This Low-Budget Knockoff Movie Has Scarred Me

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Ted Nivison

3 місяці tagasi

This Low-Budget Knockoff Movie Has Scarred Me
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About Ted Nivison / JehBerDeh:
Ted Nivison is a EEpost entertainer/Filmmaker/voice actor/comedian based in New York. He creates comedy videos on EEpost making commentary videos about various funny topics and poking fun at ridiculous people on Facebook, EEpost, and Instagram. He's got some sweet moves as well.

meera 3 місяці tagasi
how did you find this?? I'm gunna throw up and its your fault
Charles D
Charles D 14 päeva tagasi
Milo Messing
Milo Messing 15 päeva tagasi
Dylan Carlson
Dylan Carlson 19 päeva tagasi
x strawberry x
x strawberry x 21 päev tagasi
Joseph Yoseph
Joseph Yoseph 22 päeva tagasi
I’m Mikey
I’m Mikey 22 tundi tagasi
That screen saver is petrifying me..
Funny bones
Funny bones 2 päeva tagasi
I have no doubt in my mind that this is what the Mayans thought of when it was the end of the world when this movie was made
Zemirah Piechocki
Zemirah Piechocki 2 päeva tagasi
There's this movie called Underdog(s?) and it's about this foosball table and a simp and a chad and the girl sounds like Ariana grande to me Its very weird and the lip-syncing is bad but its so bad its almost good idk
FoolishFenk 2 päeva tagasi
Ted have you ever heard of Delgo?
K B 2 päeva tagasi
Bruh I remember this one movie my moms friend bought me when I was like five because she thought it was brave it’s called “Kira the brave” I think??? It was so bad and my mom through it away after watching it- I think the name was changed too lmao
Fern is Plant
Fern is Plant 3 päeva tagasi
the rhinos are basically just incels.
The Guppigang
The Guppigang 4 päeva tagasi
23:33 dude went from pip to pimp
The Guppigang
The Guppigang 4 päeva tagasi
The movie is just absolute trash. It looks like something I would make for a school project
fnaf 1134 canceled
fnaf 1134 canceled 5 päeva tagasi
14:48 I don't think Moto-moto likes you
The Spice Corner
The Spice Corner 5 päeva tagasi
19:38 *Roof. Ruff. Roof. Ruff. Roof. Ruff.*
Pandaser THE Panda
Pandaser THE Panda 5 päeva tagasi
Every character in that movie looks like a creature straight out of Spore
Megan James
Megan James 6 päeva tagasi
Ratatoing is a cinematic masterpiece that you should definitely watch.
SYDNEY SCHOTT - STUDENT 6 päeva tagasi
is no one gonna talk abt 20:11? just me? ok... remind me not to watch it at 11:00 at night when i'm supposed to be sleeping.
miat 7 päeva tagasi
how can we tell they're females? well, you see, they're s m o o t h
Leem Lord
Leem Lord 7 päeva tagasi
I need more.
X DICAP 8 päeva tagasi
I wonder if Visitor Q would be appropriate for him to review
ea jorts
ea jorts 8 päeva tagasi
incel rhinos incel rhinos
Lainie Curlew
Lainie Curlew 9 päeva tagasi
The rhinos are bisexual?
shaquille_oatmeal OwO
shaquille_oatmeal OwO 9 päeva tagasi
pip has evolved
EmilyCanSortaDraw :3
EmilyCanSortaDraw :3 10 päeva tagasi
EmilyCanSortaDraw :3
EmilyCanSortaDraw :3 10 päeva tagasi
I hate that me and my brother watched this movie
Turbkey Samdwich
Turbkey Samdwich 10 päeva tagasi
Hey Ted, check out the Planes knockoff, Wings. It sure is something.
PFC-Hider 10 päeva tagasi
Imagine a Ted and Jontron crossover
Liam Kennedy
Liam Kennedy 10 päeva tagasi
Birdemic is a very shitty movie itd would be a pretty great movie to review like this
Christopher 11 päeva tagasi
Ted I would recommend that you watch Punchinello and the Most Marvelous Gift.
Nilce 12 päeva tagasi
this movie hits too close to home man
father salt
father salt 12 päeva tagasi
i remember watching this as a child and it is still as terrifying now as it was when i was eight
Extravaganza 12 päeva tagasi
That wallpaper though...
