What Cereal is the Worst?

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Ted Nivison

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What Cereal is the Worst? A question where we taste the worst cereals that you guys ranked for me!
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About Ted Nivison / JehBerDeh:
Ted Nivison is a EEpost entertainer/Filmmaker/voice actor/comedian based in New York. He creates comedy videos on EEpost making commentary videos about various funny topics and poking fun at ridiculous people on Facebook, EEpost, and Instagram. He's got some sweet moves as well.

Ted Nivison
Ted Nivison 8 місяців tagasi
Okay listen up Weet Bix lovers, I see you all saying I needed to put SUGAR and BERRIES and MICROWAVE it and all that garbage, but unfortunately for you, the cereal must stand on its own, you don’t see me putting chocolate sauce on the Wheaties. You fools. Dunces. I made it very clear this is a scientific study. We are professionals. Once you work 8 years to get a PHD in Cereal Kinesiology then come talk to me.
Lego Lax
Lego Lax 3 päeva tagasi
Since when are jolly ranchers sour?
Anna Nimmous
Anna Nimmous 4 päeva tagasi
are there really people hating on you for this? you didnt even give weetbix a bad score
whatisausername 7 päeva tagasi
BRB give me 8 years
Boi Leave
Boi Leave 20 päeva tagasi
I hate weetbix and everyone hates me for that, fun life
Bloop Місяць tagasi
I’m back after 8 years and west bix is still shit
Gabe Ryals
Gabe Ryals 4 tundi tagasi
I tried the sour patch kids cereal, and it just tastes like sour fruit loops. Would eat again.
sulliedhalcyon 8 tundi tagasi
i tried the sour patch kids one at a friend’s house and lemme tell you, it’s such a banger cereal. i could go as far as to say it is the best cereal i have ever tasted. no this isn’t a joke
AxConnorGames 20 tundi tagasi
Please make fun of me I don’t like Cereal with milk
AxConnorGames 38 minutit tagasi
@olivia understandable have a nice day
olivia Tund tagasi
I would respond with hostility and regurgitate this information with complete and utter distaste but you asked. You asked me to make fun of you. Which makes me feel this is some sick kink. You can pay like everyone else. So no. I will not.
Chris Jeff
Chris Jeff 21 tund tagasi
Jolly rangers are not sour
The new -old
The new -old Päev tagasi
The fact he refers to the baby shark bio on the side as lore hit me hard
Twinkie 209
Twinkie 209 Päev tagasi
This is very nice
why the hell not
why the hell not Päev tagasi
oops all berries is fire
sjefke C
sjefke C Päev tagasi
The sour patch kids literally made your milk sour. Something you really don't wanna eat.
Jenna Marbles
Jenna Marbles Päev tagasi
where were the booty-o’s ted
Skuiggly Päev tagasi
holy shit the transition music is way too loud my dude.
Gaylgeoir 2 päeva tagasi
The fact that americans have marshmallows in their cereal still terrifies me
WSJ 2 päeva tagasi
So are you saying racists do like eggos or that just non racists hate them?
a o
a o 2 päeva tagasi
He forgot to try cram
Ruined Waffle
Ruined Waffle 3 päeva tagasi
Wait jolly ranchers are sour?
stringbean 3 päeva tagasi
Oops all berries is legit a good cereal imo
Rafael DIEHL
Rafael DIEHL 3 päeva tagasi
The nice thing about the sour patch kids cereal is that it makes you milk taste expired (sour).
Logic 13
Logic 13 3 päeva tagasi
Who the hell put my eggo cereal on here
Kurona Yamine
Kurona Yamine 3 päeva tagasi
As I Thai, I can confirm that unicorns are from the northern part of Thailand.
Erin Taylor
Erin Taylor 3 päeva tagasi
why is roy from the office here?
Alex 4 päeva tagasi
They didn’t eat the weetbix correctly lmao oh well they are right it’s not a typical cereal
Brady Steinberg
Brady Steinberg 4 päeva tagasi
Song at 11:52?
Obese Borks
Obese Borks 4 päeva tagasi
They didnt eat the oops all berries because its god cereal, not because of whatever he siad idk nututut
FranciIs 5 päeva tagasi
"Who doesn't like eggos... not racists" (proceeds to like eggos)
Hitoshi shinso
Hitoshi shinso 5 päeva tagasi
we gotta see an ultimate cereal video
Skiske 5 päeva tagasi
Next time you have weet-bix,, ad a tablespoon of sugar :]
isaac 5 päeva tagasi
My Grandma poired me chex mix with milk for cereal. Does that count?
Mamodokod 5 päeva tagasi
Cereal was invented to fight off the gays if you didnt know and I'm not kidding Kellogg created cereal cuz he thought itd get rid of gay people.
