Teaching Gamers About God

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Kurtis Conner

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This week, we take a look at a content creator named Dr. Witnesser; who "brings the gospel to gamers". He was banned from Twitch recently for a pretty gnarly reason, so come along as we take a closer look at what exactly happened.
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Jacob Motley
Jacob Motley Tund tagasi
I like to think I have a mature sense of humor but then Kurtis pretends to be constipated with reverb and I lose it
fa1rythn18 2 tundi tagasi
god is my fav content creator
coltslovelywhore 2 tundi tagasi
ever since michigans solar recap, hell doesn’t sound too bad
Androidmk 2 tundi tagasi
Reminds me of a day on tf2 where a heavy was just literally reading the bible.
Sirpenguin09 3 tundi tagasi
curtis became dr phill
emelele skrt skrt
emelele skrt skrt 5 tundi tagasi
im ashamed to share my religion with racist and homophobes that dont respect others beliefs
AnnoyingTiger888 6 tundi tagasi
How pathetic. I bet he was an incel or a neckbeard and just got rejected too many times lmao he can't even be called a man.
Beki Ncube
Beki Ncube 6 tundi tagasi
Hey Kurtis a great Christian you could speak to is Ray Comfort he will tell you all about the Gospel
Smiley 8 tundi tagasi
I don’t know what is going on in America or Canada, but here in Norway you can go to church or clubs in church and you don’t have to be really Christian. Only thing is we don’t want people to wear a hat in church. You can have your confirmation and not even believe in god. We go on trips and play games and it’s actually pretty fun. No one ever told me that I would burn in hell. They just say that there will always be someone there when you need them
TheKittyraccoon 9 tundi tagasi
The peanut sketch is funny because it’s easier to sneak a gun into a school then it is to sneak peanuts.
Laura Palz
Laura Palz 10 tundi tagasi
You know what also is in the bible? Rules of how to treat your slave - so yeah, don't live by the bible🤦
Telechubby4Life 11 tundi tagasi
You sir need Jesus.
Denise Rogers
Denise Rogers 12 tundi tagasi
God is my fav content creator
CrNessata 14 tundi tagasi
Who would even find that content entertaining? Really?
Tristan Radeka
Tristan Radeka 15 tundi tagasi
I’d like to see this guy do this in an mw2 lobby circa 2010
Peachy Penguin
Peachy Penguin 15 tundi tagasi
Am a Christian, this is not how we spread faith, we do not force our ideologies on others and we're not homophobic, we just value the union between a man and a woman. Dr. Witnesser is just scaring people away, and I know a lot of Christians like him who used the "you'll burn in hell" card to get people to convert. Christianity is meant to teach us how to be selfless and loving towards others, to spread hope and such. And no, you don't need to be Christian to be taught these things, you can be an atheist and still be a good person. Dr. Witnesser and others like him are spreading a bad example, I apologize to all those who got the wrong impression of Christianity, have a nice life.
Kevin Coleman
Kevin Coleman 15 tundi tagasi
Please respond to his video about you lol. He says he has proof of God
Quentin Rosver
Quentin Rosver 16 tundi tagasi
The fact I have so many personal problems and mental issues that my parents ignore but somehow me not wanting to go to church gets their attention
bear lola
bear lola 16 tundi tagasi
yeah, that guy to0otally doesnt spend his entire weekends on pornhub. Because, of course, that would be a sin..... & hes never done such a thing. Like us hell bound peasants over in kurtistown.
brooke henry
brooke henry 16 tundi tagasi
i got a mormon ad during this.
