The Accidental 400mg Edible

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Ted Nivison

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Ted accidentally ate a 400mg Edible. Listen to his tell-all here, its funny.
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About Ted Nivison / JehBerDeh:
Ted Nivison is a EEpost entertainer/Filmmaker/voice actor/comedian based in New York. He creates comedy videos on EEpost making commentary videos about various funny topics and poking fun at ridiculous people on Facebook, EEpost, and Instagram. He's got some sweet moves as well.

Ted Nivison
Ted Nivison 3 місяці tagasi
I've said this on Twitter and such, but thank you guys so much for 500k subscribers! I'm gonna be in the process of moving to Los Angeles over the next month (or at least I plan to) But I've got some awesome announcements in store, and great video ideas on the way. The road to 1 million is what lies ahead of us!
Mothball mouth
Mothball mouth 4 päeva tagasi
Next do 400mg DMT with Syrian Rue))
Blue Toad
Blue Toad 6 päeva tagasi
Big lion I’m funny
Ryan Collis
Ryan Collis 12 päeva tagasi
Just FYI, that shaking and coldness you experiences, that’s just anxiety.
Dino man thing? Sans
Dino man thing? Sans 17 päeva tagasi
This was really weird
Garbage Dump
Garbage Dump 19 päeva tagasi
I thought your skyscrapper analagy was gonna be jumping off the building and the lower your tolerance the higher you fall from
Concedo Vinci
Concedo Vinci 2 tundi tagasi
I remember I once ate 4 of those ropes. I was high when I woke up and went to work,I was high my whole 8 hour shift,and I was high when I went to sleep. It was a ride,I'll tell ya
Matthew Phoenix
Matthew Phoenix 5 tundi tagasi
They sell 300 mg suckers at my dispensary in Canada I bought 2 eating them now 😂🍁🇨🇦
Javid Mirzayev
Javid Mirzayev 5 tundi tagasi
Those are rookie numbers
cloutist manz
cloutist manz 6 tundi tagasi
ted i think u need another stick of butter
Sh Ane
Sh Ane 7 tundi tagasi
Look a like terror reid
Toxic Spark
Toxic Spark 8 tundi tagasi
I remember I had an experience like this worst shit if my fucking life
deadly panda1236
deadly panda1236 8 tundi tagasi
Nerds ropes are fake edibles tho. Def not 400mg
PaulRulesTheWorld 9 tundi tagasi
About 4 months ago I had a 900mg edible, I knew it was an edible, I was not aware of the dose until 45 minutes in. I threw up, then passed out on the way out of the bathroom, then made it to the couch and slept for 7 hours. Woke up at 4 am and went home to go back to bed haha. It was awful
Epic gam3r Games
Epic gam3r Games 10 tundi tagasi
These edibles ain’t shit 3 minutes later 🦧🔪🦶🇵🇱💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯🧠
Epic gam3r Games
Epic gam3r Games 4 tundi tagasi
Who do it who liked my stupid ass comment
Zygote 22
Zygote 22 11 tundi tagasi
i mean, I've gotten pretty damn high before, but jesus fuck I hope i never get it this bad
Win or Die trying
Win or Die trying 11 tundi tagasi
I eat the 600mgs almost every other day....
Frank Myers
Frank Myers 12 tundi tagasi
I've never gotten high but one day with the power vested in me I'll go through edible hell
geon 12 tundi tagasi
One of the most popular edibles, howd you not know
Mommy Plunger
Mommy Plunger 14 tundi tagasi
Sometimes the bumps in life are little, sometimes they’re small but sometimes they’re 400mg
lai kamora
lai kamora 15 tundi tagasi
i smoked weed in march, didn’t have any thing until june when i ate an edible for the first time ever and it was 33mg. dude i was high for 12 hours shit was crazy
lai kamora
lai kamora 15 tundi tagasi
and i was at the beach so it was hot asf and i couldn’t just chill and sleep so i got picked up by my cousins boyfriend while he was delivering food
Ice_wallow-come 673
Ice_wallow-come 673 15 tundi tagasi
if u ever get too high u should take a shower before u realize u can’t move cuz showers literally wash the high away
WhenBirb 16 tundi tagasi
I actually had hit a 50 mg edible as I watched this. Now I'm waiting.
Austin Lee
Austin Lee 18 tundi tagasi
bro yeah salt water can help but if you drink too much and still can’t throw up your stomach will cramp, basically turn inside out. and you will die slowly and painfully from ur cells exploding.
