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OfflineTV Roster:
Scarra | scarra
Pokimane | pokimanelol
LilyPichu | LilyPichu
Disguised Toast l DisguisedToast
Fedmyster | Fedmyster
Produced / Directed by:
Fedmyster | Fedmyster2
Shot by:
Albert Chang | THEalbertchang
Everyone Else
Edited by:
Dunois | DunoisKR
Managed by:
Fedmyster | Fedmyster2
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Wendy O'Connor
Wendy O'Connor 30 minutit tagasi
Why isn't toast in the video
Holly Sullivan
Holly Sullivan 33 minutit tagasi
The only thing Michael is scared of is the furnace room A rational fear
Jake Wagner
Jake Wagner 2 tundi tagasi
So glad fed got kicked out hes a fuck boy
Alex Liu
Alex Liu 3 tundi tagasi
How fast Tammy walks you the stairs is amazing
MrChonkeyChinaM8 5 tundi tagasi
scarra: i’m a hide and go seek god : gets found first Michael: i will find lily first Lily: wins
IcantThinkofaname589 5 tundi tagasi
15:04 A D V A N C E D I N T E R R O G A T I O N T E C H N I Q U E S
Ninja At Night
Ninja At Night 6 tundi tagasi
Pokiman be like, "Can i fit in here?"
Cloud 11 tundi tagasi
Edria Catangui
Edria Catangui 12 tundi tagasi
They put Saria’s song lost woods but it’s very quiet
Creepy guy
Creepy guy 12 tundi tagasi
Why do you have an attack on titan body pillow?
DrKWolf DE
DrKWolf DE 13 tundi tagasi
Little did you know in round 2 they found someone hiding in the house
Loki Din
Loki Din 14 tundi tagasi
Why michael looks like a kid in this video
Bryan Montoya
Bryan Montoya 14 tundi tagasi
Temmie!! Fetch me their souls!!
Miggzy Plays
Miggzy Plays 16 tundi tagasi
Michael can seriously be a grandma
landon lamb
landon lamb 16 tundi tagasi
Micheal intensely staring Yvonne down while asking where lily is
Extromatic 17 tundi tagasi
17:29 FUCK
Aaron Miguel
Aaron Miguel 16 tundi tagasi
Yikes dude
Just a little human
Just a little human 17 tundi tagasi
Michael is the lovechild of Joker and Anonymous, spread the word
Just a little human
Just a little human 17 tundi tagasi
Plottwist, Michael is the lovechild of Joker and anonymous
Just a little human
Just a little human 17 tundi tagasi
"Oh we have our weapons in there" Boi if I don't have a weapon room when I move in with friends I don't fcking want the house
Fork frog
Fork frog 19 tundi tagasi
It’s so weird cause he lives with them now
Asio Corey
Asio Corey 20 tundi tagasi
15:49 everything about this next scene is just perfect in every way
GhostRider12 21 tund tagasi
That Fed and Lily clip did not age well at all
Klaus Arkakin
Klaus Arkakin 23 tundi tagasi
17:10 mimi knew all along
Aaron Miguel
Aaron Miguel 16 tundi tagasi
Katja Haarstick
Katja Haarstick Päev tagasi
Imagine his search history ._.
Katja Haarstick
Katja Haarstick Päev tagasi
Search history: how to teroize ur freinds and scar them :>
Noodle the Doodle
Noodle the Doodle Päev tagasi
Michael kinda looks like he would be TheOdd1sOut’s younger brother
Krel btw
Krel btw Päev tagasi
Tyler_M40 Päev tagasi
Yvonne looks like the baby from ice age
Lazzi Loo
Lazzi Loo Päev tagasi
I’m scared
Shelley Orr
Shelley Orr Päev tagasi
Ofc she started crying I would to if a 1,9 Filipino with a taser in my face was asking questions in a sociopath mood
ImOffline Päev tagasi
scarra : "fed doesnt know im a hide and seek god" yea i know what you meant
Anee Gajbhiye
Anee Gajbhiye Päev tagasi
That takayan song in the back oh yeah!
cole k
cole k Päev tagasi
13:59 did not age well + 17:18 the 2 time
Hudson Lin
Hudson Lin Päev tagasi
Michael reminds me of Harold from Nathan Doan Comedy
ThatGuy -Yaya
ThatGuy -Yaya Päev tagasi
He found her, then they found eachother 💞
Natali Olivares
Natali Olivares Päev tagasi
You couldnt have picked a better seeker if you tried
Meriam Yt
Meriam Yt 2 päeva tagasi
14:40 - 14:44 im dead.
