Television is a Confusing, Expensive Mess

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Drew Gooden

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At first I was just confused, but now I'm mad.
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Call Me Conor
Call Me Conor 12 päeva tagasi
Yeah this comment got pinned. Big deal.
tani 3 päeva tagasi
tani 3 päeva tagasi
tani 3 päeva tagasi
tani 3 päeva tagasi
tani 3 päeva tagasi
Sienna M
Sienna M 26 minutit tagasi
Y’all don’t have free to air tv??
The Lethal Shadow
The Lethal Shadow 52 minutit tagasi
When they tried to make you continue paying you should have just refused. They would have called you to tell you that you owe them until they forget but you don’t have to pay. My mom did it to shaw
Mopishfool 53 minutit tagasi
This video could have been split into 2 parts: one about TV and one with Drew ranting about his internet provider
Mopishfool Tund tagasi
Eh Songland isn’t really about the people competing.
David Aldrich
David Aldrich Tund tagasi
Honestly don’t get cable cause of sports. Just get like NBA tv or Sunday Ticket
Melissa Sanders
Melissa Sanders 2 tundi tagasi
The one good thing I can say about Spectrum is they are complete pushovers. At least in my area. I have called multiple times asking about exact charges and they have always bent over for me.
Bucherviews 2 tundi tagasi
2:43 - I spot a Welsh office background! 'Diolch, Thank You' :D
James A.
James A. 2 tundi tagasi
Lolol I love how you use Sora's lines for the Haley skit
Smalls 2 tundi tagasi
You completely glossed over “detective show but TWIST they’re a ___”. Like Monk which is “detective show but TWIST he’s OCD” or psych which is “detective show but TWIST he’s psychic but also TWIST he’s actually not”
Deerio 3 tundi tagasi
everyone else: *talking about the video* me: hehe bouncy tv
Hannah Fisher
Hannah Fisher 3 tundi tagasi
I loved g4! They also had the original Japanese ninja warrior episodes
i don't know my name
i don't know my name 3 tundi tagasi
Damn , did not see your vid come up in my reccomended for a long time. Gj danny for a great vid.
gio s
gio s 3 tundi tagasi
Ahh I see you’re another old soul from the greatest time as well and has partaken the member berries
beet 3 tundi tagasi
feelin bad for those old people being shysted out of their cash.
Randy Bautista
Randy Bautista 4 tundi tagasi
There's a fantasy utopia where Kevin James is President??? How do I get there?
Gacha Glitch
Gacha Glitch 4 tundi tagasi
“That way you can watch movies the way intended, at 720p and constant commercials” *perfectly placed ad*
theimaginaryfriend96 4 tundi tagasi
That was just straight up a commercial for attorney Dan Newlin lol Orlando peeps see you Drew
Blakberri 1
Blakberri 1 4 tundi tagasi
I feel like at this point you can pirate movies/tv shows/etc, get arrested, then get bailed out for cheaper than a cable company...
OakTheDestroyer 4 tundi tagasi
Tubi tv is free and now has live news. That's all you need
DoubleAgentE 4 tundi tagasi
Drew: watch them they way they meant to be watched. With ad... *Ads play*
Chloe Kenyon
Chloe Kenyon 4 tundi tagasi
not masked singer and i can see your voice both just american versions of korean shows
marichat_bish 6 tundi tagasi
When you said commercial I got an ad
Rachel Losacco
Rachel Losacco 6 tundi tagasi
My parents still watch cable. I think their package comes with HBOmax, so we stream that sometimes anyway. We've had a Netflix plan since like 2012. We have Amazon prime mostly for free shipping, and it now include prime on demand, so we can stream those shows too. Then my brother got the hulu/Spotify deal with his university, and also decided to get Disney+ because he's studying animation and wants/needs to watch that as well I guess. So between the 4 of us we have the top 5 streaming services... and cable. The most watch time is without a doubt on the streaming services, but my parents are basically the only ones who watch cable, mostly for news. I get my news from phillyd and last week tonight, and I really can't handle any more anxiety about reality outside of that. So I'll be in my room judging my parents for spending so much time watching cable TV while they're in the living room judging me for watching so much EEpost. We like to have a healthy and respectful relationship.