TheMudKip 3490
TheMudKip 3490 18 tundi tagasi
And this is why you read the packaging kids
Trinity smith
Trinity smith 19 tundi tagasi
I can freak tf out on 10-30mg. 40mg+ would kill me, I have no idea how people can take 40mg+ for fun
Mars Cassidy
Mars Cassidy 21 tund tagasi
Plot Twist: the tea Ted's drinking throughout the video was also an edible
Katsuki Bakuhoe
Katsuki Bakuhoe 22 tundi tagasi
i accidentally did this once. i was convinced my awful cotton mouth was me ODing (i know i can't OD on weed. high me didn't care though, i was convinced i knew everything and was dying) and i had such a bad panic attack over it that i ended up vomiting on and off all night. i also for some reason was convinced that i could see everything that has ever happened in the world all at once, i seriously thought that i had learned the secrets to the universe.
Jett Cameron
Jett Cameron Päev tagasi
This is nothing. I was going on a camping trip once and said I'd make pot brownies so that way the other people couldn't smell us smoke. I got off work about an hour and a half before we were supposed to leave so I was in a big rush. I melted 1 gram of 1000 mg cannabutter and poured it into the batter then put it in the oven. We get to the mountains and start eating them and absolutely nothing happened. I get home the next day and smoked some and got the munchies so I decided to eat a leftover brownie. Little did I know, the reason we didnt get high is because I didn't mix it into the batter, so the entire gram was in one piece, and thats the piece I ate. It hit me while I was out running errands and I had to have a buddy drive me home because the world was spinning. I got back and slept from 3 P.M. to 2 P.M. the next day. Worst experience of my life.
LE Straighter
LE Straighter Päev tagasi
I thought this was a vid from getter
iDontGetPaidEnough Päev tagasi
Damn bruh I never had a edible but that must have been kinda fun
Hmm Päev tagasi
It’s been 3 months already holy shit
Toxie Päev tagasi
My foot is cramping
Gaige Snyder
Gaige Snyder Päev tagasi
I took 500mg my first time and I was perfectly fine, though that could be because i'm 6'3" 240 pounds.
Ben Smith
Ben Smith Päev tagasi
bruh im 13 and my classmate once smoked 5000 mg
Rubber Duck
Rubber Duck Päev tagasi
I'm in my high school marching band and last year a saxophone player who is a huge stoner came to a football game high as fuck and everyone was messing with him saying there were spiders in his hair and shit lmao
HuskyWolf Gamer89
HuskyWolf Gamer89 Päev tagasi
Just show this shit to kids instead of any scary PSA video
Campbell Drew
Campbell Drew Päev tagasi
400mg ain’t even that much lightweight
ah ha ha fuck
ah ha ha fuck Päev tagasi
Shlatt: "cmon its fine its just a massager" Ted high as hell: "ill jiu-jitsu you bitch"
Summability52 Päev tagasi
Waitttt, was it seavu campground in wells
corpse rot
corpse rot Päev tagasi
i can never get enough of this vid
Casbiggelaar 2 päeva tagasi
Not tryna brag or something but 400 mg just isnt that much , maybe im a pothead but i did 1 gram
xBlackShadowsZz Päev tagasi
You’ll eating black market edibles it’s not accurate
randomgamer9012 2 päeva tagasi
4:07 i just love that face he makes along with the sound it's hilarious HM?
UltraInstnctKiwi 2 päeva tagasi
That's crazy... aside from the puking, he more or less had a sensory overload
Liquid Chalk
Liquid Chalk 2 päeva tagasi
From what ive heard these got confirmed to be fake so Ted might have not even been high
Liquid Chalk
Liquid Chalk 2 päeva tagasi
The eddibles I mean
Caden Fish
Caden Fish 2 päeva tagasi
Omg i know exactly how you feel, that shit sucks 😂
Anon1776 2 päeva tagasi
basically what ted felt: - death.mp4
Tyler Montano
Tyler Montano 2 päeva tagasi
Bruh those nerd ropes ain’t 400 mg
xBlackShadowsZz Päev tagasi
These kids won’t understand, they probably vape dank vapes
Max Zuniga
Max Zuniga 2 päeva tagasi
Nerdz rope were tested and they were nowhere near 400mg of thc 😂 it’s was like 3mg
Max Zuniga
Max Zuniga 2 päeva tagasi
Lmao, those red ropes were tested and they only got like 1% thc in it 😂
Aaron Acosta
Aaron Acosta 2 päeva tagasi
mans should’ve just took a 500 mg CBD edible and he would’ve been Gucci in the Coochie
Rich Malishefski
Rich Malishefski 2 päeva tagasi
Took dabs one time and got the shaking and chills. The shaking is kinda like a stress thing when your mind gets stressed or overloaded and you just twig out. But tbh I like being super fucking high like that so🤷‍♂️
skateaz 0
skateaz 0 2 päeva tagasi
Buying sprayed edibles smh
Jerrell Wills
Jerrell Wills 2 päeva tagasi
I love the deepest end of weed highs and I'm vastly terrified of them at the same breath. Thank you have a nice day.
