Trying expensive swimwear brands pt. 2

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Haley Pham

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TylerLikesAir 3 päeva tagasi
corndog1868 23 päeva tagasi
WOW you look absolutely delicious in all.!!!! Happy New Year
Fern Mcintyre
Fern Mcintyre Місяць tagasi
ur doggo is the cutestttttt
Boneshadow 2 місяці tagasi
Practice holding the camera steady.
Sara 2 місяці tagasi
my love handles could neveerrrrr
Sara 2 місяці tagasi
im sorry did she say 110 for a white triangle
ulysseskh 3 місяці tagasi
@7:05 唉 ~ 前/後 掉轉 來穿 ❗❗ 失敗呀👎👎👎 hey ~ lady .... you wear the bottom bikini by putting the back side in front of you !!!!
Angeul Seury
Angeul Seury 3 місяці tagasi
👀 Bia sex new HD foto and video --------------------------------------------- 𝐖𝐚𝐭𝐜𝐡 𝐇𝐞𝐫𝐞 : Из-за отсутствия лучшего слова, захватывает дух. Наборы яркие. Их богатый цвет и подвижный статус притягивают наблюдателя к действию. Костюмы являются декоративными, красивыми и работоспособными одновременно. Макияж выделяет костюмы, и никто никогда не замечает тот факт, что это люди, разыгрывающие части животных. Вы настолько увлечены образами всего этогоbwjns
Angelina Renteria
Angelina Renteria 4 місяці tagasi
haley your so pretty what the heck
chloe rivera
chloe rivera 4 місяці tagasi
you give me so much confidence ilysm!❤🥺
Jonny Kashine
Jonny Kashine 4 місяці tagasi
Hey! If anyone needs someone to edit their videos for free, let me know! I’m a video editor with about one year of experience editing in premiere pro. I am just starting out editing for others and looking to gain further experience and build my portfolio so I’m offering my services for free. Please respond to this comment or DM me on IG @cupcake_jonathan if interested!
ray dunks
ray dunks 4 місяці tagasi
5:40 7:18 8:57 11:50 13:07
ferk scac
ferk scac 3 місяці tagasi
vilok 42
vilok 42 4 місяці tagasi
Just imagine getting a heart ❤ from haley pham
marra531 4 місяці tagasi
imagine doing like 5 of these videos but hate when people “look at you” in public or god forbid you show your own fiancé affection in public but you are okay showing the whole world your body
stevie hey
stevie hey 4 місяці tagasi
would love to see you try and gooseberry seaside
k 4 місяці tagasi
I wanted to wait till marriage just like you but recently I messed up and I’m still having trouble forgiving myself. I’ve asked God for forgiveness and repented from sex but I’m so sad that it’s actually gone. It was such a big goal in my life and I failed. But I’m hoping when I wait again till the wedding night it’ll feel like the first time again.
Rabia Shakoor
Rabia Shakoor 2 місяці tagasi
That should really not be a "big goal" in your life, or something that you should struggle with in terms of feeling like you failed. Free your mind damn
luiza 4 місяці tagasi
me with one bathing suit 🤠
Beautayful97 5 місяців tagasi
Omg I thought I was the only one that got headaches from clothing hanging around my neck! I hate it so much.
Alison Smith
Alison Smith 5 місяців tagasi
the high waisted bottoms at the beginning are soo cute wdym
a b
a b 5 місяців tagasi
Hi how r u
Courtney 88
Courtney 88 5 місяців tagasi
Honestly Haley I think you'd look really great In those one piece swimsuit with the cut out sides, idk why but for some reason I can see that style on u. Does that sound creepy? Idk, but nice video I like the tyedye one
ha' az mat
ha' az mat 5 місяців tagasi
The torso is kind of useless as it's just a buffer between the bottom goodies and boobs :/
moon dust
moon dust 5 місяців tagasi
i have the same problem when i wear high waisted bottoms , i look like I'm wearing a diaper :(
Akaela Ellis
Akaela Ellis 5 місяців tagasi
What coupon app did u use for the first swimsuit ???
