Playing the Caves & Cliffs UPDATE in Minecraft Hardcore!

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Itsyaboi Chipsahoy
Itsyaboi Chipsahoy 4 tundi tagasi
Dan getting hyped up about a pink sheep when i find pink pigs
Jeraldine Como
Jeraldine Como 4 tundi tagasi
The last monster you need to kill is warden and the new one I think is the piglin brute he is having netherite armor and it's not Geods ITS AMATHEYST and copper is going to be cyan if your world is old and you can duplicate with the bundles and amatheyst are always underground but random it doesn't connect to anything but some connect to caves tho
Boden Krupp
Boden Krupp 6 tundi tagasi
ITS THE WARDEN in the caves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
aed44 pop pop
aed44 pop pop 11 tundi tagasi
I hate the new can we and cliffs update and the nether on top because their making it harder and more stupid because it's a lot harder i liked the village and pillage update it i hate the nether update and the caves and cliffs update i probably quit me redraft because of the two updates
LodedNGoated 14 tundi tagasi
The caves are not rare not yet they will be rare soon
Gopi D
Gopi D 15 tundi tagasi
challenge master
challenge master 16 tundi tagasi
If you need to there’s a duplication glitch for the shards
ThatSerperior 17 tundi tagasi
I am litterally wondering how he can play caves and cliffs while I cant
Alex Kelly
Alex Kelly 19 tundi tagasi
The WARDEN.....
Roblox bandymai
Roblox bandymai 21 tund tagasi
hehehe Ehehe
hehehe Ehehe 23 tundi tagasi
this is clickbait right
Joe Ross
Joe Ross Päev tagasi
Only OGs kniw Pokémon brick bronze
Axel Baxel
Axel Baxel Päev tagasi
How do we update the game I’m still on the nether nether update
Arise Legion
Arise Legion Päev tagasi
Well the mob you gotta kill is the... Warden its pretty hard to kill you shoudlnt make sound if you do it will run at you its blind but can out for the sculk sensor it makes sound...and theres glow squid btw and a telesscope to make a telescope you need 2 copper ingot and 1 amethyst shard amythyst sharp on the top and 2 copper below it
Baklas molly
Baklas molly Päev tagasi
Munni Ahmed
Munni Ahmed Päev tagasi
There is a tipe of tree that will lead you to a lush cave
Hecc Life
Hecc Life Päev tagasi
A little trick: if you have something really good, get 17 pouches, put 16 pouches into the 17th, and then remove the 16 pouches, you will get 16 stacked pouches, put in then spread out the puches with the distribute feature, say you used a netherite sword, you would have 16 instead of 1
KK Magpot
KK Magpot Päev tagasi
I found a pink sheep in survival once, I spawned next to it!
Abdul 64U7
Abdul 64U7 Päev tagasi
One time I also saw a pink sheep but cheats were on cuz my sis wanted to be in creative mode
Phoenix :D
Phoenix :D 2 päeva tagasi
Piglin brutes are not new
Ash Not Ketchum
Ash Not Ketchum 2 päeva tagasi
Dan: We're in trouble. We're in BIG trouble. Also Dan: literally has an enchanted diamond sword, near full netherite armor, and has lost only half a heart
sarah dooley
sarah dooley 2 päeva tagasi
dan I was trading with a piggin and I thought I saw soul speed boots but I checked my inv but I didn't but the boots were on the piglin
its360bro Päev tagasi
Murder the piglin
ishan_bg 2 päeva tagasi
Amyestest are rare
ishan_bg 2 päeva tagasi
I love your music
aazim afras
aazim afras 2 päeva tagasi
Please say about Dan I can't understand I'm new to channel
Eddie Clemmer
Eddie Clemmer 3 päeva tagasi
When is it released
AWY Tommy
AWY Tommy 3 päeva tagasi
Dan 2020-2021- “Eletra”.
