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The best of the best. Thanks for a great 2019!
Twitter: jschlatt
Instagram: jschlatt

chuncky buckets
chuncky buckets 11 місяців tagasi
Time stamps 0:01 - we haves cookie 0:23 - first person to fight a living goblin 0:59 - untitled goose game ground keepers hat 1:12 - schlatt argues with ant venom over stal 1:45 - meabeab & bonk 2:14 - schlatt walk & jokes 2:26 - at any given moment 2:39 - this is my step ladder 2:49 - such a good friend 3:00 - just say the punch line 3:09 - I never knew my real ladder 3:25 - I dont know-*falls* 3:30 - someone dropped a knife 4:24 - my childhood hero just called me bipolar 5:03 - human fidget spinner/helicopter rescue 6:00 - cadmium, cock and dick 6:16 - I'll take this one/ computer has virus 6:52 - schlatt has an otamatome/ mini joins 7:28 - jokes 8:04 - throwing acid is wrong 8:25 - looking for my ex girlfriend's killer 8:42 - selling my vaccume 8:55 - buy girlfriend something sexy 9:06 - where there's a will 9:33 - a song about tortillas 9:53 - replaced bed with a trampoline 10:21- hedgehogs eh? 10:42 - universal remote control 10:57 - say what you want 11:11 - shuffling papers 11:29 - of course I should clean my windows 11:49 - the potatoes should go in the front 11:58 - there's no domestic violence going on & end of jokes 12:06 - steak from uber eats 12:25 - who sold out Ann Frank 13:06 - your pushing my buttons 13:29 - tornado 14:53 - Conner gets boofed 15:51 - I love the smell of ___ 15:58 - ____ is magically delicious 16:05 - if nudism is so normal why am I banned from _____ 16:50 - two hands grand mac 17:14 - they call me Jesus h christ 17:31 - get in the cuck shed 18:40 - life is at its highest point when ___ 19:23 - put her there brother 19:41 - schlatt gets trapped/ an offer he can't refuse 20:09 - I just saw Alvin in the chipmunks 2 20:15 - I'm playing breath of the wild 20:27 - man on street light 21:10 - lets kill nick 23:15 - junky janker whats poppin 24:01 - bonk says to raise taxes 24:52 - oneb dies & bonk is god 25:28 - there is always a man outside my window 25:55 - music disc tier list, stal 26:47 - stal talk 27:19 - Michael buys schlatt coin 27:43 - bye bye 28:00 - creeper & lamest death 28:14 - YMCA earrape 28:56 - invisible baby pigman & sky joins the call 32:06 - dick and balls 32:17 - sky sees the cuck shed 33:50 - ant venom sees the cuck shed 34:50 - naked arlus 35:07 - nobody likes this monkey 36:17 - untitled goose game, broom 36:39 - child worker & Pete escapes the cuck shed 37:34 - Pete buys schlatt coins 39:22 - glitched garrys mod 39:48 - scary Minecraft vr 40:16 - stop dancing to cat 41:22 - baby raging & man ass 43:23 - call me carson crying 43:53 - hey ninja you like dick and balls? 44:33 - there is nothing wrong with the water 45:27 - ninja you like dick and balls 45:41 - chest room 45:57 - why is the castle wearing a sombrero 46:12 - big guy 46:33 - going fishing 46:52 - aids 47:58 - I banned obama 49:20 - who put a pee pee on the sign? 49:47 - really saf e area 52:44 - pig villager 53:32 - dual 54:02 - natural disaster schlatt god 54:52 - schlatt vs captain sparkles 56:34 - natural disaster schlatt god 57:12 - I didn't see that 57:31 - I'm jacking myself off 57:49 - technoblade is going to grief everyone 59:09 - schlatt and technoblade win Minecraft monday 59:50 - wagoo ritual 1:00:44 - don't know how to stop the music 1:01:20 - untitled goose game wall d duck 1:01:45 - butter Minecraft butter 1:02:56 - bum bun nun nah nun nana 1:03:29 - schlatts gonna get you 1:03:46 - someone just gave me 25 dollars to tell you you're gay 1:04:02 - big time rush theme 