Seniors Needs to be STOPPED!

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Evan Pilkington
Evan Pilkington 9 tundi tagasi
Out of the many alarming things in this video, The one that got my attention was that two men in their 30's didn't know what Recuse meant.
Liam Allen
Liam Allen 11 tundi tagasi
this reaction video is really good. just felt like two friends hanging out
Sky Bird
Sky Bird 13 tundi tagasi
The girl in the middle reminds me of my mother and oooof.... Well hope she finds happiness.......and dosnt go home angry and take it out on her children
A Friendly Dino
A Friendly Dino 17 tundi tagasi
They voted out all the bros
Tiny Tim
Tiny Tim 19 tundi tagasi
I mean, if she wants personal space, acting that way is a good way for people to stay away! A true precursor to the modern day Karen.
Nick Oberg
Nick Oberg 20 tundi tagasi
These are “boomers” right!?
Nicho Sand
Nicho Sand 21 tund tagasi
They chose to have the kids, why are they complaining???….
Nicho Sand
Nicho Sand 21 tund tagasi
I hate all three of the last remaining ladies they’re the most entitled Karens ever
Nicho Sand
Nicho Sand 21 tund tagasi
Luke 22 tundi tagasi
please Felix buy here some diamond grills
Arthur Silorio
Arthur Silorio 23 tundi tagasi
what the hell ken?!!!
Sylveon :D
Sylveon :D Päev tagasi
felix:they dfont make fingures like these anymore literly almost every anime figure:and i took taht personaly.
Christ almighty wtf is wrong with humans
Shae M
Shae M Päev tagasi
The hate for the muddle lady is so unwarranted. Yall didn't even hear that she had kids at 15 and not every teen gets to choose whether to have the kid or not. Yall are so judgemental.
Tuffdude 77
Tuffdude 77 Päev tagasi
The two old guys were so nice and were trying to actually help people. Everyone else's reason was terrible. Except maybe the dentures lady.
Tuffdude 77
Tuffdude 77 Päev tagasi
People who don't want taxes going to people in need are the same people who defend having such a high amount of taxes going to the military.
Matthew Päev tagasi
I literally need my natural human function back *BuT i WaNnA sWiM*
nobunny's_perfect Päev tagasi
Anybody noticed that in almost every video like this the most entitled person usually sits in the middle?
Jacabo Blanco
Jacabo Blanco Päev tagasi
I hate people..... Seriously. That one lady that just wanted "space" is the most grumpy transparently selfish person. I hate her...
raaboh Päev tagasi
most manipulative and selfish ppl win in theese every time
Tyler_The_Man12 Päev tagasi
go away I need space, now I am alone.
Patrik Lénárt
Patrik Lénárt 2 päeva tagasi
The woman in the middle could have gotten her damn personal space if instead coming to this event went out to a park or something and sit down all by herself for the exact amount of time she spent at the Cut studio. I also feel that the woman on the left is BS. If you have to go away to grieve your OWN CHILD, you are just disrespectful in my eyes.
Gracie Byrd
Gracie Byrd 2 päeva tagasi
My mom is on disability and get 2k a month like what sometimes is 2.5k because of heart disease and she has had 2 heart attacks and she takes 12 different medications a day she’ll live and I know she gets more then 1k a month
Gnar Boots
Gnar Boots 2 päeva tagasi
I hate Felix and Ken for making fun of people who have actually had hard lives. They will never understand.
forest zhang
forest zhang 2 päeva tagasi
Actually the largest portion of taxes go to social programs. Much more than is spent on the military by a lot in America.
Hannah Vandosen
Hannah Vandosen 2 päeva tagasi
“I been through shit I’m going through shit” like we all have shit but using the I have kids card is not “going through shit” you chose to have kids own up to it
NICHAN 2 päeva tagasi
The lady in the middle needs that space cuz she obviously didn’t have time to mature while she was taking care of other people
potato 2 päeva tagasi
Ugh i can't stand the three women on the couch, like do they think they are in such need of help because they have kids? Like the vast majority of people their age have kids or an ageing partner to take care of, it's not easy but they aren't in more need than literally anyone else. Give the money to the charity guys or the woman who LITERALLY CANNOT EAT SOLID FOOD.
