we became knights ft. jschlatt

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jschlatt beat us up
help us make more
intro song
outro song

Bray Hafer
Bray Hafer 9 tundi tagasi
“they’re here till 6”
pretzelthicc 10 tundi tagasi
am i crazy or does jschlatt look like that one guy from monty python
SETT JOESTAR 16 tundi tagasi
why the fuck is Donovan here
Captain Hazard
Captain Hazard 21 tund tagasi
i'd pay money to do videos with these fuckers aha
hitminion 23 tundi tagasi
no matter what costume he is wearing, what roleplaying he is doing, he always has the tims on.
Hyrawr Päev tagasi
Everybody gangsta till the king pulls out a glock
Charlie Cosgriff
Charlie Cosgriff Päev tagasi
Honestly best content of 2020
Harayo Erljachin
Harayo Erljachin Päev tagasi
The intro is so good
mat Päev tagasi
no idea why this was recommended to me but ok
Conall 2 päeva tagasi
Jschlatt with a gun is now my wost nightmare.
Mortalkombat 12
Mortalkombat 12 2 päeva tagasi
what the hell did I just watch
HopesJokes 2 päeva tagasi
''This is the craziest thing we've ever filmed.'' and schlatt is here.. oh.
Smowing 1
Smowing 1 3 päeva tagasi
Is this just two kids getting bullied by gay menb
Tristin Smith
Tristin Smith 3 päeva tagasi
why do i feel like iv watched a murder
MaKayla Cantu
MaKayla Cantu 3 päeva tagasi
OH NO Schlatt has his gun RUN.
Jason Simnov
Jason Simnov 3 päeva tagasi
So basically some quirky king and his lieges get the training needed to fight an equally quirky and quite possibly gay king in a sword battle. Fun. Kinda wish I was there. Because as much as I unsubbed from Schlatt as a meme for the whole Battle of L'Manberg, he's an all-around guy outside of that. Maybe even the kind of strong and handsome man that we all regardless of gender are intrigued, mystified and attracted to.
Xaerine Sun
Xaerine Sun 3 päeva tagasi
oh hail nintendo wii
Robert Manning
Robert Manning 3 päeva tagasi
2:41 the drums in the background hahaha
tested potato
tested potato 3 päeva tagasi
8:35 thought that was calfreezy in the back
GrantedTuna 1
GrantedTuna 1 4 päeva tagasi
I think hamburgers and cheeseburgers work well with fries.
Party Chikn
Party Chikn 4 päeva tagasi
no one else heard the ph intro at 2:40...ok🤣
Bubbie S
Bubbie S 4 päeva tagasi
me and the boys in playground at school
Sloorg 14
Sloorg 14 4 päeva tagasi
there are so many possible meme templates in the video
The Bean
The Bean 4 päeva tagasi
This reminds me of the Eric Andre show
kirbz 4 päeva tagasi
Man how the fuck you get sponsored by a sex shop
WeirdWhiteDog 4 päeva tagasi
It's like lunch club but more role play
Duneblazer85 4 päeva tagasi
“I told you Sir Dickiosus was from the hood”
Julian Assange
Julian Assange 5 päeva tagasi
This channel is fucken awsome how do you guys not have a mil subs
Riz Fad
Riz Fad 5 päeva tagasi
When Schlatt just pull out a fucking gun after his workout, it just so fucking funny
The simple life of Grass
The simple life of Grass 5 päeva tagasi
This made me feel confused and scared and I don't know what to do.
KayleeKakes 5 päeva tagasi
Schlatt just shooting them randomly is killing me
IPostComments 5 päeva tagasi
I like how even as a king, Schlatt keeps the tims on.
Potato Luna
Potato Luna 5 päeva tagasi
This video has so.much going on. There is so much to unpack
commander charleston
commander charleston 5 päeva tagasi
alternative title: the king has acquired a glock
blueberry 5 päeva tagasi
hey man you gotta watch your - OH SHIT!
Strawberry Jam
Strawberry Jam 6 päeva tagasi
this video doesn’t feel real how did i get here
Dem6n 6 päeva tagasi
I rlly need to know what y’all use to edit your vids
Hudson Sanderson
Hudson Sanderson 6 päeva tagasi
this is just 17 minutes straight of physical and mental abuse
Lul Highman
Lul Highman 6 päeva tagasi
Dickiosus of Nordingcock needs more work
Greivous took an l
Greivous took an l 6 päeva tagasi
“The king has got a fuckin gun” -me
ken ok
ken ok 7 päeva tagasi
Sir. Dickiousis is the best character.
Enrico Usai
Enrico Usai 7 päeva tagasi
This shit is just 1600s version of jackass
Jacquie Gallagher
Jacquie Gallagher 7 päeva tagasi
this is quite possibly one of the funniest videos i have ever watched.
Liam Oliver
Liam Oliver 7 päeva tagasi
I love that this is the first time some people are seeing Schlatt
Zhi Lemon
Zhi Lemon 8 päeva tagasi
Hey *Hey* I'm Garrett _slap of a handshake_ Mm
Danny Allen
Danny Allen 8 päeva tagasi
I’m very confused
mikeymooman1 8 päeva tagasi
what the fuck man
b ruh
b ruh 8 päeva tagasi
no idea how the fuck I got here but I’m glad I did
Weezyboi Waah
Weezyboi Waah 8 päeva tagasi
Who are you *pulls out glock *
Big Hoe
Big Hoe 9 päeva tagasi
Lemon 9 päeva tagasi
I'm living for medieval king Schlatt with a glock
Canyon Storm
Canyon Storm 9 päeva tagasi
Oh look it’s schlatt on offcanny... OH NO
Agamveer Bajwa
Agamveer Bajwa 9 päeva tagasi
schlatt took out a glock lol
alex manrique
alex manrique 9 päeva tagasi
this remind me of Monty python and the holy grail
Edward Murdock
Edward Murdock 9 päeva tagasi
Came for Jschlatt, stayed for Offcanny, this is my new favorite channel.