Meriam Yt
Meriam Yt 2 päeva tagasi
9:13 but why did i looked and sounded so funny XDDD
Meriam Yt
Meriam Yt 2 päeva tagasi
8:10 me when i see a rat
Sunkn 2 päeva tagasi
15:49 that perfect timing tho
ron jusufi
ron jusufi 2 päeva tagasi
michael basically mentally abusing ppl i fucking love him
M e r y
M e r y 2 päeva tagasi
this is so fuckin funny i cant BHAHAH
Very Salty Squid
Very Salty Squid 2 päeva tagasi
I wanna see him torture his friends more, but everyone gets tased
Rymbek Lacsa
Rymbek Lacsa 2 päeva tagasi
wheres toast?
Aurora_skies 2 päeva tagasi
Micheal is freaking terrifying, holy shit HAHAHAHA
call me Rockyy
call me Rockyy 2 päeva tagasi
Michael: enters the house *Warning, The slayer has entered the facility*
Ben Flatt
Ben Flatt 2 päeva tagasi
*"I love you but please leave."* My mom in a nutshell
xandro avenir
xandro avenir 2 päeva tagasi
0:36 Was a Crackhead Always a Crackhead
Clint Robinson
Clint Robinson 2 päeva tagasi
Mimi can see people‘a real character
Bajaprimesea prime
Bajaprimesea prime 2 päeva tagasi
So glad fed is out of the house... such a bad "actor". He was playing a rol and it was awful to see.
Ryan Stone
Ryan Stone 3 päeva tagasi
14:00 that did not age well
Lady Death
Lady Death 3 päeva tagasi
Hi If you scrolled down all this way then you’re a god.
Isaac Kerman
Isaac Kerman 3 päeva tagasi
Feds in the closet and won’t come out
_wHo pUt dA mUfFiNs iN dA fRezEr? _
_wHo pUt dA mUfFiNs iN dA fRezEr? _ 3 päeva tagasi
I know you've been thinking "how does this Filipino found everyone!?" Well I'm here to explain, Us Filipino was trained to hide from our enemies, were trained by our Parents for Years, Why are we hiding? Because we believe that if our Parents found us were be probably dead by now...So yes we Filipinos are masters in hide and seek.
Gage Ware
Gage Ware 3 päeva tagasi
17:16 flaccid cat
Ree 3 päeva tagasi
8:25 relatable
Sk. Sahil Islam
Sk. Sahil Islam 3 päeva tagasi
Micheal Reeves more like Ramsay Bolton hehehe
Eduardo Peralta
Eduardo Peralta 4 päeva tagasi
His acne is disgusting
BWY9000 4 päeva tagasi
I like this video but fed is in it :(
Ok boomer
Ok boomer 4 päeva tagasi
Michael is 22 and Lily is 28
Joshtrip1™ Gaming
Joshtrip1™ Gaming 4 päeva tagasi
Well this did not age well
april Hyuga
april Hyuga 4 päeva tagasi
I don't like Michael he intimidates alot of peopel!!!!
Juljad P
Juljad P 4 päeva tagasi
Fed’s in the closet if you know what I mean
Chin Chin
Chin Chin 4 päeva tagasi
Filipino Drug Addict Torturing a group of people for information colorized
Oneoutof5 5 päeva tagasi
Domestic terrorism at its finest:
Epic Anime Master
Epic Anime Master 5 päeva tagasi
10:17 Thiiiiccccc
Wirj 2 päeva tagasi
Brain Crack
Brain Crack 5 päeva tagasi
Actually a JoJo fan, or just know to be continued from the meme?
