The Weeknd’s FULL Pepsi Super Bowl LV Halftime Show

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The Weeknd performs at the Super Bowl LV Pepsi Halftime Show.
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#SuperBowlLV #TheWeeknd

Billie Miller
Billie Miller 25 minutit tagasi
way toO looooooonG justinE.
Hellen Chu
Hellen Chu 40 minutit tagasi
This is insane! Grammy u fvcking b!tch, you just become cooking show
Christian Smith
Christian Smith 45 minutit tagasi
Bro why the ads
Felix Nyagah
Felix Nyagah 51 minut tagasi
Frédérique Vézina
Frédérique Vézina 56 minutit tagasi
je t`aime the weekend et j`adore tes vidéo
Madeline Massey
Madeline Massey 58 minutit tagasi
How the hell people thought this was bad is beyond me!! I was at work during the superbowl so this is the first time watching this and let me tell y’all something... It’s definitely not gonna be the last time💕💕
Mustakim 007
Mustakim 007 Tund tagasi
Who watch this for WrestleMania 37 🏴‍☠️⚔️🏴‍☠️
Lenin Morales
Lenin Morales Tund tagasi
Me gusto the weeknd
박영애 Tund tagasi
이벤트 모든분들께 감사드립니다 .
Aurelio Tomas Turbao
Aurelio Tomas Turbao Tund tagasi
The acid tank outstandingly spell because berry coincidingly nod astride a capable william. abject, limping vessel
ACSR 2 tundi tagasi
3:57 Is the moment we all came here for.
Abu Darda JZS
Abu Darda JZS 2 tundi tagasi
Grammy feels it coming in 2021!
Vapor Arrap
Vapor Arrap 2 tundi tagasi
Who else heard the house of balloons wow wow 7:14
Raul Arellano
Raul Arellano 2 tundi tagasi
Lowkey the people on the field remind me of Avox people from the hunger games
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh Tund tagasi
am LIVING for it.
Igor Yaha
Igor Yaha 2 tundi tagasi
O melhor de 2020 senhores! 👏🏼👏🏼🥵
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh Tund tagasi
AWANGKU NORAIMAN 3 tundi tagasi
this is Abel's way of saying "f*ck the Grammy's"
Ella H
Ella H 3 tundi tagasi
Best SB performance of all time! I’ve watched it so many time 💖
Hridyansh Rathore
Hridyansh Rathore 3 tundi tagasi
Let's Play Tell me you love weeknd without actually telling me
Vera 2 tundi tagasi
I play this a lot while working. As soon as I hear "I feel it coming", I switch to the video just to see his smile.
Czajnek 3 tundi tagasi
Very cool but still nothing, compared to uefa euro 2016 or wc 2018 open ceremony
Aashutosh Adhikari
Aashutosh Adhikari 3 tundi tagasi
Oh god he has got so many hits!
jorge antonio yam palma
jorge antonio yam palma 3 tundi tagasi
Hubieran hecho mancuerna si hubieran salido con daf punk pero estuvo bien
jorge antonio yam palma
jorge antonio yam palma 3 tundi tagasi
Very good
Akshit Manasvi
Akshit Manasvi 4 tundi tagasi
11:33 Guy next to weeknd is having the time of his life. 😂😂
Jasmine Qj
Jasmine Qj 4 tundi tagasi
The amount of times i watched this is unhealthy.
sleepycloud 4 tundi tagasi
10:07 Man this is the best
Damaris Iva Cordero
Damaris Iva Cordero 4 tundi tagasi
SHANE A KHAN 5 tundi tagasi
Abel Strikes again!
alaska x
alaska x 5 tundi tagasi
sarah gauthier
sarah gauthier 5 tundi tagasi
easilyy the greatest halftime show of all time in my eyes. watched this repeatedly and 100% volume wasn't enough. he's taking over the world and from being xo since kiss land i am LIVING for it.