LincIsAware 10 päeva tagasi
What have we learned today kids? Dont trust Schlatt with a gun.
Xmake_a_wishX :P
Xmake_a_wishX :P 10 päeva tagasi
Oh nice a gun😂
Seth Bennett
Seth Bennett 10 päeva tagasi
Sir Dickiosus carried
Dumbz Dood
Dumbz Dood 10 päeva tagasi
Schlatt kinda reminds me of the guy from far cry 3 but there is a far cry with the priest guy which could also be schlatt
XxWOLFxxNINJA06 10 päeva tagasi
Of course Schlatt has a gun, that shouldn't be a suprise.
AngryBoy Kaas
AngryBoy Kaas 10 päeva tagasi
That guy with the gun is hilirious
Mr Slimey
Mr Slimey 6 päeva tagasi
He's Jschlatt. I'm surprised you don't know him from the 1999 incident
Alice Fay
Alice Fay 10 päeva tagasi
Schlatt would be a dirty cop
noartfound 11 päeva tagasi
this channel gives me life
Yah_Rodney 11 päeva tagasi
no buzzin in the house
Robert Jordan
Robert Jordan 11 päeva tagasi
I swear this is a fever dream
Cammy Boy
Cammy Boy 11 päeva tagasi
We need bloopers
IR0N RUSSAIN Kelvin Klein
IR0N RUSSAIN Kelvin Klein 12 päeva tagasi
this honestly is the best video so far
Dr. Panda
Dr. Panda 12 päeva tagasi
have you ever heard of the high elves?
trukaine 12 päeva tagasi
Fernando Rivera
Fernando Rivera 12 päeva tagasi
11:52 im deadd
Alesha Bajarias
Alesha Bajarias 12 päeva tagasi
this is art
Philip Hubbe
Philip Hubbe 12 päeva tagasi
They are here until 6 OMG!!
EndOfTheEra 13 päeva tagasi
the amount of abrupt chaos i just witnessed in just 17 minutes, holy shit
Ashley Kereky
Ashley Kereky 13 päeva tagasi
Ewww wtf jschlatt is drinking Dasani
MossWillow 13 päeva tagasi
Hahahahaha... *SHOOTS*
Chief Christine
Chief Christine 13 päeva tagasi
jshlatt made this vid a thousand time better i cant
Ghisst L.W.
Ghisst L.W. 13 päeva tagasi
this gives a Papa Franku energy.
Aurelia Wiggins
Aurelia Wiggins 13 päeva tagasi
It’s funny because the two poor squires were genuinely scared and the big hot men proceeded to beat them.
Lincoln Dixon
Lincoln Dixon 14 päeva tagasi
Nun of this felt right I just kinda felt like no one had fun it all kinda just happened
Sir. Ghastgod
Sir. Ghastgod 14 päeva tagasi
Memento Mori.
nesquilio milo
nesquilio milo 14 päeva tagasi
1:13 i replayed this L so many times
"I told you Sir Dickiosus of Nordingcock was from the hood"
Anarchist Monkey
Anarchist Monkey 14 päeva tagasi
I love how straight forward this is 😂😂😂
GechlangX 15 päeva tagasi
Everyone gangsta till the king pull out the gun
Tyee Oxenbury
Tyee Oxenbury 15 päeva tagasi
Love the Oblivion touch.
just sailing
just sailing 15 päeva tagasi
bruh.. was this real ?
LoserLays 15 päeva tagasi
d-did that guy get hit in the head with a cantaloupe??
Benji Robinson
Benji Robinson 15 päeva tagasi
"I told ya Sir Dickiosis is from the hood"
Northern Pyramid
Northern Pyramid 15 päeva tagasi
Luck poof
Luck poof 15 päeva tagasi
I wanna see a president Schlatt
LR210 15 päeva tagasi
whoooo gave schlatt a firearmmmm
Joseph Schoeffel
Joseph Schoeffel 15 päeva tagasi
What did I watch
Tristan Daniels
Tristan Daniels 15 päeva tagasi
ok but the intro was edited beautifully
Surge _
Surge _ 15 päeva tagasi
Schlatt with the gun had me dead
mhd raditya
mhd raditya 15 päeva tagasi
he actually got a glock 17 the one he uses here is different one he uses painball here i looked at his ig he got two different guns, i looked up the side badges of the guns
Stego 15 päeva tagasi
What the fuck is this video, I love it
Pup 16 päeva tagasi
Schlatt wearing a royal gown and crown and pulling a gun on a couple of knight will stay in my head forever
Conner G
Conner G 16 päeva tagasi
Was that a fucking real gun Jschlatt was holding?
Matyim 16 päeva tagasi
This has the energy of a Filthyfrank Vid, but with a bit more gay man energy
Chiilin' With Ducks
Chiilin' With Ducks 16 päeva tagasi
9:03 looks like a damn execution
We made this game AWFUL.
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