smosh's try not to laugh #40 but it's only lunch club bits

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the crossover we never knew we needed
edit: now with (slightly scuffed) captions!

rilikespie 5 місяців tagasi
so... i didn't expect this video to become as popular as it is. i would just like to clarify, i do love smosh, even though this video's central focus was lunch club. i've seen a lot of comments bashing smosh, and i would just like you all to keep in mind that this is their 40th episode of tntl, and the crew have made many many bits before this, so i'd imagine it would be hard for them to come up with "good bits" all the time. on top of that, lunch club's humour is different from smosh's, so their audience's humour is bound to be different too.
Water Waifu
Water Waifu 7 päeva tagasi
You stole a video
BedHeadBrian Місяць tagasi
I don’t understand why people don’t like modern Smosh. It’s perfectly fine and funny
schmeef Місяць tagasi
Smosh didn't copystrike this video. That at least earns them some respect
Tenacious Hopkins
Tenacious Hopkins Місяць tagasi
rilikespie it is popular because you stole it
B r u h
B r u h 2 місяці tagasi
I mean the smosh crew are actually quite funny I’m sure but personally it just hasn’t been the same since it was just Ian and Anthony, the new style of comedy just isn’t for me because it seems quite forced. I can see why people’d like it tho
stringbean 47 minutit tagasi
I feel very bad for the people trying to make them laugh because of the humor difference-
Mike Diaz
Mike Diaz Tund tagasi
Ted: skits Charlie: rhymes and puns Carson: V( •_• )V
YoungPalmTree Päev tagasi
You mean only the funny bits right?
Robert Iveson
Robert Iveson Päev tagasi
why is Ted so good at acting
M Munn
M Munn 4 päeva tagasi
7:20 is cbt
amayamadison_ 6 päeva tagasi
*i am wizard supreme*
Devin Hodgen
Devin Hodgen 6 päeva tagasi
Hoe_Lee Shit.... 6:27.... help im dying
Mädame Yöo
Mädame Yöo 6 päeva tagasi
3:23 is that coopie
JP Spilotro
JP Spilotro 7 päeva tagasi
So it’s lunch club and theater kids
John Stan The Millennial Man
John Stan The Millennial Man 8 päeva tagasi
*[various noises of protest]*
Cameron Thompson
Cameron Thompson 9 päeva tagasi
There is a notable difference. Smosh has child's humor, but Lunch Club has... yeah...
Kvyn 10 päeva tagasi
This is the best video in the series
Kyle Stuart
Kyle Stuart 14 päeva tagasi
h e l l o p p m a n
Adorabella Valenzuela
Adorabella Valenzuela 16 päeva tagasi
charlie has the best rhymes and puns.
DADALOSK 18 päeva tagasi
im probly a bit lat but this was really well edited
Fat fluffy Bunny
Fat fluffy Bunny 19 päeva tagasi
i should not have laughed at the "its eary" joke as much as i did
Cheryl Baughman
Cheryl Baughman 19 päeva tagasi
Sadly people think that smosh humor is awful because there TNTL challenge are popular. I love smosh and I don't even watch TNTL because that's not close to there best work. So I'm just saying this to clarify that TNTL isn't even that funny, from a big smosh fan. I wish some of there other funnier stuff blew up instead
Uni •Was pikachuuu_unicorn
Uni •Was pikachuuu_unicorn 19 päeva tagasi
Here’s the link to the full video because y e s
nick ferries
nick ferries 20 päeva tagasi
Olivia was traumatized
Joey Misc.
Joey Misc. 22 päeva tagasi
This is pretty sad
Augie Oberg
Augie Oberg 23 päeva tagasi
"well do you like my song, well guess what fucker my baby's a bomb" I SCREAMED LOUDLEY
Smoke Stack
Smoke Stack 24 päeva tagasi
The milkman towers over them in a godly stance.
