trendy outfits & hairstyles for fall/winter 2020

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Haley Pham

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⭐️instagram: haleypham
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outfit #1
black jeans:
black converse:
hair clip:
outfit #2
long sleeve zip up:
corduroy pants:
green jacket:
white dr.martens: (similar)
outfit #3
black turtleneck:
crewneck: thrifted
baggy jeans:
platform white sneakers:
outfit #4
outfit #5
doc martens:
outfit #6
white long sleeve: verge girl
plaid pants: princess polly
jean jacket: thrifted??
outfit #7
black collar tank:
adidas crewneck: thrifted
black ripped jeans:

Haley Pham
Haley Pham 2 місяці tagasi
HAPPY PHAM PHRIDAY AND BLACK PHRIDAY! outfit set inspired by: Koleen Diaz here on youtube! (I'll be transforming a previous podcast room into my closet/fashion video set so get excited for that vid!) BLACK PHRIDAY MERCH SALE: code "phamphriday25" for 25% off new merch! an automatic 30% off OG merch at checkout! (It is retiring for good once it sells out 😢 more details on my instagram: @haleypham I LOVE YOU GIRLYPOPS AND PHAMILY! I am so excited to be back to youtube feeling refreshed and inspired to make the best content I possibly can! I hope you have the best holiday season possible. Cookies and kisses for all 😘🍪
theycallmeangie Місяць tagasi
I love Koleen Diaz
makeuplova 15
makeuplova 15 Місяць tagasi
Austin Anderson
Austin Anderson Місяць tagasi
@Haley Pham Say goodbye to your account
STEPH MORALES Місяць tagasi
These outfits are good but idk for Haylee I don’t think they match her vibe 🥲
Maya Eve
Maya Eve 2 місяці tagasi
Does that mean no more podcast or is it moving recording locations?
V I 7 päeva tagasi
Can somebody tell me wich size she’s wearing in the new girlypop hoodie?
Vienne Moore
Vienne Moore 9 päeva tagasi
Omg I luvvvv the way you edit! What do you use please! ☺️💞
Vanda S
Vanda S 9 päeva tagasi
omg i love watching her evolve!!! love her new aesthetic :)
HannahBeGay 11 päeva tagasi
why does haley give me bi girl vibes
Kelly Nichole
Kelly Nichole 18 päeva tagasi
this video flowed together so well :') its fun seeing her do what she loves
Martin Brabec
Martin Brabec 28 päeva tagasi
Doufam, ze to nejsou veci z popelnice
Foysal Mahmud
Foysal Mahmud Місяць tagasi
Check this out for trendy winter collections. Whole store 30% off.
Elizabeth Gammon
Elizabeth Gammon Місяць tagasi
1. The orange pants and emerald jacket are both jewel tones which is why they work so well together 2. Boot cut (not bootleg lol)
Sofie Klein
Sofie Klein Місяць tagasi
Nia Payne
Nia Payne Місяць tagasi
I love the editing, and I love how fast pace this video is. I’m watching this to see what I should wear today and I recreated the second outfit. Super realistic look book!
Aaliyah legins
Aaliyah legins Місяць tagasi
for anyone wondering the turtle neck from the third outfit is from h&m:)
Hannah Tr
Hannah Tr Місяць tagasi
Haleyyyyy! Omg i am just now watching this video... I’m pretty sure I have post notifications but they are not working (?) anyways I think you are so beautiful and such an inspiration with an impeccable style and personality and ughhh ❤️❤️. Also where do you get your jewelry from?!?
