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huge thank you to Dove for sponsoring this video :)
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samara audrey
samara audrey 17 päeva tagasi
anyone else cringe at the fact that she doesn't use a loofa or anything to wash her body
Amy Keller [Student]
Amy Keller [Student] 6 місяців tagasi
This pump is the greatest thing alive *meanwhile the pump squirts past her hand onto the floor* Ya it’s a rly good pump 😂😂😂
Izel Ahunchain
Izel Ahunchain 7 місяців tagasi
Why is her sweatshirt blurred out?
katie ;0
katie ;0 7 місяців tagasi
I fr thought the exfoliater was 💩
Prison Mike
Prison Mike 8 місяців tagasi
When Haley dumps all of her bath bombs in the bath she says it’s for the thumbnail. Also haley doesn’t even use it
Kung_mohammed Kung_mohammed
Kung_mohammed Kung_mohammed 11 місяців tagasi
nishinoyas rolling thunder
nishinoyas rolling thunder Aasta tagasi
*i learnt how to do this font!*
• Mėlłøw •
• Mėlłøw • Aasta tagasi
Who else is a true #Girlypop Love you Haley! Oh. You probably won’t see this, but I have been binge watching your channel and vlog channel. ❤️😉
Erika Dobson
Erika Dobson Aasta tagasi
You introduced me to bullet journaling and now I’m obsessed!
• Mėlłøw •
• Mėlłøw • Aasta tagasi
0:58 “Whenever I was trying to take the thumbnail...” When she doesn’t even use that pic for the thumbnail... sorry, ILY 🤟🏼 so much Hakey!!!
Ari Marcantonio
Ari Marcantonio Aasta tagasi
me wondering whyher shirt was censored for half the vidio
Anouk Aasta tagasi
We don’t have a bathtub but i want one just so i can buy and use bathbombs😳
Sinead Shine*
Sinead Shine* Aasta tagasi
why tf did I unsubscribe
Gia Tserkis
Gia Tserkis Aasta tagasi
pause for the cause: what planner is this???
aleksandra belov
aleksandra belov Aasta tagasi
you should do a collab w alisha marie! that would be the best!
Gracelyn Aasta tagasi
why would you keep your bathbombs next to your tub, you were just asking for them to fall
jasmine tootle
jasmine tootle Aasta tagasi
Self Care & Mental Health are definitely important
mia Aasta tagasi
the fact that you didn’t use a loofa or washcloth when washing your body 😑
Ziningi Kheswa
Ziningi Kheswa Aasta tagasi
🤭😍😍😍I love you Haley .. I'm from South Africa 🤭🤭
Sharon Estrada
Sharon Estrada Aasta tagasi
do you get your nails done acrylic every time? or do you get them done with gel
Chloe Richardson
Chloe Richardson Aasta tagasi
Why's it say headache in her planner???
Maddie M
Maddie M Aasta tagasi
Haley: “bending and cracking and breaking” lists verbs Also Haley: “I don’t have any more adjectives” 😂😂😂
jayleen soler
jayleen soler Aasta tagasi
do you have any christian podcasts you recommend? pls 💞
dim_ sop
dim_ sop Aasta tagasi
Vietnam girl in Usa! poufff
anna Karamolegkou
anna Karamolegkou Aasta tagasi
Maria Kim
Maria Kim Aasta tagasi
ey whats with the censor at like 10:00
Ellie Johnson
Ellie Johnson Aasta tagasi
Anyone have any weight loss tips? I’m trying really hard to lose weight while not starving myself lol
meijna Aasta tagasi
drink lots of water! also find a workout that suits you, it may take while but trust me you'll find one. slowly eliminate all the bad things u eat like maybe stop drinking pop and then chips ect. but dont get rid of it all of a sudden bc you might crave and binge. u might go thru some hard patches thinking things like "This is too hard" or " Is this really worth it" but dont give into those thoughts just stay positive. lastly please dont starve yourself because when u eat a meal again youll again twice as much weight back and starving urself can be rlly unhealthy:((
amazinggirl123ish Aasta tagasi
what face mask was that???
Britney Brazell
Britney Brazell Aasta tagasi
Omg I love you so much ❤️
Jakala Garner
Jakala Garner Aasta tagasi
Your videos is so good
Chloe Currie
Chloe Currie Aasta tagasi
what face exfoliated did she use?
Grace Day
Grace Day Aasta tagasi
Haley has her cow nails this video was filmed a long time ago
Patrick Bourke
Patrick Bourke Aasta tagasi
What was that blurred out thing on your jumper when you were going through your journal and planner?
