Wedding Body Transformation (ep. 1)

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Haley Pham

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welcome welcome to wedding body transformation episode 1.
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georgia macrae
georgia macrae 18 päeva tagasi
as someone whos done crossfit workouts..... goddamn your fit, you go girl
humorly 2 місяці tagasi
S0 did u quit?
Renate Delao
Renate Delao 3 місяці tagasi
anybody know if Haley is still doing this transformation?
Ecem Kaplan
Ecem Kaplan 4 місяці tagasi
2000 caloriesss?!?!?!?!
Sam S
Sam S 4 місяці tagasi
Anyone know the brand of trainers she got is? They’re so cute 😭
Lo Louvel
Lo Louvel 5 місяців tagasi
I think that those upside down pully uppy ab things would be called a pike up! I do them at circus and is a trick for getting into a handstand! You should look it up it’s pretty cool!
Vice President Harris
Vice President Harris 5 місяців tagasi
I’m binge watching Haley’s videos rn on her main channel and vlog channel!
Isyss Zabala
Isyss Zabala 5 місяців tagasi
Jesus is coming!! We need to get ready by repenting of our sins like lying and stealing (those are examples) and trusting in jesus christ!! When he comes back we don't want to be left behind!! Jesus loves you!!
Carolyn Avery
Carolyn Avery 5 місяців tagasi
so happy for YALLLLL
wyclef O'hara
wyclef O'hara 6 місяців tagasi
Haley: "This bread is miniature" Me, a European: It's normal-sized lol 😭
Maisie Moo x
Maisie Moo x 6 місяців tagasi
ANYONE ESLE SEE WHAT I SAW IN THE THUMB NAIL (BOTTOM LEFT)... my gosh I took a double take 😂😂😂
The Twinnies
The Twinnies 6 місяців tagasi
I just love how Haley isn’t doing this for pure aesthetic changes. she truly wants to feel healthier and be fitter for life. So inspirational and a great role model❤️
Aubrey Bianca
Aubrey Bianca 6 місяців tagasi
Just so you know chicken breast shouldn’t be that many calories! Make sure you weigh the chicken AFTER you cook it. A 4oz piece of cooked chicken is 110 calories. Potatoes you should weigh before:)
Arelis Lopez
Arelis Lopez 6 місяців tagasi
"wedding transformation" but then starts video and says its 3 completely different reasons as to why they're doing a transformation. HALEY HOW IS THAT NOT CLICK BATE?
Rory Chronister
Rory Chronister 6 місяців tagasi
Hiiii I just had one question in a video you said that your dad was currently living with you and I was wondering if it was perminant?
Wittle Kitten
Wittle Kitten 6 місяців tagasi
She has a nice body what the hell. 😂 🥺
Fcgjdxh Ck dx
Fcgjdxh Ck dx 6 місяців tagasi
I recomend chloe tungs 15 day ab workout
Вадим Дембовский
Вадим Дембовский 6 місяців tagasi
Christina Allison
Christina Allison 6 місяців tagasi
Sis if you wanna lose weight then your calorie deficit needs to be low
ell 6 місяців tagasi
haley and ryan are the only youtubers i automatically thumb up the video before i even watch it
Emmie McGrew
Emmie McGrew 6 місяців tagasi
I do crossfit too! (Crossfit advanced teens)
Trinity Hilton
Trinity Hilton 6 місяців tagasi
What trainers are you wearing in your workout clip? I love them!
FranzHuber23 6 місяців tagasi
Haley: Wants to get fit. Also Haley: Already looks perfect.
gpr4455 6 місяців tagasi
Haley Pham : HAS TO BECOME HEALTHY Me: gets a taco bell at 4am
Beatriz Mendoza
Beatriz Mendoza 6 місяців tagasi
It’s me or everybody is getting married?
Ruby Ct Duo Girls Only
Ruby Ct Duo Girls Only 6 місяців tagasi
I’m so happy for you but you don’t need to change your so beautiful!?
iii aniana_x
iii aniana_x 6 місяців tagasi
im a new fan but i watched some vid befor
Anonymous 6 місяців tagasi
omg does anyone else reaaaaaly want her to try a cloe ting workout challenge like the 2 week ab shred or anything else... her body is obviously so beatiful but id just love to see her do that and motivate me lmao
Jacelyn 6 місяців tagasi
It was very interesting hearing your measurements bc mine are pretty much the same but I feel like we look very different. I also don’t have boobs tho soooo😂
croc dog
croc dog 6 місяців tagasi
Hey haley Have you looked into yoga People say that it helps with injuries
Linnea West
Linnea West 6 місяців tagasi
Congrats on getting married!!!
wajeeha Noor
wajeeha Noor 6 місяців tagasi
Suggest me good movies!!