Jack Keable
Jack Keable 3 päeva tagasi
Crazy Cat Gaming
Crazy Cat Gaming 3 päeva tagasi
The warden is the new mob
fortking babo
fortking babo 3 päeva tagasi
the sounds of amethist reminds me of waterfall from theundertale soundtrack
Raunak Choudhury
Raunak Choudhury 3 päeva tagasi
Dan : copper ore Me : coppore
Rebecca Kiell
Rebecca Kiell 4 päeva tagasi
11:20 I am a kinda noob at minecraft and him just passing by the iron ore without taking it triggers me so much.
CowBoy Time :0
CowBoy Time :0 4 päeva tagasi
im playing minecraft on a phone and ps4 and there is no caves and cliffs update for me
CowBoy Time :0
CowBoy Time :0 4 päeva tagasi
idk what's going on :(
FH 858
FH 858 4 päeva tagasi
Sb 737 is way better
Astrid 4 päeva tagasi
Is the update out for everyone??
isabelle isabella
isabelle isabella 4 päeva tagasi
dan you suck alitle you can use the silk touch to mine the big one's only and the others well that is were i suck so i dont know the smaller one's
Pug Doggo
Pug Doggo 5 päeva tagasi
It will be out in December in bedrock version
Charlie Arienda
Charlie Arienda 5 päeva tagasi
Dan how do play it early
Mr Fluffers
Mr Fluffers 5 päeva tagasi
They added the warden that’s who you have to kill to get the monsters hunted achievement Or the illusioner
Table Noises
Table Noises 5 päeva tagasi
+ I can’t blame you hate parkour
Table Noises
Table Noises 5 päeva tagasi
And disc 13
Table Noises
Table Noises 5 päeva tagasi
It’s pretty creepy
Table Noises
Table Noises 5 päeva tagasi
Play and get disc 11 when you get a jukebox
Kye Martin
Kye Martin 5 päeva tagasi
I saw a pink sheep once... It died in a raid
Avery Deyton
Avery Deyton 6 päeva tagasi
how do i get minecraft 1.17? mine did not update
Joshua Lyle
Joshua Lyle 5 päeva tagasi
He used a snapshot there basically previews but you need Minecraft java
Hulls Colby
Hulls Colby 6 päeva tagasi
I remember when he was doing all kinds of mod showcases, now look at him, showcasing new minecraft updates.
jamin Voytko
jamin Voytko 6 päeva tagasi
That was so cool dan thanks
River Miles
River Miles 6 päeva tagasi
RUBY 6 päeva tagasi
1:13 that's a roll off the tongue
Natalie Revo
Natalie Revo 6 päeva tagasi
11:30 this is why I don’t play Minecraft nor go in caves the music scares me I can play Minecraft alone ;-;
Harisshan Srishanmuganathan
Harisshan Srishanmuganathan 6 päeva tagasi
Did you include warden?
Leo The Gamer
Leo The Gamer 6 päeva tagasi
Tell me who hasnt subbed u
Arham Plays
Arham Plays 6 päeva tagasi
why dont you have flame on your sword
Lane Fender
Lane Fender 6 päeva tagasi
Your vids are the most amazing ever
Challenger 6 päeva tagasi
Its grey for me
Hacker 316
Hacker 316 6 päeva tagasi
without dying or golden apples
Hacker 316
Hacker 316 6 päeva tagasi
without armor
Hacker 316
Hacker 316 6 päeva tagasi
dude, I can kill a full diamond skelly with an iron sword
xmooshroom 6 päeva tagasi
Can you get 1.17 snapshots on Minecraft pe ?
rap1dvtec 6 päeva tagasi
You are the best
Ryno 633
Ryno 633 6 päeva tagasi
So u have early access
sunitha rajesh
sunitha rajesh 7 päeva tagasi
The inside of his house looks weird
Dominic Bui
Dominic Bui 7 päeva tagasi
This comment won’t get pinned. Trust me
Monica Butera
Monica Butera 7 päeva tagasi
17:17 you can't just have floating rails everywhere!
