THRIFT FLIP: $2 dad shirt to iconic outfit

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~G I R L Y P O P A P P A R E L~
okay i accidentally did the best thrift flip of my life... i had seen the picture of the huge polo shirt to this cute brandy melville looking set and never saw any videos on how to make it so i hope ya'll actually use this! let me know what kind of things you want to see next!
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Miss anonymous
Miss anonymous 6 місяців tagasi
When u wanna thrift flip your jail outfit love it lol
Shreya Khanna
Shreya Khanna 6 місяців tagasi
Love it
Alfiya Gouri
Alfiya Gouri 6 місяців tagasi
Yes, smthing that general people can do. Thanks😂😭😍❤️
Hayy 7 місяців tagasi
imagine coming to a YT channel just to comment n say you don't like them, maybe i forgot but when were you forced to come here?? or watch her vids??? oh thats right you weren't leave LOL and continue on with ur negative self👌
sahe1s 7 місяців tagasi
for everyone saying that haley's being self-centered for not giving enough credit to her mom, i doubt her mom cares at all. she said 'we' and 'my mom' a countless number of times in the video as it is.
Kayla Mackenzie
Kayla Mackenzie 8 місяців tagasi
She’s kinda annoying but I can’t stop watching her
sophz k
sophz k 8 місяців tagasi
for the scrunchie just fold the raw edges in before you sew it to make it look better :)
Kheyara Hunter
Kheyara Hunter 8 місяців tagasi
I love you but I have to say your mom did almost everything😂
mila reimerink
mila reimerink 9 місяців tagasi
i’m gonna do this like tomorrow
Olesya Mironov
Olesya Mironov 9 місяців tagasi
I just realized if you and Ryan get married your last name should be Trapham haha
Vania Ishimwe
Vania Ishimwe 9 місяців tagasi
Who else though she was wearing a belt
serissa fernandez
serissa fernandez 9 місяців tagasi
What size is the elastic you used
angelica morallo
angelica morallo 11 місяців tagasi
I think your mom is a filipina
Lauren 10 місяців tagasi
she's vietnamese :))
cat Aasta tagasi
Haley: “I don’t want to label myself” Also Haley: “I'm a fashion youtuber now!”
phương ngọc
phương ngọc Aasta tagasi
Chị họ Phạm phải không ạ?
Angel Mountain
Angel Mountain Aasta tagasi
Anika Aasta tagasi
I live for these videos
Lu Zabala
Lu Zabala Aasta tagasi
bkjtk i`m sorry but that`s horrible
Rachel•_•B Aasta tagasi
You guys did so good! Love you haley🧡
kadita mage
kadita mage Aasta tagasi
Is your mom Filipina?😁
Lauren 10 місяців tagasi
no, she's vietnamese :))
Brelle Hawthorne
Brelle Hawthorne Aasta tagasi
Looks like you just broke outta Prison. LOL
Sidra Ali
Sidra Ali Aasta tagasi
Plz do more thrift transformation
The siblings
The siblings Aasta tagasi
You are so creative 💟💟
Lily Flynn
Lily Flynn Aasta tagasi
That intro was bomb! 😂 💜💜
Dondon Hegazy
Dondon Hegazy Aasta tagasi
Just tell your mum that I love her so damn much
Linnea Farr
Linnea Farr Aasta tagasi
All the hate comments are just a bit unnecessary, yes we all see her mum helped her but whats the problem? Haley sewed the skirt and was clearly capable of sewing well but she just asked her mum for some help to speed up the process and her mum was clearly more than willing to help her daughter. As for all the people insulting her style, its just really not fair. Haley is an extremely successful young influencer and just because she doesn't ALWAYS wear "different" clothes doesn't take away from how much she clearly enjoys putting together outfits, and fashion in general and I personally think that just because she gets clothes from brandy like a lot of other girls (who don't get attacked for it) doesn't give all these people in the comment section an excuse to be rude, unthoughtful and just generally quite horrible. Imagine what you would feel like as a NORMAL teenager sitting down and reading all these comments about how "basic" her clothes are.
jasmine tootle
jasmine tootle Aasta tagasi
this really is sooooo cute!!!😧🔥😍
Celine Cruz
Celine Cruz Aasta tagasi
Ugh your mom is adorable 😭
Teagan Maillet
Teagan Maillet Aasta tagasi
Salvation Army where I live is actually expensive. Im loving Guys Frenchies
Kali L
Kali L Aasta tagasi
Paint a jack-o-lantern face for a Halloween costume.
n m
n m Aasta tagasi
0:41 wow haley i cant believe you vape with all these young viewers looking up to u...😔
Bronwyn Aasta tagasi
As a plus sized person I fucking hate this because skinny bitches are always goin to thrift shops and getting the ONE thing I could possibly wear, and then fucking "flipping" it, like bitch.... just buy your damn tank top and get the hell out of there
fat facts
fat facts Aasta tagasi
There's a whole lotta shirts for big girls like you. Now put on your big girl panties and grow up.