Ann Skaife
Ann Skaife 5 tundi tagasi
Davi Miranda
Davi Miranda 5 tundi tagasi
todo dia tenho que vir aqui, não tem jeito
Drow 6 tundi tagasi
XO Till We MF OD in sin city yurrrr
ViniVince 6 tundi tagasi
4:16 minecraft
Matheus Martins
Matheus Martins 6 tundi tagasi
6:20 11:10
Alex Nunes
Alex Nunes 6 tundi tagasi
A cena é que eu canto melhor, mas este gajo até se safa
Alex Nunes
Alex Nunes 6 tundi tagasi
mas ele tem um bigode fixe
The one with the letters
The one with the letters 6 tundi tagasi
5:12 Daft punk in the background then the boy makes the transition
40 Hours
40 Hours 7 tundi tagasi
all the twoset fans searching this up including me :)
Jeep Gaming
Jeep Gaming 7 tundi tagasi
Kinda Rude putting a superbowl match in The weekends Concert
Arshdeep Singh
Arshdeep Singh 7 tundi tagasi
just witnessed history!
the future is today
the future is today 8 tundi tagasi
Why isn't ABEls superbowl performance not at 100 million already ?
RinatyaNessim 8 tundi tagasi
This performer has barely any energy. All that buildup, and then... barely anything to show for it. Good singer, but this show is strange energy wise.
Uriel Robles Peña
Uriel Robles Peña 8 tundi tagasi
what about heartless. in the night. in your eyes :( :( :(
XOTWOD 56 minutit tagasi
It’s not a 2 hour concert.
Uriel Robles Peña
Uriel Robles Peña 8 tundi tagasi
falto heartless, in the night , in your eyes :( :(
c. okay
c. okay 9 tundi tagasi
00:34 💕
henock heran
henock heran 9 tundi tagasi
the dude just killed it !!!!!!!!!
Kaylee Tsosie
Kaylee Tsosie 10 tundi tagasi
They say on tiktok that this man soul hi soul to the devil
XOTWOD 56 minutit tagasi
It’s TikTok....
Rajarshee Das
Rajarshee Das 10 tundi tagasi
9:18 wink
Vivian St.Claire
Vivian St.Claire 10 tundi tagasi
I love that little laugh he gives right when he begins " I Feel it Coming"
Tanush Deepak
Tanush Deepak 12 tundi tagasi
Me just trying to vibe with the Performance. Ads-NO!
Emma Blakey
Emma Blakey 12 tundi tagasi
After watching this on super bowl Sunday and feeling like I was at a concert again I was like I'm going to his show for sure next year no doubt my girlfriend and my boyfriend and I are already buying his concert tickets
Tanush Deepak
Tanush Deepak 12 tundi tagasi
Frankly The Weeknd dosen't even need those dancers.He will give the best performance solo and even with the dancers,It dosen't matter for him.He will PERFORM LIKE NEVER BEFORE.GREAT JOB MAN. Fans are proud of ya.
Juan Pablo
Juan Pablo 12 tundi tagasi
history again and again
Myella Torres
Myella Torres 13 tundi tagasi
3:57 the meme for those who need it
JhowGAMES 13 tundi tagasi
the weeknd ❤
Mario Aguayo
Mario Aguayo 13 tundi tagasi
Maluma 🤮
Polly GM
Polly GM 13 tundi tagasi
I have a month obsessed with this man, if I liked his music but now I can't stop listening to it. I Love ❤️ the weekend
oscar lopez reyes
oscar lopez reyes 13 tundi tagasi
Calidad de artista !!!!!! Muy bien !!!!
MrBlueRoads 13 tundi tagasi
that really sucked
Joseph Zao
Joseph Zao 14 tundi tagasi
This is terrific the thrill of “Doritos” kept me up in Palm Springs.
Abrar Tajwar
Abrar Tajwar 14 tundi tagasi
I love you the weekend ❤️
『FNC』 SulTane
『FNC』 SulTane 14 tundi tagasi
Vikyath Susarla
Vikyath Susarla 14 tundi tagasi
Look what you've done! (The weeknd) I'ma MotherFrikin Entertained BOY/GIRL.
Terrian Finney
Terrian Finney 14 tundi tagasi
Why are the angels eyes red their eyes shouldn't be red
Crystal G
Crystal G 10 tundi tagasi
Not an angel..
*** 15 tundi tagasi
I enjoyed this.... the entire show. N him being it ALONE.!! mostly I came to see your point of view. Yall got mine. And let me add my baby sister in 16 died of a drunk driver so all I wanted him to do is BLINDING LIGHTS. he did.
SenpaiGaming 15 tundi tagasi
10:05 - Highlight of 2021 already
Alfred T
Alfred T 15 tundi tagasi
Daft Punk, Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury - all in one. Quite brilliant, keep going The Weeknd.
Griselda Gutierrez S.
