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~G I R L Y P O P A P P A R E L~
here is my insane dorm room makeover / transformation! plus two dorm room tours and some tips and tricks to decorate small bedrooms and dorms! i hope you guys had a great college move in day :))
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Zunairah Sheikh
Zunairah Sheikh 3 päeva tagasi
So we basically came to watch her roomates side thro the thumbnail
Eda Zay
Eda Zay 7 päeva tagasi
i like the second dorm room
Rileigh Richmond
Rileigh Richmond 2 місяці tagasi
hi can i have a shoutout please
kim Lynn
kim Lynn 4 місяці tagasi
I'm the only person who is watching this on 2020🤡🤡
Cookie Doe_Gacha
Cookie Doe_Gacha 5 місяців tagasi
Crazy style luv it!!!
KyleighxKyliyah 5 місяців tagasi
okay off topic but my dog does the puking thing too! he makes a weird noise but then nothing happens lmao
Evvs Mtz
Evvs Mtz 5 місяців tagasi
So unfair of the lights😂😭. I wish I can do that but my apartment/dorm rule is now candles, christmas lights. "Anything that will cause fire." So sad but lights make things cute.
Ricketta moore
Ricketta moore 5 місяців tagasi
What college is this ?
Josephine Falode
Josephine Falode 6 місяців tagasi
What type of dorm do they have?
That_bitch 6 місяців tagasi
Im dead the dorm I’m going into has one small window in the bedroom and it’s rlly expensive 😂
Eden peretz
Eden peretz 7 місяців tagasi
I live 20 minutes away from the College
Zoe Scallon
Zoe Scallon 7 місяців tagasi
Is anyone else here from 2020?
Elizabeth House
Elizabeth House 7 місяців tagasi
I wish my dorm looked like that. Like the layout is awesome and the windows are so beautiful
soph9040 soph9040
soph9040 soph9040 8 місяців tagasi
I love dorm room's that are like so pretty
Avani Spades
Avani Spades 8 місяців tagasi
It's funny because I thought, "hey, this intro reminds me of something Haley Pham would post" and then I saw her😂😂
Liv Stelzer
Liv Stelzer 9 місяців tagasi
2:32 bless u
Syylvvie 9 місяців tagasi
Does anybody know where to get a jewelry organizer like the one on the right on susi's desk? (6:58) It's SO cute and looks really helpful
Susie Xx
Susie Xx 9 місяців tagasi
Omgggggggg my name is susie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stndidi 9 місяців tagasi
Stndidi 9 місяців tagasi
pandalie 10 місяців tagasi
have fun moving out
pandalie 10 місяців tagasi
have fun moving out
Zoey Blair
Zoey Blair 10 місяців tagasi
wait this was posted on my bday
Louis Firdaus
Louis Firdaus 11 місяців tagasi
Ermmmm.. doesn't look inspiring
Madeleine McGill (Maddie - 2025)
Madeleine McGill (Maddie - 2025) Aasta tagasi
I love how u were dissing ur friend and loved the roommates place😂
Erica C
Erica C Aasta tagasi
4:48 invest basically means that u wont just keep buying more carpets for low price when you can just buy a durable one for more money.
Madison Goodrich
Madison Goodrich Aasta tagasi
I live in the same hall with them at SRD lol
Kyla Princess
Kyla Princess Aasta tagasi
I bleached my hair before all the youtubers wiiieeerrrddd
Mya Bonior
Mya Bonior Aasta tagasi
Why is her dorm so big 😂
Kixie Msp
Kixie Msp Aasta tagasi
I'm sorry but... You call that small see my room
stephanie barragan
stephanie barragan Aasta tagasi
This makes me ACTUALLY wanna go to college
Brookie DIY
Brookie DIY Aasta tagasi
I LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH HALEY!! your my favorite youtuber ever!!🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡💕💕💕💕💕🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 -brooklyn
Jayli Grace
Jayli Grace Aasta tagasi
Love the UT pride🧡
mna II
mna II Aasta tagasi
saddest room transformation lol, it barely changed. you just kept pointing out how her roomates side was better. this honestly felt like a joke and looked nothing like your apartment
almost 30 D
almost 30 D Aasta tagasi
Lol you call it decoration 🤣, visit Ashley aka best dress on EEpost
Lys Aasta tagasi
Horns down 🤘🏾👇🏾 💙💛
Stacie Matson
Stacie Matson Aasta tagasi
gig em 4 life
Stacie Matson
Stacie Matson Aasta tagasi
saw ‘em off
Lauren Everhart
Lauren Everhart Aasta tagasi
literally what college is this I've never seen a dorm this big
Vanessa Mendoza
Vanessa Mendoza Aasta tagasi
yes queens!! Hook 'em!!!!