Simonne Aasta tagasi
This is the opposite. I’m the sewing queen who makes whole ass outfits and my mom always runs to me for help when she has a rip or tear or needs something to be upcycled lol.
Amber Mitchell
Amber Mitchell Aasta tagasi
stop spreading hate on her, I get you have opinions but she doesn’t deserve it. if you don’t like her content lately just don’t watch her :c
Amber Mitchell
Amber Mitchell Aasta tagasi
Bebe Once she did? what did she say?
Bebe Once
Bebe Once Aasta tagasi
She trash talked a whole country for something that was completely her fault. She deserves everything that comes to her.
Kylie Berriwell
Kylie Berriwell Aasta tagasi
Katie Herman
Katie Herman Aasta tagasi
*haley:* this will be an easy flip that everyone can do *also haley:* has mom (expert sewer) do all the work
Ellnaturelle Aasta tagasi
Your mom is the cutest
Damien Mars
Damien Mars Aasta tagasi
Oh my gosh that is so cute. Like if you’re AMAZED. 💯❤️😛😛😛🤗
justin brinck
justin brinck Aasta tagasi
did anyone else realize that she said it was inspired by brandy melville but her shirt said "don't get influenced by influencers" lol
Patricia McCool
Patricia McCool Aasta tagasi
Watch my mom diy clothes for me😂 I love you Haley
Jannessa Heo
Jannessa Heo Aasta tagasi
you look like you escaped from prison
Alexuia Robloz
Alexuia Robloz Aasta tagasi
Razle 1315
Razle 1315 Aasta tagasi
Honestly I really liked this video, why is everybody so negative💗
Megan Wells
Megan Wells Aasta tagasi
I see a lot of moms try to control what their kids wear these days. But, even though its only a small thing, I love how your mom would buy you junior clothes and adjust them for you. I feel like that's so sweet and it really helps with confidence.
Jess.04 Aasta tagasi
So cute!!! Need this in my life lol
Libby Lew
Libby Lew Aasta tagasi
When u realise you r to insecure about your body to we’re this
Mayowa Alabi
Mayowa Alabi Aasta tagasi
LOL, the first 24 seconds of this video I was already cracking up almost dead of laughter 🤣
Katie S
Katie S Aasta tagasi
I hope you are aware that the Salvation Army has a homophobic history and uses the Bible to say that same sex relationships are a sin which I believe doesn’t align with your beliefs and relationship with God, other thrift stores may be a better option in the future
Anna Grace
Anna Grace Aasta tagasi
Make spock a matching outfit;)
my tea time tea
my tea time tea Aasta tagasi
i love her omfg💗😘💗
PollStar0815 Aasta tagasi
who else just kept watching the intro for like 5 minutes straight HAHAHAHAHAHA
iz Aasta tagasi
when you're in prison and you tryna look cute for the guards
Kat Robbins
Kat Robbins Aasta tagasi
when you said highlighter, I was like "hm why is she using a teal highlighter on her face" and then I realized you meant an ~actual~ highlighter, like, pen....that you use on paper....and not makeup
Samantha Maduras
Samantha Maduras Aasta tagasi
Not to be dramatic but you’re the prettiest girl on EEpost and also have the best personality
sammie Aasta tagasi
am i the only one who thinks she should've altered the sleeves a little? the bagginess of the shirt is cute with the tight skirt but the sleeves just are huge and obnoxious
bella mc
bella mc Aasta tagasi
why yall hating like wtf
Summer Kees
Summer Kees Aasta tagasi
you gotta bunch of negative nancy’s in the chat sis, oof
Ferny Quiroz
Ferny Quiroz Aasta tagasi
Am I the only one who thinks all she wears is hoodies or oversized T-shirt’s 😭. Idk but i see people who really wnjoy fashion as them always utilizing different clothing in their everyday looks. Ex . Luanna, best dressed, etc. Different styles but T-shirt’s and hoodies aren’t really a style for IDK AHGGG
Ocean Mangat
Ocean Mangat Aasta tagasi
how did you get the font for your youtube banner
Awny Wilson
Awny Wilson Aasta tagasi
you should make merch for dogs.
Elena Blanco Esquivel
Elena Blanco Esquivel Aasta tagasi
haley: im a fashion youtuber also haley: wears 2016 trends
Ghinwa Aasta tagasi
And I just realized.. YOU ARE A VSCO GIRL!!!
Jade Leoncio
Jade Leoncio Aasta tagasi
your mom is so adorable :( ilh
love and heart
love and heart Aasta tagasi
Can you please do more car vlogs love ya
Diana Aasta tagasi
Okay but she chose the ugliest polo out of all of them :/
Lindsay Paige
Lindsay Paige Aasta tagasi
I don't really like these videos like, the school one, fashion, and hauls. But I love her and both Ryan's.