Kennedy Kroll
Kennedy Kroll 6 місяців tagasi
If you want to do measurements you could measure your thighs & biceps (L&R) to see if your muscle growth is even! Some trainers do it as a physical way to see if you are favoring one side of your body!!
Chicken Nuggiesarenoutrious
Chicken Nuggiesarenoutrious 6 місяців tagasi
God loves you. He wants a personal relationship with you Just accept Him, give your life to Him like He gave His for you!🥰
Sparkle Wink
Sparkle Wink 6 місяців tagasi
I need to know what workout shoes those are???? Does anyone know?
Tucker Calkins
Tucker Calkins 6 місяців tagasi
Why did you stop posting on traphamily account?!?!?
zoë 6 місяців tagasi
girl you are confident working out with those men in the gym lol i could neverrrrrrr
Megatron Blue
Megatron Blue 6 місяців tagasi
My husband and I have the same meal prep bowls lol
Angelica Wiley
Angelica Wiley 6 місяців tagasi
HI, ik im a little late, but i just want ppl to know that MyFitnessPal isnt exactly accurate to what youre eating. i use it, and i think its a great app to help, but again its not really accurate with portion sizes and everything. idk if that really matters to people but yeah
Mischa Nel
Mischa Nel 6 місяців tagasi
God bless
Kim Luther
Kim Luther 6 місяців tagasi
We need a story time about that CrossFit situation
L Banks
L Banks 6 місяців tagasi
i love seeing more mainstream youtubers doing CrossFit!! (i'm a coach) I so desperately want more people to know that it's such an amazing community and workout regime! killing it bb
Payton Fabian
Payton Fabian 6 місяців tagasi
I loved the fittest documentary it was good
Milena Ojeda Saavedra
Milena Ojeda Saavedra 6 місяців tagasi
Daniela Villatoro
Daniela Villatoro 6 місяців tagasi
I love your videos and I practice CrossFit too so I love this type of videos! 😍
Katherine Grey
Katherine Grey 6 місяців tagasi
CrossFit is the best... glad you’re trying it!!
align yuh
align yuh 6 місяців tagasi
i can't believe you're getting married! I've been here since the tinker bell diy😭
Madison Feher
Madison Feher 6 місяців tagasi
YES! LOVE THE FITTEST! This is actually so motivating, I love that you found your why
Kalyn De Boer
Kalyn De Boer 6 місяців tagasi
Wow that sports bra in your last clip 😍😍 love the new workout clothes!
Alyaa Rifaath Jaleel
Alyaa Rifaath Jaleel 6 місяців tagasi
Elle Squash
Elle Squash 6 місяців tagasi
You should try jogging- my body completely changed when I started jogging
Desiree Cotto
Desiree Cotto 6 місяців tagasi
Haley you’re a BEAST
Rachelle Alvarado
Rachelle Alvarado 6 місяців tagasi
May i ask where you bought your shoes and shorts 🥺
Mar de Fiord
Mar de Fiord 6 місяців tagasi
1 in every 3 comments has the word “literally” in it and always incorrectly used. Why?!
Alice Melin
Alice Melin 6 місяців tagasi
A tip when you do the push ups, don’t go all the way in with your elbows on the way up because you can end up hurting your them❤️
Jillian Painter
Jillian Painter 6 місяців tagasi
did she mention if she uses an app to track her macros??
Romy Rjeili
Romy Rjeili 6 місяців tagasi
RunFromHumanContacts 6 місяців tagasi
I like this. I think its pretty healthy if u will. Hope it remains so for her sake and the viewers
bethany kim
bethany kim 6 місяців tagasi
all of her meals looked so good 🤤
Chaotic Echo
Chaotic Echo 6 місяців tagasi
Yo I get it, chill wit da comments
bethany kim
bethany kim 6 місяців tagasi
she has a back injury but still works out harder and more often than me 😬
bethany kim
bethany kim 6 місяців tagasi
this video was a sign to start improving ur health 😌
bethany kim
bethany kim 6 місяців tagasi
this video was a sign to start improving ur health 😌
bethany kim
bethany kim 6 місяців tagasi
its so amazing that shes that motivated, not to look thinner, but bc she wants to be a better athlete 🥺
Kxrrin 6 місяців tagasi
I thought Haley was like 17 bro
Ella Delaney
Ella Delaney 6 місяців tagasi
if she wants to lose weight for a goal and feel better she literally needs to eat fewer cals. she will not lose weight if she is eating an amount (like 2000 cals) as it is too much energy going in even with exercise. not in any way am I saying she needs to lose weight, however, she will need to reduce her calories if wanting to lose weight.
