Tom MacDonald - "Cancer"

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Tom MacDonald

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FACEBOOK: TomMacDonaldOfficial
INSTAGRAM: hangovergang
TWITTER: IAmTomMacDonald
SHOT by Nova Rockafeller & Logan Fulton
MIXED & MASTERED by Evan Morgan

UNKNOWN UNKNOWN 8 minutit tagasi
Truth facts honesty check check check .. so now what now that this is public and we all know there's a cure and we all kno what going on now that tom reminded us or taught us facts all that money for a cure all the ribbons and ages of doing and no results faterfact I dont see it hear about any search teams or any progress there using the oldest technology line that's all they got
Da Suit
Da Suit 17 minutit tagasi
Man i lost both my parents to this man so yes I do love this song cuz cuz it's also the love ones go thru this too
UNKNOWN UNKNOWN 17 minutit tagasi
Tom is something special amazing work
ian earle
ian earle 30 minutit tagasi
I always loved your music but this is one that hit me the most!! Thank you!!!!
Renee Taylor
Renee Taylor 33 minutit tagasi
My uncle is currently dying from brain cancer, he was diagnosed 5 months ago, he went from working a year ago to not having any short term memory. I am a nurse and can do nothing to help. He will probably not make it much past christmas.
Nomo 4u
Nomo 4u 38 minutit tagasi
Dawg this hits deep my grandma passed away on Memorial Day from her battle with cancer. She fought a strong 8 years R.I.P lola Rose may your soul rest in paradise.
Sea Jay
Sea Jay Tund tagasi
Wow. Thank you Tom. That was beautiful.
Kristain McCluskey
Kristain McCluskey Tund tagasi
Hey Tom, I'm a nurse at Md Anderson #1 Cancer Center in the world. You perfectly described what I see daily at work. Thank you for your music and I know this song will impact so many. It's a masterpiece.
Lily Cowell
Lily Cowell Tund tagasi
Love you tom
Aurik Cruz
Aurik Cruz 2 tundi tagasi
Thx you for this one
Lewis Melville
Lewis Melville 2 tundi tagasi
Yo omg this means alot alot to me
Barbara Cobaugh
Barbara Cobaugh 2 tundi tagasi
My friend has breast cancer and they were doing her preop paperwork and found out her medical insurance was canceled. It wasn't even up for renewal tell next year. I'm heartbroken for her. Please pray for her, her name is Cris.
Richard Jacobs
Richard Jacobs 2 tundi tagasi
#IAM Hi Boss ITs Richard from FB iv been in FB jail for 7 days and then got 30days sorry bro i have not been abil to share your work .. im on twitter .. FB is a fucken joke ....keep cool walk tall live long and ROCKON
Sijith Uttumadathil CANCER SURVIVOR
Sijith Uttumadathil CANCER SURVIVOR 2 tundi tagasi💪🔥💪
Sijith Uttumadathil CANCER SURVIVOR
Sijith Uttumadathil CANCER SURVIVOR 2 tundi tagasi
Merican Minded
Merican Minded 2 tundi tagasi
Watched my grandad painfully defy the odds for over 4 years with stage 4 prostate cancer and then watched him fall and hit his head and go unconscious for 2 weeks cuz his body couldn't fight the cancer and the concussion at the same time.... He eventually starved and dehydrated to death as I held his hand and prayed to God he could understand me saying good by and I love him... He also died on my mom's birthday and as an only child she took it hard and will always have that memory to haunt her every year... Thankfully I know he was saved and went to heaven. If there is a cure for cancer I hope whatever corrupt personal withholding it from us would have a change of heart... God bless America! 🙏🇺🇲
Virginia Lyon
Virginia Lyon 3 tundi tagasi
My grandmother had leukemia. She went through treatments and it didn't help her. The day she passed, my aunt called asking for my dad, he wasn't home at the time he was working. Anyway, I was the one who was told the news about my grandmother passing and it didn't really hit me until her funeral. I cried like a baby at her funeral, I was 15 years old when she passed. I miss her and what sucks is, I didn't really get to spend a lot time with her.