JoseLRodriguez 2 päeva tagasi
These guys need a podcast pewdiepie and ken make it happen I will would listen everyday fucking laughing my ass off
xX-LOWRIDEZ-Xx 2 päeva tagasi
ken and I , in sinc she bouta explode
Gavin 2 päeva tagasi
You don't need a loan to be alone lol
Matthew AS
Matthew AS 3 päeva tagasi
my wish for christmast is for the 3 people on the couch can eternaly feel the pain of hitting you knee on the scooter
Pessimistic Bunny
Pessimistic Bunny 3 päeva tagasi
That one im the middle is definitley 100% in pain and has some things to deal with at home on a daily basis
Rebecca Carpenter
Rebecca Carpenter 3 päeva tagasi
I like that when it’s with the teens Felix is hesitant to judge and when it’s elders, ken is hesitant 😂
Landry Cunning
Landry Cunning 3 päeva tagasi
Bruh it's her fault anyways how do your dogs get your denchers😂
Mariano Sauza Castro
Mariano Sauza Castro 3 päeva tagasi
did someone else heard a bit of dark age pewd on 26:40
Blood God666
Blood God666 3 päeva tagasi
I need that fridge because I’m lazy
Hezekiah Rodriguez
Hezekiah Rodriguez 3 päeva tagasi
The results were sure interesting.
Hezekiah Rodriguez
Hezekiah Rodriguez 3 päeva tagasi
Millenials, teenagers, adults, and seniors.... now the circle is complete.
Hezekiah Rodriguez
Hezekiah Rodriguez 3 päeva tagasi
Poor Jennifer... 😂
Sofia Bredice
Sofia Bredice 3 päeva tagasi
Is anyone else lost. If you need alone time that’s fine but what does money have to do it with like is she saying she wants to go on vacation with that cash...
Chad Matthieu
Chad Matthieu 4 päeva tagasi
Carpe *
Carpe * 4 päeva tagasi
Félix has so beautiful eyes 👀
Elizabeth Gervais
Elizabeth Gervais 4 päeva tagasi
Those 3 ladies were straight bullying. Well HAHA SHE ENDED UP BETTER OFF THAN YALL
elise monet ഒ
elise monet ഒ 4 päeva tagasi
The woman in the middle is such a miserable human being
UmiGawd _
UmiGawd _ 4 päeva tagasi
To answer felix's question on what they do with their money. They are alot like us younger people. They pay bills, go shopping, etc. But my grandparents also saved up for a vacation every year :3
Michalina Pilich
Michalina Pilich 4 päeva tagasi
There's a "is your refrigerator running" joke somewhere there.
irgendein typ
irgendein typ 4 päeva tagasi
lol i also thought of the number 38
Alena Pendley
Alena Pendley 4 päeva tagasi
🤮🤮🤮 I can’t believe how entitled society has become.
Platypuss 5 päeva tagasi
This lady in the middle just complaining about how her own poor decisions led to her being busy. Sounds like she hates her family lol.
April April
April April 5 päeva tagasi
✈️ 🍑 👏🏼
Dan Dlion
Dan Dlion 5 päeva tagasi
No money for pale people
Red-Haired Shanks
Red-Haired Shanks 5 päeva tagasi
Wait ken likes one piece? My day has been made.
Christina Marie Hicks
Christina Marie Hicks 5 päeva tagasi
So lazy spoiled .,cant get a job .,
Christina Marie Hicks
Christina Marie Hicks 5 päeva tagasi
I dont give a crap who u think gamers..
Christina Marie Hicks
Christina Marie Hicks 5 päeva tagasi
Imagine if u get lucky one day ull be a senior..
Bunny Boy
Bunny Boy 5 päeva tagasi
Now you can say that your fridge is running.
Ashley Marie
Ashley Marie 5 päeva tagasi
“We don’t have a trillion-dollar debt because we haven’t taxed enough; we have a trillion-dollar debt because we spend too much.” -Ronald Reagan
mhh mh
mhh mh 5 päeva tagasi
I feel like I would be like the first guy, “I don’t wanna be a part of this shit anyway” and just sit down😂
Mehmet 5 päeva tagasi
Donate to Jennifer’s go fund me still 500 dollars to go Google Jennifer dentures go fund me
SgtMaggi 6 päeva tagasi
I get the feeling that Americans should get used to pay more taxes to support their communities. It's not all about yourself man. America culturally is so damn different from West Europe 22:48 holy fuck ken that's amazing
Momo S
Momo S 6 päeva tagasi
Is the message that if your trying to win in a game where your competition will not take action with reason and logic but rather self intrest, you should either: 1) point out those who are snakes and gang up with those who legit have reason and take in reason or 2) if ur alone, be manipulative af. If u can’t beat em, join em🤔
Momo S
Momo S 6 päeva tagasi
You can obviously see he wrote nine with his pen movement in the real video 😭
Aura Fizzy
Aura Fizzy 6 päeva tagasi
Why is it that the worst ppl win in these
jieyanni 6 päeva tagasi
One person voted themselves out so that someone with important issues could win.. then that team of women just like 😐
Oskar Zielinski
Oskar Zielinski 6 päeva tagasi
Went skydiving last year. The weight limit for skydiving looking in fear.