eyo cabbage
eyo cabbage 6 місяців tagasi
@Ella Delaney did u look that up? everywhere on google it says 2000 for the average woman
Ella Delaney
Ella Delaney 6 місяців tagasi
@eyo cabbage nah 1200-1500 to maintain weight. 2000 is to gain or put on depending on ur stats
eyo cabbage
eyo cabbage 6 місяців tagasi
its pretty normal to eat 2000 kcal everyday for a woman.
hannah • 6 years ago
hannah • 6 years ago 6 місяців tagasi
hi haley! ps if you go to ryan's vid you're getting shaded for leaving your groceries in the car, even though it was just a mistake! don't listen to them
KEN & HAN 6 місяців tagasi
when haley’s before body is my goal body -han
oli via
oli via 6 місяців tagasi
my mom was super into crossfit for a long time and she brought me to a competition that one of her friends was competing in a while ago and oh my gosh it was quite the experience! very very interesting i recommend
Adey topia
Adey topia 6 місяців tagasi
I am an athlete also. I am also vegan. If you need proof go to my EEpost channel.
char x
char x 6 місяців tagasi
hey, just a heads up, speaking about calories and what not is triggering for some people so maybe its best to put a trigger warning or something? xo
Chaotic Echo
Chaotic Echo 6 місяців tagasi
@char x the context is in the title
char x
char x 6 місяців tagasi
@Chaotic Echo actually i love ryan, i came from his channel first. 1) i'm personally not triggered by anything on his channel as it is training for a sport and for health, not looks. 2) and also not relating to my body type/ image at all (bc im a girl and not an athlete either)
char x
char x 6 місяців tagasi
@Chaotic Echo you don't get it. its not about a single word, its the context it is in. in the video haley is talking about body image, diet and calories in a specific context that could trigger people with an eating disorder.
char x
char x 6 місяців tagasi
@Chaotic Echo yes and there's nothing wrong with the video and its contents. you just have to say "skip to here if you might be triggered by this, as i'm talking about calories etc etc.." or just put TW in the title/
Chaotic Echo
Chaotic Echo 6 місяців tagasi
@char x I know I'm going on but of a long comment streak but you would HATE her FIANCE, he was a d1 college track star and the start of his channel focused on workouts and telling people what to eat/drink to maintain a healthy body, and what he does to do so
Amy Ketchum
Amy Ketchum 6 місяців tagasi
I would be happy to be as skinny as you are right now.
alyssa Marie
alyssa Marie 6 місяців tagasi
As I’m legit eating ice cream
Adelyn Lumsden
Adelyn Lumsden 6 місяців tagasi
You should do a surprise box to Lilly and then Lilly send u one and then u unbox them on camera
Brittany Buren
Brittany Buren 6 місяців tagasi
im watching this while destroying a package of oreos
Sophie Hannig
Sophie Hannig 6 місяців tagasi
so happy to see the switches to plant-based items!!!
AnnaDaA 6 місяців tagasi
the fact that she just casually talks about how she wasted a whole bunch of food just shows how immature she is
Clock Parrot
Clock Parrot 6 місяців tagasi
I’ve watched your videos since you were in high school and now your getting married!!! It’s so amazing how far you’ve come and congratulations!❤️
Abigail Burns
Abigail Burns 6 місяців tagasi
try cbd for your back muscles!!!!
Mimi Carson
Mimi Carson 6 місяців tagasi
Good for you! Change your health for you not for anyone else you boss!!!💛
mckenna k
mckenna k 6 місяців tagasi
LOVE the fitness video!
Grace 6 місяців tagasi
she is literally gorgeous
cadie crawford
cadie crawford 6 місяців tagasi
bread for good protein Is Daves killer bread!
