SCP-2399 A Malfunctioning Destroyer (SCP Animation)

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TheRubber brings you SCP Foundation KETER class object, SCP-2399 Animation.
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SCP 2399, also known as A Malfunctioning Destroyer, is a massive, complex mechanical structure currently located in Jupiter's lower atmosphere.
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* Antisocial-loser *
* Antisocial-loser * 6 tundi tagasi
Nuke it.
Daniel Comer
Daniel Comer 16 tundi tagasi
Reject earth return to space
plant_bunni 17 tundi tagasi
Shady Zoroark
Shady Zoroark 19 tundi tagasi
Scp illustrated did such a better job going into detail than this. This is way too dumbed down to respect it.
The Pivot Guy
The Pivot Guy 20 tundi tagasi
This makes me think if SCP-2399 hasn't been responding or even doing anything wouldn't the aliens that sent this ship would've sent even more ships to help out or even an entire fleet
Lord Zamasu
Lord Zamasu Päev tagasi
Why does this look like Xerath Requiem
Araf Hossain
Araf Hossain Päev tagasi
This scp video turns into a scp war instead of a scp showcase
wong venus
wong venus Päev tagasi
King Kamina
King Kamina Päev tagasi
Just throw every SCP at it. Like killing 4000 birds with one stone.
Doctor Porbeagles
Doctor Porbeagles Päev tagasi
*Just use the Camera SCP*
Teletummy 2 päeva tagasi
Am I the only questioning how this works because Jupiter is a gas giant? Am I just cringe?
AJ W 3 päeva tagasi
Imagine if it's here to ship pikpik carrots and it needs repairs
RealPerson888 3 päeva tagasi
Use codename "God" or other scps to destroy it
Mike Desmarais
Mike Desmarais 3 päeva tagasi
As markiplier said space is so coo oo oo oo ool
Dino Hunting Corp.
Dino Hunting Corp. 3 päeva tagasi
Well someone suggested sending fake messages but ı also have a idea. Why we just dont collecting red scraps with our own drones? İf its drones cant find all pieces then they cant fix it completely, just sabotage the repair progress as a backup plan, if after the object become less dangereous then you can give pieces back to it or even you can try to complete it!,
VITTXRIO 3 päeva tagasi
What if SCP-2399 is a Destroyer built by precursor alien race to destroy other or certain SCP's that would be a threat against them or any sentient living creatures in existencee.
Kevin the pro gamer
Kevin the pro gamer 3 päeva tagasi
4:50 **TheRubber was an imposter** Finally there's among us sounds. I been waiting in a video
Ghostly Gamer
Ghostly Gamer 3 päeva tagasi
lets hope you DIDN'T test nukes on it, because i don't want to know that an atom destroying bomb can't scratch it
Ghostly Gamer
Ghostly Gamer 3 päeva tagasi
*oh no*
Star Vids 1348
Star Vids 1348 3 päeva tagasi
Andrei Mirano
Andrei Mirano 4 päeva tagasi
But what if jupiter is destroyed
Dominik Davenport
Dominik Davenport 4 päeva tagasi
We could make the biggest nuke ever and send it to space to Jupiter
GONE DADDYO 4 päeva tagasi
Why don't we just throw scp-682 at it at least one of them will be destroyed.
Xman34 4 päeva tagasi
jerrbear 5 päeva tagasi
Why dont they just send a deadly SCP to Jupiter?
Anand dhanola
Anand dhanola 5 päeva tagasi
No wonder why sometimes Jupiter is mentioned as the protector of earth
Detective Detective
Detective Detective 5 päeva tagasi
Why didn't they asked nicely to 343 to do this job instead?
Alxtel - In a Nutshell
Alxtel - In a Nutshell 5 päeva tagasi
This video is sponsored by: God knows what
big chungo
big chungo 5 päeva tagasi
scp- 4217 mentions this scp, why?
Andrew Matheny
Andrew Matheny 6 päeva tagasi
Please tell me this is fictional.
The Red Man
The Red Man 6 päeva tagasi
may the god scp could do something like that
Jhaerod 0.0
Jhaerod 0.0 6 päeva tagasi
Ask god
glob globb glabb glabb
glob globb glabb glabb 6 päeva tagasi
How to destroy the destroyer get money and nukes and destroy jupiter whit enchanted pickaxe
Idk My Name
Idk My Name 6 päeva tagasi
i mean we arent even sure its targeting us
minecraft playz
minecraft playz 6 päeva tagasi
This is alien.
minecraft playz
minecraft playz 6 päeva tagasi
This is real?