1:04:20 - rabbid wants to die 1:04:31 - Minecraft theme remix 1:05:05 - lets try that one more time 1:05:46 - rabbid fever dream 1:07:12 - prop hunt 1:08:12 - no black rabbid 1:09:06 - oh no papa 1:09:16 - schlatt keeps dying 1:10:27 - one piece voice over 1:11:33 - new spiderman 1:12:34 - the baby fucking dies 1:12:47 - prop hunt 1:16:10 - sneez 1:16:24 - rabbids & parkinsons 1:17:25 - my hero academia voice over 1:17:43 - stumpy 1:18:30 - dollar jokes 1:19:07 - sound board fun 1:19:42 - angry German 1:20:01 - minecraft vr calibrate height 1:20:19 - hungry/ portraying that emotion 1:20:28 - magic tricks 1:20:52 - what's behind you ear 1:21:15 - schlatts brain/ *BLUE* 1:21:35 - casting a spell 1:22:12 - mime 1:22:33 - Brian 1:22:40 - schlatt and ant venom kill the ender dragon :)
Ilan Guerrero
Ilan Guerrero 2 päeva tagasi
TacoGod0609 2 päeva tagasi
Yoinky 4 päeva tagasi
"oh you like tinestamps" "yeah" "name every timestamp" "okay" "oh"
MigueLemon 806
MigueLemon 806 7 päeva tagasi
CrazedKiller1109 Jackbox Games
nate schultz
nate schultz 8 päeva tagasi
I'm I
Micah Lift
Micah Lift 3 tundi tagasi
Ha ha lol
Jonake Robes
Jonake Robes 8 tundi tagasi
8:24 combined with charlie's/slimecicle's capabilities of saying only punchlines in a rapid succession we could get full jokes
Cøøkie Døugh
Cøøkie Døugh 9 tundi tagasi
In the Gacha community, we use the sound of the first scene (we have cookies) as a meme and I had always wanted to know who did the original thing!😂😂😂 But I guess that one is answered
Conrad 306
Conrad 306 28 minutit tagasi
Eww that dogshit community
hawyee 14 tundi tagasi
jesus christ watching this makes me feel so depressed damn
Gunnar Stenseth
Gunnar Stenseth 14 tundi tagasi
jschlatt I miss the weekly slap
pootis_ Spencer7
pootis_ Spencer7 14 tundi tagasi
I love how in the talent show bit traves was just laughing at the llama the whole time
PastelWasteland 19 tundi tagasi
where there’s a will bottom text
Merramel Päev tagasi
0:00 so this is where that clip that tik tok cosplayers always use comes from
History Egg
History Egg 2 päeva tagasi
Truly a unique personality And even without streaming, he showed us the same attitude in 2020 He made 2020 a better year Can't wait for the Best of jschlatt 2020
Mikki Ter
Mikki Ter 2 päeva tagasi
Русские: "Так, это медведь, а это волк..." Автор: "BONK!" Русские: "Нет, это волк..." Автор и чат: "BONK BONK BONK BONK BONK!!!!.."
Ba Ra
Ba Ra 3 päeva tagasi
digital destroyer
digital destroyer 3 päeva tagasi
28:32 amazing
darkyz 3 päeva tagasi
I miss this age of Jschlatt. I understand that he might enjoy the stuff he’s doing now but I just always come back to his old videos.
Prof. Sir
Prof. Sir 3 päeva tagasi
Those credits though! XD
Hedgehog. PNG
Hedgehog. PNG 3 päeva tagasi
On the oldest anarchy server in minecraft.... (Stares directly into FitMC's soul)
alysa 3 päeva tagasi
“We haves cookie.” is the cutest shit ever
Peachy_Xx 06
Peachy_Xx 06 4 päeva tagasi
1:10 Carson fucking MISSES Diamonds- Pain.
Geronimo Lanfranchi
Geronimo Lanfranchi 4 päeva tagasi
Man, the last clip is amazing. The climax of Schlatt learning how to do pro shit in minecraft, admitting to not hating Ant that muvh and the music was all incredible.
kendall coleman
kendall coleman 4 päeva tagasi
who else is watching techno and schlatt spawn a wither after the explosion of manburg 😣😔
ShapeShifter984 5 päeva tagasi
Any clip with minilad in it makes me uncomfortable since the kiddy peddling
Deluxe Quartz
Deluxe Quartz 5 päeva tagasi
That helicopter one at 5 minutes was the best thing I have ever seen
Beef-Jerky Productions
Beef-Jerky Productions 5 päeva tagasi
Hello Mini 7:19.