Bobby Pizarro Calvillo
Bobby Pizarro Calvillo 6 päeva tagasi
Thank you for pewwwwwwwdieepiie
Emily Dobbs
Emily Dobbs 6 päeva tagasi
Old lady screaming at top of her lungs be like: ehh
The Goddess Of Party Tricks
The Goddess Of Party Tricks 6 päeva tagasi
22:43 - Almost had me dead.
CoolCharacter 6 päeva tagasi
Suggestion (please don’t kill me): Make the tambourine that the demon is holding, an actual mini tambourine.
The Biskee Boyz
The Biskee Boyz 6 päeva tagasi
Your awesome
The Biskee Boyz
The Biskee Boyz 6 päeva tagasi
Was the girl in the middle the charity guy that left husband he was touching her shoulder
General Grognak
General Grognak 7 päeva tagasi
I fucking hate old people
emily fisher
emily fisher 7 päeva tagasi
Them not having alone time was there decision I have kids and haven't had alone time in 16 years I also need dentures due to low calcium but if it came down to it I would put the other lady that needs them first
Yeetz 7 päeva tagasi
That charity guy should meet amrBeast
Gerardo Herrera
Gerardo Herrera 7 päeva tagasi
Sup bros
cameron jam
cameron jam 8 päeva tagasi
these people are worse than both other groups HOW
Alicia Lane
Alicia Lane 8 päeva tagasi
Honestly I think those two ladies just admitted that they want to go on vacation. This whole alone time explanation is just so vague
paige herbison
paige herbison 8 päeva tagasi
“that’s not a game” 😐 SENT ME DBSNSNSN
Shwaggy Shwagz
Shwaggy Shwagz 8 päeva tagasi
Hmm... they took out the men and the white people first.
Vincent S.
Vincent S. 8 päeva tagasi
What is gross to me is how calculating the middle one was. She knew she didnt have a good reason so she refused to elaborate. She knew she wouldnt get picked so she made the voting process about something arbitrary a shame the others let her bully them into submission
Ananya Garg
Ananya Garg 8 päeva tagasi
Wait since when did 41 come in senior category?
Dmoonstar Adams
Dmoonstar Adams 8 päeva tagasi
And it should have been the teeth lady
Candace Ostrander
Candace Ostrander 9 päeva tagasi
a lot of homeless people don't deserve the money we worked hard for.
Kayla Davis
Kayla Davis 9 päeva tagasi
I need more Pewdie/Ken collabs!
berenice anderson
berenice anderson 9 päeva tagasi
One needs to yelled, another needs alone time and the other one needs new appliances but they kick out the lady that needs teeth?????
Anti Sunshine
Anti Sunshine 9 päeva tagasi
You know you are in your 30's when appliances get you that excited.
Apeoroki 9 päeva tagasi
Hey guys! Jennifer is actually my grandma! She got her teeth from a go fund me and actually has extra money! Thank you so much! (She also made a video thanking everyone)
Dark Huntress
Dark Huntress 4 päeva tagasi
I'm so happy she's doing alright ☺️ give her some love for me ❤️
Elizabeth Gervais
Elizabeth Gervais 4 päeva tagasi
Thank you for the update. Give her some love for me lol im so happy to hear this. ❤
Apeoroki 9 päeva tagasi
And no I will not be chewing her cashews for her
OmegaPi 9 päeva tagasi
It's always the straight white male that gets kicked out first in all these videos.
Jaces World
Jaces World 9 päeva tagasi
I need a ken and pewds podcast
Kelpman_ Clark
Kelpman_ Clark 10 päeva tagasi
19:16 haha saving this for later 😏
Pastor Pidgeon
Pastor Pidgeon 10 päeva tagasi
I really wanted to give it to the first woman. I want her to go to Arizona and scream.
TiredAllTheTime 10 päeva tagasi
They really treating the disabled woman who NEEDS new teeth like shit.
Thicc Muffinman
Thicc Muffinman 10 päeva tagasi
This series shows how strong gang mentality is and how women dominate decision making.
Hannah Brooke
Hannah Brooke 10 päeva tagasi
If it’s so hard for her to get alone time how did she manage to get away for this video?
18inchestheComedian 10 päeva tagasi
Cool beans 😎 ☮❤☯️🌐
DVD MAGNUM 10 päeva tagasi
the three that were left in the middle were actually selfish asf
D3 A3
D3 A3 11 päeva tagasi
Humanity will never recover from these money games 😔
Diego Chacon
Diego Chacon 11 päeva tagasi
I’m so glad that Jennifer got her dentures thanks to this video!
Sarah Moore
Sarah Moore 11 päeva tagasi
15:37 not ken over here with the “best dad” mug
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