Trade Update! ⚖️ Scamming prevention & more trading slots! 👩🏿‍⚖️ Adopt Me! on Roblox

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(Read me!!) Please remember that just because those trading improvements were made, it doesn’t mean that scamming won’t exist in the game anymore. The best way we can protect you from getting scammed is to make sure you are as informed as possible, so please keep up with our official social media channels, where we share information about safety! You can also read this Scamming Prevention article we’ve published on our Support website to make sure you can protect yourself from scammers:
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PlayAdoptMe 2 місяці tagasi
Make sure to check out our Scamming and Hacking help articles to protect yourself from exploiters!!
오비ing 20 tundi tagasi
Kebin0509 scam
Beata Fijalkowska
Beata Fijalkowska Päev tagasi
Adopt me some times you get pets then after a day the oet is gone
Justie Supa ThICC ADEM lanky
Justie Supa ThICC ADEM lanky Місяць tagasi
Tysm for all your hard work
Bacon General
Bacon General Місяць tagasi
I just got Scammed 🤦🏻
Lucero Sanchez
Lucero Sanchez 2 місяці tagasi
Eat with Nawaf
Eat with Nawaf Tund tagasi
I lost my neon frost dragon I cried literally why bc I logged in and saw I have an extra swan but I didn’t have a swan adopt me can you pls help me😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😢😢
WINTERCAT [HD] 4 tundi tagasi
One time I got scam from my pets I love it is a bad dragon and a Unicorn even evil Unicorn 😭😭😭
Snowy Angel YT
Snowy Angel YT 12 tundi tagasi
Thank you for doing this amazing update! Its really helpful and safe for others! Remember everyone dont trust anyone! Even if he's youre friend even if you know he doesnt scam! Dont trust anyone! I got scammed 5 times but then i Thought i will never ever ever Trust anyone even my BFF
Sude Tok
Sude Tok 12 tundi tagasi
Yeni yumurta gelsin
Ashton Youtube
Ashton Youtube 12 tundi tagasi
5:40 that mom is saying sont come to me crying of you get scammed
Erich Hirschmann
Erich Hirschmann 16 tundi tagasi
But you can still scam in the scammer update because if you play Royal High the nation say I will give you a pet I will give you a Halo if you give me your best pet and then you can get scammed and if they leave they'll think I'll sink or they'll think that they're going to Royal High to get gave you the Halo
Salem Aljena3
Salem Aljena3 18 tundi tagasi
I get scammed and hacked
Nina Cate
Nina Cate 19 tundi tagasi
one question though, if you get scammed than report the scam do you get your pet/item back? or does it just ban the scammer!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
I got scammed for my uincorn and pls adopt me make everything free and I want my uincorn back
Stacie Peters
Stacie Peters 20 tundi tagasi
Please can I have a cick
Conan 0877
Conan 0877 20 tundi tagasi
But adopt me i reported many trades and I didn’t get anything back
DzR 400
DzR 400 21 tund tagasi
I got scammed :(
Thomas Brady
Thomas Brady 23 tundi tagasi
before this was made in adopt me your game that i love i got scamed out of my mega neon fly ride shadow dragon but when i did my lisense and the 9 slots was made i reported the guy who scamed me and the guy who scamed me he is my brothers friend well used to be but now there not friend becuse that guy scamed me and you still didnt get him idk i think you didnt and my friend scamed me but i got my pets back so i did not report him but i was crying so bad i almost broke my ipad and i the stuff i gave and he gave back were my gold penguin my golden Griffin my golden unicorn and my golden dragon but anway i like the update and in the christmas update i got 3 snowmen i gave one to me one to both my brothers and i also got a yeti and i named him... (WINTER) and hes mine why did i make this so big
cute cattycorn Vita
cute cattycorn Vita Päev tagasi
Oh now i get first time i see this video i didnt get it
Marisol Guerra
Marisol Guerra Päev tagasi
_Sunshine Povs_
_Sunshine Povs_ Päev tagasi
I loveee adopt me but i dont play to much
malachi Vorduborggen
malachi Vorduborggen Päev tagasi
Can I have admin
malachi Vorduborggen
malachi Vorduborggen Päev tagasi
I can trade my cousin? He nice he would never skam
cualquier cosa :v
cualquier cosa :v Päev tagasi
Thank you! Adopt me! Creators😘😘😘
van studio
van studio Päev tagasi
I do trust trade but i dont scam and then them i gave them back
Sɪᴍᴘʟʏxᴡᴀғғʟᴇ Päev tagasi
I got scammed again for my fly ride neon unicorn :(
DragonX Päev tagasi
did the report trade working?? im gone my pet by hacker
Roblox Lazy Gacha
Roblox Lazy Gacha Päev tagasi
Adopt me if there is a stranger and says trust trade should you trust them well I don’t think so someone scammed me that’s why I gave a speack I said CAN’T YIU SEE WHAT CONDITIN WE ARE IN AND HOW YIU WIULD FEEN IF U GOT SCAMMED? It would be bad also can you make the money trees have more money every time we get the money?
