Terrible Kung Fu Panda Knockoffs

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Ted Nivison

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Terrible Kung Fu Panda Knockoffs? Ted tries to answer this question!
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About Ted Nivison / JehBerDeh:
Ted Nivison is a EEpost entertainer/Filmmaker/voice actor/comedian based in New York. He creates comedy videos on EEpost making commentary videos about various funny topics and poking fun at ridiculous people on Facebook, EEpost, and Instagram. He's got some sweet moves as well.

rocko6alex 8 місяців tagasi
Why does Ted have "jack black sexy" in his search history at 16:57?
ThatB0iY’know ㅤ
ThatB0iY’know ㅤ 12 päeva tagasi
ChocolateChipWaffle 20 päeva tagasi
@Duke Dinger Two we got that bud
Tom Russ
Tom Russ 25 päeva tagasi
@Duke Dinger Two ha it’s funny how he liked the comment defending him. Idk I just thought that was hilarious
Deadly V2
Deadly V2 Місяць tagasi
Who doesn’t
Farah_ Afia
Farah_ Afia Місяць tagasi
because he is
My beef Got roasted
My beef Got roasted 4 päeva tagasi
Who is going to tell ted that Maryland is an actual place
bryn#6666 4 päeva tagasi
Teds gonna be pissed when he finds about Maryland, USA
The Guppigang
The Guppigang 4 päeva tagasi
The movie single handedly ruined my appetite for lunch.
BLindley2k23 5 päeva tagasi
19:13 ...so like the state of Maryland?
okibean the simp
okibean the simp 9 päeva tagasi
OMG A BEAGLE WITH NUNCHUCKS I HAVE A BEAGLE oh wait nunchuck beagle is kinda ugly
okibean the simp
okibean the simp 9 päeva tagasi
Ok any flautist in chat? When she was "playing the flute" she had the wrong holding. It looked like my younger brother roleplaying as me with a toilet paper roll as a flute. Like actually.
Ronan Guy
Ronan Guy 9 päeva tagasi
Me when Ted talks about the bull: Man, thris is bull!
Yurp Ski
Yurp Ski 11 päeva tagasi
Bro I had the prodigy on disc 😭😭😭😭
random stuff
random stuff 11 päeva tagasi
I watched the prodigy so many times as a kid, it was my favourite thing
Izabella Tucci
Izabella Tucci 12 päeva tagasi
i'm 8 months late to this video but yo that pig straight up has a pair of flagella
TheHauntedAttic 13 päeva tagasi
23:54 I know this was silenced for copyright reasons but it’s honestly way funnier with no audio
Adrien Di Giovanni
Adrien Di Giovanni 14 päeva tagasi
I'm drunk amd this feels more and more like a fever dream.
Rowan Lemke
Rowan Lemke 14 päeva tagasi
20:47, that’s an aardvark
Patrick Tolsma
Patrick Tolsma 14 päeva tagasi
Why does Patrick in human form have to look just like me
real gamer hours
real gamer hours 19 päeva tagasi
Why does it keep zooming in on ted's face?
Yeet Yeetson
Yeet Yeetson 20 päeva tagasi
i love how in the second movie EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER who was from Merryland pronounced Merryland COMPLETELY different
Yeet Yeetson
Yeet Yeetson 20 päeva tagasi
so i translated the “magic words” (jing yu mang) and it literally means ‘busy’... what does that even MEAN
Wii Dog
Wii Dog 21 päev tagasi
What Website are you on to watch the Prodigy
Kekree Wilson
Kekree Wilson 21 päev tagasi
Fuck Maryland
Entrosed 21 päev tagasi
TED candy isles exist I know this captain kanucles told me so do not lie
NelsonDrums 22 päeva tagasi
I love these! They're hilarious! keep 'em coming!
Grace Nation
Grace Nation 22 päeva tagasi
Ted dissing on merryland while I’m in Maryland
X4X2X0 69
X4X2X0 69 23 päeva tagasi
I dont know what was more intense, the four tabs of acid I did or whatever the fuck this video did to me
【honestly】 23 päeva tagasi
No lie, at 12:56 that dance is the same dance from IMVU.