Kulthoom Wilsnach
Kulthoom Wilsnach 5 місяців tagasi
the white one looked very nice on your body type
Halie 5 місяців tagasi
Love the high waisted on u!
samuel mcdaniel
samuel mcdaniel 5 місяців tagasi
Good Day Haley Pham: Let's talk gym. You like your gym.Any tips? for your,Lift rack,stability?
maggie dunlap
maggie dunlap 5 місяців tagasi
BODYYYY ❤️❤️❤️❤️ girl you are soooo prettyyyyyyy! your body looks gorgeousssssss
Margaret Sprague
Margaret Sprague 5 місяців tagasi
I just want to put this comment out there to people that don’t know sometimes it may seem shocking that swimsuit is very expensive but there are more reasons to why it is so expensive considering that it is made ethically and sustainably and you should really be watching that when you buy any products watch the real cost documentary to know where your clothes are really coming from
Mia R.
Mia R. 5 місяців tagasi
Hailey: i hate high waisted bottoms Me: unsubscribed I'm just kidding, of course she can wear whatever she feel comfortable in
Yee Haw
Yee Haw 5 місяців tagasi
Sylas Marner
Sylas Marner 5 місяців tagasi
what the hell is girliepops?
The Berry Kids
The Berry Kids 5 місяців tagasi
The Berry Kids
The Berry Kids 5 місяців tagasi
The Berry Kids
The Berry Kids 5 місяців tagasi
The Berry Kids
The Berry Kids 5 місяців tagasi
isabel karo
isabel karo 5 місяців tagasi
hi u should definitely try bikinis from kiss n thrill ! they are handmade in bali and aren't overpriced . love u
Jasmine Lee
Jasmine Lee 5 місяців tagasi
Her hair growth!!!!
Gracie Jan
Gracie Jan 5 місяців tagasi
Anyone want to support each other’s channels?
Gracie Jan
Gracie Jan 5 місяців tagasi
Anybody else trying to grow their yt channel rn??
Legit Woozie
Legit Woozie 5 місяців tagasi
Everyone let’s be completely honest Haley is beautiful 🥰
Legit Woozie
Legit Woozie 5 місяців tagasi
Imagine Ryan’s reaction to this video💀
Proictansy 5 місяців tagasi
I’ll tap that
Leonie 5 місяців tagasi
Me watching this wanting to buy a bikini.. my rational mind; dont be so sillyyyyy. you? in a bikini? bahaha
Emily Jane
Emily Jane 5 місяців tagasi
One piece? 🥺
Classy Sassy
Classy Sassy 5 місяців tagasi
I feel like those bikinis only look good on people with a small waist, or a skinny girl
Saher Afzal
Saher Afzal 5 місяців tagasi
Underboobage xD 9:50
Globai 5 місяців tagasi
imma beat to this
LPSWeirdCow13 5 місяців tagasi
@Black clown trying to get 500 subscribers do you even know what snowflake means? "Snowflake is a 2010s derogatory slang term for a person, implying that they have an inflated sense of uniqueness, an unwarranted sense of entitlement, or are overly-emotional, easily offended, and unable to deal with opposing opinions." Saying "what is wrong with you" has nothing to do with being a snowflake.
Black clown trying to get 500 subscribers
Black clown trying to get 500 subscribers 5 місяців tagasi
LPSWeirdCow13 ❄️
Black clown trying to get 500 subscribers
Black clown trying to get 500 subscribers 5 місяців tagasi
George Boseah ❄️
LPSWeirdCow13 5 місяців tagasi
Dude what is wrong with you
Lara Munro
Lara Munro 5 місяців tagasi
the high waisted bottoms look so good
Bella Ford
Bella Ford 5 місяців tagasi
could you next test Em Rata's line, inamorata? xxx
Gavin kincade
Gavin kincade 5 місяців tagasi
Can I sell a person on the real real
Poe Channel
Poe Channel 5 місяців tagasi
Why’d you buy all thongs and then complain that their to “cheeky”??? You know they were like that so why’d you buy em
madison 4 місяці tagasi
Poe Channel she didn’t complain??? she literally just stayed it was too cheeky for HER and maybe she liked the design of the top
Holly Franks
Holly Franks 5 місяців tagasi
ugh luved the vid
Faith's Life
Faith's Life 5 місяців tagasi
The middle part looks so good!!
