Slimecicle clips that make me age backwards

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Revenge Raptor

9 місяців tagasi

He turned me into a baby through his raw baby power.
You know the drill! Clips aren't mine, video isn't monetized, I am not anyone in this video, I don't own any of the potential background music, I only take credit for compiling these clips together. Show Charlie some love and check out his channels, Slimecicle and Slmccl!

Nero B
Nero B 9 tundi tagasi
I was watching this in school
Grim Creeper
Grim Creeper 12 tundi tagasi
25% of this is just the Pokemon theme song.
Francesca Thomson
Francesca Thomson 13 tundi tagasi
can we talk abt how he's actually a v good singer tho
Whois Ella
Whois Ella 14 tundi tagasi
S-so much Pokémon 😢😢😢
Isaac I
Isaac I 23 tundi tagasi
this is 16 minutes of him singing Pokémon with funny clips in-between. its a cursed music video!! :)
Sima Khatiwala- Patel
Sima Khatiwala- Patel 23 tundi tagasi
By the end of the video everyone is 👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶
Young Master Trash
Young Master Trash 23 tundi tagasi
him an grace doin the little smooch gave me life he’s an amazing man
Flap Jack
Flap Jack Päev tagasi
CMC- What’s wrong with you? S- I’m gay CMC- *almost laughing S- *I WANNA BE THE VERY BEST*
StarKnight 54
StarKnight 54 Päev tagasi
16:12 did he actually do it? that last frame is so convincing
Revenge Raptor
Revenge Raptor Päev tagasi
Annie Mathison
Annie Mathison Päev tagasi
I feel like Charlie would play Troy Bolton in hsm perfectly
coffeebot Päev tagasi
Charlie is just that character from the anime that thinks he’s a super hero, but just has crippling anxiety
JohnnyJohnsonJohn Päev tagasi
Slimecicle gives me serious original smosh vibes.
Ragigi Päev tagasi
Why does he actually sing good tho 👀
ARC- 77
ARC- 77 2 päeva tagasi
15:42 Legend
psychotic mess
psychotic mess 2 päeva tagasi
Where is the first clip from?
Syferia 2 päeva tagasi
diagnosing fake illnesses w/ lunch club :]
Kim Hughes
Kim Hughes 2 päeva tagasi
Harry Boi
Harry Boi 2 päeva tagasi
I think slimecicle is super underrated in the EEpost community, he can sing super well, he’s super funny, he puts a bunch of effort into his videos, and he’s literally the one who immediately reported Carson to the police. We need to give him way more respect.
Charmaine Ross
Charmaine Ross 2 päeva tagasi
This, this I can agree with.
Golddy 3 päeva tagasi
I watched this with a neverending smile on my face.
sataar osman
sataar osman 3 päeva tagasi
Mad respect for the falling kingdom vibe ngl crying 😭
That Blanabs Guy
That Blanabs Guy 3 päeva tagasi
4:07 petition to make this sound the sound effect for taking damage or dying in minecraft.
Khaydan Prak
Khaydan Prak 3 päeva tagasi
why he sound like mordy 1:25
charlies here
charlies here 4 päeva tagasi
8:45 can someone tell me what this video is called
Martí Puig Galles
Martí Puig Galles 4 päeva tagasi
Where's the corn?
Emma Webster
Emma Webster 4 päeva tagasi
charlie was definitely the underrated lunch club member
ZombietheDerg 4 päeva tagasi
Its.. its kind of creepy hearing Slimecicle call Carson "a angel" now that.. yknow. We know.
cool minecraft 5 gameplays
cool minecraft 5 gameplays 4 päeva tagasi
Used to be 19 now im 7
happy kat girl
happy kat girl 4 päeva tagasi
I cannot believe it took me so long to start watching his content.
blueTV ___
blueTV ___ 4 päeva tagasi
8:45 he actually did really good
I'm a raging bisexual Tee hee
I'm a raging bisexual Tee hee 5 päeva tagasi
An icon.
The Mustard Man
The Mustard Man 5 päeva tagasi
Many of these clips include Carson. This proves it: He's funny and nothing you say can prove otherwise.
The Mustard Man
The Mustard Man 4 tundi tagasi
@Clumsy Simone Nah, his wheeze is contagious.
Clumsy Simone
Clumsy Simone 4 tundi tagasi
No just the people around him. He’s really vanilla and doesn’t often bring anything to the table. So we haven’t really missed his content. We can literally go to any other from that group and get the exact same content
Spruce Tree
Spruce Tree Päev tagasi
yeah but Carson is a bad dude
aidenbacon24 5 päeva tagasi
NIGHTMAREKING Lol 5 päeva tagasi
I to aged backwards.
Diego Owen-Lara
Diego Owen-Lara 5 päeva tagasi
I did in fact age backwards when watching this video
Ashton Cullinan
Ashton Cullinan 5 päeva tagasi
"What's wrong with you?" *"I'M GAY"* as someone who grew up in a very homophobic family I felt this so very hard.