nekomacca 16 tundi tagasi
if you were never told you were going to hell at a young age did you even go to church this post was brought to you by the religious trauma gang
Clarice Tayag
Clarice Tayag 17 tundi tagasi
The economic cardboard intriguinly grip because farm hopefully bless before a joyous hell. abiding, deeply drop
Wait a minute Who r u
Wait a minute Who r u 17 tundi tagasi
9:50 Thank me later
Ella Powell
Ella Powell 17 tundi tagasi
When I was a kid I told this girl at camp that my parents weren't together and they were never married and she told me they were going to hell and called me "Hell Baby" it was the funniest week of my life
Alysson Chavez
Alysson Chavez 18 tundi tagasi
im a pastors kid and i say omg all the time pls whyd he take it so personal
Rock 2.0
Rock 2.0 18 tundi tagasi
There is a lot of Misrepresentation of JESUS and as a former hard-core atheist and living super reckless on the edge, risk taker - literally of my physical safety, and many self destructive habit's to becoming a Believer in JESUS after my first personal experiences with HIM and many times since, who changed me to the best version of myself today. People that causes the most damage to GOD'S True Purpose for all of us are sadly most often other believer's who are the very Judgmental types even in their own church but the action of those people does not reflect the Majority who are Genuinely Compassionate and Non-judgmental. I apologize for them but being Christian does not equal being perfect. We are all imperfect and full of sin and trying to be better versions of ourselves. As the old saying goes. "DON'T Throw the Baby out with the bath water." In all this confusion, misrepresentation, hypocrisy, and judging, there is a REAL TRUTH in the Middle of Alll It. The baby in the bath water is JESUS. Also it is impossible to Read the WORD of GOD without FAITH and the HOLY SPIRIT which you must Pray for with all your Heart once you finally decide to surrender. It will make no sense withoit these to the world and parts of the Bible are based on History and Culture of that time. We are focused primarily on the New Testament in the Book of Matthew and where JESUS is ultimately Introduced. You can laugh, ridicule, and hate GOD just like I did because of the many hardships and pain I went through from a very early age and for decades but here I am today a 200% better version of myself. Take care everyone, Love to you all, and be safe out there. eepost.info/my/video/qKmmoqOVoHyKxp0.html eepost.info/my/video/k6-YrGWXY3Vq2Hs.html eepost.info/my/video/r6uXpqhpnqB7mK0.html eepost.info/my/video/t69nlpSXgYSWtKk.html eepost.info/my/video/q2lkfmljg3dlr60.html
cadence korson
cadence korson 18 tundi tagasi
kurtis you are great
Shycu 19 tundi tagasi
wtf church did you go to most Christians don't care about who is and is not Christian. the most they do is pray for them as far as I know like wtf
Harrison Cauthen
Harrison Cauthen 21 tund tagasi
Maybe God he’s just trying to bring us all to heaven with the virus
lizalo gamer
lizalo gamer 21 tund tagasi
Did u know us gamers gfuel for blood and our bones are literally pizza b oxes that we ate after a gaming session or during one
lizalo gamer
lizalo gamer 21 tund tagasi
Yes pizza boxes and the pizzas what your not a true gamer if u don't do dat
neighb0r 21 tund tagasi
“I’m reporting and swatting you”
Lorelei Catherine
Lorelei Catherine 21 tund tagasi
How is he gonna preach to people his hateful rhetoric while simultaneously breaking like SEVERAL cardinal sins....pride....gluttony....wrath....sloth.....presumably and allegedly......but probably definitely.... If some old angry bitter hateful rude behind WHOLE GROWN MAN spoke to any one of my children the way he speaks to people I would do everything in my power to hold him accountable for his bullshit. At the level he spews hot air he only turns people away or draws them in by fear, people don't stay afraid forever man they get wise and some rebel so hard they end up on the entire other side of the argument out of spite. Anger breeds anger and he's coming from this horrible angry place. I was raised Roman Catholic and ended up into black magic by 13 lol now I'm a multi-theistic eclectic pagan witch who respects everyone else's life choices even if I don't share the same views and just wants everyone to get along and love each other.
Mason Grey
Mason Grey 20 tundi tagasi
Preach it sister!!
