using every pink LUSH item at once

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i used every pink LUSH bath bomb, bubble bar, shower gel, and more at once!
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Selma Heberg Haider
Selma Heberg Haider 3 päeva tagasi
Nicole Novo
Nicole Novo 21 päev tagasi
I love the “no feet for u”. 😆
g r a c e
g r a c e Місяць tagasi
Y’all are hating on her for no reason she can change and do whatever she wants also if you don’t like her videos just don’t watch them don’t hate
Audrey Hill
Audrey Hill 3 місяці tagasi
Why are all the comments hate comments
Angeline Maria
Angeline Maria 5 місяців tagasi
Great vid!
JJ’s World
JJ’s World 6 місяців tagasi
Y’all leave her alone she is her own person and she doesn’t care what you guys say
okayajrenne 6 місяців tagasi
ohmygosh this randomly popped up while watching her videos there’s sm hate on it
Dasha Beresovsky
Dasha Beresovsky 6 місяців tagasi
Why is everyone hating on her in my opinion is that she just matured and has become more of an adult just because someone comments something does not mean you have to follow what they say, its actually kind of childish to do that she's and amazing person. Yeah maybe she has changed but instead of hating just don't comment and click off the video these type of comments hurt people to the fullest, youtube has become such a toxic place and it makes me miss the happy and fun energy it used to have. Please spread positivity and not hate. Hope you all have a wonderful night or day :)
Miranda Wells
Miranda Wells 6 місяців tagasi
You’re my spirit animal
iiLuna_Moonii 6 місяців tagasi
I kinda want her to do part two with more colors!... lol
Lucie Titheridge
Lucie Titheridge 6 місяців tagasi
Can you do a collab with jazzy anne
Ava Da Boss
Ava Da Boss 6 місяців tagasi
I know this was 8 months ago... but people really need to stop hating she has feeling you know.
Khloe! 6 місяців tagasi
bruh, so much hate just shut up and watch what you clicked on, some of you seem mad that you didnt see her feet 🤡🙈
carolyn w
carolyn w 6 місяців tagasi
dude why are all the comments hating on her
Meagan Clay
Meagan Clay 6 місяців tagasi
I just came to the comments to figure out the name of that bath bomb she can’t name 😂 let her live her life
Ava Stump
Ava Stump 6 місяців tagasi
Why is literally everyone hating on her for this video?
Kendyl Heyer
Kendyl Heyer 6 місяців tagasi
I love your videos so so much!
lil death punk
lil death punk 6 місяців tagasi
The tub constantly draining stressed me out lol
Payton Moore
Payton Moore 6 місяців tagasi
U can smell this video
peopleperson 6 місяців tagasi
1:05 "oh yeah I got bangs". Ummmm I think I know that already
MysticFox626 6 місяців tagasi
*me coming to the comment section so to find the name of the bath bombs she says yt will snatch her for...... literally just sees EVERYONE HATING ON HER* yikes dudes
stevie lynn
stevie lynn 6 місяців tagasi
Me praying she doesn't use all of each product
Angeline Maria
Angeline Maria 6 місяців tagasi
Hi haley, how u doing? 😊🤔❤️. I'm sorry to hear what happened with your mom it was probably a though time for her and u. You are the best daughter anyone can wish for. You bought your mom a house and get a few or your videos are different. But it was for a good cause. I'm happy that your fanancially and happily in a good place. Even if you were still different I would still watch you. Congrats on the engagement!!! Lots of love, Girly pop Angeline.>
Anti Kboo Productions
Anti Kboo Productions 6 місяців tagasi
Am I the only person who thinks this video was funny and creative? I feel so hyper after watching😂❤️ and I want that fairy dust stuff😍
Mar de Fiord
Mar de Fiord 7 місяців tagasi
I’ve scrolled down for a few minutes on the comments section. I ‘ve read so many times the word “literally”. Is the the new cool word north americans use now? It’s a bit annoying.
McKenzie Pedroza
McKenzie Pedroza 7 місяців tagasi
Almost everyone is hating on her for doing what she wants to do on her channel like come on its her channel not yours if you wanna control a channel go make your own and stop hating on her
Holly Franks
Holly Franks 7 місяців tagasi
lol why is it 7 months later and im laughing so hard at haley tryna move all the bubbles 5:04
Catherine Jones
Catherine Jones 7 місяців tagasi
This comment section is Pathetic. Y’all just jealous trying to find any reason to hate on her because she’s simply amazing.
Allee Jane
Allee Jane 7 місяців tagasi
Does anyone know what the bath bombs that she couldn’t say were called because I have no idea?
Mariann Emilie
Mariann Emilie 6 місяців tagasi
Its called sex bomb
Ella Sophia
Ella Sophia 7 місяців tagasi
piper durham
piper durham 7 місяців tagasi
reading the comments made me sad even if it’s true
Becky Fx
Becky Fx 7 місяців tagasi
I went to lush the day I watched this. I love you vids!
