Rich People Have Bad Taste

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Drew Gooden

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shrunkenmonkey5 Місяць tagasi
The pinned comment sucks
your bread body pillow, I know you have one.
your bread body pillow, I know you have one. 8 päeva tagasi
As someone, who’ve read this comment, I can confirm that this is true.
Eric Sama GG
Eric Sama GG 9 päeva tagasi
Ben Duckles
Ben Duckles 10 päeva tagasi
Zaxbiez Libertie bibertie oysterz
Zaxbiez Libertie bibertie oysterz 10 päeva tagasi
Raul Encarnacion Aguilar Gonzales
Raul Encarnacion Aguilar Gonzales 10 päeva tagasi
Miles Preclaro
Miles Preclaro Tund tagasi
"Actually that's not the truth Dakota" haunts me to this very day
Hung Tran
Hung Tran Tund tagasi
the SOFA got me smile :)
hardwire 2 tundi tagasi
seen wonder woman 84? yeah remember how (omg ive gone dumb i cant remember his name) looked at the trash can thinking it was modern art? yeah that's the perfect explanation of rich peoples taste.
Chickenzrule 2 tundi tagasi
*cough* *cough* Justin Bieber's house (its literally a school)
Taha Khan
Taha Khan 2 tundi tagasi
9:31 i stg this whole sequence feels like drew's channeling his inner Matthew McConaughey
sof. mason
sof. mason 3 tundi tagasi
any british people thinking the giraffe thing is like 64 zoo lane
Rosemary Ross
Rosemary Ross 3 tundi tagasi
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ester uwu
ester uwu 3 tundi tagasi
if i ever get rich i want a super cosy wooden house with millions of nooks and crannies, random ladders, tiny rooms that are like 10 meters tall, bunch of lofts and cozy spaces etc. and i want amazing landscaping so its almost like living in a treehouse in the forest. thats what i want to spend my money on
Zachary Hockett
Zachary Hockett 4 tundi tagasi
The fact that this man has an ATM in that party room likely indicates he charges people to use the various machines. What kind of cheap ass person buys pinball machines and makes guests pay to use them 😂
Ita Ita
Ita Ita 5 tundi tagasi
Nice video bro. Laughed all through. You made my evening.
Zach Lusk
Zach Lusk 6 tundi tagasi
Stuffed tiger? Arent tigers endangered? lol
Josef Gordon
Josef Gordon 6 tundi tagasi
Family of 4, just bought a house last year. 1,400 square feet. Never see any reason to have anything bigger. Call me crazy
InaDisguise 6 tundi tagasi
yep my biggest room is the least used too its cold lol
Shags 7 tundi tagasi
i'm beginning to think that that wasn't justin beiber.
Dango Zen
Dango Zen 7 tundi tagasi
4:45 Do they have a picture of a living room... in their living room ?
John Sium
John Sium 7 tundi tagasi
omg i love you you're funny
Brandon Stark
Brandon Stark 7 tundi tagasi
Super expensive houses feel more like rich people containment centers than houses
Just Another Happy Humanist
Just Another Happy Humanist 7 tundi tagasi
“My dehumidified dragon heart” 😂
Risu Hijirikawa
Risu Hijirikawa 8 tundi tagasi
my mom just said that somewhere in this world, there're people whose bathroom is as big as our whole house (which could afford up to 6 people if you want to sleep comfortably). and these kind of people probably have a huge bathroom
kgzuig 8 tundi tagasi
I clicked simply beacuse the title is so true.
worldssmallestfan 8 tundi tagasi
9:20 so my uncle is a pin up girl. Got it.
Dango Zen
Dango Zen 9 tundi tagasi
I started watching these shows on tv because of this video...Why can't I stop ?
Dennis Njuguna
Dennis Njuguna 9 tundi tagasi
hey guy?
English as a Second Story
English as a Second Story 9 tundi tagasi
It strikes me that all those videos are watched by tons of people. Which only confirms that where there is demand, there will be a supply...
Walter Bowers
Walter Bowers 10 tundi tagasi
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Liyah B
Liyah B 11 tundi tagasi
“The ghost of Prince performed here” 😂😂😂😂 so so so silly
Ronja Jonasson
Ronja Jonasson 12 tundi tagasi
"I love limes. I love them. They're great. I love them so much and I like to present them like this in my house" - someone who definitely likes limes.
Sahil Brar
Sahil Brar 14 tundi tagasi
Dakota lime love no mo.... make me sad 😔
jskd2953 15 tundi tagasi
Money can't buy love or loyalty or morals and as this video proves, it sure as fuck can't buy taste.
