VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 34

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Wren, Niko, and Clint are back on the couch to break down some of the best (and worst) VFX in Hollywood!
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Arabella Ingham
Arabella Ingham 43 minutit tagasi
Please react to Journey To The Center of The Earth. I loved that film as a kid and I recently re-watched it, to see the CGI hasn't aged well, but still wasn't bad for 2008.
Miguel 45 minutit tagasi
You should react to The Weeknd's new video "Too Late"
Kazi Junaed
Kazi Junaed 57 minutit tagasi
Take a look at Bangladeshi visual effects, they are pretty messed up
Tim Fay
Tim Fay Tund tagasi
You guys should go over the death scenes from the babysitter and the babysitter 2. Bella thorns head in the 2nd is my favorite.
Sam Heinze
Sam Heinze 2 tundi tagasi
You guys should do Jim Carrey's "The Mask" really funny and it has some weird shots.
Jacob Gomez
Jacob Gomez 2 tundi tagasi
Y’all should react to the fight scenes in King Arthur
Haidu Bogdan
Haidu Bogdan 4 tundi tagasi
There are some interesting bad CGI on this collage of clips : eepost.info/my/video/zYqWpHWKaYaY2qk.html
Huy Nguyen
Huy Nguyen 4 tundi tagasi
How about Narnia?
Alikanuiokalani Achong
Alikanuiokalani Achong 4 tundi tagasi
Could you guys react to Sin City?
Androo Gnoix
Androo Gnoix 4 tundi tagasi
hey can you please tell me what that SFX in the water in that galadriel scene in 1978 LOTR is please?
Maxwell 4 tundi tagasi
the last days of american crime 1:31:56 lots of bad lighting and a blatant CG pole in the middle of the frame with the wrong light source.
Sam Skelton
Sam Skelton 4 tundi tagasi
Guys! What if you made a VFX Artists React series with videos that your fans made? It would be honorable to have y’all critique and a great exposure for the artist!
Griffin McLinn
Griffin McLinn 5 tundi tagasi
Real Steel has the first mind blowing VFX shots that I ever saw
Joves Bahobs
Joves Bahobs 5 tundi tagasi
Hulnick 5 tundi tagasi
Back to more stop motion you guys should do a react to the witch scene in ParaNorman .
Berrie Bonds
Berrie Bonds 6 tundi tagasi
Xxx: return of cage the dirt bike on ocean scene
Jon Scott
Jon Scott 6 tundi tagasi
Did you do the Prince of Egypt Yet for a reaction?
Varun Sridhar
Varun Sridhar 6 tundi tagasi
eepost.info/my/video/ra-FnGp6h6F2lKU.html. Watch the fight from 2 mins.
RifRaf 6 tundi tagasi
idk if they did this but I would love to see ur opinions of the dwarf guy in the movie “Benchwarmers”
Trenton Skidmore
Trenton Skidmore 6 tundi tagasi
Sound take a look at "the giver" the movie slowly introduce color to the black at white over the film
Mr.Stan.Fungi 7 tundi tagasi
in the video they say nightmare before christmas came out in 1993, then i look over at the movie thing next to the video that shows it, and it says it came out in 1994
Alex N
Alex N 7 tundi tagasi
PLEASE WATCH THIS CLIP eepost.info/my/video/sqGtqKB8ioR7xp0.html 1:17 in the bullets on the wall in the background disappear.
FPSMountainDew 7 tundi tagasi
Review Next with Nicholas Cage
Serthiag 8 tundi tagasi
You guys should react to the indominous Rex from jurassic world
Joshua Sandblast
Joshua Sandblast 8 tundi tagasi
Take on Me music video
Lwj Awwx
Lwj Awwx 8 tundi tagasi
Could you guys react to the VFX in the Harry Potter series!!?
christian brinks
christian brinks 9 tundi tagasi
Can you guys react on the dragon scenes in The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader?
delta229 9 tundi tagasi
Older stuff felt better.
Jeremy 9 tundi tagasi
#VFXAR to Timecop! The warp effects, the frozen arm kick, the split screen shots, the villain death scene. Good stuff and an underrated movie.
