Playing an RPG for the second time

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Joel Haver

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Adventure awaits again.
The third installment of the RPG series -
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Joel Haver
Joel Haver 5 päeva tagasi
This is by far my most involved animation yet, I’m so happy to see everyone enjoying. Big thanks to Trent for making it with me and keeping me company over discord over long hours of animating. I’m realizing now that people might see this before the first two, so here’s the whole series in one convenient playlist -
Plague疫 20 minutit tagasi
How do you make these animations? By hand? Do you take videos of people acting, and then trace them making changes? What do you use?
The Angry Tank
The Angry Tank 2 tundi tagasi
@Bordoy that channel would try taking control of it and probably ruin what makes it good.
Yes 3 tundi tagasi
Worth every second. You all did an amazing job!
The Angry Tank
The Angry Tank 4 tundi tagasi
When you've pissed off the Dungeon Master.
Synkkä Maan
Synkkä Maan 12 tundi tagasi
You could add 'The Giant' to the playlist as a prologue.
Chris gramm
Chris gramm 9 minutit tagasi
I can't wait to see what comes next this was great!
Anders Adkins
Anders Adkins 14 minutit tagasi
rat with a gat rat with a gat
Sangcreux 22 minutit tagasi
Please do more like this
Gulius Berfenshwëisur
Gulius Berfenshwëisur 23 minutit tagasi
This is just modded skyrim
FermiGBM1 26 minutit tagasi
masterful lol
Andres Robinson
Andres Robinson 28 minutit tagasi
I want more
Oh it's a Turtle
Oh it's a Turtle 54 minutit tagasi
This is the most epic RPG story I've ever seen and it made me more invested in the story than Avengers Endgame did (they are both pretty good) Thank you for making this!
Blue Lion Studios
Blue Lion Studios 59 minutit tagasi
Please dont stop these rpg series shorts theyre amazing and bring me joy
Nacho Account
Nacho Account Tund tagasi
what is the music at the end? it sounds so good
O Circles
O Circles Tund tagasi
Ok so that's cool and all but why did you make him Naruto run
Geotonrike Tund tagasi
why is this satisfying? especially the end
Renaldi Fauzi Pratama
Renaldi Fauzi Pratama Tund tagasi
I love when the story is so intense then it got awkward in the ending.
Ecce Mono
Ecce Mono Tund tagasi
That bullet is the size of the whole barrel 😂
ComradeLeroy Tund tagasi
And the third time, he kills marshal and saves the other guy
Parker Cook
Parker Cook Tund tagasi
I’m already so invested in this story. I demand more. Huzzah
Derek Potter
Derek Potter Tund tagasi
I love this
Collin Coomer
Collin Coomer 2 tundi tagasi
The Oblivion music is what really pushes it over the top ;) (I'm currently replaying Oblivion for the first time in nearly a decade because of you, so thank you for the unexpected nostalgia trip!)
Landon Marek
Landon Marek 2 tundi tagasi
I don't know why, but there's something special about these videos and I really hope we get to see more of this RPG character and his journey through NOT-Tamriel.
DemonDrake Lordofpans
DemonDrake Lordofpans 2 tundi tagasi
Clearly this guy forgot to feed marshal the cheese that starts in your inventory to abate his hunger. Noobs like this are the reason the game is deteriorating. You miss like 90% of the game because of that
Devin Schlotfeldt
Devin Schlotfeldt 2 tundi tagasi
I watched this before the first one and it was an experience
TwoTime 2 tundi tagasi
You used EbSynth on this, didn't you? It's amazxing how paired it is even with the mistakes.
Charles-Olivier Jean
Charles-Olivier Jean 2 tundi tagasi
That one "MARSHALL", along with the music, is what true power is.
-SmOl_ BEaN
-SmOl_ BEaN 3 tundi tagasi
Wtf is going on
Protomodo 3 tundi tagasi
Bro, make a kickstarter, I will throw money at you to make more of these. Watched each one like 3+ times, cracks me the fuck up. I'm a big Oblivion fan, so extra funny. HUZZAH!
NXE 3 tundi tagasi
2:33 I just now noticed at the bottom of the screen, there is a loading cursor.