Grub Nation
Grub Nation 24 päeva tagasi
Carson isn't funny Carson isn't funny Carson isn't funny Carson isn't funny Carson isn't funny Carson isn't funny Carson isn't funny Carson isn't funny Carson isn't funny Carson isn't funny Carson isn't funny Carson isn't funny
Snazzzy Panda
Snazzzy Panda 24 päeva tagasi
Wow! Ted is fucking tall as shit
Perchesei61 Perchesei61
Perchesei61 Perchesei61 25 päeva tagasi
That's gotta be the unfunniest and cringiest shit I've ever seen
PheenX 26 päeva tagasi
What the fuck happened to smosh
Pascal Vock
Pascal Vock 27 päeva tagasi
1:53 is the best bit
CarpeAcTenebras Clan Channel
CarpeAcTenebras Clan Channel 27 päeva tagasi
They missed the meat beating joke
Slim Jimmy
Slim Jimmy 27 päeva tagasi
"Smosh Try Not to Laugh but it's funny."
IDazza RFC
IDazza RFC 28 päeva tagasi
Why does that guy not just cut his hair
CRAWFORDx96 28 päeva tagasi
Ted's raven is a douche, y'know?
GameCarnival 202
GameCarnival 202 28 päeva tagasi
Smosh's try not to laugh challenge but it's only the funny parts
Dominick Dominguez
Dominick Dominguez Місяць tagasi
charlie always spitws fire.
Chase & Trent
Chase & Trent Місяць tagasi
If Loki needs a new actor they should hire Ted
Franz Söhn
Franz Söhn Місяць tagasi
The disconnect between millennial and Gen Z humor
This_for_ Sparta
This_for_ Sparta Місяць tagasi
Smosh aint what it used to be
Sally Face
Sally Face Місяць tagasi
Smosh is stuck in this weird era of comedy but the lunch club is with it. I used to like smosh in like 2016 because the jokes were of that time but now smosh is like stuck in 2016 they don’t understand comedy anymore because it has changed a lot.
Joe_is_a_lawn Місяць tagasi
Carson: stone face god?
AceInSpacePng Місяць tagasi
Okay but charlie is kinda fit?? Like im only into women and NB foljs but he is attractive.
James Smith
James Smith Місяць tagasi
Oh good the only funny bits of smosh
Derek Tejeda
Derek Tejeda Місяць tagasi
I can feel serious conflict between Ted and Shayne. Very stable Chaos energy between them.
Cptnshtfck Місяць tagasi
*welcome to my lair. I am wizard ˢᵘᵖʳᵉᵐᵉ*
Garett Perez
Garett Perez Місяць tagasi
This is probably the only clips from their series that actually is funny. Every thing else is just cringe and bland
Finn Wayland
Finn Wayland Місяць tagasi
Wow this was not funny
Skinnis Tennis
Skinnis Tennis Місяць tagasi
Holy shit, Ted is tall as fuck
EatsCitricAcid Місяць tagasi
Thank you, I only wanted this. Smosh isn't as funny anymore tbh.
ToryRBLX Місяць tagasi
5:12 best moment
R. Sam Corry
R. Sam Corry Місяць tagasi
I respect Courtney but its gets annoying when she interjects on every single joke.
Cloudee Gaming
Cloudee Gaming Місяць tagasi
Why is Carson so not himself like.... What the f 😂😂😂😂
PingBong69 Місяць tagasi
its so awkward between smosh and lunch club
TheSupremePotato Місяць tagasi
Ted should’ve done the Cram thing
theShaqtus5320 Місяць tagasi
1:40 I died laughing
ArcBishop Місяць tagasi
charlie do be kinda buff though 😳
Aaliyah 154
Aaliyah 154 Місяць tagasi
I’m just reminded of how freaking tall ted is
Octopodez Місяць tagasi
I love how in the captions at 4:54 it says br’aad voice
Berger Queen26
Berger Queen26 Місяць tagasi
I just fucking love slime because of his amazing puns. He will put all his effort into an only slightly good pun and its awesome.
kat mullins
kat mullins Місяць tagasi
tbh i think courtney was more cringey than usual in this, for example "im not a ladyyy" just sorta sounded like she wanted attention lmao
Bee -
Bee - Місяць tagasi
The new smosh is way different than the old smosh
Extrotic Місяць tagasi
7:05 damn that was hard :)
Zarmizu Місяць tagasi
I am disappointed that schlatt is not here
WaywardHero 117
WaywardHero 117 Місяць tagasi
Ted is such an amazing actor
Jack Bright
Jack Bright Місяць tagasi
significantly better video
Frank Myers
Frank Myers Місяць tagasi
I used to find smosh funny. key word: used
Mia Powell
Mia Powell Місяць tagasi
Subscribe to Callme carson
Truslian Місяць tagasi
bro you litterally just copied the video...
