THE NIGHT SHIFT: lana and logan got beef

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On today's episode, we trek to Arizona to finally review Whataburger and put a tentative crown on the king of the moderate speed burger battle of 2020, plus we join lana at a photoshoot, hang out with michael, and provide some updates on living arrangements and other pertinent workplace details.
so you work the night shift? so do we. we can get thru this together. a random collection of news, stories, weather, and other random unplanned happenings. and tons of buttery toast.
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TWITTER: mikemajlak

Mike Majlak Vlogs
Mike Majlak Vlogs 15 päeva tagasi
TO THE PEOPLE OF THE SOUTH: i will go back for a patty melt and give it another shot. it was a great burger. but comparing it to shake shack or 5G is just absurd. let’s be honest with each other!!
Papa Supernova
Papa Supernova 4 päeva tagasi
Why is Carls Jr never mentioned? I went on a USA roadtrip in 2016 and that shit was legit
Evan Antilley
Evan Antilley 5 päeva tagasi
You didn’t eat it with spicy ketchup
Sunshine Sugar
Sunshine Sugar 6 päeva tagasi
Spice things up & try something new! Cum play with me on Onlyfans 😉 Access to exclusive photos, videos & CUSTOM content 🔥 See you there 💋
YOBOYCHRIS 8 päeva tagasi
AZNSPONGEBOB 9 päeva tagasi
I love how there’s a shit ton of pornstars
The Legend
The Legend Tund tagasi
Bro you got to go to Culver’s if you need to find a good one I got you bro
carlatuel23 5 tundi tagasi
Guys I don't find Lana attractive anymore
Fyxgospjsjoc Riedel
Fyxgospjsjoc Riedel 7 tundi tagasi
Oh so get all the clout off of Logan and leave ok
Jamie Carlisle
Jamie Carlisle 17 tundi tagasi
me seeing micheal is the greatest thing that ever happened in my life
Thushan Fernando
Thushan Fernando 18 tundi tagasi
Lana - "Your the hottest man on earth." Are we gonna forget that she once called mike a 3 lmao. 😂
Juan Medellin
Juan Medellin 21 tund tagasi
Could not be more wrong in&out ain’t shit
Bamaneck Jr
Bamaneck Jr 21 tund tagasi
Iots better in Texas if you get whatburger got to go to Texas
Dominic Sanchez
Dominic Sanchez Päev tagasi
Try Freddys 🍔🍔🍔
Mateo Loor
Mateo Loor Päev tagasi
Did anyone notice he took out Julia rose out of the intro ?
DS Päev tagasi
When he went I have so much more time for activities that are step brothers shit hit
LinnSTERLINGCURE belief in a Dumpster
LinnSTERLINGCURE belief in a Dumpster Päev tagasi
should do one!
Andrew Ayala
Andrew Ayala Päev tagasi
Mike she’s with u for the money
Bird Person
Bird Person Päev tagasi
Your outta your mind, in houston whataburger is the best thing ever. We have shake shack and in n out, five guys, smash burger blah blah blah, Whataburger is for sure the best, foh
James Alli
James Alli Päev tagasi
As a native Texan I can assure you that Whataburger is the best burger in Texas
Andrea Lozano
Andrea Lozano 2 päeva tagasi
Whataburger beats everything
Chxos 2 päeva tagasi
think about it.... lana backwards... you figure it out
YzX Cross
YzX Cross 2 päeva tagasi
Pizzeria Gino Sorbillo if you like pizza mike please try this it’s THE BEST I SWEAR TO GOD ITS THE BEST PIZZA EVER
Nw6 __
Nw6 __ 2 päeva tagasi
Burger 21 is better
Nw6 __
Nw6 __ 2 päeva tagasi
Try burger. 21
Vlad Noir
Vlad Noir 3 päeva tagasi
Whataburger beats all those crappy places you named..
JOKER 3 3 päeva tagasi
Dude I used to work at whataburger and I've grown up around it my whole life and its hilarious how they're making it such a big deal when its literally on the same level as McDonald's
Cosmic 3 päeva tagasi
Ok but why TF did you go to Arizona??????