MrGamesLord 309
MrGamesLord 309 23 päeva tagasi
These movies seem like they would be in netflix
ZNDR 23 päeva tagasi
The dislikes on thie video are from people who were involved in the making of these movies
Josh Briggs
Josh Briggs 23 päeva tagasi
I have fucking seen the first movie before and have wanted to know what it was called for so long
Ava Thompson
Ava Thompson 24 päeva tagasi
“That dude is eating wheaties.” -Ted
hughes holman
hughes holman 26 päeva tagasi
im sorry but the onion dogs cry what?
Deacon Gibbs
Deacon Gibbs 27 päeva tagasi
As a native Marylander i can confirm that the second film is 110% accurate lmao XD
Lucius Stock
Lucius Stock 28 päeva tagasi
Drugs the movie
The Nailsmith
The Nailsmith 29 päeva tagasi
As a Maryland dweller, I’m personally offended about you saying my home state sucks
Link !
Link ! 29 päeva tagasi
the purple racoon looks like a toxel from pokemon tbh😂
mileycyrusfan197 Місяць tagasi
wooow. i had no clue about these lol
Clixx Dillon
Clixx Dillon Місяць tagasi
0:34 is straight facts
That Hitmann
That Hitmann Місяць tagasi
Why's the goat hot?
Charles Calvin
Charles Calvin Місяць tagasi
Me when there's good food 2:48
Galarticuno Місяць tagasi
19:13 Ted forgets that the state Maryland exists Sure not in ancient China, but still
Drop Kicked Murphy
Drop Kicked Murphy Місяць tagasi
Po's arm clips through his sleeve so many goddamn times and they didn't do anything to fix it
Q U A C C M A N Місяць tagasi
Turquoise Dodo
Turquoise Dodo Місяць tagasi
these are still better than the boss baby
Rowan H.-S.
Rowan H.-S. Місяць tagasi
5:41 I’ve actually seen one of my friends make that face irl. It was terrifying
BlindLarva Місяць tagasi
13:00 goop moment
Oompa Loompa
Oompa Loompa Місяць tagasi
You know there are at least 1000 comments that say this: Me:can I have Kung fu panda Mom:no we have Kung fu panda at home *kung fu panda at home*
ThatOneJakbo Місяць tagasi
“He’s trapped in a horrifically strange nightmare land where nothing makes sense and all of the people are rude” *Same*
doodle noodle
doodle noodle Місяць tagasi
Wait but doesn't maryland exist
Orange Tiles
Orange Tiles Місяць tagasi
23:54 - excuse me is that a fucking Skylander??
Michael keaton
Michael keaton Місяць tagasi
6:06 why did the panda started an imitation of Joe Pesci?
Pacmaneatsall 9
Pacmaneatsall 9 Місяць tagasi
The prodigy's animation looks like the movie "food fight"
Nerfherder219 Місяць tagasi
Panda Warrior is on HBO Max.... somehow....
James Charles
James Charles Місяць tagasi
How was I not subscribed already?
[REDACTED] Місяць tagasi
20:15 this is even weirder than some of those Japanese Isekai Anime
Brice Vasquez
Brice Vasquez Місяць tagasi
Top ten characters who can defeat Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet: Number 1: Patrick when Thanos disses his grandpa
Brice Vasquez
Brice Vasquez 4 päeva tagasi
@にちぼつ Indeed, my friend.
にちぼつ 4 päeva tagasi
Momento Mori
Chloe Carpenter
Chloe Carpenter Місяць tagasi
The sassy trolls poster was only fixed cause he was helping a girl..... clearly a gamer moment.
Roux gamer21
Roux gamer21 Місяць tagasi
bro, the pig thing look up star wars rebels
Kyle Cheng
Kyle Cheng Місяць tagasi
19:13 Lol Maryland is a colony in the United States which makes it even better
ItsBradmin Місяць tagasi
Everyone living in Maryland: 👁👄👁
Oodoos Місяць tagasi
This is actually hurting my brain
Duck Go Quacks
Duck Go Quacks Місяць tagasi
Onion dog commit cry haha lol
Glitch Місяць tagasi
panda warrior seems like a really weird, bad dream I would have
Glitch Місяць tagasi
for being a kungfu panda knockoff panda warrior is surprisingly creative.
Glitch Місяць tagasi
Maryland: Ted Nivinson: Maryland doesn't exist!