Shaun Rankin
Shaun Rankin 3 tundi tagasi
What a great song 🙏
Denise Sletten
Denise Sletten 3 tundi tagasi
iv lost 1 tomany loved ouns to cancer from pets to people the demons of that vial didease better b gr8ful to god their spirits n that spirots thar cant b harmed phyisically or ide brutally slay every last 1 of them without a single shred of regret or drop of mercy leaving only carnage n my wake like a true slayer i pray soon covid n cancer shall meet a violent end n that r medical relm clensed of greedy demonic puppets who worship mamon n sacrifice the very patients who count on them to make good on theor oath to heal n do no harm to its endless thirst for innocent blood thats y i love mamons depiction n land of confusion as a fat evil manopoloy man litterally made of money kicking back drinking blood like wine n smoking innocent souls like a cigar with a arrogent grin 😂 such a perfect image captring mamons natire of blood souls n money the unholy trinity of averice thats the very demon man has given power to lets hope r vengeful one comes soon to destroy this demon
Joshua Warren
Joshua Warren 4 tundi tagasi
Cancer does touch everyone. It doesn't matter, good or bad. I spent 10 years from 15 to 25 living in 2 5 year abusive relationships, tried to commit suicide many times, yet helping others with their depression. Once I got myself out the abuse, I get skin cancer. And ive already had one surgery that took 5 months to heal and I need 3 more, thats how fast its spreading. Thank you Tom, I really needed this...... like im ballllllingggggg. You touched my soul once again. I really hope I get to meet you one day, also when I subbed you only had 64k subs.
Don't like my comments
Don't like my comments 4 tundi tagasi
If you think about it you have to pay for doctors to help you. If you don't pay them they won't help you, and you may die.
Alexander Enos
Alexander Enos 4 tundi tagasi
hey @Hangovergang I im fight a disability i know this is alot to ask could you make a song about epilepsy.
Capt_Morte 4 tundi tagasi
Speak it brother. Let the world hear it. Fucked up the world we live in. And Cancer is no joke. My best friend/room mate died of Cancer. I watched her go thru it during treatment, until I couldn't bare to see her go thru it anymore. I abandoned her. I will always regret that. I needed to be strong for her and I failed. Be the change you want in this world. Don't walk away.
Zelo Kamei
Zelo Kamei 4 tundi tagasi
Y 2.18k dislike I did understand
Poochie Oakley
Poochie Oakley 4 tundi tagasi
I needed to hear that. I lost my mom in 2018 to cancer. This song is amazing love it
Brianna Martinez
Brianna Martinez 4 tundi tagasi
This is so true... My aunt died from cancer I don't usually say my story but they told her with money she will live... They gave all they could she beat it but got it back.. she died doctors said that they would save her they didn't.. this song is so true
Will Events
Will Events 4 tundi tagasi
Tom for president when?
Carsten Spencer
Carsten Spencer 4 tundi tagasi
Not often do you make me feel sad man, this hit home thanks!!
sly _ dubs
sly _ dubs 5 tundi tagasi
😭😭😭why wust you hurt me in this way For comtext: my paw paw has terminal canser ( non cureable ) and we dont even know id he will make it to next year and I was suuuuuuuuper close with his parents (great granny and grampy) and they passed away early in 2020 (I was the favorate great grandchild) and it always makes me cry when I think that they were so close together and I might loose my paw paw also so close together it kills me and in Christin (it dosent matter to the story) so I beleave their on their way to heaven and I wish I can visit their grave more than I can and I beat myself up every day bc I always wish I could spend more time with my granny and like a week after my granny apeared in my dream and said "I'm okay" and I woke up crying my eyes out im pure happy ness that it helped me get thru a ruff patch in my life and help my not fall into a depression So if your still here I hope you the best in life and if you are having trouble commint and I'll pray for you 🙏🙏🙏
ACME Meat & Smoke co.
ACME Meat & Smoke co. 5 tundi tagasi
Tammy Mc Fartface rapping that cash grab topic.
Robert The
Robert The 5 tundi tagasi
My grandpa has cancer and he is strong as heck sometimes I can’t even tell that he has it
Hut Clan
Hut Clan 5 tundi tagasi
1:12 Still Beautiful
Praise No-thing
Praise No-thing 6 tundi tagasi
My uncle, grandma, mom, myself have cancer all right now.
