva tagasi
Danlei is a blue man
Jimmy Vu
Jimmy Vu 3 päeva tagasi
Alexa. Vu@Amaan Patel aa I pp
Denicio Bethel
Denicio Bethel 6 päeva tagasi
Hi chad
More Pikachus18
More Pikachus18 12 päeva tagasi
Mike Westbrook
Mike Westbrook 6 minutit tagasi
O ples no plea no chad😫😫😫😫😫😥🥝🥑
stefani beamer
stefani beamer 2 tundi tagasi
Me and my brother are fan of you guys you guys make great videos my brother and my name is Jordan and Chris you guys have a great channel
Isabella Deutekom
Isabella Deutekom 2 tundi tagasi
Chad Daniel looks like James Charles
Tamara Trew
Tamara Trew 2 tundi tagasi
Manju Gupta
Manju Gupta 2 tundi tagasi
Imogen Baines
Imogen Baines 3 tundi tagasi
Kaylee Hernandez gonzales
Kaylee Hernandez gonzales 3 tundi tagasi
Guys let's be honest how can regina still has not found her family do yall remember when Chad put his phone number out they could of called
Richard Whinnerah
Richard Whinnerah 4 tundi tagasi
Why's melvin not in the photo?
Roger Coley
Roger Coley 4 tundi tagasi
Hey Regina the at wzs funny
Gohan Games
Gohan Games 4 tundi tagasi
when daniel had the make up on he looked like james charles
Delivnbdnfbhghymr Levarityeiritueirj
Delivnbdnfbhghymr Levarityeiritueirj 5 tundi tagasi
Devon Mackenzie
Devon Mackenzie 5 tundi tagasi
Code is 98758
Paige Youtube
Paige Youtube 5 tundi tagasi
When vy put makeup on Daniel I got James Charles vibes
Crystal HeartBear
Crystal HeartBear 5 tundi tagasi
Please don’t go I LOVE U GUYS SO MUCH please don’t go ☹️🥺fist bump 👊
Tommy Harris
Tommy Harris 5 tundi tagasi
last name is ginrea
Lola Ly
Lola Ly 7 tundi tagasi
I love spy ninjas
Bonnie Wolf
Bonnie Wolf 7 tundi tagasi
Hi Chad hi vy
Bonnie Wolf
Bonnie Wolf 7 tundi tagasi
Miguel Perez
Miguel Perez 9 tundi tagasi
Vivian Opoku
Vivian Opoku 9 tundi tagasi
Regina Ginera
kirana sharer
kirana sharer 9 tundi tagasi
Its regina ginera
stephen oliver
stephen oliver 9 tundi tagasi
REGINA GINERA!!!!!! Yay we found regina last name
Faris Alhejazi
Faris Alhejazi 9 tundi tagasi
go you can do it spy ninjias
simisolaove love
simisolaove love 11 tundi tagasi
daniel look's like James Charles when he closes his eye
Zubaida Hussani
Zubaida Hussani 14 tundi tagasi
Hi 👋
sunny sidhu
sunny sidhu 15 tundi tagasi
I don’t like how Daniel was doing is he where on the love ki I feel very mad at him that’s why now I am starting to think that I’m not going to like him anymore
sunny sidhu
sunny sidhu 15 tundi tagasi
Guys don’t quit the spy ninjas you know you have been so helpful And you didn’t let them chili EEpost you can’t just quit the spine inches I love your videos I don’t know what to do if you guys didn’t exist I will just have to watch a boring videos so guys don’t quit the spy ninjas
Cool Kid Jeff God Of Awsomeness
Cool Kid Jeff God Of Awsomeness 17 tundi tagasi
James Charles gizmo
Cool Kid Jeff God Of Awsomeness
Cool Kid Jeff God Of Awsomeness 17 tundi tagasi
Daniel looks silly but beautiful, delicate but powerful
Cool Kid Jeff God Of Awsomeness
Cool Kid Jeff God Of Awsomeness 17 tundi tagasi
Daniel looks silly but beautiful, delicate but powerful
kamini patel
kamini patel 18 tundi tagasi
Regina Ginera
Sadie Martinez
Sadie Martinez 20 tundi tagasi
hi i am a big fan
andy stamp
andy stamp 22 tundi tagasi
Like Challenges 👍🏻
Jackson 22 tundi tagasi
i love my red hat because danyil would never make spy ninjas quit
Monica Genaro
Monica Genaro 23 tundi tagasi
My last name is genaro
Shanta Barber
Shanta Barber Päev tagasi
Regina last name is ginera
Shanta Barber
Shanta Barber Päev tagasi
Love you guys so much
Chanty Regalado
Chanty Regalado Päev tagasi
Your my fav youtuber
aka lwa
aka lwa Päev tagasi
I love red hat
Lamond Van Der Merwe
Lamond Van Der Merwe Päev tagasi
Vei. bi. Koot is 1839
Vanessa Kako
Vanessa Kako Päev tagasi
Pz4 is last name is Giner
Isabella Campbell
Isabella Campbell Päev tagasi
Regina's last name is ginera
Ali naimi
Ali naimi Päev tagasi
Nooooo im your fan i can't not let hackers to delete 1 video
Ivan Vilayvong
Ivan Vilayvong Päev tagasi
Ismaeel Hussain
Ismaeel Hussain Päev tagasi
Ismaeel Hussain
Ismaeel Hussain Päev tagasi
Be normal youtubers
Mo Said
Mo Said Päev tagasi
I love your videos me till July love you
Adrian Griego
Adrian Griego Päev tagasi
Yeah bye bye
Adrian Griego
Adrian Griego Päev tagasi
Haider Hashim
Haider Hashim Päev tagasi
Reging last name ginera
Sophia Isabel
Sophia Isabel Päev tagasi
I will not watch this if that become ' normal EEpost"
Diana Lakatos
Diana Lakatos Päev tagasi
I love my red hat
Jandy Elijah
Jandy Elijah Päev tagasi
Regina Ginera
TMGA King Päev tagasi
100% regina's last name is regina
Nirob’s Family
Nirob’s Family Päev tagasi
Like to chad wild clay 😍❤️💕 do it now
toro the best carno
toro the best carno Päev tagasi
i bet vy misses doing vlog videos
Kids baking in style
Kids baking in style Päev tagasi
Regina's last sound beautiful
Tom Arther
Tom Arther Päev tagasi
It is Ginera
Dennis Lim
Dennis Lim Päev tagasi
ginera this last name looks like a girl's name but melvin is not a girl, don't you?