Alicegoespop Päev tagasi
Gues what I did a two part trade with the new update and they didn’t scam me!
Snowy Angel YT
Snowy Angel YT 12 tundi tagasi
Thats good!
Baby Grogu
Baby Grogu 2 päeva tagasi
People traded me bc they wanted my frost dragon and I decline ever trade bc it could be a tust trade or a scam
harleyYT 2 päeva tagasi
Hello! the best adopt me update! This is the best they could do on their part so that they do not cheat us, their game is the best: D
Gaming with Sammy_YT
Gaming with Sammy_YT 2 päeva tagasi
Can u give me a star username gamer_andyplayz
roblox player
roblox player 2 päeva tagasi
This iş so cool
Debbie Darling
Debbie Darling 2 päeva tagasi
I'm having a massive problem in the game with players trust trading and pretending to be poor. New players and younge players fall for these including my sister having lost alot of her pets to the scams. It would be helpful if you made a pop up when players join saying not to fall for these scams. There are some genuine new players who dont know how to get pets and they get backlash for it but those doing trust trades and being "poor" get away with it and continue to scam! It's hard to enjoy such a great game when you see these players sitting around and begging for pets.
It's_U S
It's_U S 2 päeva tagasi
spider spider
spider spider 2 päeva tagasi
Thank you adopt me
Jocke Nilssom
Jocke Nilssom 2 päeva tagasi
I never scammed but if I got
Jocke Nilssom
Jocke Nilssom 2 päeva tagasi
Good update
윤현경 2 päeva tagasi
I’m Korean, and I sent it using a translator. It’s good if trade returns to Korea.
Wasi Plays Everything
Wasi Plays Everything 2 päeva tagasi
Thx for making this game a changing my life
Audrinas Toy show
Audrinas Toy show 2 päeva tagasi
Nida Nawaz
Nida Nawaz 3 päeva tagasi
I report 2 scammers who scam me but I didn't get my beloved pets
Sadie Raine
Sadie Raine 3 päeva tagasi
This update is good but you've never responded to my reports, I just really want my neon cow back
giuly rosaley
giuly rosaley 3 päeva tagasi
Can u help my neon monkey got scammed
Jemima Ådnanes Tolås
Jemima Ådnanes Tolås 3 päeva tagasi
When im gonna read trade history then its never comming, its just loading so long! I cant see my trades:( I've literally sit here over 10 min and waited on it to load, but its never finishing! Do you know what i can do? Please answer this :) Have a nice day!
RANDOM ARIFF 3 päeva tagasi
Does we report does the item we trade does we can get back
Mxrning Petals
Mxrning Petals 3 päeva tagasi
I really have great respect for the adopt me team for doing this. Because a lot of kids out there who are vulnerable to the dark side of the internet need a firm foundation of security. So this is not only a secure and safe way, but a fun way to educate children about the importance of staying safe from people who are likely to take advantage of kid's trust. Great work adopt me team! 🥰
Gacha Hand Sanitiser
Gacha Hand Sanitiser 3 päeva tagasi
i got scamed for my mega fly ride snow cat if you have any of those pls friend me
Gacha Hand Sanitiser
Gacha Hand Sanitiser 3 päeva tagasi
adopt me i got scamed and i m sad
E 3 päeva tagasi
Martinez Sisters
Martinez Sisters 4 päeva tagasi
uhmm so you supposed to log out your account and then login in
TiernanPlayz Roblox
TiernanPlayz Roblox 4 päeva tagasi
I feel like it’s not right to ban scammers like you should just take the scammers pet away and warn them not ban them- the rest I totally agree
Cool Par
Cool Par 4 päeva tagasi
If there’s a report from Jach10977 that’s sister she didn’t mean too report
Leylaa 4 päeva tagasi
I got scammed my neon and ride lynx and my snow owl please notice me I reported! User:LeylaEsserePiiantina please..I don’t donate so I can’t buy again my pets..