Tuna Fish
Tuna Fish 2 päeva tagasi
Is it wed
Jackson Smith
Jackson Smith 2 päeva tagasi
“In the pursuit of life sometimes we run into bumps along the road. These bumps very in size and severity. Sometimes it’s a tiny little pebble and other times it’s a giant fucking bolder. For instance, you went on a hike and got hit by a giant fucking bolder” -Ted Nivison
Zackary Rogers
Zackary Rogers 2 päeva tagasi
This happened to me when i was 14 lmao we thought it would be "cool" to get gummies and my friend thought he was an expert and said we should take 4-5 each and they were 100mg each... never touched weed again lmao
RogueLlama 2 päeva tagasi
I've only been high once. I hated it so much.
Brandon Bass
Brandon Bass 3 päeva tagasi
Praise jeebus you can’t OD on THC 😅
flipper boi
flipper boi 3 päeva tagasi
When i get high i go into the third person cause i got indicas and i get sleepy hungry 3rd persony and get very emotional
Shinkō Martin
Shinkō Martin 3 päeva tagasi
Been there done that let me tell you I have ptsd now lmfao
Lana S
Lana S 3 päeva tagasi
Oh so like lobby to top floor from the Shinra building and you took the route of the stairs
JoeVSWrld 3 päeva tagasi
so where can i buy this
SpaghettiCondo.m911 3 päeva tagasi
I ate a weed cookie when I was 7 guess what it was made for a cancer patient it was potent to the point i forgot who my aunt was after that I never wanted to do weed ever in my life.
TheEvl00 3 päeva tagasi
This does not look to good, or POG.
Do you Even meow?
Do you Even meow? 3 päeva tagasi
Just ate a nerds rope before I watched this vid, good content !!
CAKE 0 3 päeva tagasi
its so weirdly reassuring to hear ted tell this funny story about weed, cuz all i've ever heard about weed is illegal yet pleasant, but now i know that it is NOT a good idea to just take a bunch of it at once
Robby 3 päeva tagasi
Those nerds ropes are sprayed on as opposed to baked in and are almost always made by a street level dealer, so they’re made for profit and sprayed with sketchy chemicals
Owen Stevens
Owen Stevens 3 päeva tagasi
probably not even close to 400 mg either
michael snyder
michael snyder 3 päeva tagasi
Ted I'm very upset in no part of the video was I able to eat the video.
Conner J
Conner J 3 päeva tagasi
but have you tried acid
007 Anan
007 Anan 3 päeva tagasi
Dude you look like me
Anthony Leo
Anthony Leo 3 päeva tagasi
He’s eating some sprayed booo booo y’all think there’s someone making nerd ropes 😭 he’ll no you think that they make the thc count (if there even is any) 500 milligrams 😭 your wrong people barley know how much is in there own homemade edibles wit this being said the brownie in a ziplock bag or the rice crispy treat in a vacuumed sealed bag is way way safer then your pre packaged possibly non thc contented fake nerd ropes candy
Cameronnn 3 päeva tagasi
The first time I got high I was at a friends house and she gave me half of one of these and oh my god I was not prepared. For reference, I’m about 110 pounds, I’ve never done any drugs (at this point lol), and I just put 200mg into my body and i had no idea. My friend got piss drunk and passed tf out before the edible could even hit so I was by myself. When it hit I got super dizzy, I felt like the walls were moving around me so I decided to lay down. I don’t remember much from that night but I kept notes on my phone during my intoxicated state, here it is without any changes: HOW WAS THAT ONLY TEN MINUTES ITS FELT LIOE 3 YEARS WTFFF I’M TRIPPING SO HARD LMAOOO I WANT AND THEN I WAS I aM floor, odinson, prinve of asgaurd Timtok is too long Flash from zootopia She’s normal and I’m slow Will my eye’s even be open the next time I blink DOLLEYES WATCHED NARUTO FOR 4 min 20 sec conincidentslly wow I lost, ggodnight Tiny goat knife Imradver scadver NY RELECTIN MOVED IN GOING TO SLEEP 20 min I wish that i could explain these but I honestly cannot and they’ll haunt me forever. Like wtf does ‘tiny goat knife’ mean ?
Devalan Taylor
Devalan Taylor 3 päeva tagasi
The intro sounds like me trying to explain to my mom that I crashed my car and I'm trying to calm my mom down before she yells at me.
Zyvranth YT
Zyvranth YT 3 päeva tagasi
“This is the misfits house, put that down!”
Matei Stoian
Matei Stoian 3 päeva tagasi
This is the Greatest High
Lewis Phillips
Lewis Phillips 4 päeva tagasi
I keep coming back to this video because this story is amazingly good. I’ve watched it about 4 or 5 times now, at least.