Lord Scorpian
Lord Scorpian 3 tundi tagasi
2:40 "I wasn't even _that_ corrupt"
Nelson Braendle
Nelson Braendle 3 tundi tagasi
I love these! Please keep making them!
jess pace
jess pace 3 tundi tagasi
Christian Deligero
Christian Deligero 3 tundi tagasi
Matt B
Matt B 3 tundi tagasi
The rat has a little pistol in a medieval based RPG... awesome..
Nick Silva
Nick Silva 3 tundi tagasi
I've watched this more times then I care to admit.
Yogurt Tophat
Yogurt Tophat 3 tundi tagasi
Marshall’s identical twin: Marshall
Yavi Fauzan
Yavi Fauzan 3 tundi tagasi
Hey, we need dlc
Matthew Kyle Buller
Matthew Kyle Buller 4 tundi tagasi
Are these motion captured?
Protojager 4 tundi tagasi
This looks like it would be picked up for 2 seasons on adult swim.
Jake Wolford
Jake Wolford 4 tundi tagasi
I have probably spent two collective hours looping through this trilogy, showing friends and just re-watching for fun. So damn funny.
AJ Plays Piano
AJ Plays Piano 4 tundi tagasi
"I wasn't even that corrupt" as my council assassinated me in crusader kings 3
Agora2021 4 tundi tagasi
This is somehow cursed, yet beautiful at the same time.
Raptorex 03
Raptorex 03 4 tundi tagasi
The Best Trilogy since The Lord of The Rings.
Dragoon 4 tundi tagasi
2 hour podcast between the Giant and main character?
Jaron 2 tundi tagasi
The legend appears.
Darkprime29 4 tundi tagasi
That game looks better than Cyberpunk. Less glitches
dantederi 4 tundi tagasi
This character arc > game of thrones ending
Juani Guiscafre
Juani Guiscafre 4 tundi tagasi
Everyone's talking about the script and the animation, but I'm here appreciating the great acting. Good job, pal!
TheStrangeleys 4 tundi tagasi
I've seen this 3 times and I've gotten chills each time
luccagiovani 4 tundi tagasi
I love the reference that the king is "not very corrupt"
Hasan Sawan
Hasan Sawan 4 tundi tagasi
I have watched this 6 times
Elfie Branford
Elfie Branford 5 tundi tagasi
When they remake Oblivion
Fedora Man
Fedora Man 5 tundi tagasi
When that music hits....chills
Darrik Marion
Darrik Marion 5 tundi tagasi
Anyone else notice at like 4:08 in the bottom right corner on the bottem edge you can see a Windows mouse loading circle partially cut off?
SolientVest 5 tundi tagasi
I love how the enemy's are nice.
Oldschool gamer and Lover
Oldschool gamer and Lover 5 tundi tagasi
Wow, this is weird. XD (No hate.) Mostly funny.
Oldschool gamer and Lover
Oldschool gamer and Lover 5 tundi tagasi
SrMelancia 5 tundi tagasi
When he said Adventure awaits that should had more impact than Captain America say Avengers Assemble in endgame
Starberry Poptart
Starberry Poptart 5 tundi tagasi
This is awesome! Ty youtube algorithm lol
puroshan 5 tundi tagasi
this short try to be hilarious but i feel the drama only
Frostbite Dog
Frostbite Dog 6 tundi tagasi
I love how peaceful the end of your videos are
Gringo 6 tundi tagasi
Sly Marbo.
Connor Almeyda
Connor Almeyda 6 tundi tagasi
True character development
Alex 6 tundi tagasi
That high pitch when he says TH THHE TOWN ITS ON FFIIEEYYAAHHHH
MeeM Dispenser
MeeM Dispenser 6 tundi tagasi
The ending we desired but never expected.
Chad Smith
Chad Smith 6 tundi tagasi
I cant tell why but this animation style is amazing.
Peter Brazeal
Peter Brazeal 6 tundi tagasi
Lexyvil 6 tundi tagasi
I always wondered how the protagonist got out of prison, let alone how he got jailed the first time. It's true that no prison can hold him, Mashal freed all the criminals.
Tadeusz Abramowicz
Tadeusz Abramowicz 6 tundi tagasi
now THAT is an ending
undeadbobop 7 tundi tagasi
I become marshal on my last play through.