Gizmo 420x
Gizmo 420x 6 tundi tagasi
Sgt birdy 613
Sgt birdy 613 6 tundi tagasi
How could anyone dislike this !!!!! It's so true canser effects us all RIP grandma
Jesus Stout
Jesus Stout 6 tundi tagasi
The Cajunator
The Cajunator 6 tundi tagasi
Man...this shit hurts.
Doris Flurie
Doris Flurie 6 tundi tagasi
I love it
Your Name Here
Your Name Here 6 tundi tagasi
Lost my mom to cancer 5 years ago, she was given 5 months, so we started planning, getting everything in order, she made it a year and a half. in that year and a half she helped the doctors deliver my oldest son, she went from a healthy woman to a frail skeleton, but even to her last breath she fought hard and refused to give up, hospice care kept telling us “it won’t be long” day after day for 2 months straight, she was the strongest woman I know! Thank you for this song 🙏
LUIS FLORES 6 tundi tagasi
0:53 Love this moment
Cynthia Hollander
Cynthia Hollander 7 tundi tagasi
Just to add on....I had dropped out and shunned many of the support systems I had tagged onto after first diagnosis. Now I see the strength of the system. So when I pray it isn't for me or my family it is for all who must carry this load. I wish God's grace and generosity on each and everyone .
HunterStrange 7 tundi tagasi
Great song and kits a bit close to home losing my twin to leukemia when we were very young. Always wonder how things would be like if we could have grown up together
Leona Price
Leona Price 7 tundi tagasi
We just lost someone to cancer and have another one with only 6 months. I can not get enough of this song,
ste Thompson
ste Thompson 7 tundi tagasi
This song really hits home! Its not often a song brings a tear to my eye and trigers memory's. That last 3 minuits was filled with memory's i thought i had forgotten. Memory's of my grandfather & grandmother from when i was a child. For the first time in a long time i got to see his face again clear as day and remember listening to him giving me some advice. Advice i will never forget "Never be someone your not just to please people who hide behind masks themselves " Thanks dude your music will change the wold 🤙 Amazing song 🎵♥
Hi How r u
Hi How r u 7 tundi tagasi
Clownfishman 7 tundi tagasi
My dad is investing in a company that is making medicine for a couple deadly types of Cancer and the results are looking good
S. Ket.
S. Ket. 8 tundi tagasi
"Fight it if you have it and pray there is something after this" thats is a powerful line and words to live by.
Mehr anzeigen
Mehr anzeigen 8 tundi tagasi
My aunt died few yrs ago cause of this shit when she was 40. One week ago it also cought my neighbour and today i got a call by my 93 year old grandpa that he has cancer. That hit me rly hard. Im crying the whole time and i dont know 1 person in my life where id cry so much cause in some way i always hate a person bcause of something weird but i realized that my grandpa is like perfect. There is nothing that really triggers me when he is talking or doing something. He is the wisest person i´ve ever met. He was in captivity for 2 years after the war and he started from 0. A bit later he opened his own surveying office he invested all he had in it and it luckily worked. He is the only chef of an own office i know who isnt a capitalist. He spent a 3rd of his salary every month to poor people or people with issues or some stupid sicknesses. I really love him and know that god loves too.
grizzlydipper 870
grizzlydipper 870 8 tundi tagasi
Right on big facts to this tom so much respect to u 🙏🙌💯
Mike Craanen Jr
Mike Craanen Jr 8 tundi tagasi
Wwwow. Gold Tom
Michael Gluskin
Michael Gluskin 8 tundi tagasi
Damn Tom this is a side of you I like, but let's not forget that your message will span everywhere. Amazing message and amazing song.
Joshua Davis
Joshua Davis 8 tundi tagasi
Tom McDonald for president 2020
William James
William James 9 tundi tagasi
It's real simple the cure for cancer release gold particles into the human body that attach themselves to the cancer then using a resonance frequency to vibrate and superheat the particles which destroy only the bad cancer this is been known 70 years
squiggle1020 9 tundi tagasi
I am a Marine vet and this hit hard. I have lost so many family members to cancer a brother grandparents and more. Tom this for this.
Classifide SV Lazaro
Classifide SV Lazaro 9 tundi tagasi
For real !