Jackson Smith
Jackson Smith 5 päeva tagasi
VoxHominem 6 päeva tagasi
ted is one of the most likable people I've ever seen
GhostyBloom 6 päeva tagasi
Tbh I think the sour patch kids cereal would work better dry, or like used in some sort of recipe for something. Its fuckin wild they made sour cereal which will go in milk.
Dr. Drakofly
Dr. Drakofly 6 päeva tagasi
Lauren Rodriguez
Lauren Rodriguez 6 päeva tagasi
when you actually like the sour patch kids cereal
broq 6 päeva tagasi
with grape nuts my family usually eats them with brown sugar mixed into it
Zamasever 6 päeva tagasi
The cereal introductions are so fucking intimidating.
MenInBlu3 _
MenInBlu3 _ 6 päeva tagasi
That honey bun cereal looks like it slaps so goddamn hard
Hushcash 6 päeva tagasi
My dad loves grape nuts Lol
JonasBoi 6 päeva tagasi
"We asked you what the worst cereal you've ever had is" *Proceeds to scroll by teeth*
Hairy Merkin
Hairy Merkin 6 päeva tagasi
Was just suggested one of their videos. Then watched this one. 720p??? I know 2020 sucks, but we don’t need to upload like it 2010. Step up yo game.
Alienchickenturd 5
Alienchickenturd 5 6 päeva tagasi
Wyoming isnt real stupid
_gninwod_ nedak__
_gninwod_ nedak__ 6 päeva tagasi
Absolutely no way this was 7 months ago
Mr_Skwuid 7 päeva tagasi
As an Australian I am personally shocked that weetbix didn't take home the 5/5 kirpkes
Mr_Skwuid 7 päeva tagasi
4:23 getting high off those jolly rancher fumes (we were so close to the funny drug number)
ThatGirlOverThere Sydney
ThatGirlOverThere Sydney 7 päeva tagasi
Am I the only one who liked sliced bananas in frosted flakes
Human Bean
Human Bean 7 päeva tagasi
I worked in grocery and the sour patch cereal was on the shelf for 3 months. We still have the discounted cereal we never sold and it has not been touched for half a year.
Coleroni 7 päeva tagasi
capn crunch berries SLAPS
Brehno 7 päeva tagasi
He actually are weet bix without sugar wtf
AngelicCinnamonBun 7 päeva tagasi
Has anybody else had that fizzy cereal?? I think it's called Poppin Pebbles... My mom got it for me and my sister because we love fruity/coco pebbles. But directly after we tried it, we both got sick to our stomachs. I don't remember what it tasted like, so I don't know if it tasted good or not, but regardless, that was probably the worst experience I've had with cereal.
Callum Standish
Callum Standish 7 päeva tagasi
Shout out Grocery Outlet
CarMaster 7 päeva tagasi
His grand mother was a Honey Bun... :p
Sunshine 7 päeva tagasi
Are there any Emetophobia warnings through the vid? Please?
sulliedhalcyon 8 tundi tagasi
@Kenzie hehehe - emetophobia is an aversion to vomiting. afaik there’s nothing like that in the video, maybe a mention but no actual vomit, i think op just wants to make sure?
Kenzie hehehe
Kenzie hehehe 5 päeva tagasi
whats that?
not the imposter
not the imposter 8 päeva tagasi
the scary thing is every single thing said here is at my walmart it is scary edit: I don't have weet-bix though
Chevy Corcoran
Chevy Corcoran 8 päeva tagasi
One Question I have never had a sour jolly rancher and have never seen them
Shaun Kayes
Shaun Kayes 8 päeva tagasi
Whoever did the number of Kripke's visual is mathematically challenged
• Creetcrow •
• Creetcrow • 8 päeva tagasi
IM UPSET. you're supposed to put grape nuts in yogurt
Isaac Paradis
Isaac Paradis 8 päeva tagasi
I feel like I would enjoy having all of those sweet flavored ones.
8inchesof DanglingDeAtH
8inchesof DanglingDeAtH 8 päeva tagasi
i liked the sour patch cereal:(
Dino man thing? Sans
Dino man thing? Sans 8 päeva tagasi
I enjoy the monster hunter noises
Big Boss Kenny
Big Boss Kenny 8 päeva tagasi
I was just eating grape nuts before watching this no joke
Kenzie hehehe
Kenzie hehehe 5 päeva tagasi
@Big Boss Kenny HAHAHHAHA
Big Boss Kenny
Big Boss Kenny 8 päeva tagasi
Yet I have to agree with their feedback
Mare Perisoare
Mare Perisoare 8 päeva tagasi
Are we just gonna ignore the fuck ton of milk they consumed in one sitting? Lol
Wimblo Pimpli
Wimblo Pimpli 8 päeva tagasi
Baby shark lore is just as expansive as Dark Souls lore Quick make up some lore
Magladon 8 päeva tagasi
2:47 Corona: Allow me to introduce myself
Kraatek 9 päeva tagasi
7:42 10:35 I have actually had those cereals before, not bad.