anna latham
anna latham 5 місяців tagasi
i just started listening to your podcast and i'm in love with it!! keep doing what you're doing girl!!❤️❤️❤️
Victoria Sergent
Victoria Sergent 5 місяців tagasi
Ikr soooo good
Galaxystormh2o 5 місяців tagasi
Chicken nuggets
Machim Ouk Savouth
Machim Ouk Savouth 5 місяців tagasi
beating my meat to this
Black clown trying to get 500 subscribers
Black clown trying to get 500 subscribers 5 місяців tagasi
George Boseah ❄️
Black clown trying to get 500 subscribers
Black clown trying to get 500 subscribers 5 місяців tagasi
LPSWeirdCow13 ❄️
LPSWeirdCow13 5 місяців tagasi
Disgusting perv
Kate 5 місяців tagasi
You should calaboriate with Jazzy Anne
Penny Bennett
Penny Bennett 5 місяців tagasi
ok not to sound like a distant great aunt at a family reunion but when did her hair get so long
Rebecca Lachmansingh
Rebecca Lachmansingh 5 місяців tagasi
I reacted withyou when you said $110
Rachel Loris
Rachel Loris 6 місяців tagasi
I KNEW SHE WAS GETTING SPONSORED BY THE REAL REAL WHEN SHE SHOWED A DESIGNER BAG IN HER VLOG AND SAID ITS WAS FOR I SPONSOR I KNEW IT!!! idk why im so excited about this im just glad i was right lol... Love you haley
The Lego Chickens
The Lego Chickens 6 місяців tagasi
Btw if anyone wants to see a cheap swim suit haul Brooklyn and Bailey have one
Frank Rio
Frank Rio 6 місяців tagasi
The white one
Amanda Grace
Amanda Grace 6 місяців tagasi
I think haley gets more beautiful more and more every video
KANG LODAY 6 місяців tagasi
Isopor Biter
Isopor Biter 6 місяців tagasi
Ok but i want that body now
ARI 6 місяців tagasi
Me from indonesian❤️
The Real Osama
The Real Osama 6 місяців tagasi
So when are you changing your channel name to Haley Trahan?
isabella maria arevalo
isabella maria arevalo 6 місяців tagasi
shes so pretty 🥺
yoav zafrir
yoav zafrir 6 місяців tagasi
6 minute intro, jesus
angela diaz
angela diaz 6 місяців tagasi
2:13 - 3:13 only the bags i ♡ !
Delfina Moyano
Delfina Moyano 6 місяців tagasi
A little hack, if the ties make your neck hurt you can tie them to the back tie, like a regular bra strap
sava nnah
sava nnah 6 місяців tagasi
They were only 200 DoLlArS 😬😬 Me: uh I can afford 10 and under 🤦‍♀️😗
kaiapepper 6 місяців tagasi
girl you have the absolute perfect body 😍💖🥵
Ella rxese
Ella rxese 6 місяців tagasi
Her body is built just like me btw your so beautiful 🤩
Julianne Vork
Julianne Vork 6 місяців tagasi
if u have a harder cupsize all bikinis are expensive for you
Julianne Tedeman
Julianne Tedeman 6 місяців tagasi
I just opened an etsy shop selling really cute stickers @avocadosinspace or It would mean a lot if you checked it out!
Amelia NuhUh
Amelia NuhUh 6 місяців tagasi
Start shopping from Walmart
Bruno Bajus
Bruno Bajus 6 місяців tagasi
Show the back
Freyja Warwick
Freyja Warwick 6 місяців tagasi
hi love the video !! butt please dont buy from the really cheap brands that take months to arrive because the labor used is usually unethical and do not treat the workers well :(
Laila Deen
Laila Deen 6 місяців tagasi
hey ive been having really bad anxiety all day and your videos have been calming me down just wanted to tell you that cause I appreciate it so much
a b
a b 5 місяців tagasi
@Laila Deen hi
a b
a b 5 місяців tagasi
@Laila Deen ohh welcome.. Why u were crazy ? U from?