Emma Genuske
Emma Genuske Aasta tagasi
I stopped watching EEpost for a while and I am catching up on everything and I am enjoying your new videos so much and can't wait to see the videos where you are being your self and just making what you want to make~XOXO: A Girly Pop
Finley Warren
Finley Warren Aasta tagasi
Wait wait wait where did you get the white bathing suit you are wearing in the first part
kenidy reece
kenidy reece Aasta tagasi
did she just..wash her hair with bath bomb water
Samantha Morgan
Samantha Morgan Aasta tagasi
what brand of planner do you have?
Amanda Parker
Amanda Parker Aasta tagasi
watching haley wash and condition her hair and body, exfoliate her legs, drop multiple bath bombs in the bath and then wash her face w the same water gave me genuine anxiety
giselle hassoun
giselle hassoun Aasta tagasi
is ur cam water proof
giselle hassoun
giselle hassoun Aasta tagasi
where do u buy ur note/bucket list/yt ideas books?
Linne mie
Linne mie Aasta tagasi
I’m not religious, i really don’t believe in anything, but i think it’s soo beautiful that you go to church
hailee wisniewski
hailee wisniewski Aasta tagasi
please just do a whole vid on how to do a bullet journal
aleciathehuman Aasta tagasi
What podcasts do you listen to?
Mackenzie Gibbs
Mackenzie Gibbs Aasta tagasi
U should start pod casts
Georgia T
Georgia T Aasta tagasi
Why is Haley so pretty?!? 😍😍
TatiSsj2 Aasta tagasi
I'm probably tripping but this video seemed hella stressful for a self care video
jayden Aasta tagasi
you should make manlypop merch
Alaina Moretti
Alaina Moretti Aasta tagasi
i am just following what the internet is telling me to do. take a peak at my channel and let me know what you think?
Zoe Bell
Zoe Bell Aasta tagasi
for my self care days i like to straighten up my room and wash all my clothes and then exfoliate and shave and do all those skin and hair things then turn on my fairy lights and a candle or 2 and watch netflix and youtube 😌
reagan smith
reagan smith Aasta tagasi
self care IS bae
Kaylee Davis
Kaylee Davis Aasta tagasi
11:24 u can see the logo thing she tried to blur out
Saturn Edits
Saturn Edits Aasta tagasi
*weird manly pops have entered the chat*
Llamabread Aasta tagasi
I didn't know there were so many products to... just... uuuuse on your body and face wow this is mindblowing
Margot Bertrand
Margot Bertrand Aasta tagasi
Actually ahha I’m french and we have a youtuber that used to do bathtub videos interviewing people from tv reality shows in swimsuits and it was just hilarious
casey Ri
casey Ri Aasta tagasi
Creepy man pops 😂😂😂
Laina Scanlan
Laina Scanlan Aasta tagasi
We’ll Greece right now but then italy
Laina Scanlan
Laina Scanlan Aasta tagasi
My sister is in Italy and Greece right now
Maria Sullivan
Maria Sullivan Aasta tagasi
also I’m obsessed with bullet journaling
Maria Sullivan
Maria Sullivan Aasta tagasi
Alida Smith
Alida Smith Aasta tagasi
I am so ready for the weird videos that are coming! I love them!!
Anti-America Aasta tagasi
Who wears a bikini in a bath tub?
meena al omran
meena al omran Aasta tagasi
ok I cant be the only one that finds the fact that people take baths and don't shower after gross? 😳 you're literally bathing in your own filth
AnnieCavv Aasta tagasi
Anyone know where her planner was from?
Grace Blackthorn
Grace Blackthorn Aasta tagasi
So proud of you dude!!!!!!
hellob0x Aasta tagasi
Dove sponsored video...uses lush 😂
Maddy J
Maddy J Aasta tagasi
just wondering if you realize that you drinking chocolate milk every day and eating mcdonald’s basically every day makes your “not drinking starbucks antmore” thing mean nothing.....
Amirah Wells
Amirah Wells Aasta tagasi
loved this video
Isla Gibbs
Isla Gibbs Aasta tagasi
hey!! this is just yiur friendly reminder to drink some water if you haven't today! also - check the time and if it's late, maybe get some sleep so you're well rested for tomorrow. always remember that if you're going through a tough time, there's a light at the end of the tunnel and if you ever need to talk, the comments are always open so please don't hesitate to reply to me. you are loved!! ♡
jilliannj Aasta tagasi
Only a glitch in the simulation would say “self care is bae”
Kerttu Hintikka
Kerttu Hintikka Aasta tagasi
hakey! please stop calling body hair nasty! i know it's your personal preference to be hairless, and that's okay, but your viewers are mostly young and will definitely pick that up. i'm saying this as a grandma. i love your content, keep it up
DOM Y Aasta tagasi
perhaps you could use a translucent (not transparent) sheet/envelope or sth similar to cover up stuff in your journal while still being able to show us titles or general structure, etc
DOM Y Aasta tagasi
Please stop criticising your bod,y Haley. It will be good for you and good for impressionable viewers.
