The Incorrect History of Milk

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Ted Nivison

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Today Ted tells The Incorrect History of Milk
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About Ted Nivison / JehBerDeh:
Ted Nivison is a EEpost entertainer/Filmmaker/voice actor/comedian based in New York. He creates comedy videos on EEpost making commentary videos about various funny topics and poking fun at ridiculous people on Facebook, EEpost, and Instagram. He's got some sweet moves as well.

vanessa reynoso
vanessa reynoso 5 місяців tagasi
I learn more from Ted than I do from school
Paz _
Paz _ 10 päeva tagasi
Lol same
Ella F
Ella F Місяць tagasi
I was about to comment this lmao
Giovanni Rizo
Giovanni Rizo Місяць tagasi
You scared the shit out of me
Obama Місяць tagasi
_Astolfo 2 місяці tagasi
Wait till you find animeniaks
TooAwesome Reviews
TooAwesome Reviews 2 tundi tagasi
Wow why don’t they teach this in school so informational?!
Deme Kagamine
Deme Kagamine 4 tundi tagasi
Someone brought up Utica and it wasnt about murder or drugs. I am offended
Karavite Brandon
Karavite Brandon 18 tundi tagasi
I’m so ready for my colonial America test tomorrow. Thanks teach!
Keegan Potter
Keegan Potter 18 tundi tagasi
My favorite history channel documentary
Ian Turner
Ian Turner 20 tundi tagasi
The fact that wikipedia ACTUALLY has nothing between the -59th and 19th century history-wise so for all we know this is 100% correct
Jack Likes Bees
Jack Likes Bees 20 tundi tagasi
Mr. Fishter
Mr. Fishter Päev tagasi
i want this to be a series
This should be a movie
Patrick Collins
Patrick Collins 3 päeva tagasi
11:40, Oh now it’s getting ridiculous.
Bonk Stephenson
Bonk Stephenson 3 päeva tagasi
Ted "I don't write the history" Nivison
UnpaintedHenry Productions
UnpaintedHenry Productions 3 päeva tagasi
This video is great and all, but i wish Dani was in this one
Zrigga 4 päeva tagasi
im lactose intolerent... why did i watch this
Jpappie 4 päeva tagasi
Ngl thought this was real till he said peyton manning. 🤔🤔
Robot Rats
Robot Rats 4 päeva tagasi
this is like adhd fever dream
Reptilerabbit 4 päeva tagasi
the funny thing is this could all be true and we would have no idea
Robin Money
Robin Money 4 päeva tagasi
Do we want to talk about how the cow producing the most milk at 4:05 is named Charles AND REFERRED TO AS A GUY.
Jess loves Shinra Kusakabe
Jess loves Shinra Kusakabe 4 päeva tagasi
you know, fuck WHAP. I want my history to ONLY be taught by Schlatt and Ted. I dont even give a shit if its factually incorrect
Timothy Tillman
Timothy Tillman 4 päeva tagasi
Do a little look at Fidel Castro's dairy love
Venom 6kw
Venom 6kw 4 päeva tagasi
If charles is a dude then that's not milk bro
Scooter Man
Scooter Man 4 päeva tagasi
As this video goes on I can just feel my brain unraveling
Rubber Duck
Rubber Duck 4 päeva tagasi
Maybe god is racist if he made everyone except white people allergic to m i l k
yugimumoto1 4 päeva tagasi
I want to live in the parallel universe where this is actual history.
MizonSky 5 päeva tagasi
Bro who thinks that ted should be a youtube historian
Kate Johnson
Kate Johnson 5 päeva tagasi
this man went to film school and it shows
Jacob Greene
Jacob Greene 5 päeva tagasi
Oh thank God ted has a vid on this i have an exam
Suzānne Drouilhet
Suzānne Drouilhet 6 päeva tagasi
Me, seeing George Washington: go grandpa go!
The Nugget Man
The Nugget Man 6 päeva tagasi
I cant tell what is made up or what is true in this video😂
Ianick Mesa
Ianick Mesa 6 päeva tagasi
Everything Ted said from the beginning to 3:23 made me feel like he really needs to run a history channel 😂
PotheadPig 6 päeva tagasi
should have known it was bullshit when he said cream time was sending milk to the Taj Mahal during colonial times
Jekuwu 6 päeva tagasi
Bro Charles really outdone Ubre Blanca
PungentTowel 6 päeva tagasi
Milk Lore is fascinating
Simply_Orange 6 päeva tagasi
what if what ted was drinking wasn't milk...