Aubrie Mcmillan
Aubrie Mcmillan Місяць tagasi
I really try too
emmie_vukic Місяць tagasi
You remind me of my brats doll when I was 7
Chloe Pedersen
Chloe Pedersen Місяць tagasi
is anyone else terrified for the bending pole
Ysa Garcia
Ysa Garcia Місяць tagasi
where are the black jeans with the white lining from the thumbnail from :(
Teresa Felipo
Teresa Felipo Місяць tagasi
Hi Haley! Love your videos so much!! Just wanted to say that I have started my own EEpost channel and I'd love if any of you guys reading this could check it out! It would mean the world to me. Love you all!
candy Місяць tagasi
Haven t checked your yt in a while and i didn t expect such a glowup in everything you do and are
Kennedy Woo
Kennedy Woo Місяць tagasi
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Bella Granzetto
Bella Granzetto Місяць tagasi
Hi Haley! I don't know if you'll ever see this but I really appreciate your posts like this, you have a similar body shape to me and it helps boost my confidence when I see you being confident and looking so beautiful!!!!!❤glory to GOD✝️🙏❤👏
Alicia Brodsky
Alicia Brodsky Місяць tagasi
where are those plaid bootcut pants from omg 😍
alexa Місяць tagasi
Girl more videos like this I love your style 🥺😍😍
Pressley B
Pressley B Місяць tagasi
Rose Місяць tagasi
Hi sorry this is random but my friend makes music/songs on EEpost and i would really appreciate it if you showed her some support and had a listen, I promise you wont regret it! Anyways, i hope you have a good day!❤️ here's the link:
Rose Місяць tagasi
Hi sorry this is random but my friend makes music/songs on EEpost and i would really appreciate it if you showed her some support and had a listen, I promise you wont regret it! Anyways, i hope you have a good day!❤️ here's the link:
Rose Місяць tagasi
Hi sorry this is random but my friend makes music/songs on EEpost and i would really appreciate it if you showed her some support and had a listen, I promise you wont regret it! Anyways, i hope you have a good day!❤️ here's the link:
allanis paredes
allanis paredes Місяць tagasi
Love the video , amazing editing
Grace Barney
Grace Barney Місяць tagasi
Serenity Campbell
Serenity Campbell Місяць tagasi
Got my goldfish, KitKats and gummy dinosaurs! I’m ready!!
Laura Turek
Laura Turek Місяць tagasi
i realized how short you were in the beginning of the video, no offense i am small myself
Juli Місяць tagasi
Ainsley McDermott
Ainsley McDermott Місяць tagasi
Bell bottoms Haley.
Ainsley McDermott
Ainsley McDermott Місяць tagasi
arianne icaro
arianne icaro Місяць tagasi
your style has improved so much, im OBSESSED!!! :D
Ella Salazar
Ella Salazar Місяць tagasi
my mom works at the deep roots you went to and I was really sad because Antonio garza and you both went there and I haven't met either of you
pbadoobee Місяць tagasi
Bruh those hair clips remind Me of my childhood lmao. Tryna look cute but I end up looking like I just did laundry. Fellow Filipinos can probably RELATE! 😭🤣
Layla Rae
Layla Rae Місяць tagasi
Her style has changed so much and I’m so here for it
ananas achterbahn
ananas achterbahn Місяць tagasi
You know the outfits aren‘t gonna be prectical when there are tow crop tops in the thumpnail. Like it‘s -4•C outside.
bella issa
bella issa Місяць tagasi
i can tell how much effort you put into this
Irene Zoquiapa
Irene Zoquiapa Місяць tagasi
I literally love your style gurl teach me please!!!
Beth Pan
Beth Pan Місяць tagasi
mkay but like girl i want ur hair and ur style i LOVE
Samantha Rittenberg
Samantha Rittenberg Місяць tagasi
I love you and ur vids Haley, hope ur having an amazing day❤️❤️
Annabelle Barzaga
Annabelle Barzaga Місяць tagasi
wait where are you going in florida?!
Lizbeth Manriquez
Lizbeth Manriquez Місяць tagasi
All these outfits are so cute
Lizbeth Manriquez
Lizbeth Manriquez Місяць tagasi
Would love it if you guys checked out my depop its at lizmanriquez
Pip pip Didily Doo
Pip pip Didily Doo Місяць tagasi
I love your ear piercings!
