Unlocking & Fully Maxing EVERY Brawler Costs $??? | Insane 50,000+ Gem Mega Box Opening!

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Brawl Stars Unlocking Every Brawler & Maxing Them! Huge 50,000+ Gem Mega Box Opening!
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Today we get an insane amount of Gems 50,000+ and then open over 600 Mega Boxes getting every Brawler from boxes that we can! That means every Mythic, every Legendary brawler and every Chromatic brawler at once! Plus, dont forget we gem all the Star Powers and Gadgets!
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Pascual Rodriguez
Pascual Rodriguez 9 tundi tagasi
I wish I had crow
PHANTOM • PUBG MOBILE 11 tundi tagasi
If you gave that money to homeless that would be better then this 😔
Demon Man
Demon Man 11 tundi tagasi
same mom
PHANTOM • PUBG MOBILE 11 tundi tagasi
i got sandy legendary in my account
Luke Borg
Luke Borg 11 tundi tagasi
I’ve been playing since the first day this game it came out and my only legendary is crow
Brawl Stars Forever
Brawl Stars Forever 18 tundi tagasi
Greatest video ever 💗💗💗
Nyáry Réka
Nyáry Réka 19 tundi tagasi
Destroyer 2099
Destroyer 2099 Päev tagasi
Wife/girlfriend: where’s the money I need to buy groceries Ben: uhhhh
Fischoedrr Päev tagasi
so this is what my lvl3 Edgar fight at 400 trophies showdown 🗿
TomakBG BG
TomakBG BG Päev tagasi
Verry big idiot
Oso Garcia
Oso Garcia Päev tagasi
Wow thats alot of characters
Cu capul în nori
Cu capul în nori Päev tagasi
2:28 put pause when where it shows all the items he had in the box :/
Bima Johnston
Bima Johnston 2 päeva tagasi
2800 dollars?
PRUTHVIJ Desai 2 päeva tagasi
I like Ben at all his gameplay is like pro then like
Gameplay Time
Gameplay Time 2 päeva tagasi
5:23 when I got crow on my account and when I got gale recently
Cookieboy 2 päeva tagasi
Is nani a she?????
Frog Right
Frog Right 2 päeva tagasi
Why is this fun to watch and also satisfying 🤣😂
Isman Ali
Isman Ali 2 päeva tagasi
Hes very rich
Isman Ali
Isman Ali 2 päeva tagasi
5:25 BenTimm1: NO WAY BRO NO NO NO holy fliping cow
Vaishali Jain
Vaishali Jain 3 päeva tagasi
Katerina Coumbaros
Katerina Coumbaros 3 päeva tagasi
Emperor Redability’s Following
Emperor Redability’s Following 3 päeva tagasi
5:25 I mean, it’s in BenTimm nature
over lands2
over lands2 3 päeva tagasi
You better hear napstabot theme
Miriam Marugg
Miriam Marugg 3 päeva tagasi
XXEthan LeverXX
XXEthan LeverXX 3 päeva tagasi
@AUTO so bentimm1 is 9 year old
Eino Parkkinen
Eino Parkkinen 3 päeva tagasi
I hear dog noises
FADEDD Playz 3 päeva tagasi
People watching this in 2021
RedWolf 4 päeva tagasi
Elijah Gomez
Elijah Gomez 4 päeva tagasi
20:03 was such a relief for his bank account
Nirmali K
Nirmali K 4 päeva tagasi
Bruh he didn’t use bt1
Nirmali K
Nirmali K 4 päeva tagasi
Oh well he wasted money
Irina R.
Irina R. 4 päeva tagasi
Dallas Jones
Dallas Jones 4 päeva tagasi
Adrianna Russ
Adrianna Russ 4 päeva tagasi
I wish I had max soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much
Daniël Wassink
Daniël Wassink 4 päeva tagasi
Imagine if he forgot to support himself..
goku 4 päeva tagasi
Marie Kollia
Marie Kollia 4 päeva tagasi
Supported creator BE1
Ellen Lin
Ellen Lin 4 päeva tagasi
طلال و جوجو الرشيد
طلال و جوجو الرشيد 4 päeva tagasi
ME: IDont have Leon in 6month BEN: Ihave Leon in one day😎😎
R3și gaming
R3și gaming 4 päeva tagasi
First brawler:brock First gaged:on brock First starpower:on brock Itanimuli?
Alexfantastisk P
Alexfantastisk P 5 päeva tagasi
MrSinedddd 5 päeva tagasi
What a waste of money
Lølly_ Gacha
Lølly_ Gacha 5 päeva tagasi
I love spike sooo much.
Niall 5 päeva tagasi
Ceren Eroglu
Ceren Eroglu 5 päeva tagasi
Leandro hacker
Leandro hacker 5 päeva tagasi
in your count Crow: IM THE BOSS OF BOSSES in my count: first brawler = crow Crow: im the boss of nothing
Danny Bradford
Danny Bradford 5 päeva tagasi
Imagine if he forgot to hit record
Megacoolmen9 5 päeva tagasi
Dinel Ramic
Dinel Ramic 5 päeva tagasi
Code oj or bt1 but bt1 more
MimiPrens GT
MimiPrens GT 5 päeva tagasi
money is everyting expect happiness
AMER Mustafa
AMER Mustafa 5 päeva tagasi
AMER Mustafa
AMER Mustafa 5 päeva tagasi
10000 is dat cool SHUT the same
AMER Mustafa
AMER Mustafa 5 päeva tagasi
Kaisen kun NC
Kaisen kun NC 6 päeva tagasi
My fav is surge like 👇👇👇
Keith ooi
Keith ooi 6 päeva tagasi
lol dummy
Faisal Gaming
Faisal Gaming 6 päeva tagasi
I.have surge and lou
Liam Damron
Liam Damron 6 päeva tagasi
Kushal Pal
Kushal Pal 6 päeva tagasi
Bro you are too rich
FERO SCOO 6 päeva tagasi
4:00 LOL
Liam Damron
Liam Damron 6 päeva tagasi
Lizzy B
Lizzy B 6 päeva tagasi
R.I.P ur money
Face Clan
Face Clan 6 päeva tagasi
Lcc Nutt
Lcc Nutt 6 päeva tagasi
“Oooooooo we haven’t got a mythic for a while!” Me, who hasn’t had a brawler since 2020 November: you don’t say.
