Reading Angry National Park Reviews ft. jschlatt & CallMeCarson

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Ted Nivison

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We love Reading National Park Reviews, Don't we, folks? I'm sure you do, and I'm sure you like your boy Ted Nivison doing it with the illustrious JSchlatt and the highly loveable CallMeCarson. We check out these Angry National Park Reviews from various parks such as Grand Canyon National Park, Hoover Dam, and Joshua Tree National Park. Check this out! Boi!

Jaiden Animations
Jaiden Animations 11 päeva tagasi
this would be a great video if that piece of shit ted wasnt in it
Goro Akechi
Goro Akechi 4 päeva tagasi
seeing you swear is so WEIRD
Tasty Pancake
Tasty Pancake 4 päeva tagasi
GD Multexxx
GD Multexxx 4 päeva tagasi
Jaiden for lunch club 2020
J3N53N 5 päeva tagasi
I couldn’t agree anymore
Mishall Khan
Mishall Khan 5 päeva tagasi
What's kraken?
What's kraken? Tund tagasi
Ay it's teeth nvidia
Michael Tripodi
Michael Tripodi 4 tundi tagasi
Nosebluds 5 tundi tagasi
You NEED to read the North Korea google article reviews after this.
RiskE 7 tundi tagasi
Tyler Horton
Tyler Horton 8 tundi tagasi
So the boys don't shack together
njhos99 13 tundi tagasi
Great video but I lost my pants. 1 ⭐️.
Maggzilla the Destroyer
Maggzilla the Destroyer 15 tundi tagasi
Thank you for closing the door
dumbducky2 17 tundi tagasi
Ted feels like a substitute teacher being abused by two students
Angelo Adams
Angelo Adams 20 tundi tagasi
ephemeral rift is your dad
FJLuke 22 tundi tagasi
Yo could we just get a podcast with just you 3 that would be great
Tgv Forces
Tgv Forces Päev tagasi
Bru the Sponsor looks like legends of breath of the wild
Generalcaleb01 Päev tagasi
State parks?
xd spankyplayz
xd spankyplayz Päev tagasi
Massachusetts is not good, congrats on escaping.
Oompa Loompa
Oompa Loompa Päev tagasi
Why are they just like QTCinderella, kctron, and minx. Like Ted is the smart one like QTCinderella and callmecarson and schlatt are stupid like Kc and Minx
Alienchickenturd 5
Alienchickenturd 5 Päev tagasi
I find it funny how carson has more subs than both ted and schlatt yet for some reason he has the worst camera out of both of them
[REDACTED] Päev tagasi
I can't believe Ted pog faced with Barbara
Stucko Päev tagasi
Didn’t lose my pants... but I mean sure
Tashayla Ihnken
Tashayla Ihnken Päev tagasi
Hey Ted I’m sorry that these are your friends, I feel really bad for you😂
Anonymous Platypus
Anonymous Platypus Päev tagasi
Anyone have the link for Ted's mic and headphones? I want to buy them for my son for Christmas so we can play Super Smash Bros long distance..
BelieveInMatter Päev tagasi
Too many buttery man voices in one video, it was INTENSE to say the least.
Mork 2 päeva tagasi
Who is this CallMeCarson guy??? I've never heard of him
racingdevil 48
racingdevil 48 2 päeva tagasi
Schlatt needs to shave and no longer needs to be president of l’manburg!!