Elon Tusk
Elon Tusk 10 tundi tagasi
Do Rush (2013) Niki Laura's crash
RikFTK 10 tundi tagasi
Just watched The Faculty, pretty cool Rodriquez horror from the late 90s. The VFX for the boss monster at the end are pretty crap (in a somewhat good way) but the practical stuff is pretty awesome. Pretty good movie for the time, effects are worth a look.
Seamus Hyman
Seamus Hyman 10 tundi tagasi
You guys should definitely react to Code Lyoko!
Dylan Demyanek
Dylan Demyanek 10 tundi tagasi
It wasn't the first VFX shot that I ever saw, but the one that had the greatest impact on me was the Balrog reveal in The Fellowship of The Ring. When he steps into the chamber where the bridge of Khazad Dum. That shot is why I became a motion graphic artist.
KirbySpam420 11 tundi tagasi
Look at Transformers: dark of the moon. When megatron sits on the memorial.
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 10 tundi tagasi
Sure, that Nightmare Before Christmas, is OK...but Fantastic Mr. Fox and Isle of Dogs do EVERYTHING in camera with no compositing... smoke, fire, water, everything.
Moon Tropic
Moon Tropic 12 tundi tagasi
Last night I watched "The Secret in Their Eyes" (the original 2009 version, not the the American remake) and it has an INCREDIBLE long take in a soccer/football stadium, that begins with an aerial view of the stadium, leads to a chase through the stadium (that's populated with 50,000 fans) and ends with the suspect actually on the field. PLEASE DO IT!!!
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 10 tundi tagasi
You guys should do a reaction to this Pokémon dark trailer eepost.info/my/video/qJymYpxzeamL1m4.html
Gustav Skoog
Gustav Skoog 12 tundi tagasi
Hey guys, please do Westworld season 3 last episode, not to spoil too much but the scene where it goes from open robot face to regular actor!
Aleksandar Djordjevic
Aleksandar Djordjevic 12 tundi tagasi
React to League of Legends - Awaken cinematic
diggoran 12 tundi tagasi
You didn't link the satisfying renders video anywhere >:(
ShadowRam242 13 tundi tagasi
Screamers (1995) : ~ 1hour 22min in... Main Character Shoots dude. It's pretty BAD CG/FX...... The special effects throughout the whole movie were OK, but this one scene was just BAD!!!!
Samual Jackson
Samual Jackson 13 tundi tagasi
react to Bollywood movie 2.0
Gavin Dodd
Gavin Dodd 13 tundi tagasi
Christmas in Wonderland - 1:05:20. I'm sorry. eepost.info/my/video/qamciIOAgGqZs4M.html
Jamey Scott
Jamey Scott 13 tundi tagasi
:45 - "you've never seen Nightmare Before Christmas?" Click. Goodbye.
jeff mattson
jeff mattson 14 tundi tagasi
too bad you already did your halloween episode cause THE WITCHES is already out. I'm love to see a comparison between the old witches and the original. the Jim Henson effects in the original look arguably way better than the new remake.
TimeIsUpYourParolesBegun YouKnowWhatDatMeans
TimeIsUpYourParolesBegun YouKnowWhatDatMeans 14 tundi tagasi
The first vfx shots that blew my mind was probably the entirety of Flubber, I was a kid, I just remember having so much fun watching it. (Edit: I watched the Robin Williams one, was not aware that it was a remake xD)
B1UD-_-F0Xx 14 tundi tagasi
Shaun Berry
Shaun Berry 14 tundi tagasi
What about seeing you guys react to CGI on Star Trek , from the original series to Discovery and Picard ? Long overdue and Star Wars har been done to death lol 😛
Tone Bone
Tone Bone 14 tundi tagasi
There is NO COMPARRISON between the genius of The Absent Minded Professor, and the garbage of Flubber.