Isaac Brennan
Isaac Brennan 21 tund tagasi
Lol s
Lol s 22 tundi tagasi
Some guy would do that in gta5 on the 360. Lol of all the lawless lands he chose the Xbox 360 lol
GIGA GAMING 23 tundi tagasi
This reminds me of that one guy on tiktok who be like "don't watch pron, pray, with me"
Soledad Alfaro-Allah
Soledad Alfaro-Allah Päev tagasi
Post your stand up
The AnonymousArtist
The AnonymousArtist Päev tagasi
Please remember that these people don't represent the whole of Christianity; there are plenty of denominations that are completely okay with nonreligious or other religions and don't believe they'll "go to hell" if they don't convert
Lusanele Nhlangothi
Lusanele Nhlangothi Päev tagasi
First off, I wish to apologize to anyone reading this for any bad experiences that they've had with religion, in particular Christianity. The actions and comments of Dr. Witnesser do not in any way reflect the core values of Christianity and the nature of God Himself. We as Christians ourselves are also still learning about God and His nature, as this is a life-long journey. I do not wish to preach to you, but rather leave you with the message that God loves any and all people by nature. This love is unconditional, regardless of moral alignment, religion, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, etc. In the words of the apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 13:4--5: "Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs." The basis of the Gospel is upon this type of love. The type of selfless love displayed by God in sending Jesus Christ to die for our sins. " All this is from God, who reconciled us to himself through Christ and gave us the ministry of reconciliation: that God was reconciling the world to himself in Christ, not counting people's sins against them." ( 2 Corinthians 5:18-19 ) The central message of the Gospel is the redemption of mankind through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ under the compulsion of love. It is centered on the human soul, not what that soul has done. If anyone has read to this point, please leave with this message: God loves you for you, not for what you've done. He can, will and is willing to accept you and will not lose any of His tremendous love for you based on your actions. It is sin that He cannot accept, not you. Jesus's actions in the Gospels reflect this. His entire message and work is based on His love for you, and His wish to see you saved from sin. In anything that you hear, see, encounter or do please remember that God doesn't love you any less for it. Thank you for sticking around this long if you have.
Julia Sousa
Julia Sousa Päev tagasi
That peanut bit was better than a lot of film students shorts ive seen
Ilona Janser
Ilona Janser Päev tagasi
oh... so thats why pewdiepie stopped streaming on dlive. I realized that at some point he stopped plugging it, the timeline matches up.
babi eats nuggies
babi eats nuggies Päev tagasi
solution? just be jewish 😼😼 yes i’m jewish
Natalia Päev tagasi
I’m a christian, so it’s quite hurtful when people think I’m just like all the “bad christians” or whatever, so I was sure this video might be offensive, but I watched anyway cuz well, I like Kurtis and I’m quite chill but if I got somehow offended, I would just turn off the video cuz it was my fault I continued watching even after the warning. BUT, I didn’t get offended at all, I liked how Kurtis said here about the “bad christians” and good ones, because it’s true. Not every christian is bad, and I’m actually helping my family learn about lgbtq+, and they are starting to understand way better. So idk for some reason it makes me like Kurtis even more
Kuejena Päev tagasi
I'm addicted to how Kurtis says Jesus
win jah
win jah Päev tagasi
I can't watch this video without laughing. Idk if it's your shirt, your nose piercing, your opinions. Shit is hilarious, thanks for that.