Eden Moore
Eden Moore 16 tundi tagasi
how dare you! obviously i need a Batcave in my house!
KashBlack 16 tundi tagasi
“No no no, Daddy gotta shine those shoes” 😂🤣 BRUH! You had me CRACKING UP the entire video!! I was watching this while my husband was asleep and it was very difficult to laugh quietly. 😅
Nicholas Santiago
Nicholas Santiago 17 tundi tagasi
Baby drew ate that whole goddamn egg breakfast
Daniel Niland
Daniel Niland 17 tundi tagasi
i instantly got an ad for wine with "great taste" at a "low price" coincidence, i think not
Jay 19 tundi tagasi
Am i the only one impressed by that buildup+transition to that sponsorship
Brett Hardy
Brett Hardy 19 tundi tagasi
that eye contact bit made me belly laugh
RobotManMachine 19 tundi tagasi
Justin Beiber=Fail..
Eric D'SOUZA 19 tundi tagasi
Love comedics
Eric D'SOUZA 19 tundi tagasi
Phycho Annelise, Phycho Annelise
Shana Fife
Shana Fife 19 tundi tagasi
'Bono in a Howie Mandell costume' is the best thing anyone has ever said.
Jonah Wenger
Jonah Wenger 20 tundi tagasi
Why is there a 13 yr old who has his own house???
Manly McStud
Manly McStud 20 tundi tagasi
oh, given unlimited resources, you betcha my mansion, occupied by myself only other than perhaps some staff i'd house in the small village in the back yard, would be stupid huge, built like a castle, and meant to ride out an apocalypse. would it be tasteful? well, yeah, probably, but then again were i that rich i wouldn't really care about the opinions of peasants who thinks 'live, laugh, love' signs aren't hideous, and dream of two kitchen islands in an open floor plan. that said, every room would have a purpose, even if that purpose is extravagant by poor ppl's standards.
simp for oikawa
simp for oikawa 21 tund tagasi
let them eat cake
X-Laura-2004 22 tundi tagasi
i want you at my next birthday party, can you fly to Sweden?! we play drinking games and you're just so funny you'll be like the highlight of my bday lol
Madi Päev tagasi
this video single-handedly made me a communist
Madi Päev tagasi
these are like the houses you build in Minecraft. uh lets add a room where we cut flowers. does that make sense? no. but we have space and we need to fill it.
Allen Rubin
Allen Rubin Päev tagasi
He’s John mulaney but not funny
akiko Päev tagasi
1:07 i loved those transitions omg
Polliwog Päev tagasi
“I’d rather eat the stick” -User not logged in 2020-
g0blinboi Päev tagasi
i forgot the use of cutted flowers, can anyone remind me?
Catherine C
Catherine C Päev tagasi
Drew, you outdid yourself with this video!🙌👌
MrLodestone Päev tagasi
this video felt very unresolved.
Mayasagamer Päev tagasi
if you put musterd on the hot dog, it just shows a picture of a hot dog with a corn dog with mustard on top,
D Legionnaire
D Legionnaire Päev tagasi
J F Päev tagasi
I mean...I need a Batcave. As long as we're talking Batman style lol. Not bad taste, imo. 😂
Ollie Mogle
Ollie Mogle Päev tagasi
The phobic locust gradually pretend because siamese moberly peel about a spotless noise. accurate, wacky dibble
Sarah K
Sarah K Päev tagasi
lol you’re so funny!!!
SinrOne Päev tagasi
Who the fuck even wants to live in 15 bedroom house with 35 bathrooms...
୨୧《sqnriovibes》୨୧ Päev tagasi
* curtain opens * *this is the childrens theatre* THAT HAD ME WHEEZING
doge Päev tagasi
sreekutty sree
sreekutty sree Päev tagasi
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Yo Yo
Yo Yo Päev tagasi
Even if I become a crazy rich billionaire I'm never gonna have an insane mansion like that, it's just not practical and feels absolutely wasteful
Paradox Päev tagasi
Is this guy from the US? The 50mil houses style he showed look like a apartment i once was thinking of buying and it was like 150k to buy. Also all my friends have parents that have a house with elements if not a lot like the things shown in there houses. It's EU style i think. The fact you think it's over the top is more because you like the modern look. It's just taste and the culture of the country. Also, my mom has a chandelier. And so do a lot of ppl i know. Oc there not THAT big as in the video, but again. It's pretty standard if you are not super modern.