Jesse McKinney
Jesse McKinney 14 tundi tagasi
Please react to Real Steel
KyleGregory27 14 tundi tagasi
You guys should do a reaction to this Pokémon dark trailer eepost.info/my/video/qJymYpxzeamL1m4.html
Tone Bone
Tone Bone 14 tundi tagasi
Sure, that Nightmare Before Christmas, is OK...but Fantastic Mr. Fox and Isle of Dogs do EVERYTHING in camera with no compositing... smoke, fire, water, everything.
Erchamion 15 tundi tagasi
First VFX shot I ever saw that blew my mind was watching the first ever shot of Star Wars when I was 5 years old.
Kashif Husain
Kashif Husain 15 tundi tagasi
Which video of yours has the skeletons from Jason and the Argonauts?
Marvin 15 tundi tagasi
Why do people use Greenscreen instead of blackscreen when it's so easy to remove?
Nathan Locke
Nathan Locke 16 tundi tagasi
Not sure if it's been done but I'd love to see you guys break down King Arthur Legend of the Sword. Specifically the giant snake scene, and basically all of the scenes where Arthur is using excalibur.
Lucas García Bouchot
Lucas García Bouchot 16 tundi tagasi
React to the Van Helsing (2004) - Hugh Jackman, werewolf transformation!!!!
RemyL316 16 tundi tagasi
Please review awful special effects from: Ghana part 2 (baby scene) & Incredible Bulk
Floyd 217
Floyd 217 17 tundi tagasi
You should check out narnia the lion the witch and the wardrobe as its cg is impressive for being a fifteen year old movie.
Liam Plumridge
Liam Plumridge 17 tundi tagasi
Idea for FX to look at. The film Game Night. There are some seemless transitions from miniatures to real world environment shots. Plus at the end there's a shot of a Stingray chasing a plane, where the camera swerves with the vehicle. Or just before the credits they have a camera panning over Officer Gary's plans in his basement
Lab Play
Lab Play 17 tundi tagasi
React to THX Deep Note Trailer 2019!! The transitions in this video are amazing!!
Shane Threlfall
Shane Threlfall 17 tundi tagasi
‘I miss Robin Williams’ I totally felt that ❤️
Shane Threlfall
Shane Threlfall 17 tundi tagasi
Remember seeing Casper in the cinema for my birthday as a kid, still love the film
pk 17 tundi tagasi
Stephen Peyton
Stephen Peyton 18 tundi tagasi
Could you all do a harry potter marathon and show how technology has evolved across the 8 movies for similar shots and effects.
Paul Mauch
Paul Mauch 18 tundi tagasi
Please do some commercial VFX. One series of commercials that have been getting my attention lately is Lays chips. Is it me, or does it seem like the actors are all holding some kind of VFX bags of chips. They’re too flat and have no crinkles in the bag.
Tango._.Mango 18 tundi tagasi
Joe Nicoletta
Joe Nicoletta 18 tundi tagasi
Dark Pokémon Universe trailer is out there. Its only a trailer but all visual effects and animation done by a group in their spare time over a two year span. Would love to hear your thoughts
Ádám Tar
Ádám Tar 18 tundi tagasi
Can you guys talk about the 2004 movie called "Van helsing" cgi scenes if you haven't talked about it already?
ApXander 19 tundi tagasi
Please check out Pokemon DARK EDITION trailer!
Joel Fernandez
Joel Fernandez 19 tundi tagasi
Please react to Monsters Inc visuals VS Monsters University visuals! I think that’d be pretty cool :)
Jidian Jenkins
Jidian Jenkins 19 tundi tagasi
If you guys ever do any game cinematics, check out League of Legends. Maybe the Warriors Season 2020 Cinematic?
Samuel Lee
Samuel Lee 20 tundi tagasi
please react to The Monkey King 2. It's a chinese movie and the vfx is worth reacting to.
GeneralGre 20 tundi tagasi
You still haven't done love death and robots. Have you forgotten?