Mark Ealand
Mark Ealand 7 päeva tagasi
Please please make more of these
Ayden Souders
Ayden Souders 7 päeva tagasi
i believed him till the robot cow uprising
Sean McManus
Sean McManus 7 päeva tagasi
Sounds good enough for me
Gir-ian Pikachu
Gir-ian Pikachu 7 päeva tagasi
Birthday video my birthday
Chase Wing
Chase Wing 7 päeva tagasi
The schools have been lying to us Ted is the true teacher
Farrell 8 päeva tagasi
So I searched "Charles The Cow" on Google, and the results were, let's just say **amusing**.
harry mansfield
harry mansfield Päev tagasi
@Farrell wild
Farrell Päev tagasi
@harry mansfield Basically It's James Charles if he's a cow
harry mansfield
harry mansfield 3 päeva tagasi
Please share
Daisy Moultrie
Daisy Moultrie 8 päeva tagasi
yeah ok this is wrong
I Use Hacks
I Use Hacks 7 päeva tagasi
No it isnt. This is 100% accurate
Faith 8 päeva tagasi
This is my bible.
Fin Dorek
Fin Dorek 8 päeva tagasi
Fandom Cryless
Fandom Cryless 8 päeva tagasi
May I ask why lithuainia is a milk land? I feel kida atacked by that one since i live there....
Emmett Williams
Emmett Williams 8 päeva tagasi
why does it say incorrect? its obviously accurate
Michael Smith
Michael Smith 8 päeva tagasi
Drunk history but sober(probably) and completely accurate(kind of)
Leventis _
Leventis _ 9 päeva tagasi
Im watching this drunk and i regret it 👍
ZOMBIE ! 9 päeva tagasi
ted i hope you see this and know that im high right now and watching this is genuinely so inspiring for real. like all your directing decisions and the music choice and the one liners, it all works really well together and it inspires me. i want to create content like this one day. i genuinely do. i appreicaite you.
Nathan Thomas
Nathan Thomas 9 päeva tagasi
this is easily the funniest video on the internet
Fried sammies
Fried sammies 9 päeva tagasi
I'm surprised there was mention of the 2009 milk war
henri brosseau
henri brosseau 9 päeva tagasi
You should most definetly become a news anchor or a spokesperson for a milk company please.
gray_scale 10 päeva tagasi
me: "oh im lactose intolerant and i hate the smell of milk n cheese" also me: *chugs choccy milk* (edit: it was almond milk but i still find it funny)
Yaesdotp 10 päeva tagasi
i need to know where that song in the beginning is from
ClickBaitMeGames __
ClickBaitMeGames __ 10 päeva tagasi
There's a typo in the title
Tezryy WC
Tezryy WC 11 päeva tagasi
I can’t tell if this is real or not
Sleep No
Sleep No 11 päeva tagasi
Sure Ted created fake history around his lore about the milk man, but if he tried he could create a religion out of this
bob the boss
bob the boss 12 päeva tagasi
Cows are cinda bad ass
cumber-slicee 12 päeva tagasi
Writing is still better than Life’s a Jungoe
OGBasegalaxy 12 päeva tagasi
This must have taken so long to make as it's just one massive green screen video.
Gunnar T
Gunnar T 12 päeva tagasi
Ted I want my bathrobe I got from walmart back please
Joseph Smith
Joseph Smith 14 päeva tagasi
Wow. Why would you so blatantly spread misinformation? It’s disgusting The title of the video is wrong!
Marria Peduto
Marria Peduto 14 päeva tagasi
He has major Schmidt energy
Bayza 14 päeva tagasi
I tuned him out for 5 seconds and now I have no idea what’s going on
Jack Of All Trades Airsoft
Jack Of All Trades Airsoft 14 päeva tagasi
4:10 now I am no milk history or engineer but I don’t thinks that a cow named Charles is producing “milk”
Xilin07 15 päeva tagasi
This is the presentation the unheard funny kid made who dosent like his history teacher made. And its glorious.