Laila Deen
Laila Deen 5 місяців tagasi
a b hi luv
a b
a b 5 місяців tagasi
Jade Tran
Jade Tran 6 місяців tagasi
she’s glowing, you can tell how truly happy she is
LA girl
LA girl 6 місяців tagasi
harrystylesxcharxx 6 місяців tagasi
Oh my gosh you are so gorgeous!!!! I love u so much!! Keep doing what your doing:))
Tamar Dayagi
Tamar Dayagi 6 місяців tagasi
the editing on this video is soo good!
Cara Nehlen
Cara Nehlen 6 місяців tagasi
Please do a part two for the ones you were sent at the end of the video!! I’d love to see all of those ones!
Kirsalyn Hood
Kirsalyn Hood 6 місяців tagasi
Whenever she says wearing a swimsuit bottom is an outfit😂☠️
Emily Anderson
Emily Anderson 6 місяців tagasi
all that gym work is SHOWING haley!!!!
Dani-louise hatchett
Dani-louise hatchett 6 місяців tagasi
New video kinda Ariel mermaid vibes as red hair and blue green eye look check it out if have time after video as up any second
Angeli Mei
Angeli Mei 6 місяців tagasi
thanks for the honest review haley u look great❤️
cc 6 місяців tagasi
heyyy does anyone know where to get the kenzie top from that’s cheaper? the kenzie top was the versatile white bikini top
Ethan Swanepoel
Ethan Swanepoel 6 місяців tagasi
EEpost im a dude and she has a boyfriend stop recommending her just bc u watch Ryan does not mean I watch her to
Ava Ruth
Ava Ruth 6 місяців tagasi
Okayyyy girl. Your body is AMAZING... I so wish. You should do a video where you tell us how you stay productive :)))
Clarissa Strauss
Clarissa Strauss 6 місяців tagasi
Girll you should totally try Gymted they have the best workout clothes ever, and don't forget to use code CLARS10 for discount♥️♥️♥️♥️🥰🥰🥰🤩
Marianna Queiroz
Marianna Queiroz 6 місяців tagasi
Hailey gets even prettier everyday 😫❤️
tan t
tan t 6 місяців tagasi
hey Haley! I'm not sure if you'll see this, but for your cheap swimsuit edition, I don't have a brand in specific, but if you could maybe try out some high-waisted swimsuits? I have a trip coming up in a few months and I want a high-waisted look, and you have a pretty similar body-shape as mine, so I was wondering how it would look! (I'm thinking high-cut high waist)
Kinsey Leann
Kinsey Leann 6 місяців tagasi
Ryan is the luckiest man in the world. Shes so beautiful and looks good in every suit too like whaaattttt🤩❤️❤️
Kelsey Haro
Kelsey Haro 6 місяців tagasi
The fact that Spock is always in the background makes me so happy
Kaitlyn Chartrand
Kaitlyn Chartrand 6 місяців tagasi
Haley looks amazing in these bathing suits! Ps. EEpostr here if anyone wants to subscribe:)
Deeawoop scoopidy w
Deeawoop scoopidy w 6 місяців tagasi
I feel like she only likes things if it’s“ Trendy” or if she sees someone else wear it. I’ve noticed she only buys things just to take Instagram pictures in and then they never see the light of day again. I’m not hating, but I just don’t think she has her her own style. No hate thooooo I love her videos
truly keanna
truly keanna 5 місяців tagasi
IKR is so annoying
Ana 6 місяців tagasi
I just think that she likes what the trendy clothes look like, I don’t think she is trying to be trendy, because I am the same exact way. But I do see what you mean.
emily 6 місяців tagasi
haley where is your bedframe from? i love it !!!
sam 6 місяців tagasi
i was waiting for spock to play with the toy that makes noise lolol
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