preparing for a VSCO beach vacation

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welcome to part one of this mini series! preparing for a vsco beach vacation: pick outfits with me to pack, a haul of some new swimsuits and clothes, and a transformation!
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Johnny Appleseed
Johnny Appleseed 2 місяці tagasi
This is an adult, no?
Autumn Davis
Autumn Davis 4 місяці tagasi
The frapies at McDonald's actually dont have coffee in then just coffee flavoring.
Rosie Lott
Rosie Lott 5 місяців tagasi
omds the dogy at the start ! cuteeeeeee
Zoe R
Zoe R 6 місяців tagasi
Eva Fuentes
Eva Fuentes 6 місяців tagasi
I just want to meet Spock lol he's soo cute 😍😍
Kendyl Heyer
Kendyl Heyer 6 місяців tagasi
I love your videos so so much!!!
Sara Cere
Sara Cere 6 місяців tagasi
did anyone noticed she said editing hakey instead of haley
Heather Novak
Heather Novak 7 місяців tagasi
“I hate this part- I hate packing! I hate trying to change and fit into them!” Me be like two days before vacation: god- that’s why I’m here I love it-
Brooklyn Barton
Brooklyn Barton 7 місяців tagasi
So where did she go?
Lydia Cabe
Lydia Cabe 7 місяців tagasi
I love packing because it gets me hyped to go on the trip x_x
Eleanor Ashdown
Eleanor Ashdown 7 місяців tagasi
spock sleeping in the back is soooo cute
Cassie The Cowgirl
Cassie The Cowgirl 7 місяців tagasi
She sounded like a boomer when she said: “And yes I hit the woah cos that’s a popular thing on the app tiktok”
Mia Hubbard
Mia Hubbard 8 місяців tagasi
We love super smash bro’s yasse
Lily H
Lily H 8 місяців tagasi
nobody: rynan: FiSh OiL iS gOoD fOr YoU !¡!
Vaviinisa 9 місяців tagasi
omg at like 13:58 into the video I saw her feet and they are gray- NANI OMG WHAAT XD am i blind or something
koko johl
koko johl 9 місяців tagasi
her: the vsco trend will die down me: well...., its been 10 months and it still hasnt
whatever irene
whatever irene 9 місяців tagasi
let her live 💕
Jordyn 11 місяців tagasi
How does she eat so unhealthy but look amazing and have o acne
jared 11 місяців tagasi
I’m at 16 mins, the vid is 20 mins long and she’s still packing. I’m convinced that she isn’t going.
Evelyn R
Evelyn R 11 місяців tagasi
Is you going to the Cali?
Dean McMillan
Dean McMillan Aasta tagasi
Damn your fine
Aarya Aasta tagasi
I feel like Haley makes Ryan do stuff for his own good lol
Courtney A.
Courtney A. Aasta tagasi
On behalf of all women EVER. Please don't try on bathing suits on your period unless you actually buy them 🤢😷
Aileigh Karson
Aileigh Karson Aasta tagasi
Am I the only one who doesn’t actually like her “fashion”?
Caylee Bloch
Caylee Bloch Aasta tagasi
Honestly, I think Haley is the best youtuber because she buys drinks from McDonalds like its Starbucks. She shops at target and so much more. I love how she's a laid back youtube who just shows what she buys at at store. It the kinda relatable stuff I really love.
Nikki Fig
Nikki Fig Aasta tagasi
where did you get your necklace?! It's SOOO cute!!! The one that kinda looks like a tooth...?
sarah knowlton
sarah knowlton Aasta tagasi
ruthandstars Aasta tagasi
Batoul Arafa
Batoul Arafa Aasta tagasi
I could never have a normal day like this during my period I'd be too tired to move from my bed
Shelby Ballard
Shelby Ballard Aasta tagasi
Boy there is so many (polite)hate comments about VSCO girls and how its a terrible trend and how Hayley's videos are all the same, but I love these videos the most. I appreciate variety but I stick around for her normal reliable content and in my opinion the VSCO style is just cute, not a personality trait. Some people like me just genuinely like VSCO style because it is our preference.
Jayy Marie
Jayy Marie Aasta tagasi
Girll You Acting Different No Gonna Lie & Those Outfits Idk They Just Not It Sorry
Amelia NuhUh
Amelia NuhUh Aasta tagasi
How do you drink coconut bai it killls me for me it tastes like watered down sunscreen
Cutiekirsten Aasta tagasi
I think shes going to hawaiiii? .-.
Fire Magi
Fire Magi Aasta tagasi
Was anyone else confused at 3:44
Cherrie Forrest
Cherrie Forrest Aasta tagasi
She didnt even pack shoes?????
Katie Aasta tagasi
duccc Aasta tagasi
what nail salon do you go to?