Eliza Singheart
Eliza Singheart Päev tagasi
“His name in vain” isn’t about saying omg, it’s about unrighteously telling people they are going to hell
beth Päev tagasi
coming from a christian standpoint, forcing religion down someones throat isnt gonna do anything but drag them farther away. didnt the bible say that ur supposed to love and accept everyone? it makes no sense
yes Päev tagasi
i went to a youth group only two times and i feel like i know more abt God than this guy 😃
Isaac Neild
Isaac Neild Päev tagasi
Also dr might go to hell
Isaac Neild
Isaac Neild Päev tagasi
Yeah omg is a rule not to say or hear but idc even though im Christian but I don’t say it
Auferen Päev tagasi
6:09 this guy is actually getting bossed around by a 7 year old . That's how powerful god is
Hailey Jurasek
Hailey Jurasek Päev tagasi
Abby Urban
Abby Urban Päev tagasi
He looks like a greasy boogie
Nyiko Ndlovu
Nyiko Ndlovu Päev tagasi
My favourite thing that I'd studied in Law School was that South African Law views all religions as cults until they gain a very significant following so technically Dr Witnesser is part of a cult and that makes much more sense than anything he's said lol
RejectedDreamscape Päev tagasi
idk why but the lil "what, what do u want" in the background at 18:04 is so funny
Mari M
Mari M Päev tagasi
The Bible says nothing like "gays bad". It does have passages where same-sex relationships are involved, but the idea there is RAPE BAD, MURDER BAD etc. It condemns the characters, not their sexual preferences.
ian ._. sk8s
ian ._. sk8s Päev tagasi
im an evangelical free christian, which pretty much isn’t very strict, it’s just like be a decent person, and try to think about jesus when you’re doing stuff. and then boom, heaven. while there’s no proof that any of it is real, i figure what could it hurt, because if it is true which i believe it is, then cool i get to go to heaven, might as well try note: i hate it when people try to force religion down throats, it’s awful. all i can do is tell someone about it and if their interested, great, if not, that’s there choice so cool
Warpath1337 Päev tagasi
Hell is overrated...hard to get comfortable...forever.
Olivia Hudson
Olivia Hudson Päev tagasi
One time I commented on insta and I said “oh god *more stuff but that’s irrelevant*” and someone told me “daily reminder not to say his name in vain” like buddy thats not saying his name in vain...saying his name in vain would be like “god wouldn’t want you to be wearing that jacket cause it’s leather” or “it’s god’s word that all Jews must perish” or something like using his name to strictly go against people. Or like the vegan teacher saying god hates meat eaters and all that stuff like buddy keep god out of stuff like that cause THATS using his name in vain not saying “oh my god”
Ivan Castillo
Ivan Castillo Päev tagasi
I didn’t know Kurtis knew this much about gaming
montzerrat aispuro
montzerrat aispuro Päev tagasi
why does kurtis have verga spelt in the back
Watashi Päev tagasi
Can we just talk about how bad of a name "Dr. Witnesser" is
Karma Heyes
Karma Heyes Päev tagasi
One time on roblox a kid tried to convert me to christianity and I called God "Sky Daddy" and the kid got really mad at me and reported my account
Stewie Pup
Stewie Pup Päev tagasi
if god rly loved this dude he wouldn’t let him use a default skin in fortnite
Alena Kurtz
Alena Kurtz Päev tagasi
I'm a Christian, and let me just say... this guy is sending all the wrong messages, and in him doing so he's actually sinning. He clearly said he's a "born again Chrisitan" which means he probably didn't grow up surrounded by a church community, he's interpreting the bible mindlessly, disregarding the actual commandments, nitpicking at details, and changing the meaning completely. Treating others differently or disrespecting them because they might have a different opinion/belief from you is wrong, Christians should not force their religion upon other people in their lives we should simply introduce a church or the bible to other people and let them do with that as they see fit.
Lisa Päev tagasi
The college that i attend to is filled with people like this man and they're EVERWHERE. They will start a normal conversation with you then start talking to you about god and they won't leave you alone. I fell for one in my freshman year and she asked me 'What time does class start" and I said sorry you're not in my class, then she started a conversation with me about art (I love art so I kept the convo going) then asked me for my phone number to talk about god. After that the only thing she talked about was God which was sad because I thought I made a friend since I was just starting college but nope, she just bribed me. The fact that she had to LIE to me so she could get me to join her was... yikes.