Ashish Toppo
Ashish Toppo 6 tundi tagasi
Cable In india is 7 dollars when converted from rupees. So I don't really care about cable tbh like it's not too much money and my parents pay for it
Melinda Reed
Melinda Reed 6 tundi tagasi
Love that promo code
Sean Jenkins
Sean Jenkins 6 tundi tagasi
As a spectrum employee, don't worry they're just going to start raising the price of the internet service and if they really get their way impose data caps like the cellphone companies do.
marichat_bish 5 tundi tagasi
I guess my family is lucky we didn’t take the sales women’s offer
electra 7 tundi tagasi
say what you want but law and order svu is the best show out of all the ones he said
crailgrabproductions 7 tundi tagasi
How ironic, exactly at 9:38 when Drew said, movies are interrupted by commercials, I got one from YT 🤷‍♂️
marichat_bish 5 tundi tagasi
He put the ad there
Oliblobs 7 tundi tagasi
Why is no one talking about the fact that Drew put an ad where he said “constantly interrupted by ads”? That was genius
marichat_bish 5 tundi tagasi
Ikr 😂😂
Julia Gulia
Julia Gulia 7 tundi tagasi
this is just drew complaining about cable prices but I love it LOL
котянци 7 tundi tagasi
Forgot to mention the pirate bay mate
Carlin McDermott
Carlin McDermott 8 tundi tagasi
Spectrum execs watching this: 👁 👄 👁
Alex In March
Alex In March 8 tundi tagasi
i work for spectrum and this video made me so uncomfortable 😭😭😭😂
Can I have my pizza please? Where's my pizza?
Can I have my pizza please? Where's my pizza? 8 tundi tagasi
I remember my shock when I found out that House of Cards is also a reboot.
Sir Phantasmic
Sir Phantasmic 8 tundi tagasi
TCM and MoviePlex are the only channels I watch on cable anymore.
kit tea
kit tea 8 tundi tagasi
when i had spectrum installed it took the guy 3 hours and he fucked it up so they had to send another guy to come fix it
Nedlufc 13
Nedlufc 13 9 tundi tagasi
In England to watch a football/soccer game it costs £15...JUST FOR 1
Emily Waters
Emily Waters 9 tundi tagasi
Im shocked you didnt talk more about the ads in cable. My grandparents literally watch 5 minutes of show before theres 3 minutes of ads on TV. Its so bad that at this point i cannot watch cable because how much it took me out of the program we were watching.
Jack AndTheBeanstalk
Jack AndTheBeanstalk 9 tundi tagasi
Cable adds so many hidden fees it’s dumb
Hazil Sage
Hazil Sage 10 tundi tagasi
I was an inbound Spectrum customer service rep and quit after a day bc it was so bad... so im sorry... lmaooooo
Nolan Straus
Nolan Straus 10 tundi tagasi
Only good channel is FX
JM G 10 tundi tagasi
my dad pays fucken 120$ a month so mum can record the block and the numerous versions of various bitches of wherever
AegenemmnoN 11 tundi tagasi
I wish this video was an extra 20 minutes of shitting on spectrum
Amy Burgess
Amy Burgess 11 tundi tagasi
A mid roll ad popped up immediately after you said “constantly interrupted by commercials”
S M 13 tundi tagasi
"I can see your voice" is also a rip off of the original Korean show with the same name, just like masked singer
Jazmin 14 tundi tagasi
Drew: constantly inturupted my commercials *ad plays straight after*
Grace Oh
Grace Oh 14 tundi tagasi
"I can see your voice" is also an American version of the Korean singing show, "너의 목소리가 보여". The purpose of the show is to guess who actually sings well among a group of lipsyncing people.