That one redneck
That one redneck 13 päeva tagasi
Bro i have this on dvd and I watched it as a child
Nathan Gabbard
Nathan Gabbard 14 päeva tagasi
Life's a Jungle: "He's one of the boys now"
Aurora Dragon
Aurora Dragon 14 päeva tagasi
dude dude there is a movie called food fight and i highly suggest you watch it. it has a star lineup of charlie sheen, Hillary duff, Christopher Lloyd, and Wayne Brady and many others. The movie features the main characters and the mascots of various brands you would find in the grocery store (which cost a whole lotta cash). It was set to be a blockbuster hit but near the end of production, someone STOLE ALL OF THE FOOTAGE!!!!!!!! But did that stop them? It should have cause holy shit.
ShadowMarioPinball 769
ShadowMarioPinball 769 14 päeva tagasi
Moto moto
HUNTΞR 15 päeva tagasi
I like teds background on his moniter
Official T0RA
Official T0RA 15 päeva tagasi
19:37 "roof, ruff"
Ashy boy
Ashy boy 15 päeva tagasi
The penguins in the background kissing got me.
Aiden Hanley
Aiden Hanley 17 päeva tagasi
I just noticed his computer backround
Ethan Coulthurst
Ethan Coulthurst 17 päeva tagasi
"we don't need no protection, we are anti-men" "there's some men over there" "we need some protection around here"
Unusual 17 päeva tagasi
watch plan bee. *you will not regret it*
Jag Dhesa
Jag Dhesa 17 päeva tagasi
no one is gonna question his computer background? *With The PENGUINS?*
it is i
it is i 18 päeva tagasi
bruh u need to watch twisted pair. it really neils my breen if ubknow what im sayin
Sam Williams
Sam Williams 18 päeva tagasi
You should watch dinosaur Island, dunno how I have seen it but its awful
JJ A 19 päeva tagasi
Charles Calvin
Charles Calvin 19 päeva tagasi
This is the most hard boss fight 20:31
Zara Edwards
Zara Edwards 19 päeva tagasi
I think they forgot the difference between a Rhino.....and a Hippo
Benjamin Holton
Benjamin Holton 20 päeva tagasi
Do pan man please watch pan man you would have a blast 😉😂
Spencer Brown
Spencer Brown 21 päev tagasi
Why do the rhinos look like Spore characters
Teutonic Knight
Teutonic Knight 21 päev tagasi
May I ask what that background image is? In the beginning I mean
gavin weeks
gavin weeks 21 päev tagasi
Kid: can we watch Madagascar Mom: we have Madagascar at home Madagascar: at home
Javid Mirzayev
Javid Mirzayev 23 päeva tagasi
We gon not talk about the wallpaper on the monitors in the background?
Quentacos 23 päeva tagasi
I remember my mom renting Life’s A Jungle at a Redbox when I was little. What a treat that was.
Raven Deinbeck
Raven Deinbeck 23 päeva tagasi
Ok but shirt link plz and thanks
dry_cereal_ 23 päeva tagasi
Kung fury
Ayden Smith
Ayden Smith 24 päeva tagasi
this dude built like live-action scrappy doo
I Fly Over Milk
I Fly Over Milk 24 päeva tagasi
Oh you like milk you say
AniBeanZ 24 päeva tagasi
the movie: Africa's Most Wanted also the movie: *civilized animal villages*
Regal Deagle
Regal Deagle 25 päeva tagasi
7:52 naruto intensifies
almond obsessed.
almond obsessed. 25 päeva tagasi
yo ted link the wolf mode meme i physically *need* it or i will die
Ellie 25 päeva tagasi
just realised how much ted sounds like tony stark
Eric Skipper
Eric Skipper 25 päeva tagasi
Impy's Island. So much worse of a movie. This one was child's play
Kayden Sevison
Kayden Sevison 26 päeva tagasi
It literally says from the animator of Shrek I don’t remember Shrek being dogshit😂
Zapatero17 26 päeva tagasi
ted i know its late but where did you get the shirt
Zapatero17 26 päeva tagasi
i now realize its your merch. its great
Forbelicious 27 päeva tagasi
I'm lonely enough to persecute other people.