Tayelors Dolans
Tayelors Dolans Aasta tagasi
The zoom ins on Spock are why I watch these videos 😂😂
Yesenia Ramirez
Yesenia Ramirez Aasta tagasi
Haley I'm 22 and the period mood swings still happens sorry to break it to you 🙃
Hanah D
Hanah D Aasta tagasi
your intro reminds me of the smurfs lol
cyxrra Aasta tagasi
I'm thinking Bali or Maui
Andrea Amezcua
Andrea Amezcua Aasta tagasi
*im making tik toks babe* lmao i died
Mousey Mouse
Mousey Mouse Aasta tagasi
Ok so Haley’s a vsco girl now??? Ummm
Bekah Keller
Bekah Keller Aasta tagasi
oh my gosh I always have those mood swings hahah.
Samantha Rittenberg
Samantha Rittenberg Aasta tagasi
When u said the black jean shorts were ur fav I was thinking back in the vid when u said you didn’t love the insanely expensive blue Jean shorts from urban but you just had to have some I mean maybe you needed blue ones I don’t know oh yeah and the white ones😁
Jodie R
Jodie R Aasta tagasi
she said she doesn’t want us to know where she is going till part 2 but we know when we tap on the video because it says it in the title lol
Samantha Rittenberg
Samantha Rittenberg Aasta tagasi
I got the app VSCO about 2 years ago, my favorite part of it was that u basically had all these free presets on it and I loved editing photos on there. I would rarely “post” them but sometimes I did cause the only people that followed me were my really close friends. Then, it got annoying with all the perfect people on my vsco “feed” and now it’s even worse people think that it is a personality and it’s just NOT.
Izzi Parrott
Izzi Parrott Aasta tagasi
haley what tanner do u use
Aqsa Samar
Aqsa Samar Aasta tagasi
sksksk an i oop
Frankie Lawson
Frankie Lawson Aasta tagasi
*walks into kitchen* *sees Ryan on top of the fridge* “what the heck is going on here?” “im making tik toks babe”
Ava Grace
Ava Grace Aasta tagasi
2:00 that’s me even when I’m not on my period lol
Luci Pins
Luci Pins Aasta tagasi
anyone remember tomboy haley?
Rainy Daez
Rainy Daez Aasta tagasi
8:56 Doja cat who? BEACH imma cow BEACH Imma cow. Trying to keep this PG
rxxaghad Alawieh
rxxaghad Alawieh Aasta tagasi
18:40 this is so funny I love you sm💕
Ern Aasta tagasi
The one u said was Gingam is hounds tooth
Pyxie Pie
Pyxie Pie Aasta tagasi
When she said "I'm going to go to McDonald's" I said OUT LOUD "mom can you get me some fries please?"
Casey Epstein
Casey Epstein Aasta tagasi
vScO is a lIfE stylE
Tayla Hill
Tayla Hill Aasta tagasi
Me: * buys one shell necklace, I AM A VSCO GIRL Haley: prepares for a vsco vacation Me: maybe I am not 😂😂
Mirra Hope
Mirra Hope Aasta tagasi
No one: Absolutely no one: Haley: I wAnT tO gO tO mAcDoNaDlS *gets a really un healthy drink* ilysm
Kiki Rivard
Kiki Rivard Aasta tagasi
Is no one going to talk about Ryan’s 6 pack at 1:23
milescandraw exe
milescandraw exe Aasta tagasi
stop hating on her, shes allowed to *try fit it* if she wants to :) let her do whatever she wants
Nayantara Khanna
Nayantara Khanna Aasta tagasi
whats your tik tok?
Emma Diamond
Emma Diamond Aasta tagasi
Jesus Christ leave her alone 😂
Chamika Goonewardene
Chamika Goonewardene Aasta tagasi
hey i'm a new youtuber from new york city!! I'm 18 and we should hang out soon
Antiquus domus
Antiquus domus Aasta tagasi
All hail the vsco queen 👑!!!!!!!!!!
Anthony Priamo
Anthony Priamo Aasta tagasi
That is my mood every single day
grayson dunst
grayson dunst Aasta tagasi
since when did vsco become an adjective lol
lynda Aasta tagasi
what shape do you get for your nails
sophie lancaster
sophie lancaster Aasta tagasi
Hey to everyone who is scrolling through the comment section! Before you right anything and if you you already did listen to this! So many people are "hating" on Haley because she buys some much clothes. Honestly I agree. But people are different and this is something she is really passionate about!! She is interested in fashion, it's in a lot of her videos and she talks about it, and this might be a possible future career for her. Dig deeper than the top layer next time you leave a comment please!! 😁
Kianna Malcolm
Kianna Malcolm Aasta tagasi
Thw worlds vsco, beachy, fun n fresh really irritate me
bri childers
bri childers Aasta tagasi
haley pham's channel now is just her buying expensive shit and showing it off to her poor subscribers
Safia Khan
Safia Khan Aasta tagasi
Pretty basic podcast!!!