The Face Of Gaming
The Face Of Gaming 6 päeva tagasi
thats only 2 and a half months lmao
Jolanta Vileikiene
Jolanta Vileikiene 6 päeva tagasi
Ju hacer
虎牙、耀权 6 päeva tagasi
Are you crazy man?
nooby noob
nooby noob 6 päeva tagasi
What does the code give you when we use it does it gives you real money or smthing
Cj Clemente
Cj Clemente 6 päeva tagasi
When you use a code what happens next
Achmad Rafif
Achmad Rafif 6 päeva tagasi
The creator becomes happy
getgoodgaming 6 päeva tagasi
my notifications for upgrading my brawlers be like15:39
Adrian DiPietro
Adrian DiPietro 6 päeva tagasi
u forgot bull jessie brock 8 bit and all those guys
Archie Castagna
Archie Castagna 6 päeva tagasi
I think double
the crab
the crab 6 päeva tagasi
He is y brawl stars will be here for another 2 years bc of how much money he spends
MadMax -Brawl Stars
MadMax -Brawl Stars 7 päeva tagasi
R.I.P bens wallet
Emz Land
Emz Land 7 päeva tagasi
Dude the video is just speeding up
Fire Lion Turtle
Fire Lion Turtle 7 päeva tagasi
Look To Learn
Look To Learn 7 päeva tagasi
can u tell me what happened after giving the creator code in shop
Shan Laurence Sabit
Shan Laurence Sabit 7 päeva tagasi
Me who dosent have a legendary and have 10k trphies Bt1 be like i have 0 trophies and i already have all brawlers except trophy road its because of the swag
some random dude want stonks
some random dude want stonks 7 päeva tagasi
EEpost be like: 2k dollars take it or leave it
Kashyap Kishore
Kashyap Kishore 7 päeva tagasi
Matthew Boyle
Matthew Boyle 7 päeva tagasi
The last star power he got was my favorite star power, by chance!
NIKO Lit 7 päeva tagasi
XqrGamezz 7 päeva tagasi
De day when all legendarys were in de shop 🤡🤡🤡
Yeet Yeet
Yeet Yeet 7 päeva tagasi
The plus ultra shirt though
S.H The Dinosaur player Jurassic world the game
S.H The Dinosaur player Jurassic world the game 7 päeva tagasi
He : i was moving soo fast u guys didn't even see me there. Me sees him moving : what is this power
dayakar rao
dayakar rao 7 päeva tagasi
U lier i didnt put bt1 but u dod do it
Muhamed Shahini
Muhamed Shahini 8 päeva tagasi
Blastofy Gamer
Blastofy Gamer 8 päeva tagasi
Can u send me friend request #p9990pju0
Kosta Stankovic
Kosta Stankovic 8 päeva tagasi
You are lacky
Owl Plays
Owl Plays 8 päeva tagasi
Guys I was in bosna but now I'm in Vienna
Tushar Sinha
Tushar Sinha 8 päeva tagasi
Don't try this at home kids
Thomas Gough
Thomas Gough 8 päeva tagasi
I got crow for my first legendary
blast gaming
blast gaming 8 päeva tagasi
I once spent 500 dollars on brawl stars and I only got poco and piper
Carolyn C
Carolyn C 8 päeva tagasi
lmao the last two mythics you needed were my first two
Ali Bahsoun
Ali Bahsoun 8 päeva tagasi
Ali Bahsoun
Ali Bahsoun 8 päeva tagasi
Charlie Tam
Charlie Tam 8 päeva tagasi
2700 dollars?
PandaGaming 8 päeva tagasi
I’m Guessing it’s going to take $3000
Nadine Estephan
Nadine Estephan 9 päeva tagasi
I have crow but I wish I had Leon
hanan zeren
hanan zeren 9 päeva tagasi
i think it will take 2500$$
Marss Gaming
Marss Gaming 9 päeva tagasi
Imagine if he forgot to start recording....
brawlstars tips tricks tutorials
brawlstars tips tricks tutorials 9 päeva tagasi
Ur a lier
Fish in mountain dew
Fish in mountain dew 9 päeva tagasi
This is proof supercell is the mobile EA
Hurtful Garlic
Hurtful Garlic 9 päeva tagasi
I think 3400 dollars because of the gadgets and the new drawlers
George Hany
George Hany 9 päeva tagasi
I used code bt1 and I buyed 8 mega boxes I hope this helped you
TheUnsilentAssasin RBX
TheUnsilentAssasin RBX 9 päeva tagasi
10:41 g a d g e t
Мама наделала делов..
Saveliy Ad
Vaatamised 178 tuh
ДАВА и БУЗОВА 24 ЧАСА пытаются быть БЕДНЫМИ
Amber NonStop With Randoms in Brawl Ball | This is Fine...
🍊 tunnel digger (build your own cheese) 🧀
Orange Juice - Live
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winning by spawning mid 🍊
Orange Juice - Live
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Мама наделала делов..
Saveliy Ad
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ДАВА и БУЗОВА 24 ЧАСА пытаются быть БЕДНЫМИ
among us but the IMPOSTOR HAS A GUN (mods)