Sir Spuntsalot The III
Sir Spuntsalot The III 16 päeva tagasi
The four horsemen of history History teachers Bill Wurtz Sam O'Nella Ted Nivision
M0j05oo 16 päeva tagasi
Well Ted you've done it. I am back for like the 10th time now. Absolute masterpiece
Celtic Bear
Celtic Bear 17 päeva tagasi
Mista talking about his hat be like 7:25
ciara Haynes
ciara Haynes 18 päeva tagasi
I am rewatching this and decided to look up milk war and apparently their was an actually milk war it was a trade conflict between Russia and Belarus in June 2009.
anthony 19 päeva tagasi
I can't believe this man kept me entertained for thirteen minutes by talking about milk.
Beastly Taco
Beastly Taco 20 päeva tagasi
Legend says this was all in one take
Maxime Janin
Maxime Janin 21 päev tagasi
There is a reason only a third of a percent of the ratings are thumbs down lmao
2006 razor scooter
2006 razor scooter 24 päeva tagasi
haters say its fake.
Radioactive Rebel
Radioactive Rebel 25 päeva tagasi
I hope this isn't on the test
CtrL21 25 päeva tagasi
I watch this video just to hear Ted say, “That’s a real fact! I’m not lying to you.”
Jayden Clark
Jayden Clark 26 päeva tagasi
A mega cow if you will
Abdul Tarsha
Abdul Tarsha 27 päeva tagasi
Didn't talk about 9/11 featuring the Islamic Dairy Menace but I suppose that's a story for another time...
JBC_uncanny _fuel
JBC_uncanny _fuel 28 päeva tagasi
Hey Ted I'm lacking toes so I cant drink milk but every video I put my toes on so I'm not lackin' the toes and I pour atleast 4 gallons of milk and drink it and I make sure to finish it all before the video ends and if that means chugging 2 gallons in 1 minute then I have to and it always do
Tree Meat
Tree Meat Місяць tagasi
No one is acknowledging the fact that a bull is making a ridiculous amount of milk
Bruh Bruh
Bruh Bruh 14 päeva tagasi
Bold of you to assume it's milk....
Cubii DT
Cubii DT Місяць tagasi
Please, what is thw song at 1:09
Dead Message Starscape XXIV
Dead Message Starscape XXIV Місяць tagasi
Very inspiring
cabbyyyyy Місяць tagasi
This is just drunk history except Ted isn’t drunk he’s just Ted
Alanna West
Alanna West Місяць tagasi
I hope they called one of the battles in the Milk War the "Battle of Watermoo"
Shiny Місяць tagasi
James Ellisor
James Ellisor Місяць tagasi
I’m drunk and it took me 3/4ths the way through to realize he was bullshitting
Theonlygame0 Місяць tagasi
Got me in the first few minutes
Krasnaya Oktyabr Productions
Krasnaya Oktyabr Productions Місяць tagasi
Ted Nivison takes over the Republic of Lithuania and forces the entire population to live only on milk
Travis Tucker
Travis Tucker Місяць tagasi
Fiji is shed water?....what a watershed moment.
KramCherry P
KramCherry P Місяць tagasi
I'm still debating whether or not this is real
Biggie D
Biggie D Місяць tagasi
holy shit holey fuck hes rich
pseachic Місяць tagasi
im just not sure why ted never used the pun milkitary when talking about the milk war. missed opportunity
KinG Місяць tagasi
ADDIE S. Місяць tagasi
Ted should grow a beard
xX_Booty Humper_Xx95
xX_Booty Humper_Xx95 Місяць tagasi
quinlee christensen
quinlee christensen Місяць tagasi
up until friedrich litcheralyanazi, i believed everything you said.. good job i guess
Wyatt Whitley
Wyatt Whitley Місяць tagasi
If you google the milk war of 1775. The American revolutionary war comes up
Aiden LaMarche
Aiden LaMarche Місяць tagasi
I can’t tell if some of this is real or not
Yvng_Digitari Місяць tagasi
i googled it.
King Eggs
King Eggs Місяць tagasi
The golden cow needs a nerf
SkyKindaGuy Місяць tagasi
I hate that I believed you all the way up until “Payton Manning”.
BrokenEnglishVA Місяць tagasi
0:01 not an expected out come but is sure a welcome one
James Marsh
James Marsh Місяць tagasi
You should do more incorrect history videos, they are great fun
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