Ariel Turner
Ariel Turner Aasta tagasi
Does anyone feel like she has changed(not badly or anything) just changed to the point where it feels weird to watch her
Sarah Nimer
Sarah Nimer Aasta tagasi
UT is where it’s at!
serenity fosdick
serenity fosdick Aasta tagasi
Haha omg I know Kristen I was on the same dance team as her
Belly Button Lint
Belly Button Lint Aasta tagasi
hi haley!
Miranda Steingart
Miranda Steingart Aasta tagasi
where did you get the clock!!!
Alexis Palmer
Alexis Palmer Aasta tagasi
You got posted on a sc news thing and there’s a picture of your friend smiling and the caption was “haley is happy with her new living arrangement” 😂😂😂 me over here like that’s noooot haley
Lindsay Loncala
Lindsay Loncala Aasta tagasi
Okay sorry but I’m a student at wvu and I can’t resist. HORNS DOWN 🤘🏼⬇️
fernanda juarez
fernanda juarez Aasta tagasi
Can’t believe you were on my campus and didn’t say hi grrrr
espinosa.samy Aasta tagasi
aghhhh i love decor vids but the fact that it’s in my fav college... makes me excited for school
Laura876 485
Laura876 485 Aasta tagasi
Can you whistle Suzi?
mia james
mia james Aasta tagasi
Yesss UT pride🧡
morgan_reilly Aasta tagasi
RE STOCK YOUR MERCH plz and thankyou :)
mariaa mondragon
mariaa mondragon Aasta tagasi
hook em’ horns
Gabriel Tratz
Gabriel Tratz Aasta tagasi
those are biiiig dorms, cot damn
Makenzee Adkins
Makenzee Adkins Aasta tagasi
Then horns are going to go down real soon
Karl Koch
Karl Koch Aasta tagasi
ur friends roomie is cute
Charlie Lawson
Charlie Lawson Aasta tagasi
Y’all got some tiny dorms
Kyla Vargas
Kyla Vargas Aasta tagasi
I highkey like Susi's roommate's decorating a lot more... sorry hakey :/
em&m 6 місяців tagasi
Kylani ik I’m like 10 months late😂 but they mentioned somewhere that Susi doesn’t decorate a lot or something like that.
Kyla Vargas
Kyla Vargas Aasta tagasi
ãvőćāđø It’s actually Haley and “Hakey” is her nickname
avaaa- Aasta tagasi
cutiemaan Aasta tagasi
I’m confused. Does hailey live in this dorm?
bbhbillie Aasta tagasi
cutiemaan no she lives in an apartment
cutiemaan Aasta tagasi
The girl in the white tee is her roommate? So who is the girl in ornage
Lauryn C
Lauryn C Aasta tagasi
i thought my dorm was big but these are HUGE...tiny desks though lol
빙수. Aasta tagasi
The way Haley is around and about Spock is literally the way I am with my own dog. We gotta love our babies!
Natalie Shepherd
Natalie Shepherd Aasta tagasi
this was such clickbait haley i hate you
Emma Aasta tagasi
If you guys want to order cute pictures for your wall order from!! There’s so many options to choose from, they’re cheap and don’t take long to ship (international shipping btw). Use my code HUBIQG to get $10 off :)
p o t a t o
p o t a t o Aasta tagasi
Mr. Kate who?
jessie toledo
jessie toledo Aasta tagasi
I would appreciate it if any of y’all can subscribe to a gal like me that is inspired by the best you tubers i know *cough* haley
jessie toledo
jessie toledo Aasta tagasi
Youre so adorable!!