Tin Bernas
Tin Bernas Місяць tagasi
i am obsessed with your style 😍
Ani Oganesyan
Ani Oganesyan Місяць tagasi
I love watching Haley’s style change, it’s such an adventure
Isabella Louise Summa
Isabella Louise Summa Місяць tagasi
i can’t get over your hair. you’re so gorgeous!!
MaKayla Місяць tagasi
Not sure if she hired and editor but I’m here for it. I love the new ways your videos have been edited!! :)
Carl Smithy
Carl Smithy Місяць tagasi
They're not uploading the wedding video because they probably broke a lot of covid rules 💀💀💀
Danielle fernandes
Danielle fernandes Місяць tagasi
johnthreesixteen 14
johnthreesixteen 14 Місяць tagasi
@Isabella Connery wait when
killer queen
killer queen Місяць tagasi
@Isabella Connery oh wow
Isabella Connery
Isabella Connery Місяць tagasi
@killer queen yes
killer queen
killer queen Місяць tagasi
oh they already got married ?
Rebecca H
Rebecca H Місяць tagasi
i’m so excited to watch this!! i liked it before even watching!
Keely Belanger
Keely Belanger Місяць tagasi
Dancer 4Ever23
Dancer 4Ever23 Місяць tagasi
she totally changed her whole aesthetic but I’m here for it
Anna Lawrence
Anna Lawrence Місяць tagasi
I would wear almost all of these outfits but I’m broke 😭😭
MeMaria Місяць tagasi
Yo all the outfits are lowkey fire
Malena Місяць tagasi
I love watching lookbooks from people who aren‘t super tall because I can enjoy the outfits more and am more inclined to recreate them. This video was so amazing in editing and the styles were immaculate, full of details. Loved it.
Hailie Ray
Hailie Ray Місяць tagasi
when are you getting married!!!!!
Emily MILDNER Місяць tagasi
What’s the song at the end called?
John Smith
John Smith Місяць tagasi
this channel is dying tbh... i give it a year or two
johnthreesixteen 14
johnthreesixteen 14 Місяць tagasi
ur literally here...?
theycallmeangie Місяць tagasi
yet you're still here
Carl Smithy
Carl Smithy Місяць tagasi
I give it a few months.... Or until they release "we're pregnant" video 😂😂💀
Ava Pernia
Ava Pernia Місяць tagasi
she got a tat! kewl.
Emily Collis
Emily Collis Місяць tagasi
Why are my notifications 3 days late 😩 I’m kinda mad not gonna lie 😑
Kaylee Bryzelak
Kaylee Bryzelak Місяць tagasi
Love the background and the new edits!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Marina Rosnau
Marina Rosnau Місяць tagasi
ahh haley you are so beautiful
gabriela angel
gabriela angel Місяць tagasi
Obsessed with outfit #3!! & #7
gabriela angel
gabriela angel Місяць tagasi
the quality is *chef’s kiss*💋
Sierra G
Sierra G Місяць tagasi
And outfit #6 amazing!!!!!!!
Sierra G
Sierra G Місяць tagasi
Outfit number 2. Love it!!!!!!
Sienna Mrachek
Sienna Mrachek Місяць tagasi
Haley just so you know they are called boot cut jeans 😂 love your new merch btw
Pame Durán
Pame Durán Місяць tagasi
Amazing video Haley! Loved all the looks ✨✨
Sofia Thorpe
Sofia Thorpe Місяць tagasi
With the girly pops hoodie what size are you wearing? Like wanna know how oversized they are
Sarah Ramos
Sarah Ramos Місяць tagasi
Haley I've been watching you for so long and I love how much you've grown! your confidence is truly showing and you are glowing!
Juliana Cin
Juliana Cin Місяць tagasi
anna claire
anna claire Місяць tagasi
wow i really love all these fits
grace baker
grace baker Місяць tagasi
You’re literally glowing !!
