TikTok Famous Teen Kicked Out Of Designer Store, Owner Lives In Regret | Dhar Mann

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Dhar Mann

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Never judge a book by its cover. Inspired by Selena.
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Juelz Poole
Juelz Poole Tund tagasi
Alison day
Lizhu Witmer
Lizhu Witmer Tund tagasi
I am a little disappointed, because he basically tells the same stories but with different characters and a little different plot.
Sunflower Girl Playz_Roblox.
Sunflower Girl Playz_Roblox. Tund tagasi
I told my mom I don't want Addison rae I want Allison Day 😂
ari Tund tagasi
There's so many dumb people down this comment section 😂😂😂
thicc doggo
thicc doggo 2 tundi tagasi
>:D Revenged
OK Jeffy
OK Jeffy 2 tundi tagasi
Not Allison Rae, or Allison Day. But Allison Gay.
OK Jeffy
OK Jeffy 2 tundi tagasi
Jean-Handy Colin
Jean-Handy Colin 4 tundi tagasi
I think she is a gold digger
boogabooga jellyboy
boogabooga jellyboy 4 tundi tagasi
Judy Axelrod
Judy Axelrod 5 tundi tagasi
Adriana in the show
Sensei 5 tundi tagasi
Forever 21 is to expensive, Walmart is all i can afford
Pumped_Dan 5 tundi tagasi
Is it me but how the hell some kid that young has twitter
Nabil Ashrar Pidim
Nabil Ashrar Pidim 5 tundi tagasi
Hmm wonder when is gonna be a video with kase kudson
Sebbe New channel
Sebbe New channel 6 tundi tagasi
Allison day lol
Peter Hawks
Peter Hawks 8 tundi tagasi
Why does she kind of look like Katy Perry, the shop owner?
Jose Lopez
Jose Lopez 8 tundi tagasi
It’s not Allison Rae it’s Allison day get it right STUPID 😂
Zayra Garcia Juarez
Zayra Garcia Juarez 9 tundi tagasi
I want to see more
Sammy TheGamer
Sammy TheGamer 10 tundi tagasi
Allison day have a good day
Oryan Ford
Oryan Ford 10 tundi tagasi
Addison Rae more Allison day
cabbagedude savage
cabbagedude savage 11 tundi tagasi
Who else search up on tt to see if Allison day is real
Jesus Atempa
Jesus Atempa 11 tundi tagasi
Straight out of a scene from the movie Selena.
DivorcedGooseRat 15 tundi tagasi
Why’s Allison day popular when I never read anything about themmmmmmmmm
Tommygun On iPad
Tommygun On iPad 17 tundi tagasi
Lol I was just listening to Addison Rae by the kid laroi
Alyssa Jones
Alyssa Jones 19 tundi tagasi
Allison day not Addison rae
jeremi jounn
jeremi jounn 22 tundi tagasi
Brandon Bonilla
Brandon Bonilla 23 tundi tagasi
Allison Day: I’m just gonna go to forever 21 since that’s the only place I can afford. Me: mom can I have a forever 21 dress? Mom: NO THATS TOO EXSPENSIVE Me: can I get a gucci dress? Mom: yes honey anything for you
Darth Vader
Darth Vader 23 tundi tagasi
I need a bad b**** Allison Day
Reyna Bazan
Reyna Bazan 23 tundi tagasi
Why are they not wearing Mask
EA - 10SA 726265 Cawthra Park SS
EA - 10SA 726265 Cawthra Park SS Päev tagasi
Boba Päev tagasi
What's next, Charli Guacamole?
Sofia Marquez
Sofia Marquez Päev tagasi
I need a bad bleep uhm Allison day
Mohamed Dakiri
Mohamed Dakiri Päev tagasi
Because if it was Addison Rae she would knew her
Ximena Contreras
Ximena Contreras Päev tagasi
Ximena Contreras
Ximena Contreras Päev tagasi
WHy she LooK sAd ?
Mar S.
Mar S. Päev tagasi
I find this video today.. but why everyone is saying addison rae in the comments?
Elijah Palmer
Elijah Palmer Päev tagasi
She should have bought it for that other woman
Vanessa Manan
Vanessa Manan Päev tagasi
Hi i love your videos
Gigikju Päev tagasi
**next video** Saleswoman kicks “Charly Amelio” out of designer store, lives to regret it
Alyssa and staphiny sky
Alyssa and staphiny sky Päev tagasi
Allison day addison rae
Fatema Zaima
Fatema Zaima Päev tagasi
Who’s next darli chamelio.
Mohamed Slimani
Mohamed Slimani Päev tagasi
i know its so cringe
They literally named her Allison DAY! 😂😂😂🤣 I kind of like it better, sorry Rae!
Oluchi Sibiya
Oluchi Sibiya Päev tagasi
You’ve got a point. Sir it is not Addison rae its Allison day.