Maze Blaze
Maze Blaze 7 місяців tagasi
Y’all are just mad because she’s finally chasing her dreams and is happy and y’all are jealous....just let the girl live you can see she’s happy why would you take that pride and joy away from her😔taking someone’s happiness and sharing your negative opinion won’t benefit anyone.....she hasn’t changed....her subscribers have🥺
Retro Chrxxy
Retro Chrxxy 7 місяців tagasi
What can halay not say on yt??
Mariann Emilie
Mariann Emilie 6 місяців tagasi
The bathbomb is called sex bomb
Kimmy’s Roblox
Kimmy’s Roblox 7 місяців tagasi
I just woke up it’s 5:00 am
kiera 7 місяців tagasi
I see all these mean comments from 7 months ago And I can’t help but comment to stand up for Haley. ARE YOU GUYS BLIND (the people who are saying she is changing etc. Etc.) some comments have 3 exact replicas saying the same thing. What is the point of spamming the exact same comment, especially because it will make her feel bad. Ofc she is changing, she was just a teen and now is becoming an adult ofc you would change. Look at her now, she is amazing and selfless!
Ugly Rat
Ugly Rat 7 місяців tagasi
Guys stop hating on her she’s a human being like everybody else on here and if your a hater your an alien ❤️
Corgi Time
Corgi Time 7 місяців tagasi
Omg all I see is hate hate hate. And these comments have like 1k likes. Y’all she can do what ever she wants. If u don’t like it, don’t watch her. And also if u have nothing nice to say do not say it. Thank u.
Frogsockz 7 місяців tagasi
why is everyone being so mean i don't get it lol. if your upset that she "changed" then find a jerk on yt that does the stuff that she used to do
Kylie Jensen
Kylie Jensen 7 місяців tagasi
“The more pink the merrier” ~Haley 2020 😂
Alesha Cotton
Alesha Cotton 7 місяців tagasi
I love this 😀
Alesha Cotton
Alesha Cotton 7 місяців tagasi
So me
Robloxian 7 місяців tagasi
Me coming to the comments to find out the name of the bath bomb that she couldn’t say and seeing all the hate comments:👁👄👁
TaeTae Min
TaeTae Min 7 місяців tagasi
Why was this just now recommended
ada renae
ada renae 7 місяців tagasi
Stop hating, I love you haley
Emily Isom
Emily Isom 7 місяців tagasi
Late but literally calm down she’s the best
swag 7 місяців tagasi
this is so chaotic
Hannah Joy
Hannah Joy 7 місяців tagasi
Everybody’s hating on her! I love her videos, and I think there’s nothing wrong. I know the haters are gonna hate, but still I think that’s rude...
eliana Hastings
eliana Hastings 7 місяців tagasi
one side of mke is like "oo so pretty!" and the other part of me is like, "it kinda looks like period blood" ooo thxs for all the likes!
Zoe You don’t need to know my last name
Zoe You don’t need to know my last name 7 місяців tagasi
Safia is QuAkInG
Ana Sieler
Ana Sieler 8 місяців tagasi
Why are you guys so rude? I look through the comments and all i see is hate. You guys have to remember she’s a real person with real feelings. She’s so amazing and so special and you guys should appreciate her. If you have something mean to say don’t say it.
Savannah Kate
Savannah Kate 8 місяців tagasi
reading through the comments of this hurts my heart, keep doing you girly i think you’re great
Rylee Owen
Rylee Owen 8 місяців tagasi
Why is everyone hating on this beautiful girl
Glichtrap Williams
Glichtrap Williams 8 місяців tagasi
Mercedes Anaya
Mercedes Anaya 8 місяців tagasi
Yall are just hating i LOVE hER shes my fav
Alexis Barbuto
Alexis Barbuto 8 місяців tagasi
Guys stop hating on her. She’s amazing!
Alexis Barbuto
Alexis Barbuto 8 місяців tagasi
I need the bangs backkkkl
a child
a child 8 місяців tagasi
i wish i had a bathtub and i wish i could afford a bath bomb
Grace Girard
Grace Girard 8 місяців tagasi
Sex bomb
isabelle thijssen
isabelle thijssen 8 місяців tagasi
the nam of youutbe wwont let me ay it is s3x bomb
Diana Moghaddamnejad
Diana Moghaddamnejad 8 місяців tagasi
My hand honestly turned to smell good after watching this video lol
Natalie Wall
Natalie Wall 8 місяців tagasi
this is making me want to go on a Lush shopping spree 😍😍😍
Chaya Barrow
Chaya Barrow 8 місяців tagasi
this video is so chaotic......and i LOVE IT
Fat Cow
Fat Cow 8 місяців tagasi
Guys if you dont life her videos then DONT WATCH THEM. Dont waste your time complaining about her being "materialistic " and "wasteful". Honestly, i feel as though her videos got more interesting. Chill bro,
Kavlyn Pounds
Kavlyn Pounds 8 місяців tagasi
Ok I know this video was posted 5 months ago but I just have to say, she made a video saying she has changed and stuff but WHY IS EVERYONE HERE BEING SO RUDE?!? Seriously... I’m sure she’s just trying to experiment and just because you don’t like something she does, doesn’t mean everyone has to say something about it. Let her be 🙄
lissie is annoying
lissie is annoying 9 місяців tagasi
Are these comments a joke or is everyone seriously hating on her? I cannot tell if it is sarcasm or not.
