Try Not To Laugh Challenge #40 w/ CallMeCarson

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You know what time it is! CallMeCarson, Ted Nivison, and Slimecicle from Lunch Club are here to Try Not To Laugh!
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TheDoctorfat 9 tundi tagasi
Anyone notice the Sims 3 music?
Audrey Smith
Audrey Smith 9 tundi tagasi
lost my marbles when damien whipped out the jabberwalky i swear
stresstive 12 tundi tagasi
I love the fact that Ted is like 4 ft taller than Olivia
alfie ashwell
alfie ashwell 16 tundi tagasi
S H U T U P C A R S O N sorry :(
mrs jeon
mrs jeon 17 tundi tagasi
i’m in love with ted 😘
Bkind R3wind
Bkind R3wind Päev tagasi
Ted's Kung-Fu bit is one of my favorites.
* sImP nOiSeS *
* sImP nOiSeS * 2 päeva tagasi
6 6 ○
Sip Dhit
Sip Dhit 2 päeva tagasi
Who's slimecicle? I only see slmsccl
puppy darling
puppy darling 3 päeva tagasi
Everytime Ted laughs and spits out the water it looks like he's letting them win because he thinks the joke is funny enough and not because he's actually spitting it out
Andrew Marquez
Andrew Marquez 3 päeva tagasi
When the cover fell on Courtney you could see Damien just turn around
Kassidy Egnor
Kassidy Egnor 3 päeva tagasi
this was unfunny, did not laugh.
Stacy Judice
Stacy Judice 3 päeva tagasi
Why Chris to be so easy love you have a resume is your money soon and have a Hari you can’t nobody is wrong to say what are you gonna say 340 or 5060 I know buddy you got the horses in the bank for sake in here I was in the back Astruc anything I don’t want to F you work for did you say the F word F word FFFFITFFFFFFFFFFFFF are you going to say a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a aaaaaaaaaaaassss aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Another fricken dweeb
Another fricken dweeb 3 päeva tagasi
i love how cool Damien was when Courtney said she was not a girl "im not a girl" "your not?"
TheShirtlessGibby 3 päeva tagasi
12:30 I’d know that laugh anywhere. A wild Cscoop.
suniken 4 päeva tagasi
this is not even smosh anymore. neither Ian or Anthony is in this video
Chase Medina
Chase Medina Päev tagasi
Bug notfound
Bug notfound 4 päeva tagasi
schlatt would've been so funny if he was on there-
Rock Rock
Rock Rock 4 päeva tagasi
When carson comes out with a spoon you know its bouta get real
Ethan Tom
Ethan Tom 4 päeva tagasi
9:40 got me
Schmoxy the Snob
Schmoxy the Snob 4 päeva tagasi
Nobody talks about Shayne's Indiana Jones skit, it fucking killed me.
the quiet girl
the quiet girl 4 päeva tagasi
4:35 I don't know why but this reminds me of Daniel Thrasher
TheBigHammy 777
TheBigHammy 777 5 päeva tagasi
I’ve never seen slime so gangster
Katelyn Vallecillos
Katelyn Vallecillos 5 päeva tagasi
I can hear cooper 's unmistakable laugh in the back
Logan Kerr
Logan Kerr 5 päeva tagasi
Teds nunchuck divorced man was kinda sad
Shiftz 6 päeva tagasi
They're all wearing white shoes 👟 WTF!🤣 👇
Michael Roy
Michael Roy 6 päeva tagasi
18:32 Listen to this while reading the original poem. You will not regret it: "O Captain! my Captain! our fearful trip is done, The ship has weather’d every rack, the prize we sought is won, The port is near, the bells I hear, the people all exulting, While follow eyes the steady keel, the vessel grim and daring; But O heart! heart! heart! O the bleeding drops of red, Where on the deck my Captain lies"
Camille Clay
Camille Clay 6 päeva tagasi
12:13 You can tell they couldn't think of anything else 😂😂😂
Quintin Mills_conrad
Quintin Mills_conrad 6 päeva tagasi
This video is now property of B I G L I O N
Patrick Stuart
Patrick Stuart 7 päeva tagasi
Go Fetus Go!!!!
unlimibit 7 päeva tagasi
Is Noah sick?
lew778 78
lew778 78 8 päeva tagasi
This is not even fucking funny
Jákup Eivin
Jákup Eivin 3 päeva tagasi
I know right
Schmoxy the Snob
Schmoxy the Snob 4 päeva tagasi
Then why are you watching?