Wilkey Wilson8
Wilkey Wilson8 15 tundi tagasi
That aged well
Chance Kearns
Chance Kearns 5 päeva tagasi
Skip past the Mini Ladd clips
Josue Jarquin
Josue Jarquin 6 päeva tagasi
Man 2019 happened so fast
AyOh 6 päeva tagasi
44:33 My tap water Stinted about a moth back, so I had it checked out when I watched this video. Long story short, our filtration system wasn't working, and it could've been harmful. Thank you schlatt, for saving my whole family's lives.
smokezz 6 päeva tagasi
my tummy hurts
Elite fuze
Elite fuze 6 päeva tagasi
Junky is like Tom Holland but a gamer and gumball
Titus Jauregui
Titus Jauregui 6 päeva tagasi
Schlatt is so funny, he doesnt even need to tell the joke
Dale Eloso
Dale Eloso 6 päeva tagasi
At this point I don't even know whether to be sad or scared of the guy.
Mari 6 päeva tagasi
I love how schlatt is just like look that’s ponk! Me: actually it’s wolf
Alaskahuht 6 päeva tagasi
7:23 that did not age well with Mini
Mikke 7 päeva tagasi
Completo absurdo, que tortura desse animal
Cali Lee
Cali Lee 8 päeva tagasi
Bruh i hate that I cant see any clip with miniladd and not think "god this guy is a fucking pedophile" and want to click off...
AWZER 8 päeva tagasi
feel the same way :( sucks too, he was ingrained in a lot of content the past few years
Basifilie 8 päeva tagasi
The pen thing sounded like Stephen hawking
Green Tech Gaming
Green Tech Gaming 8 päeva tagasi
Shallet or jsshlate you are a dumb noob and also a bad person you are the worst
Magellanic 7 päeva tagasi
how old are you
Anonymous 8 päeva tagasi
18:25 McDonalds speaker be like
BossGaming0529 9 päeva tagasi
PEYTON MCMILLAN 10 päeva tagasi
This is what I subscribed for 😂
Dmitri the Grape
Dmitri the Grape 10 päeva tagasi
2:05 the greatest animal to roam the earth
Neontuner 316
Neontuner 316 10 päeva tagasi
*points gun* “UH OH” *mass murder*
Matt Bryan
Matt Bryan 10 päeva tagasi
52:43 Technoblade: sneak 100
josie g
josie g 10 päeva tagasi
thank you
Fumikage Tokoyami
Fumikage Tokoyami 10 päeva tagasi
9:06 is the *Where there is a Will*
CowStone 11 päeva tagasi
this is why i FUCKING love schlatt and i refuse to do school work
Frost The Doctor
Frost The Doctor 11 päeva tagasi
oh god its Mini ladd
Me Me
Me Me 11 päeva tagasi
i like the part where he screamed
Holy Shit Shea
Holy Shit Shea 11 päeva tagasi
Here’s the problem with JSchlatt: he is one of the best examples of an average American male, and I can affirm this because I am in fact an American and we are problematic as an entire country.
Curly Fries
Curly Fries 11 päeva tagasi
Fumikage Tokoyami
Fumikage Tokoyami 11 päeva tagasi
Fumikage Tokoyami
Fumikage Tokoyami 11 päeva tagasi
47:58 I died
Fumikage Tokoyami
Fumikage Tokoyami 11 päeva tagasi
24:20 through that whole thing is amazing
Gnome D
Gnome D 12 päeva tagasi
ngl i can't watch any of the parts with mini ladd because of what he did
Gnome D
Gnome D 10 päeva tagasi
@Miyo-Moo He admitted to soliciting minors and almost groomed 1-2 of them, and he still hasn't apologized directly to them and is trying to make family friendly content so he can get away with it.
Miyo-Moo 11 päeva tagasi
what'd he do?
Vic Rose
Vic Rose 12 päeva tagasi
Oh god. The Cards Against Humanity clips are so funny but pretty much impossible to watch now because of Miniladd....
bonke dadsly
bonke dadsly 12 päeva tagasi
anyone wanna talk about the miniladd moment
BeeseChurger 12 päeva tagasi
1:25:00 of course
Noah Sandbothe
Noah Sandbothe 12 päeva tagasi
Can we get mini Ladd out of this video
LoserManic 9 päeva tagasi
No let's keep them Make him suffer for when he messed up, and see where he fucked up.
