We Took Over A Candy Store For The Day | Charli D'Amelio

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charli d'amelio

charli d'amelio

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hey everyone! thank you so so much to dylan's candy bar at the farmer’s market for letting us take over your store for the day. we had so much fun. i'm so happy my friends came with me. thanks for watching!
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James Charles
Chase Hudson
Noah Beck
Curtis Newbill
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Grecia Janeth López
Grecia Janeth López Tund tagasi
i love you Charli
Issy B
Issy B Tund tagasi
Did anyone notice when they were all clapping for Noah the guy in the back was also clapping
Oluwatomiyin Oyegunle
Oluwatomiyin Oyegunle Tund tagasi
is james charles boy or girl
jaimen allgood
jaimen allgood Tund tagasi
The people outside
Booka Tube
Booka Tube Tund tagasi
The stalkers outside the window...ew
Kaylen Derouin
Kaylen Derouin 2 tundi tagasi
4:20 thank me later
Angel Lewis
Angel Lewis 2 tundi tagasi
Y'all funny
QueenThick XD
QueenThick XD 2 tundi tagasi
Tbh I only found out about charli from Larrays channel
DIYALA FAHAD 2 tundi tagasi
I love you charli
Marilou Maldonado
Marilou Maldonado 2 tundi tagasi
charli domileo
charli domileo 2 tundi tagasi
Rylan and Clover
Rylan and Clover 2 tundi tagasi
Yeet why do I do stuff like this lol
layan 2 tundi tagasi
انت عربي؟؟ اثبت وجودك
Emma Lawrence
Emma Lawrence 2 tundi tagasi
Did anyone else hear Noah call Heidi ms damelio like oh my god
Reegan Berner
Reegan Berner 2 tundi tagasi
I love toxic waste
Aesthetically_Vxbin 2 tundi tagasi
you need to make a "rating different sprite" videos so we know which is best hehe
Mackenzie Boltz
Mackenzie Boltz 3 tundi tagasi
no one at all chase : mr beast style 🤣
Tashina Wheeler
Tashina Wheeler 3 tundi tagasi
So funny
Speedyboba 3 tundi tagasi
my favorite candy is all of them. ty for asking.
Sophia's channel
Sophia's channel 4 tundi tagasi
Mrs. Damelio 😂😂
徐马成 4 tundi tagasi
Omg pure cringe
cowxgiirl 4 tundi tagasi
the creepy people recording them though the windows
Caleb Pinter
Caleb Pinter 4 tundi tagasi
sabrynah bee
sabrynah bee 4 tundi tagasi
Awe so shy during the closing 😭
Jodie Buckley
Jodie Buckley 4 tundi tagasi
That shop mac's me jelus
Lily Detlefsen
Lily Detlefsen 4 tundi tagasi
I like when Larry shook the coke and said sister scrumptious
Rita Omoregie
Rita Omoregie 4 tundi tagasi
James:oh was that sign language Charlie:No
maria koleilat
maria koleilat 4 tundi tagasi
Charlie Damelio is this your country store
Liel G
Liel G 4 tundi tagasi
The people outside of the store i-
leigha Linger
leigha Linger 4 tundi tagasi
James and Charlie look like a good couple
Halimah Chishty
Halimah Chishty 4 tundi tagasi
Why is charli not with chase
bleach 4 tundi tagasi
Wow Charli I’m so so so happy COVID doesn’t exist for you and your friends
Pedro osariemen
Pedro osariemen 5 tundi tagasi
british: were in a sweet shop 🤣🤣 btw im acc british
sofia berger
sofia berger 5 tundi tagasi
alguien de latinoamerica sin entender de que hablan jajjajaj
Michael Badame
Michael Badame 5 tundi tagasi
ayyyyyyyyyyyyy its larray
Sidea lleshaj
Sidea lleshaj 5 tundi tagasi
I wish i was the people out the shop
Leslie Contreras
Leslie Contreras 5 tundi tagasi
The people in the back taking vids and pics lollll
princess star roblox
princess star roblox 5 tundi tagasi
1 girl and idk how many boys
Mia G
Mia G 5 tundi tagasi
Noah said Mrs. Damelio instead of Heidi😌
Ghazal Alkurdi
Ghazal Alkurdi 5 tundi tagasi
Charli is so sweet 🍬🍬
Dylan Dagenais
Dylan Dagenais 5 tundi tagasi
1:53 listen with volume al the way up and listen to what lil huddy said O_O
Eugene Fox
Eugene Fox 5 tundi tagasi
James:why do you always talk like that Charlie: i’m trying to be you James: excuse me you’re supposed to be enthusiastic Charlie:👁👄👁
TexanGirl Girl
TexanGirl Girl 5 tundi tagasi
Ofc you did
Eugene Fox
Eugene Fox 5 tundi tagasi
Charlie please teach me how to do the renegade
Olivia Hernandez
Olivia Hernandez 5 tundi tagasi
James why would you do that ur stupid lol
Nahiara Pinales
Nahiara Pinales 5 tundi tagasi
Chacha forever (c
Areeba Hanif
Areeba Hanif 5 tundi tagasi
I lobe you hipe so much
Teylor the Dancer
Teylor the Dancer 5 tundi tagasi
My favorite candy is dark chocolate
Mariana Gomez
Mariana Gomez 5 tundi tagasi
i love how James naturally connects with the camera
Maria Hernandez
Maria Hernandez 5 tundi tagasi
My favorite candy Starbucks
Olivia Sica
Olivia Sica 6 tundi tagasi
Didn’t want this video to end
Layla may
Layla may 6 tundi tagasi
They dont get eny privacy with enything