Chris Howker
Chris Howker 20 tundi tagasi
Have you folks already ripped apart the travesty. that is Resident Evil : Afterlife - the first 15mins alone is chocked full of visuals that makes my eyes vomit
Dhruv Kadam
Dhruv Kadam 21 tund tagasi
Do Chronicles of Narnia and Johny English Pleaseee
Unloyal_ Gacha
Unloyal_ Gacha 22 tundi tagasi
Can you do Lucifer? I mean there's wings, a devil face
crip 23 tundi tagasi
PLUTO NASH! I wont stop sayin it!
Bobzii Päev tagasi
Has America jus given up on social distancing and masks?
Michael Gluchacki
Michael Gluchacki Päev tagasi
"THE BLOB" (1988) doooo eeeet
Ryan Green
Ryan Green Päev tagasi
Someone needs to talk about the minigun effect in the new Tremors movie on Netflix.
IlikeEmerica96 Päev tagasi
Have they reacted to any of the vfx from the pirates of the Caribbean ?
Brandon Hanks
Brandon Hanks Päev tagasi
THREE MODERN KUNG FU COMEDY MOVIES WITH AWESOME/INTERESTING VFX: 1. Kung Fu Hustle (2004) 2. Kung Pow! Enter The Fist (2002) 3. Kung Fury (2015 w/ the Hoff)😁
Philip Todd
Philip Todd Päev tagasi
Y'all should react to Simpsons Tree House of Horror VI when Homer goes into The Third Dimension
Philip Todd
Philip Todd Päev tagasi
Please. After all I did subscribe and watched this series and stuntman series in under three days and have already started messing with unity and blender
Night Fire
Night Fire Päev tagasi
In Casper: it’s Lone Star!!!
Kundan Raj
Kundan Raj Päev tagasi
VFX reaction to "THE MASK"
Haterade Päev tagasi
Why yall gotta bring up the swamp scene in Never Ending Story?😭 haha Love that movie
Anant Kashyap
Anant Kashyap Päev tagasi
You have got to do "small soldiers" that movie was my childhood dream
NuclearHazard0 Päev tagasi
Do VFX from “Real Steel” and “Multiplicity”
aragon Päev tagasi
Theres this shot in Interstellar when they're landing on Miller's planet that you guys should give a look at (This first 3 seconds of this clip eepost.info/my/video/pnprm2OdrIudupk.html) Everytime I watch this movie the shot impresses me. They did an great job at giving the shuttle a sense of weight through its movement and the ways the water reacts. The harsh turn at the end also mirrors coopers piloting style which is a nice touch.
Joseph Navarro
Joseph Navarro Päev tagasi
Every scene of guardians of gahoole blew my mind
drfuyutsuki Päev tagasi
Take a look at Baby: Secret of the lost legend
bryan.harbaugh Päev tagasi
Please do the scene in the movie Vertical Limit (2000)where the nitro leaks out of the canister and blows up from the sun! Scene starts 1:30:00
Nathaniel Dunlap
Nathaniel Dunlap Päev tagasi
Lord of the Rings animated movie, balrog scene. Definitely improved from Jackson's version.
Sean Richardson
Sean Richardson Päev tagasi
Ford v Ferrari those race shots are insane!
Sinsay Juan Gabriel Z.
Sinsay Juan Gabriel Z. Päev tagasi
react to mighty morphin power rangers the movie 1995 the final battle is kinda ugly see for yourself and see if you can fix it
Jaden Johnson
Jaden Johnson Päev tagasi
23 vs. 39 Gatorade commercial
Thomas Kincaid
Thomas Kincaid Päev tagasi
Please look at The Expendables because it has some “amazing “ visual effects
Rohit N P
Rohit N P Päev tagasi
Please do react to this 80's song by A-Ha eepost.info/my/video/xqKJY2OKlZZrlGo.html
Jur1370_ZxУ Päev tagasi
idk if u know Legend of Guardians : Owls of Ga'hoole, but pls, do it if u want to, the movie is beautiful tho-
ccm1092 Päev tagasi
Check out the Movie "Interpreter's" some intersting looking aliens and a nice head explosion at 1:53:50.
usernamesareforidiot Päev tagasi
Really love these videos because it makes me appreciate the art form more. As a sound designer, would be great if you guys did one about sound design.
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