Cameroon Місяць tagasi
might have to check out this “call me Carson” guy
Rook The Wolf
Rook The Wolf Місяць tagasi
Top text Bottom text
Ronna Orr
Ronna Orr Місяць tagasi
Ted: could be a comedian if he wanted to Charlie: pun master Carson: hello pee pee man :)
The Sky Gamer
The Sky Gamer Місяць tagasi
vanilla sugar
vanilla sugar Місяць tagasi
i never knew i needed to see carson hoola hooping to sims music???? apparently i did
DigitalRedux Місяць tagasi
I die every time she says "are you guys meme lords" I gagged Now I'm mad Madagascar
Generic_Guy Місяць tagasi
Carson and Charlie seem like brother
audrey j hackley
audrey j hackley Місяць tagasi
my favorite part is hearing noah and cooper in the bg just laughin it up
Name is my Name
Name is my Name Місяць tagasi
They don't belong there
Emma Webster
Emma Webster Місяць tagasi
Ted’s scruffed raven bit is by far the funniest bit on the Smosh Try Not to Laughs😂
When the wall hits
When the wall hits Місяць tagasi
I've memorized the mr green song-
MuchPotato Місяць tagasi
Cool of you to make subtitles that are actually useful to those who need them, I don’t personally, but too many people mistake them to be an opportunity to make stupid commentary that isn’t at all useful
JforJAAACK Місяць tagasi
Fabia Spud
Fabia Spud Місяць tagasi
Wait holy shit I just realized, does Charlie have abs in this? He looks really good
Spectral -_-Sight
Spectral -_-Sight Місяць tagasi
You mean the only funny parts?
Sarah W
Sarah W Місяць tagasi
as soon as carson said 'top text bottom text' and the editor didn't do impact font i knew the vibe of the rest of the episode tbh
Curly fry LØL ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ
Curly fry LØL ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ Місяць tagasi
D-did she die...?..
Snowy Paws
Snowy Paws Місяць tagasi
Why are y’all bashing the red head because of her sense of humor-
Spaghetti E
Spaghetti E Місяць tagasi
worse smosh Lunchclub makes this bearable though
Fishy Місяць tagasi
i not like bekus no schlatt
Maddu Gay
Maddu Gay Місяць tagasi
This feels like when the improv club is bored and like 70% of the club has decent comedy, but then the class clowns walk in and the rest of the club quivers.
TodoTodo Likes You
TodoTodo Likes You Місяць tagasi
Ted and Damien seem like people who could vibe tbh
Louis Cortez
Louis Cortez Місяць tagasi
“Well guess what fucker my baby’s a bomb!” God i love charlie
Zach H
Zach H Місяць tagasi
Oh yeah I remember they did this as a cover-up to rob smosh headquarters
Kingo Mingo
Kingo Mingo Місяць tagasi
Imagine if schlatt was there
ragerider 13
ragerider 13 Місяць tagasi
4:35 hey guys point crow here do you ever get collectors anxiety
Non_exist4nt Місяць tagasi
Ngl, Charlie is a lot more buff than I thought he would be
SoSketchy Місяць tagasi
Lightning Mcqueen Approves.
theCopperhead Місяць tagasi
w a t e r c u m
marshmellow king
marshmellow king Місяць tagasi
Retitle to Smosh library but only the funny parts
Dyn4miX Місяць tagasi
Who else misses Anthony
Pringles Dill pickle
Pringles Dill pickle Місяць tagasi
I feel like shayne is the only one who has even gotten close to lunch club’s level of humour. Like when Gus Johnson was on he honestly had some pretty good bits. But the rest of smosh (mostly Courtney) fit better into tv funny men skits.
Jeef y
Jeef y Місяць tagasi
Im fucking losing ikt over the bachelorette batman joke
Brendan Ferguson
Brendan Ferguson Місяць tagasi
Is it just me or was Courtney annoying as fuck in this episode
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