Bella Roeting
Bella Roeting 6 tundi tagasi
The way charli talks shes just too innocent
courtney churchill
courtney churchill 6 tundi tagasi
Jk love you
courtney churchill
courtney churchill 6 tundi tagasi
I don’t like you Charli or any one that likes you
Chandraprabha Solanki
Chandraprabha Solanki 6 tundi tagasi
x.Yara.berry.x 6 tundi tagasi
Where’s dixieeee?? :cccc
Ellie daisy
Ellie daisy 6 tundi tagasi
I love how james is such a mentor figure for her i think its so sweet
Jennifer Collins
Jennifer Collins 6 tundi tagasi
There just peacefully eating and playing not even looking at people videoing them Larrays Mind:Dont cry,Dont cry while hes eating a worehead
Nathaly Lambert
Nathaly Lambert 6 tundi tagasi
where's dixie?
Jennifer Collins
Jennifer Collins 6 tundi tagasi
Them:Eating so much candy and soda Me:Looking in closet for some,doesnt find any nooooooooo
Jennifer Rodriguez
Jennifer Rodriguez 6 tundi tagasi
Christina Carr
Christina Carr 6 tundi tagasi
Tap tick-tock on TickTock so yeah Chinese fighting video Hope you have a good day so yeah
Christina Carr
Christina Carr 6 tundi tagasi
Do you like Charlie how far you are follow you on TickTock so yeah I’m almost to 100 K
TikTokmashup 6 tundi tagasi
The fact that people were recording them outside lmfao
Christina Carr
Christina Carr 6 tundi tagasi
I’m a fan of your TickTock dances everything
Fanta Kromah
Fanta Kromah 6 tundi tagasi
Do u still love chase
Winzer Park
Winzer Park 6 tundi tagasi
3:06 James Charles: "was that sign language" ahahhahahha
Kylie Durst
Kylie Durst 6 tundi tagasi
Was anyone else’s adds in Spanish?😂
شهد محمود شهدمحمود
شهد محمود شهدمحمود 6 tundi tagasi
الولد اللي حاطت ميك اب و الولد اللي شعرو كيرلي حابه اقلكو ان انا ك بنت مستعده اعلمكو الرجوله اللي اهلكو فشلو فيها!!!
OkayEmily 7 tundi tagasi
The fact that charli didn’t even have to work for her subscribers 😞
Ash ramirez
Ash ramirez 7 tundi tagasi
were was dixie?
orges Xherrahi
orges Xherrahi 7 tundi tagasi
Viola Bajraktari
Viola Bajraktari 7 tundi tagasi
Make a BIG candy😍
Cynthia Steele
Cynthia Steele 7 tundi tagasi
what was your family looking at off camera during the tournament?
Vedell J Verwey
Vedell J Verwey 7 tundi tagasi
i love how the papparazzi are just face first in the glass outside
Zahra Alchalaby
Zahra Alchalaby 7 tundi tagasi
Me just watching the people at 6:12 record u👀👀👀
Diliylah Mills
Diliylah Mills 7 tundi tagasi
The person recording like recording for the cops
Makaylah Jones
Makaylah Jones 7 tundi tagasi
Is it true that she hit that vape
Erin Williams
Erin Williams 8 tundi tagasi
her mom reminds me of monica on friends 😂
maya dorosz
maya dorosz 8 tundi tagasi
U can see people outside the window lol
dani tv
dani tv 8 tundi tagasi
you Shelde have bring adison rea
Kairi In
Kairi In 8 tundi tagasi
The ppl outside is like 👁👄👁
Blue_xboba Hai i love roblox what about you :D
Blue_xboba Hai i love roblox what about you :D 8 tundi tagasi
Noah: mrs. Demilio 😃 i missed one out of like 30
Po Lee
Po Lee 8 tundi tagasi
Love the masks yall 😍
Jules 9 tundi tagasi
Why did she cheat in mr beast vid
Nadia Lynneice Harvey
Nadia Lynneice Harvey 9 tundi tagasi
I would do the exact same thing Noah did take a bunch of candy
Fatma Lachkhem
Fatma Lachkhem 9 tundi tagasi
i didn't know who charli is actually and what she is doing but the first moment i saw her face she just reminded me of my late sister like her features are like my sister's but not technically ... idk how to describe it but my heart does ache whenever i see charli and dixie as well too .. weird feeling but i love them for that
Phumla Phewa
Phumla Phewa 9 tundi tagasi
"Everyone is late they forgeting the time" Hahaha😂😂
Judy George
Judy George 9 tundi tagasi
Can we talk about how pretty Charli's mom is??!
Nwra Soran
Nwra Soran 10 tundi tagasi
Kathryn Parrish
Kathryn Parrish 10 tundi tagasi
Noah definitely has a sweet tooth
ɪᴛs_ᴍɪᴋᴀ Pʟᴀʏs
ɪᴛs_ᴍɪᴋᴀ Pʟᴀʏs 10 tundi tagasi
That’s amaze
Aady Arora
Aady Arora 10 tundi tagasi
Can anyone tell me where was *Dixie* the whole time Everyone was there Littereally everyone Even her fans But not Dixie Like yyyy
zhang shengyu
zhang shengyu 10 tundi tagasi
am l early
Rolly Martinez
Rolly Martinez 10 tundi tagasi
I love CANDY!!!
OBplayz With olive and brook
OBplayz With olive and brook 11 tundi tagasi
My favorite candy is KitKat and gurl y’all need to hang out more gurl
Princesa Villegas-soto
Princesa Villegas-soto 11 tundi tagasi
Dawn Lambert
Dawn Lambert 11 tundi tagasi
I am a big fan
Anna-Rose Grimes
Anna-Rose Grimes 12 tundi tagasi
where are yours mask i love you charli but there a thing called crona
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