Nizam Isa
Nizam Isa 4 päeva tagasi
Would they get ban when they scammed people
Nizam Isa
Nizam Isa 4 päeva tagasi
My other friend scammed me cuz when we are trading he trade his car and i trdae my carrige and when we are done trading he said give it back and we trade i give him his car and he give my carrige back and when we are finish and he left and im so confused and now he took my carrige in my mobile and i report it yesterday you will give back my carrige
Hissa TU
Hissa TU 4 päeva tagasi
but what if someone got scammed in the reported what will happen?
Sophia Pauline Cortez
Sophia Pauline Cortez 4 päeva tagasi
am i gonna be band if i traded my dodo to my main acconut? i tried hatching a dodo in my main account but i cant get it
Azim Daniel
Azim Daniel 4 päeva tagasi
My other friend took my carrige and he unfriended me for no reasons now im planning to get back
Ana Cordova
Ana Cordova 5 päeva tagasi
me trust trading items with a friend then giving the back lol
Amy Allen
Amy Allen 5 päeva tagasi
I like too over offer sometimes or mostly is that fine? -kensidog2020
Jax Kuhn
Jax Kuhn 5 päeva tagasi
Izan Ayala Gomez
Izan Ayala Gomez 5 päeva tagasi
sahar raufi
sahar raufi 5 päeva tagasi
Rima deb
Rima deb 5 päeva tagasi
I got scammed before the update.I can't get my stuffs back plz help..
Demon_Girl 5 päeva tagasi
I got hacked by someone and lost my golden dragon i didnt even do the trade. :( The user who did it was naxxl1
CODES EVERYDAY 6 päeva tagasi
When are you ganna add trading money
VOL TIC 6 päeva tagasi
I lost my penguin for neon :( it just vanished in my intertory
The running patato With a knife
The running patato With a knife 6 päeva tagasi
If u are real adopt me I got scammed for my n f r unicorn somedays ago I miss him
Lanii Playz
Lanii Playz 6 päeva tagasi
Omg will NewFissy Start Playing Adopt Me
NC - 04HJ 831724 Walnut Grove PS
NC - 04HJ 831724 Walnut Grove PS 6 päeva tagasi
I reported my friend because he scammed me and nothing happend to him
NekBiiSyy 6 päeva tagasi
Thx but i got scammed for neon kit And neon chicken 🥺🥺
Mihaela A
Mihaela A 6 päeva tagasi
Ai goot scamm. So meni time 😭😭
Arya Bestun
Arya Bestun 6 päeva tagasi
I wanna say is the truth there a fly ride horse for the new winter update and normal I was called in again here's a picture of a joke because I don't remember the name and I'll tell you what else🦥And sunglasses and nothing that's not even one car just that and is that a fair and square trade
Tyrenz Jordan
Tyrenz Jordan 6 päeva tagasi
What happen to the who we report
no profile picture person
no profile picture person 6 päeva tagasi
I tell my internet friends my password and she doesn't hack me
Raechelle Dana Gan
Raechelle Dana Gan 6 päeva tagasi
Hi playadoptme, I got scammed for my f r unicorn but good thing I reported it with a trade license
Aramiz Aiyana Pacpaco
Aramiz Aiyana Pacpaco 6 päeva tagasi
my sis do 2 part trade
Gauri and Alma
Gauri and Alma 7 päeva tagasi
plsssss Egg dimond
Sadie Wertz
Sadie Wertz 7 päeva tagasi
Can you please give me a NEON FLY RIDE shadow dragon and I neon cow this is my username TheMeganPlaysFan3Hyd
Floriless Librando
Floriless Librando 7 päeva tagasi
I got scammed by my fr robo dog I reported her pls ban her I'm so sad he said he wants to borrow my pet and dint retrun
Akuraiix 7 päeva tagasi
scammers often scam in their alts then transfer the pets to their main..