Irfan rahman adyan
Irfan rahman adyan 8 tundi tagasi
U were too late I commented 1Day Ago So u r too late
Kenny Shaff
Kenny Shaff Päev tagasi
jason snowdon
jason snowdon Päev tagasi
Regina's last name is genera
Gemma Yates
Gemma Yates Päev tagasi
Stay as a spy ninga
Elaine Merylle PORTUGAL
Elaine Merylle PORTUGAL Päev tagasi
Don’t Quit Spy Ninjas Then Who Will defeat project zorgo
Rebecca Garcia
Rebecca Garcia Päev tagasi
Ge Neera
Joana Samuela
Joana Samuela Päev tagasi
I don't think Daniel should be with the spy ninjas
Angela Teoli
Angela Teoli Päev tagasi
Kindle Tablet
Kindle Tablet Päev tagasi
Daniel wants to quit what😷😝😷😷
Kindle Tablet
Kindle Tablet Päev tagasi
Daniel loves Ribena it's Regina last name is ginera🤔😍
Dario Escaluna
Dario Escaluna Päev tagasi
Regina ginerra
Cookie Cat
Cookie Cat Päev tagasi
Daniel:ooooh(throws brush away)
Yordanos Yemane
Yordanos Yemane Päev tagasi
Quinn Finlayson
Quinn Finlayson Päev tagasi
No don’t quite please don’t
Denmar Zyd Peñera
Denmar Zyd Peñera Päev tagasi
Ken we get 3 of dem its cool
Baltazar Buenbrazo
Baltazar Buenbrazo Päev tagasi
Happy found your name regina im so happy for you guys
Brittney Oates
Brittney Oates Päev tagasi
I love you chad! U make great videos I like when u call people spy ninjas if I was a spy ninja I would be black I play among us I’m black I know how to defend myself too
Douglas Valentine
Douglas Valentine Päev tagasi
Beautiful and had lipstick on your teeth lol 😂😂😂😂
Huong Minh
Huong Minh Päev tagasi
U can just use others spy ninja channels
Huong Minh
Huong Minh Päev tagasi
When u dont need ur vid
Skylar combs
Skylar combs 2 päeva tagasi
Come to Avilla
Yaritza Fuentes
Yaritza Fuentes 2 päeva tagasi
daniel looks with makeup like james charles
Stihl Slinger 605
Stihl Slinger 605 2 päeva tagasi
Regina and VY has a EEpost channel it’s called cwc Family
Bielau Tha
Bielau Tha 2 päeva tagasi
Regina ginera
reyna contreras
reyna contreras 2 päeva tagasi
reyna contreras
reyna contreras 2 päeva tagasi
Is ginera
reyna contreras
reyna contreras 2 päeva tagasi
reyna contreras
reyna contreras 2 päeva tagasi
Is genera
Ivan Salez
Ivan Salez 2 päeva tagasi
Ghfhd is the time of the week to go to the game
Zoey Thurman
Zoey Thurman 2 päeva tagasi
Vanessa Vlogs
Vanessa Vlogs 2 päeva tagasi
Nooooooo stay spy ninjas
Cup ???
Cup ??? 2 päeva tagasi
How about Regina Janella 👍
NFL _kayden Gang
NFL _kayden Gang 2 päeva tagasi
do you have a mom
NFL _kayden Gang
NFL _kayden Gang 2 päeva tagasi
pz9 is die how you and youtube
Charles Kaufman
Charles Kaufman 2 päeva tagasi
Brittany Rapier
Brittany Rapier 2 päeva tagasi
john smoith
john smoith 2 päeva tagasi
Nooooo Nooooooooooooooooooooooo
Baby scares _
Baby scares _ 2 päeva tagasi
Andy The Crusher
Andy The Crusher 2 päeva tagasi
It’s pretty obviously it’s Regina Ginera
Darliene day Empuerto
Darliene day Empuerto 2 päeva tagasi
Y Hi
RajpurRoad Kids
RajpurRoad Kids 2 päeva tagasi
so boring
Link 2 päeva tagasi
Bruh what happened to buying weapons online and using them on fruits?
Deer burger head Hi
Deer burger head Hi 2 päeva tagasi
Is Daniel going to turn into jamescharles
Nooblouse Master
Nooblouse Master 3 päeva tagasi
I think it’s Regina gerina
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