Lindsey Baumgartner
Lindsey Baumgartner Aasta tagasi
i LOVE the gamer corner so much
Brittany Savoie
Brittany Savoie Aasta tagasi
Her roommates side was insanely beautiful
Nicole S
Nicole S Aasta tagasi
Tell her roommate not to leave her money in a jar by the bedroom door!!!
Moose Winchester
Moose Winchester Aasta tagasi
why are those dorm rooms so big?????????????/ jealous
Colin Hendrie
Colin Hendrie Aasta tagasi
Does anyone know what song she uses for her intro?
Julie Stam
Julie Stam Aasta tagasi
where is the fluffy rug from???
Zarina Parmanova
Zarina Parmanova Aasta tagasi
I still didn’t get why Haley isn’t studying in college?
Alyssa Borel
Alyssa Borel Aasta tagasi
she doesn't go to college, it was a personal choice, I'm pretty sure she explained why she's not going.
Hannah Elise
Hannah Elise Aasta tagasi
this is so cuteeeeee
Erin Ramsey
Erin Ramsey Aasta tagasi
Saw them off
Madi Mueller
Madi Mueller Aasta tagasi
Hi there! I’m just starting out on youtube with music covers and lifestyle vids, so if you could check it out, that’d be great, thanks so much!❤️❤️
M H Aasta tagasi
Love you 😍 💕
Franziska Eden
Franziska Eden Aasta tagasi
Her roommate is a 100% vsco Girl
Rabiah Rasul
Rabiah Rasul Aasta tagasi
Susi reminds me so much of Laura Lee
Monica Mendez
Monica Mendez Aasta tagasi
I miss the trumpets in the beginning while you talk it always made me smileee hahahaha
Grace Lowe
Grace Lowe Aasta tagasi
bro why are their dorms so big and good like all the ones I've seen are basically jail cells
Gelsey Fragoso
Gelsey Fragoso Aasta tagasi
Okay but can I know what dorms these are bc all the dorms I’ve seen at ut are NOT this pretty ???
Maisie Lowe
Maisie Lowe Aasta tagasi
Please do a lets talk video xx
Zainub Faisal
Zainub Faisal Aasta tagasi
My mom likes your hair!
Jali Aasta tagasi
The second dorm room was so big wow
Abby Smith
Abby Smith Aasta tagasi
hey haley!
meighan Aasta tagasi
If this is a true UT housing dorm that is on the campus, then the lights are going to need to come down. They’re a fire hazard and they do checks about once a month. They won’t let them stay up
Madi o.o
Madi o.o Aasta tagasi
is is it UT and OU??
Renée Dery
Renée Dery Aasta tagasi
I helped move my brother into his dorm 2 days ago and his room was so much smaller than both those dorms u showed wuttt
Ariana Villalta
Ariana Villalta Aasta tagasi
Ahhh hook em!
Dance Girl
Dance Girl Aasta tagasi
You should do a video with Suzy of trying to take cool pictures for her wall!
Lillie Coleman
Lillie Coleman Aasta tagasi
She’s just using that title for clout. We obviously know she’s not going to college
Brianna Galindo
Brianna Galindo Aasta tagasi
bro pleeeease come to college station and decorate my apartment
Peach X Yogurt
Peach X Yogurt Aasta tagasi
What the frick is that trumpet in the intro I AM OBSESSED WITH DAT SOUND
Louise Miller
Louise Miller Aasta tagasi
I can’t wrap my head around the fact that Americans pay thousands of dollars to go to college and then have to share a room
Erika Hunter
Erika Hunter Aasta tagasi
the comments 😁😁😁
shelby noeske
shelby noeske Aasta tagasi
You should do a who has the best bra video
Willy Wonkas Favorite Oompa Loompa
Willy Wonkas Favorite Oompa Loompa Aasta tagasi
*OhO My GoD We ShOuLd TOtES TuRN OUr ROoM inTo A VscO HanGoUt*
Cerys R
Cerys R Aasta tagasi
“Wanna do a tour of your side?” *already did a tour💀
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