Ellen Jay
Ellen Jay Päev tagasi Elementi del processo politico, avviato esclusivamente sinteticamente, sono stati esposti. Va notato che la struttura esistente dell'organizzazione gioca un ruolo importante nella formazione di ulteriori direzioni di sviluppo. Ma il vettore fondamentale dello sviluppo crea la necessità di inserire nel piano di produzione una serie di misure straordinarie, tenendo conto della complessità del sistema di partecipazione di massa. È bello, cittadini, vedere come gli imprenditori su Internet, avviati esclusivamente sinteticamente, siano distribuiti in modo associativo tra i settori.🔥 As tecnologias modernas atingiram tal nivel que a conviccao de alguns oponentes fixa inequivocamente a necessidade de direcoes de desenvolvimento progressivo! Somos obrigados a proceder do fato de que o fortalecimento e desenvolvimento da estrutura interna e perfeito para a implementacao da distribuicao de reservas e recursos internos.Como ja foi mencionado varias vezes, a pesquisa completa de concorrentes apenas aumenta as diferencas faccionais e e objetivamente revisada pelas autoridades competentes! Mas as conclusoes tiradas com base na analise da Internet destacam as caracteristicas extremamente interessantes da imagem como um todo, mas as conclusoes especificas, e claro, sao apresentadas sob uma luz extremamente positiva.
Ruby Red
Ruby Red Päev tagasi
I don't get this shit. If I was rich I would definitely splurge on some fancy gadgets and like, art and giant crystals and stuff. But I wouldn't just make it my goal to have as much floor space as possible. Overly large spaces feel sort of lonely. Like he said, they build smaller rooms on purpose and spend more time in there lmao
Adr Sngp
Adr Sngp Päev tagasi
My father's boss is a millionare. His house is as big as ours (2 bedroom) each of the three houses, a mid range hyundai sedan (twice the cost of an average hatchback). Borderline obese family.
kaleidoscope Päev tagasi
If I had a hundred million dollars for a house, I would just buy an Ikea, fill it with mannequins, extend the ceiling, and make a bunch of towers, having several small houses in an Ikea, a lovely colonial village inhabited by me, hundreds of mannequins, and whatever food delivery person gets lost in the jungle of furniture. I would never leave except to defend my territory from looters. I don't have to leave. I have a hundred million dollars and my very own Ikea. I've won at capitalism and I can retire.
Loving Myself Lighter
Loving Myself Lighter Päev tagasi
My man's did everything but say "This is the family kitchen, and that's where the HELP actually cooks the food. We don't want his poor people germs. :)))) '
Dean Alfonso
Dean Alfonso Päev tagasi
Couldn’t help but notice your Yumeno Garden record in the background. Love last dinosaurs ❤️ 🦖
Elsif Päev tagasi
But do they _taste_ bad 🤔
Man-Ung Yi
Man-Ung Yi Päev tagasi
Oh gawd, sooo much waste and entitlement..
JantanBetina Päev tagasi
My uncle's mansion was exactly like this. He is a gaudy millionaire and his house had the following: -a stone couch(yes, it was a giant rock in the shape of a couch, not comfy whatsoever.) -weird spiky pillows -a long pendulum that hung from the ceiling and would swing around and make marks into a sandpit. -an oddly shaped couch that was one of three made in the world, another belonged to some Arabian prince. -he had a hot tub on his roof, and a rock wall in his basement along with a full gym. And so much more....... But the strangest thing of all was the windows. He had the windows of the house as all these different colors. Yellow, purple, blue, it was just odd.
Star & Speculation
Star & Speculation 4 tundi tagasi
Are you sure your uncle isn't some kind of supervillain?
Ruby Red
Ruby Red Päev tagasi
ngl I kind of like the window idea lmao, bc my magpie brain loves pretty colors. And maybe the roof hot tub. Everything else sounds absurd.
Movie Day Dream
Movie Day Dream Päev tagasi
I made the mistake of actually watching one of these over-the-top-multimillion-dollar-house videos, witch sent me in a spiral of watching similar videos, that kept being recommended to me. I thought the same thing... I really don't feel like living in any of them. They look like museums. Those were not homes, those were pissing contests for people with too much money and no class.