Nemo The Fish
Nemo The Fish 13 päeva tagasi
I was just trying to focus on class and I had to click on this video and now my family are questioning why I’m laughing
Vvdb Bdvbz
Vvdb Bdvbz 11 päeva tagasi
Same except class is a funeral
XxIATCLKxX 13 päeva tagasi
7:15 54:36
Carlos Reding
Carlos Reding 13 päeva tagasi
That first clip just doesn't age, it will always be good
Small Boi
Small Boi 14 päeva tagasi
Petition to get mini out of this video
Piper Luongo
Piper Luongo 4 päeva tagasi
wait i don’t know what happened
Lit Bit
Lit Bit 14 päeva tagasi
Trap 14 päeva tagasi
I thought this said 10 minutes ago
katie 14 päeva tagasi
What is 4:00 from
Frunkle 14 päeva tagasi very end of video
MarcusFenixKO 15 päeva tagasi
46:11 I miss this
Bird With teeths
Bird With teeths 15 päeva tagasi
schlatt is the only funny republican
Magellanic 7 päeva tagasi
he's the only funny gay catholic republican logan from big time rush
Jen Uwu
Jen Uwu 15 päeva tagasi
Kailey 16 päeva tagasi
*you spin me right round baby right round*
unknown myth
unknown myth 16 päeva tagasi
0:32 what game?
Crow 120
Crow 120 13 päeva tagasi
Michael Pernesiglio
Michael Pernesiglio 18 päeva tagasi
1:10 Carson passed diamonds
Nijel Pruitt
Nijel Pruitt 18 päeva tagasi
Mini Ladd didn’t age well
symbolic 18 päeva tagasi
And arlus finch
Em 19 päeva tagasi
Any one know the song playing at 21:24? it seems so familiar but i can't place it lol
Kenneth Springer
Kenneth Springer 19 päeva tagasi
Mini ladd likes mini ladds
water 20 päeva tagasi
I draw Stuff
I draw Stuff 22 päeva tagasi
I wanna go back to 2019 :(
suniken 23 päeva tagasi
20:27 what is the zombie game called?
Amber White
Amber White 23 päeva tagasi
53:28 Techno is finally living his dream..
Syahmirul Azim
Syahmirul Azim 23 päeva tagasi
Macam bodo aq tngok, mende natang sial
Gurkensalat 23 päeva tagasi
'fucking mayonnaises' never fails to make me cry laughing
the red guest :p
the red guest :p 24 päeva tagasi
the ending make me go sad
Unnaturally Natural
Unnaturally Natural 24 päeva tagasi
we better have a 2020 version
Hift 24 päeva tagasi
6:23 Jschlatts stare of "thats painfully unfunny"
Brien Martinez
Brien Martinez 24 päeva tagasi
hank venom
jaden flores
jaden flores 25 päeva tagasi
So weird to look at this with all the miniladd clips
froogiies 25 päeva tagasi
Pulpo Pol
Pulpo Pol 25 päeva tagasi
Dude why is schlatt not saying the punchline so funny.
Bobby Bigler
Bobby Bigler 27 päeva tagasi
why is mini lad here
Bobby Bigler
Bobby Bigler 23 päeva tagasi
@Elise Petrine Hovde ah i see
Elise Petrine Hovde
Elise Petrine Hovde 23 päeva tagasi
this was before the scandal was revealed
Glacier 27 päeva tagasi
I don't know if its the laughing, or just schlatts voice, but what ever it is I just could not stop laughing at the punch lines I have tears in my eyes. THEY DIDN'T EVEN MAKE SENSE!!
Alex Hubbell
Alex Hubbell 27 päeva tagasi
Why’s the voice actor from gumball here
zakshei 27 päeva tagasi
45:49 The only thing he stole from was himself.
Bob Ross
Bob Ross 28 päeva tagasi
No matter if you see this, I will always be here, and I will always be everywhere.
A Cube
A Cube 28 päeva tagasi
this jschlatt guy is really funny
Wolf Royalty
Wolf Royalty 28 päeva tagasi
Ignore this, just for personal use: 0:00 we have cookie
Ryder Klein
Ryder Klein 29 päeva tagasi
whitecephei Місяць tagasi
1:55 х> it's a bear 🐻 and next wolf 🐺 Медведь и волк ^^
Leosile Місяць tagasi
26:56 whats the texture pack name?
Zurrahs Місяць tagasi
We haves cookie
ForesakenAlpha Місяць tagasi
Why is everyone using tommyinnits music
FBI agent
FBI agent Місяць tagasi
Just looked af the time its _:__
WSA_BoiLer Місяць tagasi
why is this free?
sofia grace
sofia grace Місяць tagasi
we has cookie!
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