Tu Linh Cao Ngoc
Tu Linh Cao Ngoc 14 tundi tagasi
I wanna die
Tu Linh Cao Ngoc
Tu Linh Cao Ngoc 14 tundi tagasi
ndzhelin 15 tundi tagasi
My household could save so much money but I live with someone who religiously watches very specific sports that are only available on Sky. guess ill die
domS 15 tundi tagasi
my cable company sucks ass as well. they’re all trash. we only have wifi service from them now and even that is garbage. i always get speeds around 50-80Mbps when it should be 300Mbps. i switched my live tv service to Hulu & it’s so much better
Brett Richardson
Brett Richardson 16 tundi tagasi
How was EEpost okay with you just uploading entire segments of law and order like that
Liah valentine
Liah valentine 16 tundi tagasi
This sure became a spectrum hate video
BorderlineExperimental 16 tundi tagasi
Thanks for reminding me of scrubs! Gonna binge watch it till it gets bad, get depressed, drink myself straight back to amnesia and living in a haze until someone reminds me of scrubs.
Valentina R
Valentina R 16 tundi tagasi
It makes me mad that they rip off the Korean version and make them so bad
Rich Koch
Rich Koch 16 tundi tagasi
If cable tv doesn’t take notes it’ll cease to exist in the new 2-5 years
Ghy Sambath
Ghy Sambath 17 tundi tagasi
In here you just pay for disk satellite for 99$ and that it , you can watch it for it lifetime .
titlewave 18 tundi tagasi
*"Shirtless Obama"* Pin me tough guy.
Gabi H.
Gabi H. 18 tundi tagasi
Isn't I Can See Your Voice also Korean (idk if it originated there but it certainly aired before the American one). They really said lets rip off a bunch of Asian shows, make them super tacky, and put Ken Jeong in it becomes look ! hes an Asian!
Joe Northover
Joe Northover 18 tundi tagasi
I just do Netflix
titlewave 18 tundi tagasi
wait, d'melio sister really has a doctor show called weenie hut general.... *the dog's the doctor*
Ranajit Banerjee
Ranajit Banerjee 18 tundi tagasi
Ha ha $112 for 200 Mbps speed. we get 300 Mbps for about $15
OTBxJuice 18 tundi tagasi
6 years later, haven’t used cable in 4 years, still remember that spongebob was on channel 170. Memories.
Probably Kiri
Probably Kiri 19 tundi tagasi
"if you're white you can watch HGTV" I- I love HGTV
Paskha Pibiki
Paskha Pibiki 19 tundi tagasi
I ironically love blue bloods and Chicago PD, the episode where Chicago PD had a crossover with Law and Order was wild
Bookworm1496 19 tundi tagasi
I live in Arizona (the place where rain doesn’t exist lol) and direct tv isn’t any better here. My dad used to have direct tv when I was younger and the cable would cut out all the time. Like it was crazy how often it cut out and tell you something was blocking the dish or whatever the error message was
Cassie 19 tundi tagasi
Masked singer... sounds like King of the masked singer, a korean show that is basically the same, but its really good and people actually can sing, its just really good.
Cassie 19 tundi tagasi
ITS N I N J A my soul just fucking died
DD Nicole
DD Nicole 19 tundi tagasi
The man put the ads right after talking about movies being interrupted by camercials. What a genius.
Astrobella 20 tundi tagasi
Dang can’t believe ya did Mark Hamil like that
Astrobella 20 tundi tagasi
I have Spectrum 😳
TheCocoaGamer #1
TheCocoaGamer #1 20 tundi tagasi
6:40 S H I R T L E S S O B A M A
Fierce Official
Fierce Official 20 tundi tagasi
9:35 I literally got an ad when he said “ constantly interrupted by commercials”
Astrobella 20 tundi tagasi
As you mentioned the “constantly interrupted by commercials” I got an ad..