Lisa Päev tagasi
Also I believe that they plan this in groups because i had another girl ask me "What time does class start?" while I'm ready to go because class ENDED so I just shake my head say "sorry" and leave LMAO
HiGayImDad 420
HiGayImDad 420 Päev tagasi
I am very happy to announce that I now run Twitch and will continue spreading the homosexual agenda by using my magic gay powers.
Kukka Luukanen
Kukka Luukanen Päev tagasi
well the sauna was and still is a place for pagan chants and rituals for many karelians and finns so i dont think the christian heaven would just be a big room that pagans invented and used lmao
Uraraka x Backugo
Uraraka x Backugo Päev tagasi
Oh my god is a sin because it is using his name in vain but idc
Insert funny name here
Insert funny name here Päev tagasi
21:18 you missed the perfect opportunity to make the "dont take the lord's name in vein" joke again
Lilly Friedemann
Lilly Friedemann Päev tagasi
Once again I’m insanely glad I’m an atheist and don’t give a sh*t about hell, because I for sure would have a place reserved lol
IEatSoap Päev tagasi
As someone who is a Christian (and comes from a deeply Christian family) we are *not* like this. My family doesn’t care who you are. Just because we may not agree with your views or opinions, doesn’t mean we hate you.
- IrisKnowsAll -
- IrisKnowsAll - Päev tagasi
12:21 y'know the verse people often use to try and say that homosexuality is a sin isn't even in the bible. The orginal translation is man should not lay with boy/child the way he would lay with his wife. Which means pedophilia is a sin. In fact, the bible has nothing talking about homosexuality. The bible has been rewritten and translated so many times to the point that the bible has been misconstrued to fit the agenda of WASPs, in an effort to control the masses. Actually Christianity and Catholicism isn't about spreading hate and prejudice, there are just so many people that completely disregard religions actual purpose.
- IrisKnowsAll -
- IrisKnowsAll - Päev tagasi
6:22 every single time I say "oh my god" out of fear or like excitement my family will say "don't say that." Every single time it never fails. One time I had dropped a glass cup and accidentally stepped on a piece of glass and said oh my god out of pain, and my mother told me not to say that while I was in pain and bleeding all over the floor.
Multiverse666 Päev tagasi
11:52 this was SO fucking satisfying to hear! you're not bullying a small creator, you're clapping back at a grown ass man who tries to scare kids into christianity on fucking online video games!
Jordan Pierce
Jordan Pierce Päev tagasi
It's just ridiculous the whole "god says gay is bad" thing. First off, those stories they reference are taken out of context and have been translated a hundred times over and the words changed to benefit pedo preachers. AND they are in the old testament which was SUPPOSED to be ignored after the new testament because of all of those rules that were previously in place like the ones Curtis mentioned. It was stuff put in place so Christians wouldn't partake in other religions.
Propibe Päev tagasi
Poop Simulator saying OMG ?????????????? blasphemy
cool kid
cool kid 2 päeva tagasi
im not religious, but i use this as a comeback if anyone ever says that they would kick their kids out of their home for being gay. 1 Timothy 5:8 Anyone who does not provide for their relatives, and especially for their own household, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.
luna!! 2 päeva tagasi
this video made me remember how much i love kurtis
Imagine Kudryavka
Imagine Kudryavka 2 päeva tagasi
"I hate randomly assigned seating. I wish I was sitting next to my best friend. His name is Christian" "Yeah, they suck" *initiate unrelated peanut joke* I see you. I see what you did. And what you did was amazing
Will Blundon
Will Blundon 2 päeva tagasi
Islam and Christianity almost go hand and hand that's aweful
Everett Lynn
Everett Lynn 2 päeva tagasi
Is just like to clear something up real quick. Christians are no better than non Christians. In the Bible it says everybody sins nobody is perfect except Jesus. But if you accept God as your savior you will be saved. I. Sorry if this makes you uncomfortable I’m not tryna force my religion on you but this is my belief. If your a Christian and your reading this I encourage you to be kind to everybody, especially the mistreated. Ex LGBTQ have a blessed day 😊
Paige Bowers
Paige Bowers 2 päeva tagasi
reasons like this is why sometimes I'm incredibly embarrassed to be Christian. People who act like this or force their beliefs on one another aren't real Christians, I'd love to see how god would react face to face to them and their "beliefs". I say I am Christian but I don't follow so many of the churches teachings, because its the churches agenda, not gods. Christianity should be accepting and loving, not the hate fire its become.