Akuraiix 7 päeva tagasi
My bat dragon got scammed legit a few days before this update D:
King Jurassic
King Jurassic 7 päeva tagasi
This happend too me before the person said too give me her mammoth to dupe it so I gave it too her and never got it back I’m lucky eventually I traded someone for there mammoth
King Jurassic
King Jurassic 7 päeva tagasi
But I did not scam him tho
[•Cozy Saturday•]
[•Cozy Saturday•] 7 päeva tagasi
Adopt me I want the old trade back a lil😭
h o n e y l u v
h o n e y l u v 7 päeva tagasi
I got scammed...
Destiny Davis
Destiny Davis 7 päeva tagasi
Adopt me i cant log on to my account so I cant play it again):
Нурахмет Аяулым
Нурахмет Аяулым 7 päeva tagasi
Ничего не поняла(
Korntanai Sritula
Korntanai Sritula 7 päeva tagasi
Adopt me please give me back my fly penguin, i got scam please
xXNøøbyXx 8 päeva tagasi
AdoptMePlays can u make adopt me have a profile and u can see there pet so you can't get scammed thats another way
Aziz Kurdi
Aziz Kurdi 9 päeva tagasi
i dont now what my passworte bad i got scmming
boba tea cow
boba tea cow 9 päeva tagasi
Bruh I just went in adopt me and camilabar10 just reported me bc she said give me free pets or I report u and I got reported fpbc I didnt give her free pets
smily 9 päeva tagasi
the dislikes are from the scammers
Salwant Kaur
Salwant Kaur 8 päeva tagasi
April Vong
April Vong 9 päeva tagasi
Lol somebody hacked me two days ago and took my neon arctic, neon arctic fox, neon gold rat, 3 griffins, a kangaroo, and a Frost Fury. There’s no point in reporting that trade because he transferred it to an alt account but his real acc is NinjaKungPro because right after I checked that I got hacked he sent me a friend request and said something in a different language with my friend translated to something about a hacker that stole his neon arctic but how would he know? Anyways I have a screenshot of the trade, the alt, and the message the hacker had sent me. Luckily I changed my password but I miss all my pets especially Kiibo (my neon arctic reindeer).
Danijela Jelic
Danijela Jelic 9 päeva tagasi
When you Report someone can they report you? Please answer me
Connor Johnson
Connor Johnson 9 päeva tagasi
Can you please add Xiao Dragon back it’s my dream pet
Connor Johnson
Connor Johnson 9 päeva tagasi
Can you please add the shadow dragon back it is my dream pet
ameer 123
ameer 123 9 päeva tagasi
Hey why didn't you do this in a while
moon the sunset beach orca
moon the sunset beach orca 9 päeva tagasi
pls help callmezoe who got scammed by sof love gaming a copycat of Lisa gaming for her legendary pet fly ride frost dragon
Mgxiieava 10 päeva tagasi
Wait but who is the people who are *influencers?* It's hard to explain but is the *influencers* are only *EEpostr or...*
Mgxiieava 7 päeva tagasi
@Litinup Cito Oh... But I'm actually *a EEpostr!.. I am making Roblox videos!... I don't understand....*
Litinup Cito
Litinup Cito 7 päeva tagasi
Influencers are youtubers
Dallas Jack
Dallas Jack 10 päeva tagasi
Cool well I got scammed T^T
The Blue Ninja
The Blue Ninja 10 päeva tagasi
Adopt Me, I want to ask you something: Do you know if you can help prevent crashing? I would really like if you could make sure your events don't crash roblox servers anymore! Thank you for reading this!
DEEMAH ALMUTAIRI 10 päeva tagasi
Zahra Poop head
Zahra Poop head 10 päeva tagasi
I hop the scammer’s get kicked out of Roblox so they can not play Roblox again
Zahra Poop head
Zahra Poop head 10 päeva tagasi
Adopt me I hop the scammer’s get ropid
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