Kolby B.
Kolby B. 9 tundi tagasi
My mom has cancer. Thanks man ♥️
Barry Ramey
Barry Ramey 9 tundi tagasi Democrats for Trump and Tom MacDonald 2024
Kyle Yazzie
Kyle Yazzie 9 tundi tagasi
No wonder what the reason was to dislike this video? 🤔
Kopchinski Adam
Kopchinski Adam 9 tundi tagasi
My son died of brain cancer 11 years old. Beat the first cancer, treatment caused a secondary cancer that was inoperable. 8 million roughly or more cost of treatment. I wonder why... after all the possible good treatments you hear about that get stuck in the FDA process. At least he got to go to saint Jude for some of it.
Ollie Wilkinson
Ollie Wilkinson 9 tundi tagasi
When I first heard of this guy I spelt McDonald's wrong lmao
MrJohnsmith5587 10 tundi tagasi
I don't even understand how anyone dislikes this song but they've never lost someone to cancer.... keep it up TOM, love you're music man!!
Kelly Draper
Kelly Draper 10 tundi tagasi
My mother in law died after a year of diagnosed cervical cancer she met my daughter she died 2 weeks b4 her first birthday we have her ashes in our front room as her husband lives with us he wont let go until he can join her
Landen Swan
Landen Swan 10 tundi tagasi
Thanks I'm sad now
Forever Blue
Forever Blue 10 tundi tagasi
My Mom just got diagnosed, I've cried all day long. This makes my Mom, two Grandmothers, Aunt & Cousin 😭🙏❤💔
Spencer Ingermanson
Spencer Ingermanson 10 tundi tagasi
Please never change your music. Your the greatest ever.
Franklin Hernandez
Franklin Hernandez 10 tundi tagasi
I just found out my grandma just got cancer she is stamge 4 pancreatic and only has a couple months she is my best friend my mother who raised me instead if my actual mom and I'm losing it 💔 knowing she is goin to be gone soon and there is nothing I can do this woman made me the man I am today and I'm afraid when she goes I'm goin to find a way to be with her....
Randall Welch
Randall Welch 10 tundi tagasi
Tom bro this song hits home for me..I lost my dad last November to cancer,that is the ugliest 6 letter word I've ever heard...R.I.P POPS
Will Stefan
Will Stefan 10 tundi tagasi
Just found out I have cancer. Fucking dam. Why?
Brandy Huff
Brandy Huff 10 tundi tagasi
You are amazingly talented. 🤩😍
David Watters
David Watters 10 tundi tagasi
Thank you my mom has been fighting since 05" just thank you Tom I'm trying to hold it together she has covid since Sat
P WP 11 tundi tagasi
I know you won’t see nor read this but: I’m fighting brain cancer and have finished my first year of chemo and now I’m doing radiation. Your message is accurate and hits hard as it should. So, thank you.
Jess McMillan
Jess McMillan 11 tundi tagasi
My dad had cancer the year I had gotten married.. It took him so quickly.
yeetus memeus69
yeetus memeus69 11 tundi tagasi
I'm crying
The Official Horror Abyss
The Official Horror Abyss 11 tundi tagasi
Cancer is the worst horror show and villain of them all. Too many friends and family and people we admire lost to a disease. Fuck Cancer!!! Stay Strong!!
S 11 tundi tagasi
I miss you so much Dooney, you were such a fighter.. I'm sorry in the end we just couldn't win.. Thank you for saving me Dooney as I wouldn't still be here if it weren't for you.
Brian King
Brian King 11 tundi tagasi
I have lost nearly 2 dozen family members to various cancers over the last 20 years and have always believed there is a cure, they just dont want it made public since the medical industry makes so much off it. Ironically I have been lucky so far, my health is horrible, I suffered 5 heart attacks in a 13 month period and died twice, but I figure it is only a matter of time before I am diagnosed with cancer myself. Thank you for this, this is the true awareness that people need to recognize. 90+ billion in donations alone, you'd think people would see this and get a clue. I can't even get a $10 voucher for a sandwich and have lost all sources of income because of COVID, my channel doesn't earn crap anymore, but I bet cancer centers still get millions a day to fund the studies of a disease they have conveniently spent decades researching, but know nothing about!