souljagigi Aasta tagasi
anna oop-
Taylor Lopez
Taylor Lopez Aasta tagasi
Thank you so much for that little rant on wear whatever you want because I really needed that and I really appreciate that never change love you by the way
CameoLyons Aasta tagasi
*SNAP* Yep. This one's going in my haley pham cringe compilation.
kiara alcorn
kiara alcorn Aasta tagasi
1:00 editing hakey 😂
Rob M
Rob M Aasta tagasi
Imagine actually living your life like this
Addison R.
Addison R. Aasta tagasi
1:30 😂
Megan Bray
Megan Bray Aasta tagasi
Can we like not say things like “your videos are repetitive” ect. End of the day don’t watch if you don’t like it
Lydia Simone
Lydia Simone Aasta tagasi
Hey girl, so I don't want to act like I know everything... but when it comes to period cramps... I know a thing or two. Try to not drink a bunch of caffeine. Super bad for cramps. A little can be good. Midol, a period cramp pain reliever has a little caffeine, because in moderation it can help. I have endometriosis, which is a stupid name for, I have excess tissue outside of my uterus, I'm on my period all the time, and my cramps feel like childbirth. So yeah. If you ever need help, hit me up cuz I got some remedies and knowledge just because I have to know. Love you ❤ (Instagram @sunflowersoil)
Ian Philipp
Ian Philipp Aasta tagasi
Caramel fraps are so good a McDonald’s
Bekka Rose
Bekka Rose Aasta tagasi
Hello Haley Pham! You have inspired me so much to want to make others laugh. Your EEpost videos have so much personality and I want to bring the same vibe! Dropping my EEpost video in an hour and I’m super excited!
emma’s vids
emma’s vids Aasta tagasi
I feel like she’s always trying to be someone... or hold herself up to some aesthetic standard
abbie may
abbie may Aasta tagasi
all these people complaining about her vsco videos are really bothering me because i dont know about everyone else but i subbed to haley because of her personality and throughout every videos she’s made, shes acted the same in them all, they just happen to be about different things. but if you subscribed because of the types of videos i get that too but stop leaving hate and just dont watch these videos
log ste
log ste Aasta tagasi
abbie hood She is always trying to hold up to some standard and be up to date or be some aesthetic standard
Corina Coppersmith
Corina Coppersmith Aasta tagasi
What’s her tik tok
Chloe lee
Chloe lee Aasta tagasi
Are you going to port A or Galveston
Lila Hilts
Lila Hilts Aasta tagasi
all i saw when that came up was 'a brand is taking me' and i was like Haley! r U oK? but anyway ily haley
Allyson Reinert
Allyson Reinert Aasta tagasi
I love Haley but I’m glad to come to the comments and see everyone else also complaining about the unsustainable shopping and hauls every week... why so materialistic sis watch the “minimalism” documentary your shopping is out of control and so unsustainable
Little Green Gal
Little Green Gal Aasta tagasi
new drinking game: take a shot everytime she says VSCO
Mikayla Martin
Mikayla Martin Aasta tagasi
what’s her tic toc
k navara
k navara Aasta tagasi
anyone else blinded by ryans abs
log ste
log ste Aasta tagasi
k navara nope. Just you buddy
Zacharias Mosseri
Zacharias Mosseri Aasta tagasi
From 0:09 to 0:57 Haley was irrelevant, I was concentrated on the dog. Like if you were the same
Joleigh Carlock
Joleigh Carlock Aasta tagasi
Literally if you want a pair of Levi's here you can get the good quality ones at like Walmart for 10 bucks...i feel bad for you😂
liz ramaeker
liz ramaeker Aasta tagasi
is that a 4ocean bracelet?
Noel propsom
Noel propsom Aasta tagasi
the vsco girl trend is taking over and it’s highly annoying
Емилия Атанасова
Емилия Атанасова Aasta tagasi
Nozima B
Nozima B Aasta tagasi
Let her be yall lol it makes her happy so I'm happy. It isn't yalls channel so.. She is being sarcastic in most of the video and it makes some of us laugh so your hate comments are irrelevant.... :)
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr Aasta tagasi
VSCO IS APP!!!!!!!!!
Zoe Thomas
Zoe Thomas Aasta tagasi
Ok rain check ppl in the comments Saying ily tho haley after writing a paragraph of hate doesnt mean its not hate. It still hurts k 😙
PaytonCath L
PaytonCath L Aasta tagasi
I didn’t like the dinner outfit.... anyone else??
was this $500 black friday haul worth it?
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