Knight make
Knight make 7 tundi tagasi
Can we get this a full tv series?
A. Freeman
A. Freeman 7 tundi tagasi
Marshall: Parry this you filthy casual. Adventurer: *Parry* Marshall: :o
cnmmd qiuoo
cnmmd qiuoo 7 tundi tagasi
"A health bar does not show who is an enemy to you, it shows who is an enemy to themselves" - Wise Old Man
BiometalOmega 7 tundi tagasi
Wow that plot twist. Did not see that coming.
cnmmd qiuoo
cnmmd qiuoo 7 tundi tagasi
That "Adventure.....awaits" is the "Avengers Assemble!" of our generation!"
Clay Face
Clay Face 7 tundi tagasi
Legendary series
Nathaniel Clark
Nathaniel Clark 7 tundi tagasi
I love how nobody is surprised this rat has a gun in medieval times
I am a disappointment to my parents
I am a disappointment to my parents 7 tundi tagasi
Almost forgot to watch this today
Sailor of Fortune
Sailor of Fortune 7 tundi tagasi
The town postersmith continues to be resilient and timely.
multiple personalities
multiple personalities 7 tundi tagasi
Haven't been this hyped for a stories climax since endgames fight scene
Soggy Doggy
Soggy Doggy 7 tundi tagasi
I was waiting for abrupt fuckery at the last minute and I'm glad I was wrong. Wholesome af
Levu Luvu
Levu Luvu 8 tundi tagasi
I’m just waiting for a Merch store with a huzzah shirt lmao
ミィルク・チ[MiilkT] 8 tundi tagasi
johnny40000 8 tundi tagasi
cant wait for the Playing an RPG for the third time
5h0rgunn 8 tundi tagasi
Ah yes, the sort of RPG where the game forces you to make a bad choice no matter what choice you make and then tries to make you feel bad for making the choice you did. Classic. Also, I like how the kingdom's most notable achievement is that it's not that corrupt.
EndlessWhale 8 tundi tagasi
When you get on a smurf account
Kevin Holt
Kevin Holt 8 tundi tagasi
This is pretty funny.
8-bit 8 tundi tagasi
Penguin Ace
Penguin Ace 8 tundi tagasi
the good ending
Siculus Hort
Siculus Hort 9 tundi tagasi
this anime is epic.
Richard Aspden
Richard Aspden 9 tundi tagasi
That "Adventure.....awaits" is the "Avengers Assemble!" of our generation!"
Kyle Minner
Kyle Minner 9 tundi tagasi
You deserve an award for this series, better than any movie I've seen as of late
Sonaka Ren
Sonaka Ren 9 tundi tagasi
Me: Why did this end up in my recommended, either way, I love it, this was genuinely funny and I just wished I had more context. 😂 Everyone else in the comments: 1:46
Le Hotchkiss Tank
Le Hotchkiss Tank 9 tundi tagasi
Jacob:screaming Subtitles:[Music]
DESTRO YER 9 tundi tagasi
Tori Bray
Tori Bray 9 tundi tagasi
watching this all come together in real time was beautiful.
happsider 9 tundi tagasi
Watching "Playing an RPG for the second time" for the second time, because I watched it originally before the others and was extremely confuse.
The Ice Queen
The Ice Queen 10 tundi tagasi
"Marshal doesn't have a moral compass... He is a rat." **Escape From Tarkov vibes intensify**
Lucjusz Mocarny
Lucjusz Mocarny 10 tundi tagasi
That bullet case is 2 times bigger than the gun
Kritigri 10 tundi tagasi
I watched this one first and was VERY confused
CoffeeMunch 10 tundi tagasi
*No 3rd episode yet* "O woe, a teasing most foul"
Senpai DoomGuy
Senpai DoomGuy 10 tundi tagasi
So killing marshall early causes a bug within the games code that causes it to reset to an earlier build of the game?
Sebastian Lewis
Sebastian Lewis 10 tundi tagasi
Well which is it is martial evil or does he lack a moral compass?
Swizzy Cake
Swizzy Cake 10 tundi tagasi
i love how this whole story ties together, along with the giant video you made
harbinger200 10 tundi tagasi
Hollywood bar is so low i enjoyed this several times more then the new Tenet movie. Gj man, give us more adventuring.
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