Isabella Sommers
Isabella Sommers Aasta tagasi
This is the most negative comment section I’ve seen on your channel girl I am so sorry!! I thought it was a great video and you are gorgeous and you are discovering your style so don’t let anyone tell you who to be and what to like (except God). Okayyyy byeeeee slurpy noise
Isabella Sommers
Isabella Sommers Aasta tagasi
I think my favorite outfit on you is a flowy silky shirt or dress
Skyler Miller
Skyler Miller Aasta tagasi
lmao she said that your wanna ganna go to instead of your ganna wanna go to LOL
Sky Clouds
Sky Clouds Aasta tagasi
This video has so many hate comments why everyone just feels like they need to keep repeating the things that tons of people have said is so annoying like stop saying things. If you don’t like the video don’t watch the video, don’t like the video but you don’t need to keep repeating the things that you don’t like.
Izzabelle Besser
Izzabelle Besser Aasta tagasi
She said “wanna gonna go to” 😂
CameronChernoff Aasta tagasi
I love that Mama-Pham is getting more interaction with the channel :D
anecia james
anecia james Aasta tagasi
wait..... oversized shirt scruci on wrist hydro flask...... * DRAMATIC GASP * SHE'S ONE OF THEM
Kate Miller
Kate Miller Aasta tagasi
Loved it!!! Especially the idea of the scrunchie! Idk why everyone is being negative it was a group effort lol.
Vilja Kristina Ostgard
Vilja Kristina Ostgard Aasta tagasi
Can you make an update on your fitness journey?
bob ross
bob ross Aasta tagasi
this isn't her first thrift flip :(( she did one a year ago attempting the same crop polo and skirt set
Hannah Burden
Hannah Burden Aasta tagasi
Hiiiiii Haley, love you :)
Esther Aasta tagasi
I don’t fw the skirt but the top is soo cute😍
sahnai noyes
sahnai noyes Aasta tagasi
ur an icon ilysm
Ikram Aasta tagasi
I'm not enjoying the latest videos idk why
HI HELLO Aasta tagasi
5:43 *dOra?* Is that'cha
Aneetra France
Aneetra France Aasta tagasi
I love ur content, but this honestly wasn’t all that easy LOL and it was mostly your mom doing it and everything kind of went by a bit fast
Muffin Monster
Muffin Monster Aasta tagasi
I love the creativity
Sailor Sirius
Sailor Sirius Aasta tagasi
Ily Haley, but please cut back production of materialistic videos. Playing things off like you’re a relatable teen while having every video being about purchasing items (home, vacation, makeup, hauls, etc.) is very contradicting. We loved the humanity before, and it’s sad to see you become so money-oriented
Emily Albines
Emily Albines Aasta tagasi
Tbh the outfit was 🤮 to me
Natasya Novel
Natasya Novel Aasta tagasi
Where has this been before I cropped my hoodie 😢 My cut was crappy 😅😃
Bethany Johannsson
Bethany Johannsson Aasta tagasi
Rhiannon :/
Rhiannon :/ Aasta tagasi
"this is the spot you're wanna gonna go to"
Kaylei Howard
Kaylei Howard Aasta tagasi
are we just gunna ignore how she basically copied Madison Ashleigh’s video, like even down to the same colored shirt...
Misheel U
Misheel U Aasta tagasi
this fit is not cute and why does the scrunchie look like that..
Baddie Benzoe
Baddie Benzoe Aasta tagasi
I loveeeeeee mioooooo❤️❤️❤️❤️
ok but why does she kinda look like dora the explorer @6:17 ? lol
Julia Azzouz
Julia Azzouz Aasta tagasi
6:15 dora really got a new style
lily 75
lily 75 Aasta tagasi
there’s sooo many hate comments on this video it’s heartbreaking
looseends23 Aasta tagasi
Fuck you Isabella Ray’s video sent me here
Brooke Lucia
Brooke Lucia Aasta tagasi
i was on vacation and didn’t get to see this video until now and i AM A GIRLY POP OF THE WEEK! i am in shock :’) 🥰🥺
igor st martin
igor st martin Aasta tagasi
"i'm not going to coachella because they donate to anti-lgbt organizations" *shops at salvation army*
Melody Aasta tagasi
I used to love watching Haley but recently I’ve been feeling some type of way ab her content, idk what it is but I just don’t enjoy it lately 🥵
Ash Womack
Ash Womack Aasta tagasi
haley wait the salvation army is anti-lgbt, you should really try to find a different thrift store to support if you can
Julie Lopez
Julie Lopez Aasta tagasi
More videos with your mom 💕
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