jagjyot 7 päeva tagasi
ok then go away :laff:
Cingkin 8 päeva tagasi
he (callmecarson) shouldve pulled out the moon runes and told them to spell it
Kate Bachus
Kate Bachus 10 päeva tagasi
Kate Bachus
Kate Bachus 10 päeva tagasi
this is the best one i have ever seen
Kate Bachus
Kate Bachus 10 päeva tagasi
Kate Bachus
Kate Bachus 10 päeva tagasi
Kate Bachus
Kate Bachus 10 päeva tagasi
Kate Bachus
Kate Bachus 10 päeva tagasi
Kate Bachus
Kate Bachus 10 päeva tagasi
HyperSammich Toons
HyperSammich Toons 10 päeva tagasi
No ur gonna call ME carson
Barrack Obama
Barrack Obama 10 päeva tagasi
Courtney is the reason why people think women are unfunny.
Jákup Eivin
Jákup Eivin 3 päeva tagasi
Poggers Moment
Poggers Moment 4 päeva tagasi
@Schmoxy the Snob nice refrence
Schmoxy the Snob
Schmoxy the Snob 4 päeva tagasi
I see why you got banned from the KFC Dome
Poggers Moment
Poggers Moment 9 päeva tagasi
Bro we all thought that but you didn't have to go and say it
Arun Nakamura
Arun Nakamura 9 päeva tagasi
MrGalath 11 päeva tagasi
Country boy 08 Yee yee
Country boy 08 Yee yee 11 päeva tagasi
Mr Squirrel
Mr Squirrel 11 päeva tagasi
Reject humanity and join the monke
Revan 11 päeva tagasi
bro Shane's Cha Cha Slide bit was fkn gold
CharleyBoy YT
CharleyBoy YT 12 päeva tagasi
Carson was robbing youtuber andnhe rob smosh and i think he got stuck recording a video
Bigboxbob44 12 päeva tagasi
9:07 yeah thats sam the raven, he's a douchebag
Sub for n0 reason at all
Sub for n0 reason at all 12 päeva tagasi
why did carson come and this bad video thing just stop u were good in 2015 so go fuck your self
BushWookie27 12 päeva tagasi
"Where can they find yous?" Lunch club looks at each other... Thinks together: Boi were more famous then yous XD
Remy 13 päeva tagasi
smosh: does their best to incorporate good jokes Carson: cringe
Its His Fault
Its His Fault 13 päeva tagasi
dang there shoulda been stakes lmao
Dave Ambos
Dave Ambos 14 päeva tagasi
shayne is to funny
Om Vaidya
Om Vaidya 14 päeva tagasi
5:55 guys it’s completely sane sid If ykyk😂😂
Q U A N T U M 14 päeva tagasi
That "whats up" at the start fucking killed me tbh
Meowy Boi
Meowy Boi 14 päeva tagasi
When I saw Slimecicle I knew this was gonna be good
Joe Mama
Joe Mama 15 päeva tagasi
Everyone: tries really hard to make carson laugh Carson: Barely laughs twice Minecraft developer: goat Carson: *_dies_*
georgie roberts
georgie roberts 15 päeva tagasi
"I'm gunna dieeee" courtney said... 3 seconds later the wall thing falls on her. "LITERALLY" is what she sohoulda said
hollirichards 15 päeva tagasi
Damien doing the jabberwocky always makes me laugh. He is so well versed and creative with his skits, him and shane are my favorites But i also love when courtney stutters. She just needs to roll with that and practice some skits because when she is funny she is insanely funny
Jákup Eivin
Jákup Eivin 3 päeva tagasi
How old are you
System R
System R 17 päeva tagasi
The dwarf king has potential.... need more dwarf king!!!
One Yellow Fellow
One Yellow Fellow 17 päeva tagasi
i cant stop watching help
Matthew Huff
Matthew Huff 18 päeva tagasi
3:26 was priceless
Erectile Dysfunction
Erectile Dysfunction 18 päeva tagasi
Boneless is my favourite character always hahahaha
Shibah 19 päeva tagasi
if schlatt was on here i have an honest feeling hed talk about 1999
Charidude 20 päeva tagasi
Holy shit the defeat of “wow you’re not even close” was uncomfortable to watch honestly
king fool
king fool 20 päeva tagasi
Slimcicle looks like a sober Micheal Reeves mixed with Justin Bieber
Fresh DJ
Fresh DJ 20 päeva tagasi
smosh girls are so cringe
Chase Medina
Chase Medina Päev tagasi
Emmy the pyscho
Emmy the pyscho 20 päeva tagasi
"shut it stupid Matt Bradley" -Barry Goldberg please like if you get this
Logan Fraziersmith
Logan Fraziersmith 21 päev tagasi
They all look like brothers of a socially awkward, vegan family
dani 21 päev tagasi
olivia acts really nervous the whole time and it was honestly super cute
Real Person
Real Person 21 päev tagasi
I love the mr. green rap
Onio Saiyan
Onio Saiyan 22 päeva tagasi
Ted's bit about the coffee made me spit mine out.
theBaronV 22 päeva tagasi
I honestly like the mix of types of humors and how it has to make them think outside of the box
Red Dragon
Red Dragon 17 päeva tagasi
Me too !