mia Johnson
mia Johnson Päev tagasi
mia Johnson
mia Johnson Päev tagasi
Notice how the lady who owns the shop thinks the other girl is “p00r” and not letting the girl just TRY IT ON like some i said SOME ppl needs to change
Hadiyah Mahmood
Hadiyah Mahmood Päev tagasi
Allison day the shAwTy the baddest 😂😂
Lofiks Päev tagasi
She actually is gorgeus
Draw SEnsei
Draw SEnsei Päev tagasi
I watched this one tik tok
Taevion Morgan
Taevion Morgan Päev tagasi
Allison Day wth im troubled
Ibrahim El-Shenawy
Ibrahim El-Shenawy Päev tagasi
I could not stop laughing when I heard Allison day 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣her name is Addison Rae
Adam Baits
Adam Baits Päev tagasi
Sounds like a selena q .Mexican pop artist wannabe
Hassan Zahid
Hassan Zahid Päev tagasi
Hassan Zahid
Hassan Zahid Päev tagasi
Alisse you are so preety
Exocin 0451
Exocin 0451 Päev tagasi
Why do u make forever 21 like a cheap store I saw a white shirt long sleeve for 52
Xxwarriornun xX
Xxwarriornun xX Päev tagasi
Okay idk why you people are freaking out cuz everyone knows it's Addison rae they just changed it to Addison day for a vedio not a big deal okay so relax it's not like the world is going to end they just did it to prevent copying and stuff
Yamama Aboamied
Yamama Aboamied Päev tagasi
Allison Dae Addison Rae LOOOOOLL
jane honey
jane honey Päev tagasi
Okay so allison day is done so whats next lil buddy😂😂😂
Anonymouszzh Anonymouszzh
Anonymouszzh Anonymouszzh Päev tagasi
What’s next lil Buddy?
NAruto SHipuden
NAruto SHipuden Päev tagasi
I can't stop laughing
BEEFY’S BIKE’S Päev tagasi
Don’t judge a book buy it’s cover
G Playz
G Playz Päev tagasi
Allison day shawty the baddest
VictorianSnow Päev tagasi
Ok.... so.. this is like a remake from ”selena".
Sarahlee Madera
Sarahlee Madera Päev tagasi
I saw this on til tok
Landon Delcid
Landon Delcid Päev tagasi
maggie lopez
maggie lopez Päev tagasi
This is literally the scene from Selena like wtf
Makeup Tutorialss
Makeup Tutorialss Päev tagasi
Allison day 😂😂😂😂😂
Dayz Exotix
Dayz Exotix 2 päeva tagasi
No ones going to talk about how there’s a child army following her
•sunny _playz•
•sunny _playz• 2 päeva tagasi
allison day more like addison rae
Dhdhdh Endndj
Dhdhdh Endndj 2 päeva tagasi
Bye they got this from the Selena movie
Erika Cosio
Erika Cosio 2 päeva tagasi
Adisson dayyyyy
Wyatt Keyser
Wyatt Keyser 2 päeva tagasi
Anyways who lets their kids run around and go to like a celebrity dress store is with her kids Romain everywhere in the city for the skinny kids could easily be kidnapped
Daniela Skulinets
Daniela Skulinets 2 päeva tagasi
oh the time when adults didn't use phones and tiktok and children were obsessed with it. "I can't believe you don't know who she is." the child acting like she knows more than an adult twice her age. Very common very common i tell you.
Daniela Skulinets
Daniela Skulinets 2 päeva tagasi
lol not to be mean but saw the same dress in a garbage store called Saver's almost died from laughter you say "Rick people shop there and only famous people." thx I needed some laughter during the corona times.
Michelle._. Ogaz
Michelle._. Ogaz 2 päeva tagasi
Only here because of Tik Tok 😂
Claude Witts
Claude Witts 2 päeva tagasi
Did they say Allison Day I'm dead
Annie Snyder
Annie Snyder 2 päeva tagasi
Allison day? Lol what's next Marlie bamelio???
Gamingwithlolo 2 päeva tagasi
What next little Buddy
sxshx 2 päeva tagasi
“Allison day”💀 thats so funny omg
Flxqra 2 päeva tagasi
I love it how they put ‘Allison Day’ instead of Addison Rae lmao
Paul's Stuff
Paul's Stuff 2 päeva tagasi
me: mom, can we have addison rae? mom: no, we have addison rae at home. addison rae at home:
noah juman
noah juman 2 päeva tagasi
Allison day hahahhaa
Jad Obeid
Jad Obeid 2 päeva tagasi
Hi dhar man I am gonna spred this video all over my family so thank you😊😊😀😀😀🥰love you
A 2 päeva tagasi
Addison Rae who? I only know Allison Day
Nailat Yn
Nailat Yn 2 päeva tagasi
Ngl the girl's voice sounds like Charli
MTV Clipz
MTV Clipz 2 päeva tagasi
Allison day boys follow her on tik toc
MTV Clipz
MTV Clipz 2 päeva tagasi
Animator Marshmallow
Animator Marshmallow 2 päeva tagasi
Allison day who’s next Karli demelio
Nicolas 2018
Nicolas 2018 2 päeva tagasi
Omg 😱 it’s Alison day
Riley Radon
Riley Radon 2 päeva tagasi
allison is prety
ACE E 2 päeva tagasi
“So You See”
Riley Radon
Riley Radon 2 päeva tagasi
that girl that got kicked out is beautiful!
sten hardesty
sten hardesty 2 päeva tagasi
"ARe YOu AlliSoN dAy?"
Zachary Haile
Zachary Haile 2 päeva tagasi
Allison day - Addison ray Chad Amelia -Charlie dmilio What in the pop is next
agbarmy 2 päeva tagasi
Alunood Alunood
Alunood Alunood 2 päeva tagasi
Bad bleep is here
Tonya Petty
Tonya Petty 2 päeva tagasi
I know it's acting but I don't like the blonde 😂
Dumbations We do stuff
Dumbations We do stuff 2 päeva tagasi
“Never assume”-
Luke 2 päeva tagasi
ngl but funny bc the girls said GUYS ITS ALISON DAY i just laughed and no hate tho
Vanessaa -
Vanessaa - 2 päeva tagasi
It rhymes with Addison Rae🤣
Ashley Kennedy
Ashley Kennedy 2 päeva tagasi
1 like = 1 slap for mean store lady
shyawn _
shyawn _ 2 päeva tagasi
*allison day*
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