Jayden Lugo
Jayden Lugo 5 päeva tagasi
Are you submitting to baby or shall you ascend to robot
Blake Rubadue
Blake Rubadue 5 päeva tagasi
the only youtuber I like more than slimecicle is slmccl
skullhead 96
skullhead 96 7 päeva tagasi
4:45 the mha movie looks great
Paige Reese
Paige Reese 7 päeva tagasi
me skipping every single carson clip
Maddie Lawton
Maddie Lawton 6 päeva tagasi
Its sad that I went into this forgetting about Callmeincarcerated, and then suddenly remembered how big he was
Josie Strader
Josie Strader 7 päeva tagasi
i agree
blade spark
blade spark 7 päeva tagasi
Skillya 8 päeva tagasi
0:18 yeah thanks
oculus quest 2
oculus quest 2 8 päeva tagasi
I'm just a guy
I'm just a guy 8 päeva tagasi
If you dont start singing when pokemon comes on i dont know you
「 S k o d a 」
「 S k o d a 」 9 päeva tagasi
Every time I see Charlie, I feel like I loseb brsib cellsfjbfhsdf
SlidingDoggo 9 päeva tagasi
the intro the best
samg9500 samg9500
samg9500 samg9500 10 päeva tagasi
Oof Bidoof
Oof Bidoof 10 päeva tagasi
I felt that Raihan clip 🥺😏
Yandere KFC Waifu
Yandere KFC Waifu 11 päeva tagasi
Seeing Carson Now is ........
telestic Mortal
telestic Mortal 9 päeva tagasi
DeadFocus 11 päeva tagasi
It’s concerning that there are so many clips of Carson spanking Charlie with a wooden spoon
Revenge Raptor
Revenge Raptor 5 päeva tagasi
@DeadFocus you bring a very valid argument
DeadFocus 5 päeva tagasi
@Revenge Raptor that’s 2 whole clips too many for a grown man being spanked by another grown man with a wooden spoon
Revenge Raptor
Revenge Raptor 11 päeva tagasi
wow 2 whole clips
Yaboi 12 päeva tagasi
as it turns out, carson was not an angel
Maximum78 12 päeva tagasi
2:10 cough from the heavens above...
Coby 19
Coby 19 12 päeva tagasi
11:53. Enough said.
David Fandler
David Fandler 12 päeva tagasi
WyomingIsntReal 12 päeva tagasi
Squidward Tentacles
Squidward Tentacles 13 päeva tagasi
I am now 80 years younger
Foolish Potatoes
Foolish Potatoes 13 päeva tagasi
"gUeSs WhAt F*KeR mY bAbIe'S a BoMb"
Jackie Fontana
Jackie Fontana 13 päeva tagasi
carson as a child psychologist. i dont like that
The Mustard Man
The Mustard Man 5 päeva tagasi
@Tricia Hobbs he isn't. I've seen plenty of videos talking about the situation. In no way did he groom anyone.
Tricia Hobbs
Tricia Hobbs 5 päeva tagasi
@The Mustard Man have you been living under a rock of course he is
The Mustard Man
The Mustard Man 5 päeva tagasi
@Tricia Hobbs He isn't a groomer.
Tricia Hobbs
Tricia Hobbs 5 päeva tagasi
@The Mustard Man no I really just don't want to see a groomer on my screen
The Mustard Man
The Mustard Man 5 päeva tagasi
@Tricia Hobbs What? Are you traumatized by the funny man you don't know?
Aiden Connor
Aiden Connor 13 päeva tagasi
bro this feels like 50 minutes but it isnt
Strawberry Cake
Strawberry Cake 14 päeva tagasi
showed this to my mom now shes the same age as me
Jonathan Moser
Jonathan Moser 14 päeva tagasi
"Well guess what fucker my babes a bomb". Best Slimesicke line every
Miles Rose
Miles Rose 14 päeva tagasi
When Charlie dies (if legends ever do) I’ll be the first to his funeral
SammyPoops :D
SammyPoops :D 15 päeva tagasi
god lunch club was so good, sad carson fucked up
Red Led
Red Led 15 päeva tagasi
14:23 how's pizza gonna get a job now?
Rexy The T. Rex from Jurassic Park
Rexy The T. Rex from Jurassic Park 15 päeva tagasi
4:46 my OC in a nutshell.
Rexy The T. Rex from Jurassic Park
Rexy The T. Rex from Jurassic Park 15 päeva tagasi
1:25 Slimesicles leaked final smash 2:03 Slimesicles leaked final smash quote. Edit: 9:29 Callmecarson joins the battle as Slimesicles echo fighter!
Tired Folly
Tired Folly 15 päeva tagasi
Idk man he might just like men he may not be g a y
Maniacality 15 päeva tagasi
It finally got to 1 million, I never thought I'd see this day
Revenge Raptor
Revenge Raptor 15 päeva tagasi
Me neither wtf makes my video so special I don't get it 💀💀
People who look like Sid the Sloth
People who look like Sid the Sloth 16 päeva tagasi
3:03 Who knew these three would create a fucking podcast together. And actually be really good, and have great chemistry.
