throwing myself a party

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WoahAGamerGirl TTV
WoahAGamerGirl TTV 5 місяців tagasi
I’m eatin a bomb pop rn
Kendyl Heyer
Kendyl Heyer 6 місяців tagasi
I love your videos so so much!
Natalies Sketches
Natalies Sketches Aasta tagasi
Where did the Polaroid pics go? I’m so confused
caroline mcmillan
caroline mcmillan Aasta tagasi
i’ll go to ur party i thought it was fun
Joce Lyn
Joce Lyn Aasta tagasi
I love banana fudge too❤️
emma vent
emma vent Aasta tagasi
you are literally so good at sponsoring cause i literally went to the store for those banana fudge bomb pops and i have almost finished the box
Gyovanny Mares
Gyovanny Mares Aasta tagasi
3:30made my phone go to Siri wtf. 💀
Sarah Barreto
Sarah Barreto Aasta tagasi
the dance is so funny i can’t stop watching
Eimear Butler
Eimear Butler Aasta tagasi
This didn't go to my sub box ffs
Samantha Walker
Samantha Walker Aasta tagasi
He said did they even have electricity u don't need electricity for fire works
isabella yorro
isabella yorro Aasta tagasi
jolt foorth is creeping op on os
BurntPotato Yesh
BurntPotato Yesh Aasta tagasi
She farted....
Lauren Doyle
Lauren Doyle Aasta tagasi
We have such similar stories! My mom was born in Vietnam and she came here on a boat during the Vietnam war. She married my dad then had me!
Pearl Oberlin
Pearl Oberlin Aasta tagasi
The dance.... A++
Eishal Usman
Eishal Usman Aasta tagasi
Where da poloraid wall Yes I spelled it wrang on porpuse.
Eishal Usman
Eishal Usman Aasta tagasi
I like= 1 person motivating me too do my summer vacation homework This isn't for likes I just really need motivation 😂
stefanie Aasta tagasi
me: lives in Belgium also me: watches 500 4th of july video’s what am i doing here?
Margaret Kruse
Margaret Kruse Aasta tagasi
you’re literally the cutest
Maddy Aasta tagasi
lmao it’s illegal to dance to the star spangled banner🤣
Maria !
Maria ! Aasta tagasi
Haley I literally love you and I'm so excited to get your (girl pops)merch but I can't decide which 😍😍❤️❤️❤️
Gabby Troy
Gabby Troy Aasta tagasi
Fjallraven Kanine means arctic fox :o now you can call it that :o
Skipper Aasta tagasi
oof this is one of those videos that exists only to be sponsored and contains no actual content
DysTnee Aasta tagasi
I thought this was going to be like the scene from the FRED movie 😂😂
Giraf Panda
Giraf Panda Aasta tagasi
Of course you did
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr Aasta tagasi
OMG THAT DANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr Aasta tagasi
PARTY TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
iicxzy Daysii
iicxzy Daysii Aasta tagasi
What is her intro song I’ve been looking and I can’t find it😭
Elizabeth Warren
Elizabeth Warren Aasta tagasi
I literally got a popsicle just because of this vid 😂
Olivia Anders
Olivia Anders Aasta tagasi
Right away I thought your socks were just ankle socks with scrunchies around them lol
Olivia Anders
Olivia Anders Aasta tagasi
I spelled scrunchies wrong if you’re wondering what I edited
Autumn Royal
Autumn Royal Aasta tagasi
Look in the bottom left corner at 9:48 😂🤢🦶
Lucy Whipple
Lucy Whipple Aasta tagasi
you should get those sticky things you put on the bottom of your rug so it doesn't slip around
Victoria Whitney
Victoria Whitney Aasta tagasi
You didn’t fart look at Ryan’s face in that clip it was his mouth
MacKenzie Yirrell
MacKenzie Yirrell Aasta tagasi
6:25 when she said her mom married someone does she not know who her dad is? I’m confused 😂
Maddie Bee
Maddie Bee Aasta tagasi
Sponsored by bomb pop, YET AGAIN. ✨BAM BAM BAAAM!✨
izzypeezy Aasta tagasi
The squeaky toy triggered my dog so bad 😂
Ashley Altamirano
Ashley Altamirano Aasta tagasi
I was literally having a terrible day until I saw your dance
braylen garren
braylen garren Aasta tagasi
what i did for my 4th of july: stayed up til 2 to watch stranger things, watched 3 episodes, slept. woke up and then finished the season at 6:30 pm... and then i pulled an all nighter.