Ten Tickles
Ten Tickles 2 päeva tagasi
"Because he's yellow" hihi
TEBArceus 2 päeva tagasi
understand a bit of video but just unnecessary
Skitzer 2 päeva tagasi
Don't play genshin its a grind fest :)
Monsieur Bruh
Monsieur Bruh 2 päeva tagasi
this was a bad idea
mailmangc 2 päeva tagasi
Riley Saunders
Riley Saunders 2 päeva tagasi
20% of this video was the actual reviews. 10/10
Frederik graugaard
Frederik graugaard 2 päeva tagasi
You should review Everywhere At The End Of Time by The Caretaker
Joshua Quintana
Joshua Quintana 2 päeva tagasi
2:22 I don’t know if I am being attacked
katrinalol 2 päeva tagasi
Taylor graves
Taylor graves 2 päeva tagasi
they drifted as friends you can see it
Tiny Puppet Boy
Tiny Puppet Boy 2 päeva tagasi
1:59, pope turning red moment, starts when ted says "youre a holy man" because fuck why not
BrainDaed 3 päeva tagasi
Need more Jshlatt, Ted, Carson content. Please fix
Sevannah Tagliaferri-Slader
Sevannah Tagliaferri-Slader 3 päeva tagasi
I'm laughing. Goof job
Lokeir 3 päeva tagasi
Imagine moving to LA in 2020, yikes
[TSDT] Jzx_Life
[TSDT] Jzx_Life 3 päeva tagasi
Do the Hoh national park, yes its pronounced Ho.
Gage 3 päeva tagasi
No more pants
Idalia Rodríguez
Idalia Rodríguez 3 päeva tagasi
Carson is balding
Idalia Rodríguez
Idalia Rodríguez 3 päeva tagasi
He’s too bug
the scronch
the scronch 3 päeva tagasi
the pope bit is underrated
Melee Lazor
Melee Lazor 3 päeva tagasi
Kid upload a video already
Joshua Burch
Joshua Burch 3 päeva tagasi
Julia Michaels
Julia Michaels 3 päeva tagasi
You look like a history teacher
Keato 3 päeva tagasi
Genshin impact reminds me of a certain zelda game
Franken gummy
Franken gummy 3 päeva tagasi
This video is just Schlatt and Carson fucking around and Ted is desperately trying to make a comprehensible video.
pineapple scone
pineapple scone 3 päeva tagasi
this video is s+ because of the clairo sweater
bea mullxhi
bea mullxhi 3 päeva tagasi
what happens if jesus drank water? cuz he can walk on water? but if he drank it does his body reject it?
All That
All That 3 päeva tagasi
Please update the pants, they gone.
Christopher Smith
Christopher Smith 3 päeva tagasi
s̶t̶r̶a̶w̶b̶e̶r̶r̶y̶ ꨄmoonꨄ Saeran's wife
s̶t̶r̶a̶w̶b̶e̶r̶r̶y̶ ꨄmoonꨄ Saeran's wife 3 päeva tagasi
ZODIACC 4 päeva tagasi
I live in Massachusetts its poo here
The Family
The Family 4 päeva tagasi
when you push grandpa down the stairs
Banana Knight
Banana Knight 4 päeva tagasi
James Charles changed alot
Davoman 4 päeva tagasi
Ah yes, the coolest new rpg that definitely isn't a weeb ripoff of Breath of the Wild.
Sr. Scratt
Sr. Scratt 4 päeva tagasi
when the ghostbusters game went free i realized how much ted looks like one of the ghostbusters
Nathan C
Nathan C 4 päeva tagasi
i want to see a schlatt video reacting to the fish feeding stream
cherie davidson
cherie davidson 4 päeva tagasi
Wait, you were from Massachusetts! I never would have known!
PenguinCombo 4 päeva tagasi
Ted Talk
Kng 4 päeva tagasi
I lake ya Kut g
Aqua 4 päeva tagasi
i have the same chair ted
lastimosa 4 päeva tagasi
tell monsieur dijon im in love w him
N1ck Studioz
N1ck Studioz 4 päeva tagasi
Schlatt sounds like he could do an acapella of any beastie boys song :)
a neutral opinion
a neutral opinion 4 päeva tagasi
Can confirm years ago i saw people losing their pants and the grand canyon and saw some in the canyon as well.
Shemus Nawabi
Shemus Nawabi 4 päeva tagasi
this is just...what is this, a shit?
Robyn Hill
Robyn Hill 4 päeva tagasi
this is extremely difficult to watch at school.