Memet Bokyiyen
Memet Bokyiyen 6 päeva tagasi
Watched this while my mic on
Blu 6 päeva tagasi
It would be funny if the aliens from another galaxy had their own scp problem and was trying to contact earth for help since we are the only intelligent beings nearby
Abhy Chattergy
Abhy Chattergy 6 päeva tagasi
Water might destroy it ...🤔
Big papa noth
Big papa noth 6 päeva tagasi
Do... do they know that jupiter doesn't have a surface for anything to land on. It's a gassy planet, litteraly a big ball of gas
The Low Effort Channel
The Low Effort Channel 6 päeva tagasi
This story seems to portray the Foundation as having literally no anomalous tech mastered at all lol
JULIAN C. GERANGAYA 6 päeva tagasi
or what about an asteroid bennu or a planet to destroy scp 2399
Adam Gates
Adam Gates 6 päeva tagasi
SCP 343 I wish this was real you'll get this if you watched the last one
Darkanthony4715 What?
Darkanthony4715 What? 6 päeva tagasi
dr bight is the next weapon
Wang Zi Jun
Wang Zi Jun 7 päeva tagasi
use scp 343
Davidee Fernandez
Davidee Fernandez 7 päeva tagasi
what if one planet hit jupiter and distroy scp 2399
Victor Tran
Victor Tran 7 päeva tagasi
Well let’s watch doctor bright do it
UltimaZilla 7 päeva tagasi
Just throw 682 to 2399. One will destroy another.
Luke O.
Luke O. 7 päeva tagasi
4:51 We love the among us sounds
OoferUmutBey 7 päeva tagasi
Link 7 päeva tagasi
we could just let dr. bright send one of the moons of Jupiter in to 2399
Jackson Meyer
Jackson Meyer 8 päeva tagasi
love the among us reference
NightHauntings Yugioh
NightHauntings Yugioh 8 päeva tagasi
I don’t think the other SCPs would let 2399 just wipe out earth before they do.
Student Johnson M
Student Johnson M 8 päeva tagasi
That is Truly terrific to know that our lives are a lie
Guiliano Lopez
Guiliano Lopez 8 päeva tagasi
4:51 TheRubber was not the imposter
Mox Reyes
Mox Reyes 8 päeva tagasi
Scp 2521 plzz
Max Millard Gotardo
Max Millard Gotardo 8 päeva tagasi
Scp is not real
Max Millard Gotardo
Max Millard Gotardo 8 päeva tagasi
Nyamjav Gantulga
Nyamjav Gantulga 8 päeva tagasi
do you know who can destroy that thing? Scp-343
ColdStarBlue 8 päeva tagasi
I say we try our luck with SCP-2501 and a telescope, and hope we don’t squish Jupiter out of existence
El Hendrick Hinosolango
El Hendrick Hinosolango 8 päeva tagasi
nuke jupiter
Kieran Baldwin
Kieran Baldwin 8 päeva tagasi
One night during a meateor shower I saw a bunch of colored lights in the sky in the shape of a humongous hawk
Deesh 9 päeva tagasi
Couldn't they use one of the many reality-altering or godlike peaceful SCPs to destroy it in a blink of an eye?
Rim 159
Rim 159 9 päeva tagasi
If it is a threat why not get another scp to confront it
William Chadwick
William Chadwick 9 päeva tagasi
y is now see that we are going to die soooo!
Dinosaur 9 päeva tagasi
Why they don't use Tesla (the ray, not the car) tachnology? That contains enough energy to deactivate and destroy a car, even i know that that thing is too strong we'll have to try a bomb full of Tesla energy. That is my opinion though...
rounds of fortnite max
rounds of fortnite max 9 päeva tagasi
all we need to is to dig to the core of jupiter and maybe 2399 will burn
rounds of fortnite max
rounds of fortnite max 9 päeva tagasi
i think i have a way to destroy it
Adrianthenoob2011 Gaming
Adrianthenoob2011 Gaming 9 päeva tagasi
@TheRubber I thought this was Apollyon xclass
Youssef Walli
Youssef Walli 9 päeva tagasi
The trianglium galaxy actualy exists search it up
so much to cook
so much to cook 9 päeva tagasi
By the math the soonest that the machine would be capable of destroying earth at full capacity would be 2015 of repair given that they would use the machine when fully repaired
Yuxi Wu
Yuxi Wu 9 päeva tagasi
My plan: steal and study the alien parts if possible. Thus it will prevent the drones from helping the machine reach full recovery.