Deanith 6 місяців tagasi
I started eating a lot more food when I started working out. I'm 3 months in , I gained weight but I look thinner.
a j
a j 6 місяців tagasi
Deanith || yes i see that a lot too! it’s not healthy! when you don’t eat as much when you work out your body gets deprived of food and goes into “starvation mode” so when you do eat, it stores it as fat as if you really were starving. you end up doubling your calories. that’s why it’s really good to eat 3 meals a day and snack in between if you’re hungry. if you feel like you’re REALLY overeating, try drinking more to fill you up.
Deanith 6 місяців tagasi
@a j thanks , I was wondering about it. Because I generally see people eating less when they workout and I was confused.
a j
a j 6 місяців tagasi
muscle weighs more than fat and when you work out you crave more sugars because you’re burning them. congrats on progress!!
Angelica Aquino
Angelica Aquino 6 місяців tagasi
LMFAO the thumb in the thumbnail tho
shrinkhla gaur
shrinkhla gaur 6 місяців tagasi
please bring SPOCK MERCH AGAIN!!!!
Grace Peplinski
Grace Peplinski 6 місяців tagasi
You should try going to a chiropractor!! I’ve had back/neck issues my entire life and getting adjusted is so helpful
Charlotte Cliatt
Charlotte Cliatt 6 місяців tagasi
hi haley, i love that you talk about wanting to get fit to be a better athlete rather than to look a certain way. very refreshing :)
Katie Wingler
Katie Wingler 6 місяців tagasi
The best way to hit all of your calories is to eat snacks between your meals! And plan for snacks time-wise! :)
Caroline Kemp
Caroline Kemp 6 місяців tagasi
working out at home as i watch this !!
Mayjane N
Mayjane N 7 місяців tagasi
Love that you mentioned that tracking macros or calories can be toxic❤ i used to feel that way but never knew that this was common, i thought it was just a 'me' problem
Naomi Grace
Naomi Grace 7 місяців tagasi
lol my waist is 31 In :( but my thighs are 21....
Naomi Grace
Naomi Grace 6 місяців tagasi
@Chaotic Echo yeah, and I don't think it was nice "joke." I don't think I need to explain myself but now i think I should: When someone says, "stop complaining" when I stating a fact, it is kinda rude. Also how do you know they were joking. Assuming doesn't get you anywhere and I am well within my rights to be offended aren't I?
Chaotic Echo
Chaotic Echo 6 місяців tagasi
@Naomi Grace lol, you've typed 5x the word I have, the person who replied to you previously was simply making a joke
Naomi Grace
Naomi Grace 6 місяців tagasi
@Chaotic Echo so? I'm confused why you're even talking to me? DId i offend you or are you trying to make a point. If the second option ,what is your point exactly? XD
Chaotic Echo
Chaotic Echo 6 місяців tagasi
@Naomi Grace umm,big this was face to face CB it wouldnt matter lol, judging my what you just said I'm 50× more fit than you but whatever
Naomi Grace
Naomi Grace 6 місяців tagasi
@Chaotic Echo uhm if this was face to face you won't be commenting on a random conversation.. Also my "frowny face" was explaining that personally it is not good. You don't actually know me or my body so how about u stop trying make confrontation. Also question, if I had a smiley face would you comment? No cos it shows i'm okay with my body but i'm NOT okay with my body and think i need to lost about 3 pounds so how about you "stfu" x
Naomi Grace
Naomi Grace 7 місяців tagasi
"SpONk, do you wanna be in a bideo?" LOL
username 7 місяців tagasi
She’s gonna look so gorgeous the day of her wedding cause she’s already beautiful and of course so will he
Eunice Aguilar
Eunice Aguilar 7 місяців tagasi
I just love the way Ryan looks at her!!! You can tell he really loves her!!!!
Destyni Zari
Destyni Zari 7 місяців tagasi
i pray that you guys dont divorce i hope you guys make it through till the end💕
Julia Ciurleo
Julia Ciurleo 7 місяців tagasi
I live on Long Island so seeing you wear a South Hampton sweatshirt was sick
Brooke Sarah
Brooke Sarah 7 місяців tagasi
I love how you have the hat and the necklace in the car now 😁😸
Emma Faulk
Emma Faulk 7 місяців tagasi
i LOVE the crossfit docs!!! they are so interesting and fun to watch!
Alexa NCh
Alexa NCh 7 місяців tagasi
You should so do one of the Chloe Ting challenges! I've been binge watching transformations from her free workout series on EEpost.
Marissa Janae
Marissa Janae 7 місяців tagasi
if you get a body composition monitor, it'll monitor your body fat and how much of your body gained in muscle, water , etc
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