P. T. J.
P. T. J. Päev tagasi
How dare you use Dita Von Teese's house as your thumbnail!! Zero taste lmao
Tony Ochoa
Tony Ochoa Päev tagasi
When you’re too poor to have a decent home so you make fun of multibillionaire’s house
Samantha W
Samantha W Päev tagasi
I shouldn’t have been eating during this video because I almost choked from laughing numerous times. Still eating tho
richardrhcp Päev tagasi
Starfucker. Nice
rayya441 Päev tagasi
I mean ..Someone has to do it. “All of a sudden I have a dream home. I want to build a two-story house, kitchen on the bottom. My future child’s bedroom right above that.A hole ceiling , a full size stuffed giraffe that starts in the kitchen, neck pops up through the hole, head looks at the child, making sure he goes to bed on time, and then every morning I’ll shout through the hole, oh, Drew Jr .. I made egg. And he excitedly jumps out of bed,makes that sound that Anakin made in the Phantom Menace.he then slides down his neck , lands perfectly in the chair. Fork and knife in hand, bib already on and says, good morning , dad?. Turn out I’m already gone. Yes , see?, I was concerned he wasn’t going to get out of bed in time. So I had started marching up the stairs, ready to discipline my sweet boy. I opened up his door, go, huh? Looked down the hole he’s already scarfed down his whole breakfast, threw the bib off backpack on, looks up to me, says , see you later , dad. And then scurries our the door just in time to make the bus. And then the giraffe comes out alive and we play video games all day until my son comes home, and that’s my dream. “ I wouldn’t agree more, until I realized that when you become rich your son will not be riding buses to school. 🦦
That Man's an Animal
That Man's an Animal Päev tagasi
Stupid people have bad taste. The rich ones are at liberty to act on it.
Cohen Steiniger
Cohen Steiniger 2 päeva tagasi
I want to burn that couch
Cohen Steiniger
Cohen Steiniger Päev tagasi
@Royal Nora It will if I'm there
Royal Nora
Royal Nora Päev tagasi
It probably burn quickly too.
Falcon Adam
Falcon Adam 2 päeva tagasi
meanwhile the list is endless as to what and who need money
fruitypop refreshing
fruitypop refreshing 2 päeva tagasi
TheBestUsername 2 päeva tagasi
If I've learned one thing, it's that we'd be doing rich people a *favor* by taxing them more.
ichi moon
ichi moon 2 päeva tagasi
from the title i thought you were a 👇🏼
Ravix 2 päeva tagasi
Yo Last Dinosaurs is my shit, Yumeno garden so good
모모 2 päeva tagasi
3:48 Abraham Lincoln should've had one of these
Sarah Kohrman
Sarah Kohrman 2 päeva tagasi
Drew's shirt at the end I believe has art from on Instagram! she's a great artist and y'all should definitely check her out :)
Pete Colombo
Pete Colombo 2 päeva tagasi
I work for an art handling company. I’ve seen some insane properties. People have terrible taste, and often, the interior designers that they pay too much have terrible taste too.
Clarissa van Birgelen
Clarissa van Birgelen 2 päeva tagasi
a separate kitchen for fresh flowers is something we are also going to make. Just very small in the utility room. And we are certainly not rich;)
Angelique Jacques
Angelique Jacques 2 päeva tagasi
"and this can all be yours... for 195 million dollars." *jazz hands*
Liza Saakadze
Liza Saakadze 2 päeva tagasi
I really don’t understand the idea of separate chefs kitchen. Like who uses regular kitchen then?
sdasda 2 päeva tagasi
obnoxious middle class kids trying to flex : 4:25
Chicken Nuggets
Chicken Nuggets 2 päeva tagasi
If i was a millionare i would have a really weird house :)
KironVB 2 päeva tagasi
This is what I was like when I walked into my Cousins mansion/estate "Oh this is what someone with no taste makes when they use Motherlode in the Sims"
Bunta 2 päeva tagasi
There’s a saying “ Once you buy everything that’s for sale, you start buying things that aren’t for sale. “ Quoted by I don’t know who.
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez 2 päeva tagasi
The jumbled napkin terminally arrest because thing provisionally bounce aside a determined keyboarding. happy, useless slice
NoSkillJustChad 2 päeva tagasi
the intro is giving me ocd: hey guy not hey guys
Ryoshikari 2 päeva tagasi
As long as people are Materialistic this will occur, a person must have a higher cause of existence or else it leads to this.
Cup o' Chino
Cup o' Chino 2 päeva tagasi
the only rich people house I can get behind is deadmau5's house. dude's got an entire LAN party and render farm in the basement
massimo garcia
massimo garcia 2 päeva tagasi
Wow a wurli piano
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