Grandma Bethany
Grandma Bethany 10 päeva tagasi
bruh i will be 46 at the time its repaired i dont wana die well at least it will be in a cool way right???
Elezi Arbi
Elezi Arbi 10 päeva tagasi
I wonder how SCP universe could exist before SCP foundation due to so many apocalyptic SCPs
Jayden Jaime
Jayden Jaime 10 päeva tagasi
scp 2399 looks like a corrupted eve
Notus Godwind
Notus Godwind 10 päeva tagasi
Wait they have reality warping scps don't they?
Charles Calvin & Bfb Pencil
Charles Calvin & Bfb Pencil 10 päeva tagasi
Plot twist: After, it went in the wrong way and hit Triton, and after that fixes, it will just use the sun's gravity to then just orbit around the sun eventually hitting Neptune
Zerobracelet 237
Zerobracelet 237 10 päeva tagasi
Is scp are real??
Jacky - BrawlStars
Jacky - BrawlStars 10 päeva tagasi
Has anyone thought about creating a fake drone or shooting a fast or light speed tiny bomb? Or at least find the prices and put mini bombs in it? No? Welp guess they tried
scienceandponies 9 päeva tagasi
Stick Cain on a pod and have him tank a blast from it to reflect the damage back.
Songfu Situ
Songfu Situ 10 päeva tagasi
Llednier Loinker
Llednier Loinker 10 päeva tagasi
Jackie Bergman
Jackie Bergman 10 päeva tagasi
Welb we oof
rude onion
rude onion 11 päeva tagasi
I wish SCP was real... id gladly like to die to that destroyer than die to 2021
Lunette Altair
Lunette Altair 11 päeva tagasi
...what if they sent in.... The lizard I'd like to know what would happen if they did. Would Scp-2399 kill it?
Squid King
Squid King 11 päeva tagasi
Just toss Dr. Bright at it
Baggy Mixtape
Baggy Mixtape 11 päeva tagasi
That was a bit scary
Renel Sanchez
Renel Sanchez 11 päeva tagasi
Me as planet lover Whoa whoa whoa whoa solid rocks on jupiter The rubber: yes
HappyPlayz Toast
HappyPlayz Toast 11 päeva tagasi
You can’t tell me that 4:51 is not funny. UwU
KDC GL 11 päeva tagasi
Feckless OwO
Feckless OwO 11 päeva tagasi
Alien technology is like “Damn exploding bugs, I just wanna chill and repair and say hello to small flesh people”
mikesey c9
mikesey c9 11 päeva tagasi
Can you tell me pls
mikesey c9
mikesey c9 11 päeva tagasi
Wow 😮 how do you know about scp
Fishylarry2008 12 päeva tagasi
ik this is fake but if it was real id just try to find the peices of him before his drones find them
Mister M
Mister M 12 päeva tagasi
Can’t they use other entities to destroy this thing? You know, the ones that can destroy the world with the blink of an eye?
Juan Ruiz
Juan Ruiz 11 päeva tagasi
because i dont know maybe it will destroy more than only athe robot
Marlene Peer
Marlene Peer 12 päeva tagasi
I have a question how do you know all this?
meme torture.
meme torture. 12 päeva tagasi
why not use god to help them
Ruota 12 päeva tagasi
4:51 Barrier Array unit 45 was not the impostor. 1 impostor remains.
Derpy Tuber
Derpy Tuber 12 päeva tagasi
Imagine if 2399 reaches earth and blasts Rick Astley's "Never gonna give you up". That would be the most dedicated rickroll to ever exist.
Horizon 12 päeva tagasi
More Apollyon SCP please
Alfie Greenwood
Alfie Greenwood 12 päeva tagasi
Oh great the new ailen that will kill us and launch face huggers at us
Alfie Greenwood
Alfie Greenwood 12 päeva tagasi
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhggggg. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Uriel Macahilas
Uriel Macahilas 12 päeva tagasi
If scp-2399 is real and fully functional... We are all gonna die
Gacha_genshin 12 päeva tagasi
Try scp-343
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