Grace Daw
Grace Daw 9 місяців tagasi
Is no one going to talk about how fucking big her bath is? Like what the fuck
Grace Daw
Grace Daw 7 місяців tagasi
CandyCookiez well yours might look like that but there are different sized baths you know
CandyCookiez 7 місяців tagasi
Grace Daw this is a normal size bath...
Allison Petty
Allison Petty 9 місяців tagasi
I feel like this is off idrk
Jazzy-J X
Jazzy-J X 9 місяців tagasi
For the people who said she’s changed, what did you think would happen? No one stays the same. People change and that’s perfectly normal.
Traylee Lemaster
Traylee Lemaster 9 місяців tagasi
Why everyone hating?
Rhyan Briggs
Rhyan Briggs 9 місяців tagasi
i think she should do a video lik this but do one for each color
JustBeary 9 місяців tagasi
lmao, I’m so confused at why people are thinking her changing is bad? She has the vlog channel as well?
sophia griffin
sophia griffin 9 місяців tagasi
i love this idk why everyones hating
Cheyanne Guin
Cheyanne Guin 9 місяців tagasi
I don't understand why everyone is so pressed, she's just doing her own thing
Addy 9 місяців tagasi
Why is everyone hating on Haley? She hasn’t changed... y’all need to just stop 😔
Olivia Sunflower
Olivia Sunflower 9 місяців tagasi
Rip shirt
Olivia Sunflower
Olivia Sunflower 9 місяців tagasi
Your hair is so cute in braids!!!!
Ariana Wilson
Ariana Wilson 9 місяців tagasi
Im just scrolling down the comments and all I see are comments about how her channel changed like DANG!!! Everybody just chill.
abbie timms
abbie timms 9 місяців tagasi
why is everyone hating? i love this 😂
ckwilli 9 місяців tagasi
Lmao the all the hate on this video is an inside joke right? Because there’s no way literally all of these comments are negative, I’ve been scrolling foreverrrrr
Josie Hilton
Josie Hilton 10 місяців tagasi
Is the bath bomb she isn’t allowed to say the name of Coronavirus?
Carys Dowd
Carys Dowd 10 місяців tagasi
why is everyone so mean i would love to see you try do what hayley does.
Vincebond 007
Vincebond 007 10 місяців tagasi
Hehe nice shirt my dads calls me snoopy don know why
Anneliese Berko
Anneliese Berko 10 місяців tagasi
Bruh what is she doing
BNHA_ Harry Potter
BNHA_ Harry Potter 10 місяців tagasi
Why didn’t you just wear a bathing suit
Asha Soto
Asha Soto 10 місяців tagasi
I don’t understand why people are like “she was just complaining the whole time” but then they go and write 10 comment about them complaining like what??
shimmer2o1 10 місяців tagasi
The comments: her channel has changed me: focusing on every detail to detect if it has changed 🧐
Waterlilly_Silverpaw7729 10 місяців tagasi
Bübblès _
Bübblès _ 11 місяців tagasi
Bübblès _
Bübblès _ 11 місяців tagasi
Why are all the comments “she’s changed and I don’t like it” or “she’s spending so much money on just that for a video” like just stop. Didn’t your parents say “if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it at all” sound familiar? Like seriously if you don’t like her anymore you don’t have to hate, like fr just leave if you don’t like it. It’s just so annoying how people have to “hate” when there’s literally no point in doing it unless you wanna make someone feel bad. You’re the ones ruining peoples days. And this is not just about all the hate on this video, I’m talking about hate in general now. *Just stop*
diortae 11 місяців tagasi
What’s the “EEpost won’t let me say it” bathbomb actually called?...
diortae 11 місяців tagasi
Ur bangs tho...
Fee Luyten
Fee Luyten 11 місяців tagasi
Why i everyone being so mean she is so nice and she’s the best youtuber
millie v
millie v 11 місяців tagasi
Omg what’s with all the hate comments she’s trying her hardest and having fun. Let her live her life however she wants
Marykate Mulholland
Marykate Mulholland 11 місяців tagasi
And thats when her hands were stained forever
April Blaze
April Blaze 11 місяців tagasi
I love this! It’s pink, it’s great! We love an entertaining pink queen.😂👏🏼
amara mop
amara mop 11 місяців tagasi
This is like 10 min of her fighting the bubbles
Ella Grace
Ella Grace 11 місяців tagasi
My sensitive skin is screaming
Jen 11 місяців tagasi
I used to watch all her videos including her vlogs but there just not the same :/ sorry
sibley o
sibley o 11 місяців tagasi
Aesthetic Scorpio
Aesthetic Scorpio 11 місяців tagasi
sibley o ikr
Talia Marie
Talia Marie Aasta tagasi
you should have worn a bathing suit or swim shorts and swim shirt if you don't wanna post yourself in a bathing suit online lmao
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