Audrey Hester
Audrey Hester 16 päeva tagasi
3:01 I am really not used to Schlatt looking like that and sounding the way he does
Kia Simp_lee
Kia Simp_lee 16 päeva tagasi
15:43 dw about this ok
NightmareWolf 16 päeva tagasi
The video with the spoon doesn’t even bother me that Carson in it that’s so funny
Errorless 16 päeva tagasi
Why are these all clips of slimecicle I don’t get it
vinNy_inc 16 päeva tagasi
Revenge Raptor
Revenge Raptor 16 päeva tagasi
It's literally a compilation video and slimecicle is in the title
floofy pupper
floofy pupper 17 päeva tagasi
Can someone please tell me what video 1:22 is from?
April Venice
April Venice 17 päeva tagasi
I am now a zygote.
Motivational Lizard
Motivational Lizard 17 päeva tagasi
I don’t know what that is
• Mayo
• Mayo 17 päeva tagasi
Charlie is like me in a nutshell
• Mayo
• Mayo 15 päeva tagasi
@boughns I mean obviously I’m not as famous but you tbh you shouldn’t be saying that, have some respect to people pls and thank you
boughns 16 päeva tagasi
you are not famous though so im guessing you are worse than him in every way
JTHESTAR 25 17 päeva tagasi
This vid just proves slime will never get a girlfriend
Robert Morrissey
Robert Morrissey 15 päeva tagasi
@capyclara what are you trying to do? Are you like 3 or something?
capyclara 15 päeva tagasi
@Robert Morrissey it's pretty obviously a joke...
Robert Morrissey
Robert Morrissey 16 päeva tagasi
@capyclara damn ur sensitive
capyclara 16 päeva tagasi
@Robert Morrissey i'm bad at interpreting tone through text leave me alone 😔💔💔
Robert Morrissey
Robert Morrissey 17 päeva tagasi
@capyclara it’s pretty obviously a joke...
Ryan Neumann
Ryan Neumann 17 päeva tagasi
What's wrong with you? *tell me* i ' m g a y
Yoohoo 17 päeva tagasi
I miss Carson
RoleplayRyan 18 päeva tagasi
Hahaha... why.
Subitomic999 Vandoremalen
Subitomic999 Vandoremalen 18 päeva tagasi
Is slime sicle realy gay?
Sam Halligan
Sam Halligan 16 päeva tagasi
@Revenge Raptor are they still a thing?
Revenge Raptor
Revenge Raptor 18 päeva tagasi
His girlfriend is literally in this video
Edith Dela Cruz
Edith Dela Cruz 18 päeva tagasi
"What is this? Your Brain is evolving Just *Backwards* "
Edith Dela Cruz
Edith Dela Cruz 18 päeva tagasi
0:00 If you put The starwars ending there Its perfection
Cute dinosaur
Cute dinosaur 18 päeva tagasi
Lord Lixeus
Lord Lixeus 18 päeva tagasi
I swear, this dude can make a pun in an instant. And it is wonderful!
9After 18 päeva tagasi
"what season is it now" *"FALL"* *jumps off cliff
peqchesxo 18 päeva tagasi
This was the video that got me into Lunch Club in the first place so uh thank you
Venom_ 10
Venom_ 10 18 päeva tagasi
Bruh he is too chaotic slime is the sum of my humor
Will 4110
Will 4110 18 päeva tagasi
To this day he still singing that song
Alan Hdz
Alan Hdz 19 päeva tagasi
Charlie looks like oldest young person there is
Zak Swales
Zak Swales 19 päeva tagasi
Why does Charlie sound like the person who sung the Pokémon theme tune tho
Melon 19 päeva tagasi
Creeper: Charlie: [S C R A E D]
vinNy_inc 16 päeva tagasi
Yes scaed, we love scaed
shrimp jpeg
shrimp jpeg 20 päeva tagasi
all jokes aside slime has the funny gene
Lindsay Polk
Lindsay Polk 20 päeva tagasi
pls i came back to watch this and got jumpscared by a groomer
Revenge Raptor
Revenge Raptor 20 päeva tagasi
Jerkoi 0409
Jerkoi 0409 20 päeva tagasi
not even 5 seconds on the video and i laughed so hard.
Card_Bored 20 päeva tagasi
charlie is the only other person i know other than myself that knows the entire pokemon theme song
Swifty Wolf
Swifty Wolf 20 päeva tagasi
Why is charlie 9 and 30 at the same time but in the best way possible
Paradoxtator Studios
Paradoxtator Studios 21 päev tagasi
his friends usually say "charlie wut are you doing??" xd
michelle foster
michelle foster 21 päev tagasi
I knew I had seen him somewhere before it was on smosh!!!!!
Serpling 21 päev tagasi
Seeing this really makes me hope Carson is innocent, despite the evidence being against him
guy that is alive
guy that is alive 21 päev tagasi
Where did you find him playing My friend pedro
Short Circuit
Short Circuit 21 päev tagasi
Where does the clip at 2:02 come from
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