sarah latendorf
sarah latendorf Aasta tagasi
5:04 Haley: I look like a psychopath Me..: don't you mean a psychobath?
kenidy reece
kenidy reece Aasta tagasi
Sarah V Latendorf thank you
TwentyOneFrens Aasta tagasi
Now I want a bullet journal and planer
Lilly Ellis
Lilly Ellis Aasta tagasi
I watched this video twice because it’s just super relaxing
kelsey mcclain
kelsey mcclain Aasta tagasi
And maley pops *nice* maley pops
Alicia Djurovic
Alicia Djurovic Aasta tagasi
just watched your video gifting Gucci to your best friend on your vlog channel but couldn't comment so just had to come on here and say THAT WAS SOOO CUTE! *I cried*
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr Aasta tagasi
Alexandria Breedlove
Alexandria Breedlove Aasta tagasi
That thumb nail part was whole different Haley
Mrs Salvatore
Mrs Salvatore Aasta tagasi
why did she blur her shirt tho?
Kloie Rallison
Kloie Rallison Aasta tagasi
Ok, but like what is on her shirt making it so she has to blur it out?
Maxine Langkau
Maxine Langkau Aasta tagasi
a brand, she is blurring out brands so it doesnt seem like she is advertising them without telling us
Ava Williams
Ava Williams Aasta tagasi
What podcasts do you listen to? I can’t seem to find a good one. Any recommendations?
Ava Williams
Ava Williams Aasta tagasi
Samantha Golden thanks, I’ll listen to it soon!
Samantha Golden
Samantha Golden Aasta tagasi
Ava Williams I really like the try pod by the try guys and the sister diary by Lauren and Maddie Orlando
Elly Augustine
Elly Augustine Aasta tagasi
I'm excited for non cookie cutter Haley. Make whatcha you want girl. We'd still watch.
Taylor Janigian
Taylor Janigian Aasta tagasi
haley ilysm! i’m not tryna be that one annoying subscriber... but i really enjoy every one of your videos! it is really cool to me that you will show us glimpses of your faith in a video. i’m a christian and i want you to know i pray for you. it can be hard in the youtube industry to stay faithful to God, rather than conforming to the world. whether that’s language or the clothes we wear we should always make sure we are an example of God and Gods love to others. ok that’s all for my little rant. what i was saying is i’m praying for you because i love you!
MsAblivia Aasta tagasi
I'm obsessed with how you plan wow
kylie bishop
kylie bishop Aasta tagasi
Where is your planner from?? It’s so cute!!
Amariah Webster
Amariah Webster Aasta tagasi
does anyone know what face mask she used, the blue one
Cloudy Skies
Cloudy Skies Aasta tagasi
Wait wut it says you have 2.26m subs? Is that a thing?
Madison Lynn
Madison Lynn Aasta tagasi
when haley says “this is the weird video” even through her last video was of her waxing everything
Karson G
Karson G Aasta tagasi
With long hair you get weighed down
The Humble Oak - Manifest Your Dreams
The Humble Oak - Manifest Your Dreams Aasta tagasi
Anyone else super lazy about shaving? It has been about a month for me haha
kat agoncillo
kat agoncillo Aasta tagasi
i cant find any bullet journals :( helppppp
brit s
brit s Aasta tagasi
this is my first time heard *MANLYPOPS*
brit s
brit s Aasta tagasi
i have a self-care everyday thats my reason to procrastinate from homework
Emily Newman
Emily Newman Aasta tagasi
Ur thumb nail pic reminds me of Olivia Jade loll
regena anelia
regena anelia Aasta tagasi
homegirl really got a Dove sponsorship 🥺🥰
Mia Jeal
Mia Jeal Aasta tagasi
Imma have a self care day today, crazy to think that in two weeks imma be having a baby so I will miss my self care day :)) lol xox
Riya Negi
Riya Negi Aasta tagasi
Need some good podcast recommendations, what are your fav podcasta haley....and also the beautiful person reading this...pls tell me
SpookySoap Aasta tagasi
Wow I didn’t know we had our own name! (Nice) manly pops unite
Ειρηνη Τζανοκωστάκη
Ειρηνη Τζανοκωστάκη Aasta tagasi
I see new merch 🤫😊❤
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