Shark Boy
Shark Boy 20 tundi tagasi
life is a confusing, expensive mess
no Ah
no Ah 20 tundi tagasi
I don’t know why watching Drew hating cable is so entertaining, but it is
nam3l3ss z3r0
nam3l3ss z3r0 21 tund tagasi
I miss G4 I watched pretty much every show on there I genuinely miss portal can't find any place rewatch it because of the games. I have no clue why G4 became the cops channel.
John Mauceri
John Mauceri 21 tund tagasi
I have spectrum too, it sucks.
My Free Space, Low Key
My Free Space, Low Key 21 tund tagasi
Disney XD does what now??
AKATHESEAL 21 tund tagasi
The price is still stupid but EEpost tv is a great alternative
bishop toyworks
bishop toyworks 21 tund tagasi
Yeah say they tried to charge us extra when we got our first bill the activation fee and everything but they messed up and sent us a piece of mail junk mail that said $20 a month no matter what so we call them and said either you give it to us for 20 a month or we don't f****** want it
Faith 21 tund tagasi
Please hgtv is honestly superior. I don’t know why I love it so much. It’s all white people looking at white people houses sold to them by white people. But it’s so good.
The Devs
The Devs 21 tund tagasi
My headphones are broken, please re-upload this so i can listen
the running man
the running man 21 tund tagasi
Jokes on you I haven't watched television in ages and I'm going to keep it that way
The Devs
The Devs 21 tund tagasi
*ITS N I N J A* _my soul just fucking died_
Garrett Chandler
Garrett Chandler 22 tundi tagasi
Direct TV tried that 2 year contract crap on me too. I took their box to FedEx and sent it back to them and told them to bite me. Then I moved. It's been 3 years and I'm not in jail so I recommend everyone do this, preferably all at once and put them out of business.
Tsar Bomba
Tsar Bomba 22 tundi tagasi
at 9:35 did anyone else get an ad the second he talked about constant commercials.
Amelia Trexler
Amelia Trexler 22 tundi tagasi
The entire time I was just looking at his jasmine dragon shirt
Chrissy Stark
Chrissy Stark 22 tundi tagasi
I just knew you were talking about spectrum. Florida gang ✨
Tart Nouveau
Tart Nouveau 22 tundi tagasi
I want to show this video to my boomer parents. They’re afraid of streaming lol.
that1guy 23 tundi tagasi
“...and constantly interrupted by commercials” *ad plays* 😳woah, that’s talent
꧁ rxckqbye ꧂
꧁ rxckqbye ꧂ 23 tundi tagasi
This is the moment I realized that I grew up with cable and we didn't get cable fees.... what
꧁ rxckqbye ꧂
꧁ rxckqbye ꧂ Päev tagasi
"When I was in high school I would come home almost everyday" What do you do drew when you dont come home?
Devilflier Päev tagasi
Constantly getting interrupted by commer- *cuts to ad*
Kieran Bratson
Kieran Bratson Päev tagasi
Is cable just american for normal tv? We just buy a decoder over here for like 20 dollars than thats tv, forever
Mike Boggs
Mike Boggs Päev tagasi
oh my god me and my dad watched attack of the show all the time!!! I got to meet Sara Underwood when I was like 12 at comic con.
sam e
sam e Päev tagasi
sir criminal minds is amazing
Kaitlyn Harrison
Kaitlyn Harrison Päev tagasi
the only thing satisfying about tv is feeling apart of something with a series launch or the olympics. however i've decided i'd just go to my moms if I ever want to watch tv when I move out, we have cable tv too and i haven't used it once since high school (2013)
Annabeth Maxey
Annabeth Maxey Päev tagasi
At 9:36 an add popped up 😆
Jahnavi Singh
Jahnavi Singh Päev tagasi
Nah I watched criminal minds because 12 year old me thought Matthew Gray Gubler was hot and that carried into my 20s. The first five seasons were pretty good tho
ChrisE827 Päev tagasi
Don’t talk shit about SVU.
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