Kyle Stuart
Kyle Stuart 23 päeva tagasi
Carson is a gift to this world
Marcus Clail
Marcus Clail 23 päeva tagasi
18:32 ay Damien taking mumble rap to the next level that shit was fire
dani 24 päeva tagasi
so *thats* what ted would look like dressed like neville longbottom’s gran
BedHeadBrian 24 päeva tagasi
I’m not a lady. -Courtney Miller 2020
natwat123 24 päeva tagasi
I had to look up that poem and it’s real. I thought he was making it up.
UndeadShadow 24 päeva tagasi
There is a fire on the other side of my street. Right now. I’d rather watch this video than the fire
zoe claton
zoe claton 25 päeva tagasi
Tony Thomas
Tony Thomas 25 päeva tagasi
real ones know the song carson played when it was damiens turn
Tony Thomas
Tony Thomas 25 päeva tagasi
real ones know the song carson played when it was damiens turn
Mr_McDonalds714 25 päeva tagasi
Ted Nivison is the funniest man on EEpost, maybe even earth
Adamus Laroth
Adamus Laroth 25 päeva tagasi
The "what's your scooby snack" got me
Abram Fields
Abram Fields 26 päeva tagasi
ok so im new here are they trying to not be funny?
Abram Fields
Abram Fields Päev tagasi
@Chase Medina lol it was a joke
Chase Medina
Chase Medina Päev tagasi
stfu stop watching if you don’t like it
Riley 26 päeva tagasi
9:40 no more needed said
Lee Felix’s Secret tik tok account
Lee Felix’s Secret tik tok account 26 päeva tagasi
I was in the middle of my hero academia SO WORTH IT
Adorabella Valenzuela
Adorabella Valenzuela 26 päeva tagasi
9:43. just the best bit in try not to laugh
Jonas Lindvig
Jonas Lindvig 26 päeva tagasi
Is it just me or did one of Them only have 2 people try and make them laugh??.
Monguz 26 päeva tagasi
I didn’t realize that slime Sicle is here and I realize it was slime Sicle I freaked out kind of
Zoomie 27 päeva tagasi
Feat. CallMeCarson? Lemme fix that smudge.... Fear. CallMeCarson
Alexandria Delcourt
Alexandria Delcourt 27 päeva tagasi
I find Smosh so annoying, but weirdly it's the only thing I can watch on EEpost that entertains me enough to make me stop thinking about how F****ed the world is atm. Thank you Smosh!
Gustazoka 27 päeva tagasi
Tbh Shayne and Damien are the only actually funny ones
Isaac Stevenson
Isaac Stevenson 27 päeva tagasi
Why did Ian show up just to read one line
Chase Medina
Chase Medina Päev tagasi
To read that one line
GrimHippy 27 päeva tagasi
I know I'm commenting on an old vid at this point, but why is everyone so "lunch club's humor is on another level," Ted to me was the funniest one to me but that's not saying much, Charlie was decent with corny punch lines, and none of Carson's bits were funny at all. I know humor is subjective but like... their improv skills are pretty bad, and seem awkward in most of the skits, and I know they're not known for on the fly comedy, but still I don't get why people in the comment section think they were league's above Smosh. I watched this vid when it first came out and thought it was ehhh, and never returned to it because it generally wasn't a memorable TNTL and came out awkward, mostly because of the Lunch Club.
lettuce 28 päeva tagasi
I used to watch smosh all the time, now I realize how much my humour has changed since then
Frank Parent
Frank Parent 28 päeva tagasi
I'm sorry but i just realised that Carson King was born when I was in kindergarten?? what??
Frank Parent
Frank Parent 28 päeva tagasi
Shayne is literally the best!!
AndyTheGreat 315
AndyTheGreat 315 28 päeva tagasi
I’ve watched this about 5 times, and I just realized Charlie’s first rhyme ended with “try not to laugh”
Aubrey cas
Aubrey cas 28 päeva tagasi
Batman #2 just wanted to be included...
Jack Stewart
Jack Stewart 29 päeva tagasi
None of them are funny except lunch club
Arun Nakamura
Arun Nakamura 9 päeva tagasi
You sir have a bad day
Grim Місяць tagasi
They should have brought jschlatt
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