Charlotte Burke
Charlotte Burke Aasta tagasi
If was definitely ryan
Sofía Levin Aguirre
Sofía Levin Aguirre Aasta tagasi
ryan saying he didn't want to sound dumb in the video when he already didn't understand how they could use fireworks when they had existed for centuries already
Bella bluezz
Bella bluezz Aasta tagasi
That sound you were confused about was Ryan breathing air in on the left side of his mouth .
Kensie Russell
Kensie Russell Aasta tagasi
Ur tryin to tell me u didn’t watch ST3?????
MegBråt Aasta tagasi
1:30 fjallraven means «mountainfox»
Nathan R
Nathan R Aasta tagasi
What is a bombpop
frances_ Aasta tagasi
the dance got me so emotional
Kristen Welborn
Kristen Welborn Aasta tagasi
😂 I literally just had one of the banana fudge bomb pops
Lola Keeney
Lola Keeney Aasta tagasi
please do a "how i edit my videos" video! thank you (:
maycee decker
maycee decker Aasta tagasi
Not her best content
Ava Fagan
Ava Fagan Aasta tagasi
I never heard of bomb pop until now😂
Elsa's Fables
Elsa's Fables Aasta tagasi
0:08 wall aesthetic on point!
ライリック Aasta tagasi
Did you know july 2nd was the day slaves were released and were able to have freedom but know one celebrates that
Emma Layne
Emma Layne Aasta tagasi
OMG okay so yesterday I went to Hollister and I saw you on some of the pictures and I started freaking out because you are literally my idol and i told my mom and sister I was like you know how I told you about my fav EEpostr well that’s her. And I know I’m probably being dramatic, but oh well😂🤷‍♀️ Haley I love you so much!!❤️
Joelle Marie
Joelle Marie Aasta tagasi
Haley I love your videos so much!! They are so cute inspiring and because of you I’m starting my own EEpost channel!! Thank you for all of the inspiration I don’t think I would ever be doing this without you. I would love some support from anyone who wants to see content inspired by Haley!!!
Eternity lecompte
Eternity lecompte Aasta tagasi
Isabella Jazmin
Isabella Jazmin Aasta tagasi
i laughed so hard at the thumbnail
Pizzapizzapizza Donut
Pizzapizzapizza Donut Aasta tagasi
The thumbnail ahaha
Natalie Damico14
Natalie Damico14 Aasta tagasi
I love her mom sm
Kate Zelko
Kate Zelko Aasta tagasi
Use this as the Haley didn’t fart button
Seanna Twiss
Seanna Twiss Aasta tagasi
6:07 yo that’s deep I literally ReLaTe
Donner Gymnastics
Donner Gymnastics Aasta tagasi
I don’t think you farted Haley 😂 it looks like Ryan made a noise with his mouth
Emily MacMahon
Emily MacMahon Aasta tagasi
ahahahahaha your dancing was so funny!
How did not know that my 2 fav EEpostrs date????
Some Random Guy
Some Random Guy Aasta tagasi
Wow just wow
Jay Sticky
Jay Sticky Aasta tagasi
I subcribe😂can u help me with my channel now??😘
Jayytich Aasta tagasi
in Canada they call bomb pops jet pops so yeaaaa
Morgan B
Morgan B Aasta tagasi
just picture roman holiday playing in the back of haley dancing lmao
caesar flavell
caesar flavell Aasta tagasi
Chloe Chandler
Chloe Chandler Aasta tagasi
Ehhh, honestly this is the best way to party😂 a doggo, mans, bomb pops, and dancing is all u need for a great time😂👍🏽
Tyler Sawyer
Tyler Sawyer Aasta tagasi
The cringe literally oozing out my screen when she was dancing.