Jo Jaques
Jo Jaques 27 päeva tagasi
I had to immediately pause 2 seconds in because I was so taken aback by the penguins of madagascar ship art on the computer behind him
TobbyHappy 27 päeva tagasi
Rebecca Guthrie
Rebecca Guthrie 27 päeva tagasi
I've sadly already been exposed to this monstrosity of a film thanks to good ol' Saberspark
TotallyNotAFurry 27 päeva tagasi
I was expecting more furry jokes in the comments.
YourGuySkie 28 päeva tagasi
The animation is like those weird EEpost channels that were known for their garbage animation from like 2011 and you legit get disturbed by it and cry yourself to sleep
logan McCarthy
logan McCarthy 28 päeva tagasi
But why did the dog look jacked
bttrcpz 63
bttrcpz 63 29 päeva tagasi
You should review Goat Story
PopeFtw 29 päeva tagasi
Why r they growling to much
Gavin Pearce
Gavin Pearce 29 päeva tagasi
Teds talking so quite so I turned my volume up all the way just for him to cut to two birds fucking screaming😂
809gamerman 29 päeva tagasi
the magnificent man that made this movie worked at dreamworks
why tho
why tho Місяць tagasi
*looks up after bullying a baby* *Sees angry mother* The mother: ngyrrrrrr
Oscar Buckley
Oscar Buckley Місяць tagasi
I dont have anything funny to say, this is just the funniest video I've seen in like 3 months
Genetic Hydra751
Genetic Hydra751 Місяць tagasi
I can’t believe Pip spun that fucker’s jaw
Thomas Tucker
Thomas Tucker Місяць tagasi
James Crotty
James Crotty Місяць tagasi
Adventures of cornman: American vegetable hero is a pretty terrible movie
Carly Brown
Carly Brown Місяць tagasi
Band name: aggressive ooblek
yeehaw! Місяць tagasi
imagine graduating from film school and getting your first job then you make this
Jumbo Місяць tagasi
Hey Ted what is that as your desktop image
Jeb Tucker
Jeb Tucker Місяць tagasi
8:46 Kubrick’s walking shot perfected
robendog Місяць tagasi
I love the desktop background
Mr tv head
Mr tv head Місяць tagasi
LTC Sweeper
LTC Sweeper Місяць tagasi
i-i-i-s-sss tttthhhatt a d-daa-rr-kk ssoull reference?
LTC Sweeper
LTC Sweeper Місяць tagasi
Im just saying... The rhinos look and sound like the brutes from halo
SirNindo Місяць tagasi
Its just a fever dream........
LtheaterYT Місяць tagasi
These movies look like old EEpost videos from 2011
Neil Squeal
Neil Squeal Місяць tagasi
All this biodiversity is getting me horny
Rowan H.-S.
Rowan H.-S. Місяць tagasi
Wait the people who animated shrek also animated the prodigy? How far they have fallen
hxneysickle Місяць tagasi
this whole movies animation reminds me of donkey kong 64.
Fuzz Місяць tagasi
There was this brave knockoff that was super weird it was also called brave, don't know how they got away with that one.
Latticed Dreams
Latticed Dreams Місяць tagasi
Not to be all "but Ted!! You got this wrong!! But I think Ardy is supposed to be an Aardvark, although it doesn't matter because its a shitty knock off film.
Anthony Johnstone
Anthony Johnstone Місяць tagasi
Dude you sound exactly like the comedian brian regan
Brooke Dresbach
Brooke Dresbach Місяць tagasi
I think this is the most disturbing movie I have ever seen
LegoGuy 1010-1
LegoGuy 1010-1 Місяць tagasi
My Puerto Rican grandma rented me this movie when I was a small child. I didn’t even like it then
Phoebe Aurum
Phoebe Aurum Місяць tagasi
The Rhinos are MGTOW?
Rowan H.-S.
Rowan H.-S. Місяць tagasi
Kinda weird to see Ted wearing my favorite shirt
Riley Lu
Riley Lu Місяць tagasi
teds way more fuckin funny than the other lunch clubbers
Not Daniel
Not Daniel Місяць tagasi
The rhinos are incels
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