Tash Richardson
Tash Richardson 2 päeva tagasi
I actually found this to be pretty entertaining. No offense taken at all :) I'm a Christian and never understood why so many of them do this
Katy B
Katy B 2 päeva tagasi
i think hearing the words "forgive me pogchamp for i have sinned" sent me to an alternate reality
Luis Lopez
Luis Lopez 2 päeva tagasi
im going to hell for enjoying this video too much lmao
Tish Facos
Tish Facos 2 päeva tagasi
I wanna play poop simulator now it looks so fun
Isabella 2 päeva tagasi
5:20 is my church, very nice place, very nice people. (I’m not religious but i still enjoy it there)
Allen Fepuleai
Allen Fepuleai 2 päeva tagasi
If a Muslim said the same thing to a Christian they would not get banned. And trust me Muslims are far more ideological about their religion than most Christians. Shows how hypocritical this damn country is.
Alcer Demon
Alcer Demon 2 päeva tagasi
I would really love if the majority of religious people would actually do the “Better yourself to be like Jesus” instead of the “Everyone who is not like me is going to hell” tbh
Naomi 2 päeva tagasi
I'm not religious but I can understand why people want to use these kinds of means to preach. Like if you try to reach someone through participating in their interest/s (video games) then you have a chance to discuss the topic with someone who might not seek it out. I mean people really truly believe that bad things will happen to you if you don't join their religion, so I kind of get why they act like this. But yeah it can be a pretty upsetting experience when your a kid and people are saying these things.
fupujn 2 päeva tagasi
In middle school I was like an inch from my building coming from school when this guy drove into a mail parking lot, parked, got out, ran up to me, handed me some religious pamphlet, ran back to his car and drove away, I never saw him again
very clever and original name
very clever and original name 2 päeva tagasi
Toxic christian: So and so is a sin god doesnt like that Me: Actually im an atheist, i dont believe that there is a god. Them: Atheists go to hell‼😠 Me: I dont believe there is a hell Them: hAvE fUn In HeLl tHeN Me: 😀?
Celeste Chan
Celeste Chan 2 päeva tagasi
i tried to watch this video with my mom before we got 2 minutes in and she started screaming at me and said she didn’t want to watch someone “bash god”. religion at its finest
GrumpyDumpling 2 päeva tagasi
As a Christian myself, I can safely say that dude is probably not going to heaven. He’s straight up threatening and probably traumatizing little kids. God tells believers to spread love, not hate, this guy has got it all wrong. He may believe in God but he is not being Christian-like at all.
very clever and original name
very clever and original name 2 päeva tagasi
Respect ✊
LoserBug 2 päeva tagasi
Your mom is super cool. Is she adopting?
Fern and Bacon
Fern and Bacon 2 päeva tagasi
5:18 in my experience Christianity is about pretending to be a brilliant person while also discriminating against anybody who doesn't follow your EXACT thought process My dad, the son of a preacher, told me I was "the wrong kind of Christian" so I stopped trying. Nobody needs that.
coco loonas
coco loonas 2 päeva tagasi
surface leather- *huh???*
Patrick Tommy
Patrick Tommy 2 päeva tagasi
So your that guy who preaches during csgo matches
Mellow Yellow
Mellow Yellow 2 päeva tagasi
If he played on a COD lobby, everyone would either call him the N-word, or screech and scream obscenities at him until he leaves.
Juggerz 7 tundi tagasi
He already does that
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