Gabby Edwards
Gabby Edwards Aasta tagasi
I LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH!!!!💕💕💕(I also love Spock)
Deandra Sargeant
Deandra Sargeant Aasta tagasi
whew....not independence day for minority groups no hate just facts love ur vids tho
Sophie Fernandes
Sophie Fernandes Aasta tagasi
no one: not a soul: not even spock: HALEY: *eats another banana fudge bomb pop*
aliyah 2222
aliyah 2222 Aasta tagasi
Just purchased the banana and original bomb pops! The banana are fiiire
Ofir Malka
Ofir Malka Aasta tagasi
I’m loving the thumbnail
Rachel Wharf
Rachel Wharf Aasta tagasi
Her last bomppop video is how I found out about them!! I got them and they are so good thanks girl 😊
campbells soup
campbells soup Aasta tagasi
No one: Jenna Marbles old intro: 7:47
Megha Pratapwar
Megha Pratapwar Aasta tagasi
lmao it took me so long to figure out what a bomb pop was
Júlia Paré
Júlia Paré Aasta tagasi
Im starting to loose the interest un ur dog... Like yeah he's cute but i don't wanna see 40 seconds of him every video... Im sorry if im being rude, just an oppinion. Its like ur video has no content no more :'(
Katlyn Mortimer
Katlyn Mortimer Aasta tagasi
Can we get a girlie spock sticker that would be incredible
Alana Davis
Alana Davis Aasta tagasi
6:01... we finish each other’s, sandwiches! That’s what I was gonna say! Lol why was I thinking that😂🤠💕
Zoë Foures-Kurt
Zoë Foures-Kurt Aasta tagasi
0:48 "I can't disappoint myself" can't relate lol
Taylor Morgan
Taylor Morgan Aasta tagasi
we LOVE your channel! ❤️❤️
Allaina Uy Berbano
Allaina Uy Berbano Aasta tagasi
what happened to the polaroid wall :(((
Stella Cooke
Stella Cooke Aasta tagasi
This is ALL about bombpop
iwin me
iwin me Aasta tagasi
I love your videos! Really you should check out the challenges at! You are perfect for it and anyone can try!
Noor Alawi
Noor Alawi Aasta tagasi
You made me crave bomb pops so badly I made my mom drive 20 minutes to get me some
Mother trucker dude
Mother trucker dude Aasta tagasi
Literally NOBODY in Ireland knows the national anthem. All we really know is: Sinne Fianna Fáil...😂
sundus shaq
sundus shaq Aasta tagasi
you didn't fart you probably hit something in your car
Ra sa
Ra sa Aasta tagasi
that's what it looks like when i talk about "Lets celebrate"
2nina4fun Aasta tagasi
Oh my god, I like your intro music so much! it makes me smile every dang time :)
Katleen Nellas
Katleen Nellas Aasta tagasi
I must say, i’m starting to like this channel. U deserve this big hella like
moya paz
moya paz Aasta tagasi
its 4th of july im sitting on my bed watchen Stranger things 3
spicyirene Aasta tagasi
i think she farted, no, Ryan farted 😌
janalouiseg Aasta tagasi
Norge noen?
charlotte Aasta tagasi
This video should be titled Haley being her self for 11 minutes straight cause she really was and i loved it 😂❤️💛🤣
Sparrow Williams
Sparrow Williams Aasta tagasi
Eating a warhead bomb pop rn...
Cristal Poon
Cristal Poon Aasta tagasi
Video idea: Haley teaches her mom how to dance👀
mária kara
mária kara Aasta tagasi
happy 4th! 😂
alexis summers
alexis summers Aasta tagasi
i love you so much Haley, I had never seen your channel before but the other day it popped up in my recommendations so i clicked on your “taking 100 polaroids in a day” video. loved it. but ya anyway I’ve been binging your channel ever since. i can’t get over how funny, sweet, open, honest and goofy you are. be you! i love you Haley!!🤩💛
Ella Beans
Ella Beans Aasta tagasi
6:24 Totally relatable. This exact thing happened with my family!
Amelie Trevino
Amelie Trevino Aasta tagasi
and you put “editing hakey”
Amelie Trevino
Amelie Trevino Aasta tagasi
Don’t worry hun that wasn’t a fart lol it was Ryan. 😂 if you look at him he made a noise with his mouth
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