Brent Better
Brent Better 5 päeva tagasi
Fed's a rat geez
Simply Suga
Simply Suga 5 päeva tagasi
Fed was such a game thrower. You never snitch on someone's hiding spot even if you're threatened.
Blue_ Rose
Blue_ Rose 5 päeva tagasi
Toast is the hide and seek god not scarra ;)
Yoda ZX
Yoda ZX 5 päeva tagasi
I like to think toast was there but his spot was too good they forgot about him
Random Bijj
Random Bijj 5 päeva tagasi
Michael deploying Temmie feels like a Kalista player who just wanna waste her W.
Alec Cambefort
Alec Cambefort 5 päeva tagasi
If you watch closely you can spot a wild chad holding the rare female gamers at the outro
Just Random
Just Random 5 päeva tagasi
Notice how offline TVs popular videos mostly covered with videos Michael has been in
Thor Odinson
Thor Odinson 5 päeva tagasi
Also: the jojo meme was absolute *G O L D*
Thor Odinson
Thor Odinson 5 päeva tagasi
He sends the dog out like: "fetch me their souls"
Night Senpai
Night Senpai 6 päeva tagasi
Ngl michael looks so badass while finding them
durzeonlyfans 6 päeva tagasi
why tf is there a gun on the table at 9:40
AmadeusArt 6 päeva tagasi
title:SHE ACTUALLY STARTED CRYING first frame: FED well that just seem right
DDeathRaiderX 6 päeva tagasi
Micheal just kicking all the places in the house
CF_ Animations
CF_ Animations 6 päeva tagasi
I would just like to point out there was a Flip Flop in the WEAPONS cabinet
Dallas77Gaming 6 päeva tagasi
I'm assuming she's in the fucking walls at this point XD
S4mu3l’s Gaming Studio.
S4mu3l’s Gaming Studio. 6 päeva tagasi
This is not hide and seek, it’s called hide or D I E
saucy baby
saucy baby 6 päeva tagasi
i love how fed just played roundabout right before finding lily
Atlas 6 päeva tagasi
I dont know why but i love the whole online tv group just being absolutely terrified of Michael its fucking hilarious
Kyle Caballero
Kyle Caballero 6 päeva tagasi
Isn't it ironic that Michael assumed he would find Lily first but ended up finding her the last?
Armin Fekri
Armin Fekri 7 päeva tagasi
11:27 I like how faintly Michael says "crackhead"
Stevonicus 7 päeva tagasi
Mimi is the real hero
Pranav Kumar
Pranav Kumar 7 päeva tagasi
Michael's a fuckin psychopath daaaamn
Point44 7 päeva tagasi
Michael: *comes over* Michael: "let's play-" *Everyone is already hiding in fear*
Jack Clare-Campbell
Jack Clare-Campbell 7 päeva tagasi
5:30 Step-Bro I’m stuck!
Converse_FN 7 päeva tagasi
God there’s so many people who don’t know kakotalk and these guys know yay
Sean Andrei L. Ison
Sean Andrei L. Ison 7 päeva tagasi
Is calling the hiders allowed?
Simon _ Meh
Simon _ Meh 7 päeva tagasi
16:03 Hey be careful with that pillow 😠😡
Bodoland Movie Hero
Bodoland Movie Hero 7 päeva tagasi
5:15 I don't believe in Albert
Gabe Sheets
Gabe Sheets 8 päeva tagasi
Mimi knew fed was bad
Λ N D R E I 8 päeva tagasi
*ok boomer*
Melchizedek Slater
Melchizedek Slater 8 päeva tagasi
Michael is gonna be one of those dads
AaAn #kms
AaAn #kms 8 päeva tagasi
1 year later and they could do this again w/ fed as the guest. Kappa
Basil Fabian
Basil Fabian 8 päeva tagasi
The way Michael intimidated everyone to get answers.... Damn scary 😂
ItzFloody - Gaming
ItzFloody - Gaming 8 päeva tagasi
If he didn't expose Yvonnes spot. She would've won. Lily did very good though. She just hears the song round and round~ the others know where lily is: *screeching* micheal sniffs
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