Panda 4 päeva tagasi
I can’t even go through a blunt without my heart pounding 😂
Pine Cone
Pine Cone 2 päeva tagasi
i know a 6"3' one toke wonder, that's about as bad as it gets
Killer Vikstar
Killer Vikstar 4 päeva tagasi
You probably wont see this, but you weren't high the following day. You had a weed hangover. It happens in high doses.
Clanky Pancakes
Clanky Pancakes 4 päeva tagasi
Pog 14:04
Lev Just lev
Lev Just lev 4 päeva tagasi
Weed messes with the brain, it gives fake pleasure, but it also messed up with your sensory capabilities, It's a similar effect to the move-headache that happens if your sleep is interrupted while the brain is restoring muscles, but instead of a headache you just felt pain.
Vivian Stewart
Vivian Stewart 4 päeva tagasi
The first time I ever got high was with 100mg ediables, and I keep thinking I was pissing myself
Jess 4 päeva tagasi
One hit makes me feel like this. The cold, shakes. I think it is is my head and others can't tell but I feel it. I, also, jerk my feet when sitting because they feel so cold and I can't help it. If I had one of those nerd ropes, I would of immediately made myself sick in hopes I could reduce the HELL about to come. I would beg someone to physically hold me in a blanket like a baby because I think I would be so cold and hurting that I would just be jerking around and, possibly, crying. I am glad you are okay and I am sorry you had to experience that. Luckily, you have some awesome friends to help you out and maybe your girlfriend was understanding. ALTHOUGH, if I was in a situation like that I'd be like "WTF? Seriously? How could you POSSIBLY mix that up?!". Awesome story. Thank you!
Jess 4 päeva tagasi
You should of put a banana down your throat, peel on. Chug a LOT OF MILK, a couple raw eggs and tuna... That's a pretty disgusting combo. Mixed with a banana?... I think it may of helped?
210 smokin
210 smokin 4 päeva tagasi
whats funny about this is tho all the ropes going around at the time were with less then 10 % thc because the brand is not licensed
Tiger kite
Tiger kite Päev tagasi
Kaitlynn Green
Kaitlynn Green 4 päeva tagasi
I’m from Maine what part did you go and visit?
mtndewbby LIVE
mtndewbby LIVE 4 päeva tagasi
just rememberd that this video existed,,, thank you youtube recommended, i am now sitting in my bed at 9 at night vibing
Lil Biscuit
Lil Biscuit 4 päeva tagasi
Most of the time these edibles are just sprayed with distillate and don't actually have canna butter cooked into them. Try making your own edibles. the 400 mg is normally not how much is actually in it
Kyle Clift
Kyle Clift 4 päeva tagasi
You deserve way more subs
Very Big Child
Very Big Child 4 päeva tagasi
This is his best video. Which is sad to say because that means it’s all downhill from here.
Jabob 4 päeva tagasi
That outro though
i m
i m 4 päeva tagasi
2:31 and I already know what will happen hahahahhaha
pubblin 4 päeva tagasi
This video solidifies my opinion that when Ted becomes an old man his storytelling abilities will be a big hit among his grandchildren.
florescent corncob
florescent corncob 4 päeva tagasi
Lmao. He did a weeds.
florescent corncob
florescent corncob 4 päeva tagasi
Lmao. He did a weeds.
Antony Willis
Antony Willis 4 päeva tagasi
If you get super high on anything and you wanna stop eat some grapefruits it helps bring it down.
Juan deleon
Juan deleon 4 päeva tagasi
I smoke every 2 hours that aint nun buddy 😂
Mason Bond
Mason Bond 4 päeva tagasi
You handled it like a champ. I would be panicking uncontrollably and going full mental breakdown
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ 5 päeva tagasi
My friends and i smoked some mojo marjuana and got really high and we were tripping balls and this was a month ago then about 15 minutes ago i ate a 250mg cookie edible and holy jesus i fell bad for you
the 5 päeva tagasi
“Ted I think you need another stick of butter” thanks schlatt i love the reference
PapayaThatYoutuber 5 päeva tagasi
Even while not recording a serious video Schlatt remains in character and it’s both amazing and terrifying.
PapayaThatYoutuber 5 päeva tagasi
At 8:16 the delivery of the line “Which I was!” Sounded very similar to John Mulaney. So basically, very funny and well executed!
Nihilism 5 päeva tagasi
They could have made a quick sensory deprivation tank so when he started feeling pain, he would be floating in warm ish water
Wendys 5 päeva tagasi
Imagine smoking weed 🤢
Zeke 5 päeva tagasi
We in the stoner community call this a "green out"
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