Camden Hale
Camden Hale 9 päeva tagasi
Oops all berries are my favorite
Tara D.Treasurewing
Tara D.Treasurewing 9 päeva tagasi
Every time I watch Teds videos without headphones on, his voice shakes my phone. His power is immeasurable.
mage :3
mage :3 9 päeva tagasi
omg my aunt bought us weet bix once and we went crazy it was so good
6.crybaby.9 9 päeva tagasi
ok but i love weetabix 4/5
Brett Bonstell
Brett Bonstell 9 päeva tagasi
Don’t you dare disrespect oops all berries
Oodoos 9 päeva tagasi
Legit I’m gonna puke, I can’t eat anything resembling fruitloops
Laddie Master
Laddie Master 9 päeva tagasi
Song at 0:54 ????
Shadow Lord Повелитель теней
Shadow Lord Повелитель теней 9 päeva tagasi
Most Aussies put sugar on wheetbix
Shock Wolf
Shock Wolf 9 päeva tagasi
Why did the close up of the Twinkies make me feel really weird
why tho
why tho 9 päeva tagasi
Because FUCK the berries
TONE 9 päeva tagasi
Is this scripted
bloodandgutz 10 päeva tagasi
"his big mustache and his stupid hat" so you mean schlatt
bloodandgutz 10 päeva tagasi
listen fuck u guys unicorn cereal is good
Victor 10 päeva tagasi
11:49 song?
Khaos 10 päeva tagasi
Me already eaten 6 boxes of Sour Patch cereal and my whole family liking it: 👁💧👄💧👁
Soro_G 10 päeva tagasi
Wtf is wrong with you guys who the fuck eat cereal with cold milk only wtf
goodmornin bread
goodmornin bread 9 päeva tagasi
literally everyone ever what the fuck is wrong with you??? youre making cereal into oatmeal
Mr Peanut
Mr Peanut 10 päeva tagasi
Sam Cobler
Sam Cobler 10 päeva tagasi
Why are so many of the scores wrong
Wow Its Lena
Wow Its Lena 10 päeva tagasi
Got an ad for cereal twice throughout this. What’s the deal, hm?
Party Almsivi
Party Almsivi 11 päeva tagasi
6:31 Oh sh|t is this a Brozime crossover?
dreami p
dreami p 11 päeva tagasi
As someone who was born and had family grow up in northern Thailand, I can confirm that is where Unicorns came from.
Datbluguy 28
Datbluguy 28 11 päeva tagasi
You did not make this video.
Mitchell Cook
Mitchell Cook 11 päeva tagasi
munch on this crunch babys, solid start to a good movie
Hz0 11 päeva tagasi
Try the Minecraft cereal I give it 4/5 cryptkeys
Young Whitey
Young Whitey 11 päeva tagasi
I’m gonna be honest I’ve had the Twinkie one not to bad
SkateMane 11 päeva tagasi
I’ve had kibble before It’s better than grapenuts
Bepis Man
Bepis Man 12 päeva tagasi
Was gonna get angry for them making fun of shreddies, then i realized its america and they ruin all the good cereals
Daily Dose of Laziness
Daily Dose of Laziness 12 päeva tagasi
I cannot express how strongly I hate that Sour Patch Kids cereal. *why the fuck does it exist? It’s honestly disgusting*
Tanjiorno 12 päeva tagasi
I'm surprised there weren't any chedibals (edibles cereal)(the drug)
sensitiveweeb 12 päeva tagasi
im just gonna stick to my cinnamon toast crunch
tyb2005 13 päeva tagasi
obviously that was the answer
Daniel Johnson
Daniel Johnson 14 päeva tagasi
Will Benz
Will Benz 15 päeva tagasi
"Im getting a bit of an Asian flavor." _"Umami?"_ Im fucking dead.
Torrinthescout 15 päeva tagasi
Weet Bix is great with honey
Ruby Red
Ruby Red 15 päeva tagasi
I feel like a surprisingly small amount of people are talking about the TWENTY DOLLAR box of CEREAL??
Zackary Strange
Zackary Strange 15 päeva tagasi
I've tried twinkies cereal. It gets harder in milk
Crunchy Carrots
Crunchy Carrots 16 päeva tagasi
"oops, all berries" fucking SLAPS yall dont know what youre talking about
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