Preeskcool_memes & Vlogs
Preeskcool_memes & Vlogs 3 päeva tagasi
You didn’t go to a Texan Whataburger
Marco Sanchez
Marco Sanchez 3 päeva tagasi
BRUH whataburger is supreme to in and out my dude
Tana Wright
Tana Wright 3 päeva tagasi
Love your videos
Juan Juarez
Juan Juarez 3 päeva tagasi
U should gone to Texas to try Whataburger but at it's home city
Yiğit Bulut
Yiğit Bulut 3 päeva tagasi
BraydenGGamez 3 päeva tagasi
Whataburger is the best! I eat that like every day
Zyon Lang Malakas
Zyon Lang Malakas 3 päeva tagasi
What type of dog is your pet
PinoyOperator 3 päeva tagasi
i can be your moderator Mike!!!!
Wuence Andrade
Wuence Andrade 3 päeva tagasi
Man didnt even try the amazing signature burgers
Cindy Jeanette
Cindy Jeanette 4 päeva tagasi
Eww I’m from Arkansas and whataburger wouldn’t even be on my list. Have you tried Freddys? Now that’s a juicy burger!
Dylan Baker
Dylan Baker 4 päeva tagasi
Burger Fi is fire
Not James
Not James 4 päeva tagasi
Five guys burgers and frys in michigan
Alex Sand
Alex Sand 4 päeva tagasi
Best way to do a ad. You guys are legends! And I’m lowballing 😂💯
Gina T
Gina T 4 päeva tagasi
i remember the back ground from 0:54 oh yeah its from porn hub.
FPS Russia
FPS Russia 4 päeva tagasi
Mike dude, get us some more Lana a** shots Jesus Christ dude what’s your deal
FPS Russia
FPS Russia 4 päeva tagasi
That’s the coolest dog. Is that a Boston terrier
Dal Call Center
Dal Call Center 4 päeva tagasi
The A1 thick and hearty burger is the best burger from whataburger
Alfonso Gomez
Alfonso Gomez 4 päeva tagasi
I love whataburger
Alex C
Alex C 4 päeva tagasi
Try Zorbas Mike
Madelyn Affatato
Madelyn Affatato 4 päeva tagasi
burgerfi is 100% the best burger out there, amazing fries, amazing milkshakes and it’s all grass fed beef. so amazing. i’d say it has the same vibe as shake shack
Andres Hernandez
Andres Hernandez 5 päeva tagasi
0:35 d i n n e r b o n e
Dystinct Auto
Dystinct Auto 5 päeva tagasi
Try the patty melt, bbq chicken sandwich, and mushroom swiss next time, whatab has more variety but 5 guys/innout have better burger in general
Justin Sinykin
Justin Sinykin 5 päeva tagasi
Mooyah is better than shake and competes with Five Guys. You have to try it
kboyd 5 päeva tagasi
You gotta go to wicked fresh in North Conway NH and make sure whatever you get it has the wicked sauce🔥🤤
Playboi Carti
Playboi Carti 5 päeva tagasi
The photo guy needs to be jailed for this fit
Kale Sharpe
Kale Sharpe 5 päeva tagasi
Up your but🤮🤮🤮
emvlogz 5 päeva tagasi
Fat burger is the best fast food burger I've ever had
MEME SLAYER54 5 päeva tagasi
Narnian Fish
Narnian Fish 5 päeva tagasi
Lettin y’all know that Lana spelt backwards is anal
Luther Wrestling
Luther Wrestling 5 päeva tagasi
Why is nobody talking bout freddys it smacks here in Oklahoma 🤤
nerlie tohewo
nerlie tohewo 6 päeva tagasi
I love lana she a rlly nice and funny girls I wish I had a girl just like her damn
3astsideSavo 6 päeva tagasi
U went to the wrong place for burgers should have went to a burger in Houston
Sunshine Sugar
Sunshine Sugar 6 päeva tagasi
Spice things up & try something new! Cum play with me on Onlyfans 😉 Access to exclusive photos, videos & CUSTOM content 🔥 See you there 💋
Claudia Montes
Claudia Montes 6 päeva tagasi
I thought I was on p...hub
Austin Powell
Austin Powell 6 päeva tagasi
You kinda leaked the address of the house where the photo shoot is
Julian Gonzales
Julian Gonzales 6 päeva tagasi
Ohhh myyy godd i saw my car in the back there and i didnt even know(i went to Phoenix to pick up a weight set there
Martin Hernandez
Martin Hernandez 6 päeva tagasi
the only reason people watch this shit is because of lana. No offense but this guy is not entertaining
Kenzie Pyle
Kenzie Pyle 6 päeva tagasi
wrong about whata
Nicholas Fox
Nicholas Fox 6 päeva tagasi
Smash burger is so good and Fatz is pretty good idk if it counts for fast casual burgers
Jacobe Vieito
Jacobe Vieito 6 päeva tagasi
Super burger and champ in Canada Ontario
Joseph Mariscal
Joseph Mariscal 6 päeva tagasi
You should try buc ee's next video biggest gas station in texas
Clark 6 päeva tagasi
YO make sure you hit up Freddy's! Ranks up near the five guys/ shake shack realm
nithin anand
nithin anand 6 päeva tagasi
Logan has to shave the beard, he looks like a homeless person
Daniel arroyo MXM
Daniel arroyo MXM 6 päeva tagasi
Why didn’t you told me that you were in Phoenix, Az I live there and I could of help you 🤯🤯
Angel Marquez
Angel Marquez 6 päeva tagasi
Why tf are you disrespecting my Whataburger is my city
Michael Anthony
Michael Anthony 6 päeva tagasi
Don’t ever disrespect whataburger
sanele phungula
sanele phungula 6 päeva tagasi
The ad🔥🔥😂
twitch ttyjave
twitch ttyjave 6 päeva tagasi
You should get married but no fake s*** like jake
Tena Jordan
Tena Jordan 6 päeva tagasi
The way they say Michael is so cute lmao michael fits him so well.