Heliosaurus 4 päeva tagasi
Who voluntarily moves to LA in 2020
Jo Stewart
Jo Stewart 4 päeva tagasi
I found the first section of this t this really silly.
Goro Akechi
Goro Akechi 4 päeva tagasi
i’ve been playing genshin and they fucking took my money when i tried to buy a pack, still haven’t given me a refund, 0/10
Seth Aquauis
Seth Aquauis 4 päeva tagasi
Everybody moved out of the house :(
Ted Nivison
Ted Nivison 4 päeva tagasi
What house
BoX_hEaD 101
BoX_hEaD 101 4 päeva tagasi
This was a good video Ted.
Just Some Guy
Just Some Guy 4 päeva tagasi
Ted lowkey looks like David Wallace from The Office
The Big Schlungus
The Big Schlungus 4 päeva tagasi
What stream is jschlatt referencing when he says "Get big like Garfield"
ILuvKew2 XD
ILuvKew2 XD 4 päeva tagasi
genshin impact is just mobile Zelda botw
John Hans
John Hans 4 päeva tagasi
Fuck he needs to be a character on family guy. That voice is awesome
sirap sirap
sirap sirap 4 päeva tagasi
I am god eat me
Also Mickyy
Also Mickyy 4 päeva tagasi
Dark Lord
Dark Lord 4 päeva tagasi
First time seeing schlatts face,gotta say he looks alot like how I pictured him
jacob Aittauq
jacob Aittauq 4 päeva tagasi
2:53 i couldn't stop laughing
kael brain
kael brain 4 päeva tagasi
nice vide
Nicolas A.
Nicolas A. 4 päeva tagasi
6:46 Ted out here asking the real questions. I actually cry laughed at this part no cap.
Edward Films
Edward Films 4 päeva tagasi
Noiiice clairo merch
Wh!t 4 päeva tagasi
This is possibly the best trio on EEpost
Tyler St. John
Tyler St. John 5 päeva tagasi
am i the only one confused about how people keep losing thier pants at the grand canyon???? Im crying?? Why is this happening
Mothball mouth
Mothball mouth 5 päeva tagasi
You are a wonderful person thank you!
Corey Domeier
Corey Domeier 5 päeva tagasi
Where can I find those national park posters that were in the video? They look dope
Joshua Coombs
Joshua Coombs 5 päeva tagasi
I'm joshua I put the bodies in those trees
just l4zoro
just l4zoro 5 päeva tagasi
HPMM 5 päeva tagasi
Eric Rodriguez
Eric Rodriguez 5 päeva tagasi
no way i just realized this came out on my birthday. best birthday gift ever. thanks ted.
Drop Kicked Murphy
Drop Kicked Murphy 5 päeva tagasi
Ted, where are you on Sam O'Nella's Milk Lover scale?
Rick Sanchez
Rick Sanchez 5 päeva tagasi
*Park is death*
ray chell
ray chell 5 päeva tagasi
understand a bit of canyon but just unnecessary
The Point
The Point 5 päeva tagasi
Your so fucking funny everything you say makes me want to be your friend
Nathan 5 päeva tagasi
5% reviews, 95% three dudes being comedic in a discord call. it was actually a pretty good video though
Rubi RB
Rubi RB 5 päeva tagasi
Ted reminds me of the guy from the US Crash Course history channel, John Adams I think? (Edit: John Green, my mistake)
Fura Faolox
Fura Faolox 5 päeva tagasi
As a big fan of Genshin Impact: I can most definitely say that it is worth getting. It's completely free and barely has any microtransactions. The soundtrack is amazing and the story is amazing. The game is also absolutely massive. I did the math, and it's bigger than RDR2 and Breath of the Wild.
Bubbzzz 5 päeva tagasi
Ted looks like that one ghostbuster with the glasses
shreks ballsack
shreks ballsack 5 päeva tagasi
ted and carson are the only people i’ve ever seen with voices that match their faces
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