Petra Bish
Petra Bish Місяць tagasi
HALLLLEEEYYY WHY ARE YOU SO FRICKIN CUTE. i absolutely looovve the new style!!!😍😍
Emma S
Emma S Місяць tagasi
I can't believe how good u look blonde omggggg
Jaedyn Mansur
Jaedyn Mansur Місяць tagasi
I think her dog peed on her fire place
Sarah Turner
Sarah Turner Місяць tagasi
do a jewelry collection plsss :)
Tiffany Elizabeth
Tiffany Elizabeth Місяць tagasi
your style is amazing and the editing in this video is so good!!
Lilly Hahn
Lilly Hahn Місяць tagasi
ur editing>>>>>>
Rachel Gutierrez
Rachel Gutierrez Місяць tagasi
Hannah Elizabeth Weaver
Hannah Elizabeth Weaver Місяць tagasi
wow you seriously popped off with these outfits! the brown Urban Outfitters sweater is everything 😍
Brooke Sarah
Brooke Sarah Місяць tagasi
Who else thinks Haley is absolutely stunnninggg!!
krokki mokki
krokki mokki Місяць tagasi
where are the balck and white pants from? the ones in the outfit with the white turtlenck and jean jacket
Lisa Zhong
Lisa Zhong Місяць tagasi
im in love with your hair, it looks so good
Sophia Caldwell
Sophia Caldwell Місяць tagasi
I just don’t understand why I haven’t seen anybody talking abt what happened with the podcast
k m
k m Місяць tagasi
what happen?
Lilly j
Lilly j Місяць tagasi
I think Lilly said they are both just really busy right now
nina Місяць tagasi
*bootcut pants/jeans, but bootleg works lolz
Rebecca Mullins
Rebecca Mullins Місяць tagasi
who else loved outfit number 6!?!
Kayla Marie
Kayla Marie Місяць tagasi
i’m so here for this editing 🥰
Cailee Ingram
Cailee Ingram Місяць tagasi
i feel like she’s doubting herself when it comes to fashion sense but miss girl!!! you got it i promise
seema zakkar
seema zakkar Місяць tagasi
the new edits omgg so fire
Grace Cockrell
Grace Cockrell Місяць tagasi
okay yes this direction is exactly how i envisioned for u
PNW Lex Місяць tagasi
Its been 3 weeks since they have gotten married, and they still haven’t shared it with us
Sydney T
Sydney T Місяць tagasi
Why is everyone so pressed. If she decides to share one thing and doesn’t want to share another she doesn’t owe yall shit. How you gunna act entitled to information about someone’s life just bc they shared how they planned their wedding smfh
Victoria Newton
Victoria Newton Місяць tagasi
@PNW Lex or have posted where they were getting married... knowing people would look it up. I mean I'm all for keeping things secret. But even sadie Robertson shared her wedding video after it happened and she didn't post a single thing about her wedding until after it happened. Like now it almost seems as if they aren't together. She's not posting hardly anymore and it's just a little confusing
PNW Lex Місяць tagasi
Victoria Newton right! If they wanted to hide the wedding they shouldnt have shared the entire engagement/ wedding planning
Victoria Newton
Victoria Newton Місяць tagasi
THANK GOD SOMEONE SAID IT like bro they went into hiding w the wedding info.
PNW Lex Місяць tagasi
Ik its a more person intimate day for them. But they shared the whole wedding planning process on traphamily so its weird that they havent said anything about that wedding
Autumn Alyxanndra Lucas
Autumn Alyxanndra Lucas Місяць tagasi
I have outfit videos that I love to come back to, and use for inspo
marra531 Місяць tagasi
i remeber in middle school the word poser was a big thing lol 😂 you’re a poser
Mischa Nel
Mischa Nel Місяць tagasi
God bless you so much gorgeous
Dina Місяць tagasi
Love the outfits, love the editing, love the background,.... you can see how much effort you put in that video! It turned out amazing 😍😍
Dina Місяць tagasi
I’m obsessed with your new merch😍😍
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