King Ali
King Ali 5 päeva tagasi
Cearo 6 päeva tagasi
These are the best sponsor adds I’ve ever seen
fricking gamer
fricking gamer 6 päeva tagasi
they do
Phillip Garcia
Phillip Garcia 6 päeva tagasi
wtf whataburger over in n out any day
Carla 6 päeva tagasi
Imagine if someone actually thought Blue Chew fixed sink blockages
bobo baggins
bobo baggins 6 päeva tagasi
Why didnt you grab steak and shake when you were in chicago?...and culvers #1
MystikVisuals 7 päeva tagasi
That advert was the best thing since sliced bread. I’m gonna buy one for the sake of it. Fuck it 🤣🤣
Lloyd Fields
Lloyd Fields 7 päeva tagasi
Hold her bag mike
Victor Madrigal
Victor Madrigal 7 päeva tagasi
It has to be from texas thats the og
Acapz Official
Acapz Official 7 päeva tagasi
Big Mike: "Depending on what channel you're watch her on" hahaha that's funny
Acapz Official
Acapz Official 7 päeva tagasi
Mike it was not night though...
McGriddle 7 päeva tagasi
Where i live i have steak and shake the burgers are the BEST
Geo Higgs
Geo Higgs 7 päeva tagasi
Ngl that sponsor was clean👌
prince ajex
prince ajex 7 päeva tagasi
I need macbook
Olivier Paris
Olivier Paris 7 päeva tagasi
Try tim hortons they dont make Burger but they Still the best
Cooper L
Cooper L 7 päeva tagasi
Patty melt meal
Idrinkv8 Turbo
Idrinkv8 Turbo 7 päeva tagasi
First love your videos😁😁 Second im from New York Third the burger spot you have to try and this will top every burger spot you've been to and its in California is called Angus McCurdys order The Dirty McCurdy burger INTERNET YOUR WELCOME
Miichaeljr 7 päeva tagasi
Love the videos
Jack John
Jack John 7 päeva tagasi
Lana is so beautiful and Mike is a stud!
Robert Gibson
Robert Gibson 7 päeva tagasi
So that’s how you get a house, blow 1000s of guys
ryan vu
ryan vu 7 päeva tagasi
Try freddys frozen custard burgers!
S V I C I D E 7 päeva tagasi
This that same mansion iann dior shit his music video for "pretty girls" in
matthew thomas
matthew thomas 7 päeva tagasi
you need to go to rushes in columbia south carolina
Top gammer1.0
Top gammer1.0 7 päeva tagasi
You should go to burger town
Gopro4it Vlogs
Gopro4it Vlogs 7 päeva tagasi
Milton is in the back like, "shut the fuck up and pass me my shake". Hahaha love you all great video yet again!
Ashton Fig
Ashton Fig 7 päeva tagasi
Y’all need to go to smash burger
Jamason L
Jamason L 7 päeva tagasi
Lol wtf, he went to whataburger an got the least ordered burger.... try the patty melt, sweat n spicy, 🤦🏻🤦🏻
ZERO 7 päeva tagasi
2:00 looks familiar
Kieran Jackson
Kieran Jackson 7 päeva tagasi
Bryan Cruz
Bryan Cruz 7 päeva tagasi
What about Culver’s
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