Griselda Gutierrez S. 17 tundi tagasi
Dirán lo que quieran. A mí me encanto, es más lo pondría en el top 5 . Su evolución musical es hermosa, su voz es exquisita y el es precioso 😍😍😍
Marketing Digital
Marketing Digital 16 tundi tagasi
Hizo playback.
XGC D1SCR33TBEAT 17 tundi tagasi
so how is this corona 2m distance ?
Tim Henrich
Tim Henrich 17 tundi tagasi
Can we please get a full choir version of "Call out my name"? It's so unbelievably good
EpicMKP 17 tundi tagasi
can't believe his jacket was made of real rubbies!
Lamar 17 tundi tagasi
Look at abel man so inspirational
Leandro Abreu
Leandro Abreu 17 tundi tagasi
Seltuna cant relate
Steve White
Steve White 17 tundi tagasi
I really got to Drive by Sin City late Night & listen to The Weeknd.
Darlin Rodriguez
Darlin Rodriguez 18 tundi tagasi
Tampa Bay !!! Love it .
David Castellanos
David Castellanos 18 tundi tagasi
Young Brandon C. on Drums
Young Brandon C. on Drums 18 tundi tagasi
Worst performance
Young Brandon C. on Drums
Young Brandon C. on Drums 18 tundi tagasi
It's was horrible
XOTWOD 55 minutit tagasi
Okay, “Young Brandon C. On Drums” 🤣
Banana Boi7
Banana Boi7 15 tundi tagasi
Nat C.
Nat C. 18 tundi tagasi
Hes the main character 😍😊
gaby serrano
gaby serrano 18 tundi tagasi
hes so good
Thiago ARG
Thiago ARG 19 tundi tagasi
Mar • ᴅᴀɴᴄᴇ
Mar • ᴅᴀɴᴄᴇ 19 tundi tagasi
Oh yeah
Greek Freak
Greek Freak 19 tundi tagasi
That is the best transition into blinding lights I’ve ever seen in a live performance
aordazmty 19 tundi tagasi
El artista del momento, gracias por traernos música de calidad en tiempos complicados, 6:21 save your tears fue una canción que me acompaño en mi enfermedad de covid 19 en estos meses pasados, un tema que vivirá conmigo toda la vida, The Weeknd es magia.
tigre fofo
tigre fofo 19 tundi tagasi
I can not stop watching this! Some one help me... Or not
Adz2 20 tundi tagasi
No TikTok dance with dab? 😂
Shariat Rabby Sadat
Shariat Rabby Sadat 20 tundi tagasi
I am here for may be 100th time despite I don't know wtf is NFL XD
JellyBean 20 tundi tagasi
Whats there to hate about all those dancers
dzhuna leks
dzhuna leks 20 tundi tagasi
Hochu tancevatj s taboj
preran s jathan
preran s jathan 21 tund tagasi
This guy is a legend
Fabian Vazquez
Fabian Vazquez 21 tund tagasi
Cuando se enteran que si pasaron el ciclo escolar tú y todos tus amigos 11:33
Liz 21 tund tagasi
the amount of times i’ve rewatched this is insane.
AtomGhosty 75
AtomGhosty 75 19 tundi tagasi
Lol me too
nicci 21 tund tagasi
1:20 *god entered the chat*
Tony Celaya
Tony Celaya 21 tund tagasi
I can’t stop watching this
Will Ritter
Will Ritter 21 tund tagasi
in the first 30 seconds, he already beat the Maroon 5 halftime show... I'd be honored if some NFL & The Weeknd fans would take a quick listen to my acoustic piano & vocal YT performances of MAN IN THE MIRROR by Michael Jackson and PURPLE RAIN by Prince in tribute to the 2 most legendary artists of all time. Peace and everybody stay safe.
Prajwal Meti
Prajwal Meti 21 tund tagasi
Great but why no is talking about THE GREATEST HALF TIME performance ever??? you know who i am talking about...
Deebo Smith
Deebo Smith 23 tundi tagasi
Thought I was watching a video from the 80s on
Filippo Lancini
Filippo Lancini 23 tundi tagasi
When someone asks me why The Weeknd is my favourite singer, I show this video
YskiTV! 23 tundi tagasi
Who the hell is giving thumbs down on this?!
Dominic Gerszewski
Dominic Gerszewski 23 tundi tagasi
Everyone who sees his dancers but has not seen his vids b like 🤨
0 9
0 9 23 tundi tagasi
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