Anthony Lucena
Anthony Lucena 7 päeva tagasi
How did you get this update already
Mason McDowell
Mason McDowell 7 päeva tagasi
Ngl I’ve never mined copper
Ciaran's Cars & Bikes
Ciaran's Cars & Bikes 7 päeva tagasi
I'm sorry, but why bother grinding for all that armour if he runs from everything anyway💀
Hi 7 päeva tagasi
i found a wild pink seep and killed it lol (┬┬﹏┬┬)
Jacob Carrizales-Lopez
Jacob Carrizales-Lopez 7 päeva tagasi
The new update of the mob is the warden stronger than the wither
DSR Dallas
DSR Dallas 7 päeva tagasi
I made a new world look all over the place for copper and still haven’t found any😔
Porter broyles
Porter broyles 8 päeva tagasi
Just looked it up, tinted glass is glass that light can not get through while being translucent
FrostWolf Leo
FrostWolf Leo 8 päeva tagasi
I found 2 pink sheeps while speedrunning in one week and I found another pink sheep when I was playing my survival world.
AlexweRAT 8 päeva tagasi
Did anyone else notice that right after Dan made the bundle and went to sleep he wrote zzzzz
AkiraHopeXD 8 päeva tagasi
Did dan get Early access?
Gabriel Ravanes Playz
Gabriel Ravanes Playz 8 päeva tagasi
There is a farming amethyst thing i heard
Mitzi Rowland
Mitzi Rowland 8 päeva tagasi
Dan how come I don’t have caves and cliffs update
Azfan 78
Azfan 78 8 päeva tagasi
Hmmm which 1 is better Shulker Or Bundle
Asian Clownfish
Asian Clownfish 8 päeva tagasi
Did he mention hermitcraft? 1:20
sketchfan1op Roblox
sketchfan1op Roblox 8 päeva tagasi
the other day I spawned right next to a woodland mansion, killed an evoked with a stone sword and got a totem then used it in a fight and went outside and saw two pink sheep
xavier and Lucas and brodie poopy
xavier and Lucas and brodie poopy 8 päeva tagasi
I have no friends 😕
Robert Quinn
Robert Quinn 8 päeva tagasi
The cave update took this long because the creators new if it was not perfect, nobody would be happy so they practiced by making other updates so they can make a good caves and cliffs update
mineboy 779 gaming & mods
mineboy 779 gaming & mods 8 päeva tagasi
They need copper tools and armor in minecraft
Nolan Rios
Nolan Rios 8 päeva tagasi
cave update yes!!!!!!!!!
Rekkygaming Yay!
Rekkygaming Yay! 9 päeva tagasi
7:24 epic
Prita Rindengan
Prita Rindengan 9 päeva tagasi
Adelyn Wong
Adelyn Wong 9 päeva tagasi
U can make a amefest portal
Gothic Chic
Gothic Chic 9 päeva tagasi
I just always question why he never brings a shulker box with him
Darshan Singh
Darshan Singh 9 päeva tagasi
You should watch Luke the notable you is a another Minecraft you tuber who has survived 3000 days in Minecraft hardcore
luizandrei olita
luizandrei olita 9 päeva tagasi
Haw to download that in cellphone
Gordon the big engine
Gordon the big engine 9 päeva tagasi
Engineer 9 päeva tagasi
What version is this?
SKA 9 päeva tagasi
I started watching DanTdm on 2015 and until now that i'm almost 15 I still watch your vids❤️
Wendy Lee
Wendy Lee 9 päeva tagasi
You must kill warden
Owen Walker
Owen Walker 10 päeva tagasi
how did he not see the sheild lol
Feras Aboona
Feras Aboona 10 päeva tagasi
Pls do more minecraft
Vuk Istok Vuckovac
Vuk Istok Vuckovac 10 päeva tagasi
Vuk Istok Vuckovac
Vuk Istok Vuckovac 10 päeva tagasi
BG 30
BG 30 10 päeva tagasi
the book he made has amyhtydt crystles in it
Luke Hayward
Luke Hayward 10 päeva tagasi
know how dan was looking for a zombified piglin well when he was in the nether it said in the bottom right corner of his screen zombified piglin grunts so the zombified piglan was right next to him
DigitalPsyco 10 päeva tagasi
Dan should make a base in the end city.
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