DAMIAN SAENZ Місяць tagasi
how to spooky people fisrt walk to child spooky 33:45
Glitch Місяць tagasi
me: mom can we get kungfu panda? mom: no we have kung fu panda at home kungfupanda at home:
Shadows Rising
Shadows Rising Місяць tagasi
10:51 why is she running like an arthritic grandma trying to get the bargains at the local supermarket before they run out
Shadows Rising
Shadows Rising Місяць tagasi
6:15 ... just pause it and look
Sean McManus
Sean McManus Місяць tagasi
damn KG is a dime
Alexis TwoLastNames
Alexis TwoLastNames Місяць tagasi
crowen thunder
crowen thunder Місяць tagasi
6:14 pause Sweet dreams
Josh Місяць tagasi
Merryland is almost real, I live in Maryland.
Arctic Grey
Arctic Grey Місяць tagasi
They just added a girl to kung fu panda
TrrashhIsHere Місяць tagasi
omg The Prodigy looks like a Tekken 1 ending.
Arizoma Ramger
Arizoma Ramger Місяць tagasi
F in the chat for Maryland
_Lamineee Місяць tagasi
20:41 Ashoka Tano was real quiet after this
Crispy Місяць tagasi
Dylan Lasater
Dylan Lasater Місяць tagasi
Merryland? You mean Switzerland?
Dark Lord
Dark Lord Місяць tagasi
Where can you even watch the prodigy
James Côté
James Côté Місяць tagasi
Movies like that are like a rushed literature assignment in highschool
Aidan Gossard
Aidan Gossard Місяць tagasi
This is some oblivion crap.
CMartiniYolo Gaming
CMartiniYolo Gaming Місяць tagasi
25:27 Why am i reminded of bloons tower defence?
Doctor Alto Clef
Doctor Alto Clef Місяць tagasi
"I won't eat your poison, Gwyneth Paltrow" sounds like if John Mulaney talked about goop.
Wendy McCoy
Wendy McCoy Місяць tagasi
"You've got Rob Sneider who was on SNL in the 70s" I.... I don't know why that bothered me so much but it did"
Gaylgeoir Місяць tagasi
Everyone just gonna gloss over tom “spongebob” kenny being in the second movie
Confused Ora
Confused Ora Місяць tagasi
This is like me attempting to explain an anime to my friend
Fucking grass
Fucking grass Місяць tagasi
Holy shit, I actually watched this as a kid. I only recall the panda guy saying “This is the Jade Room,” for some reason.
pew penguin
pew penguin Місяць tagasi
Technically meryland is real its a state
Dr. Drakofly
Dr. Drakofly Місяць tagasi
The animation in Adventure of the Panda Warrior is basically Sid the Science Kid. I am sorry for that thought.
kk vevo
kk vevo Місяць tagasi
watch ratatoing
The official Jack
The official Jack Місяць tagasi
And that’s more then six looks at my little brother and he has 5 fingers up and says and that’s more than 5
Taylorchalupa !
Taylorchalupa ! Місяць tagasi
This scares The fuk outta me like I wanna cry eww
Ramen_Operator _
Ramen_Operator _ Місяць tagasi
hate to say it but id smash kg
Lambnbacon Місяць tagasi
The hippo calls himself a river horse bc in chinese thats a literal translation of the word hippo
Majestic Goatt
Majestic Goatt Місяць tagasi
Patrick is lucky he ended up in that part of Maryland. He wouldn't last a second in Baltimore
Max Last-Meinhold
Max Last-Meinhold Місяць tagasi
Maryland is a real place. It's north of Virginia and south of Pennsylvania.
Ivan Ivanof Ivansson
Ivan Ivanof Ivansson Місяць tagasi
man i havent laughed so hard in a long time, your commenting is amazing! +1 sub
Daka Baka
Daka Baka Місяць tagasi
Ted is saberspark, but better.
Arsene_VA Місяць tagasi
no cap, i watched the prodigy as a kid, completely forgot about it
Andrew Soldana
Andrew Soldana Місяць tagasi
28:46 when a mad npc ignores that there is a cutscene happening
15thinfantrydiv Місяць tagasi
For some reason this is my favorite Ted video, I find myself watching it anytime I need to laugh and or fall asleep. Thanks Ted
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