Lilly Bug
Lilly Bug 11 tundi tagasi
this is so sad. I am crying so hard please help
Trevor Ray
Trevor Ray 11 tundi tagasi
Wow.. you are awesome for this. Your songs really uplift and inspire people.
skot king
skot king 11 tundi tagasi
Cancer is it really real cuz covid is fake and who knows everything mite just be the media b.s and everyone was lied to since day 1
sheepdawg30 11 tundi tagasi
I don't care for rap. But bro I hear you! Everything you do is next level!
xl Vivzy lx
xl Vivzy lx 11 tundi tagasi
Also seeing as not all of us have cancer the strands that affect people but doesn't kill them shouldn't we study them instead of the patients themselves, take this as you want but the way I'm thinking of this is good
xl Vivzy lx
xl Vivzy lx 11 tundi tagasi
You never know we can all be test subjects
champ champ
champ champ 11 tundi tagasi
My uncle is fighting right now this song hits a spot with me like none other 🙏🏽 for those who are fighting
alan talley
alan talley 11 tundi tagasi
Thank you my mom has lung cancer and it spread to her liver.. she is terminal.. I cry everyone I hear this I love my mother to no end. I do everything I can to make life easier for her. She is a fighter god speed and love to all...
Christian Leprettre
Christian Leprettre 12 tundi tagasi
My grandfather just passed... just got the call wtf it was cancer and kidney failure... Rest In Peace Terry Keith Alexander 🙏
bridget corona
bridget corona 12 tundi tagasi
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan 12 tundi tagasi
My Brother is 54 he found out he has Liver Cancer, When you said the Radiation will kill us, that's what he's going through. Love ur Lyrics & Song 🙏
Colton Hewitt
Colton Hewitt 12 tundi tagasi
Very powerful song bud. The video made it that much stronger.
Patricia COMEDY AND LIFE 12 tundi tagasi
Mark Rumfola
Mark Rumfola 12 tundi tagasi
Your great Tom 👍
Mark Rumfola
Mark Rumfola 12 tundi tagasi
Very sorry to hear about your Friend. Thats an evil Desese
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan 12 tundi tagasi
Cancer took my best friend from me in March all I can say is FUCK CANCER I miss you dad, praying for everyone facing these challenges 🙏🏻
Matt Tenney
Matt Tenney 12 tundi tagasi
Tom you speak the truth!! Never Change!
Kitty Gianelli
Kitty Gianelli 12 tundi tagasi
Who is “downvoting” this message? Scientists?
Chris Walters
Chris Walters 12 tundi tagasi
This touched me so much! I come from a family who battled cancer. My grandmother and aunt had breast cancer and I had testicular cancer. Every day is a fight but when you have cancer not only are you fighting that but also your own body and immune system. But back to the point..... This video gave me so much strength I didn't know I had. Thank you Tom!
Cynthia Hollander
Cynthia Hollander 13 tundi tagasi
Thank you for putting my words to song. Husband 8 years in, still going but end not far off. God bless and know that every year we cry is one less step they must take. Bear the burden, love while we can but do not let the burden bury you. live for you and them!
matt justmatt
matt justmatt 13 tundi tagasi
damn its so true keep it up tom they hate when you talk about real shit like this...
NIKKI REAGAN 13 tundi tagasi
They’ve had the cure since they made it all about them making money ! Sick & hurting = money for big pharma and everyone involved !!!!
ShowtimeTheGr8 13 tundi tagasi
Thank you for making this, Blessings. #HOG
TheMonkeyCrew Gaming
TheMonkeyCrew Gaming 13 tundi tagasi
This one hurts my mom just got diagnosed with terminal lung cancer 2 days before this dropped she’s 53 I sent her this song and we listened together on FaceTime and cried together ,my daughter also just hit 1 year since her diagnoses of ATRT brain cancer 🥺🥺😢
Sara Rees
Sara Rees 13 tundi tagasi
***Correction: The doctors aren't making a fortune, the insurance and pharmaceutical companies are.
Elias Loomas
Elias Loomas 13 tundi tagasi
I listened to about 52 seconds of this.. Till i lost it all😭 I just got diagnosed and this shit is real everyone.
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