New baby Tesla - it will cost LESS than a VW Golf!

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There's a new Tesla on the horizon... And it might be the biggest game-changer the EV market has ever seen!
We're expecting it to be a hatchback, but how can we be so sure? Well for starters, Tesla has already given us a saloon, SUV, pick-up truck and a sports car, so a more affordable family car seems the next logical step. What's more, Elon has already confirmed that the new car will cost around $25,000, which for us in the UK would equate to just £18,000! To put that in perspective, one of the cheapest EVs around at the moment, the Fiat 500 Electric, costs £23,000! 🤯
What's more, with some all-new battery tech expected to be found in this new car, it may have the ability to hit a range that blows all other competitors out of the water!
The only question is, if you were in the market for a cheap, new, electric car, would you choose a Tesla hatchback? Let us know in the COMMENTS!
Selected images used courtesy of Tesla.
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carwow Місяць tagasi
What would you name the next Tesla? Let us know BELOW!
Douglas Mark
Douglas Mark 23 päeva tagasi
2 as in too. S3XY2
Kartikay Khattar
Kartikay Khattar 28 päeva tagasi
Tesla is 2S3XY 4CARS Model 2 - This will be this new hatchback Model S Model 3 Model X Model Y Model 4 - Maybe a mini-bus Model C - Cybertruck Model A - Something Model R - Roadster S- Semi
Kartikay Khattar
Kartikay Khattar 28 päeva tagasi
Model A
Automation 28 päeva tagasi
@bgprotoo Wow, you're really hate people for owning a Tesla or any cars you don't like. Also good thing you don't work as any car manufacturers, because naming a car "POS" wouldn't be a good marketing, nobody would buy it. How you you feel if Mitsubishi named their car "POS Evolution" instead of Lancer Evolution?
Juan A
Juan A 28 päeva tagasi
RiteComment 59 minutit tagasi
the electric car is a car for fools.
Chilcott Joy
Chilcott Joy 7 tundi tagasi
Model 1
Gareth Neill
Gareth Neill 8 tundi tagasi
Build quality though might not be anywhere near as good. Cheap nasty plastics is my worry for cost cutting. Hopefully not though.
Munish 9 tundi tagasi
Nice to hear a Brummie accent!
G R 23 tundi tagasi
Model J for Junior smaller than all the others ☺️
K Ly
K Ly Päev tagasi
Model 2. It's 2 S3XY.
Spanish John
Spanish John Päev tagasi
my Tesla stonks needed this
richukny 2 päeva tagasi
Like Clark Kent, I did not recognise you in glasses 😅
Disturbed47 2 päeva tagasi
How about they get A, B, C, and D done before they start moving on to E, F, G, etc? A. GigaTexas is not done. B. Berlin is months away from opening/if ever. Even if they get the government final permits they still have the formidable 'IG Metall' to deal with. C. GigaChina will be shut down as soon as China finishes stealing all Tesla's patents and ideas. Also, IDRA is an owned by a Chinese company so good luck getting future Giga Presses. D. The 4680 cell is at least 2 years away even though they announced it a year ago. That assumes they can even get enough Nickle and Lithium since China owns over half the supply in the world.
Henry Heitmann
Henry Heitmann 2 päeva tagasi
Lost me at "it's going to look like a Tesla"... 😂
budjuh 2 päeva tagasi
I don't know if I would buy a Tesla. The interior looks really really bad. They call it minimalistic, I call it empty. I just want to have a proper dashboard in front of me with the main information I need to operate my vehicle like my speed, navigation and other stuff.
Constantin Lechner
Constantin Lechner 3 päeva tagasi
It should be called Tesla Golf
Joandi Hernández
Joandi Hernández 3 päeva tagasi
it should be called E-ST so they could say it is due to a rework of the E + Small Tesla and with all the rest of the models would spell S-E-X-Y-E-ST, I can already see Elon going crazy about it on tweeter. xD
Ag3nt0fCha0s 3 päeva tagasi
Not buying it because Teslas are not reliable. Probably because of all the Rube Goldberg shit in them.
asis_thoughts 3 päeva tagasi
I think it should be called Model M (as in mini), so they could do SM3XY
Ron Steitz
Ron Steitz 4 päeva tagasi
Hauling 4 adults ,how long will battery last. Always only see. One person in cars for tests. Is thi the real world?🤔
Golf & Tesla
Golf & Tesla 4 päeva tagasi
It is like with computers or smart phones, wait half a year and whatever you have seems old.
Skogsjärven Ab
Skogsjärven Ab 5 päeva tagasi
I appreciate the history, but this is no doubt a fanzite. I like Tesla but don't do any testing against other brands. Please.
GB 5 päeva tagasi
there is zero...ZERO...chance Tesla will put a car out that only does 160miles. it will do 300. worst case scenario 250 for the cheapest model. I don't believe uk will get it at 18k either.. it will be over 20k pounds unfortunately.
FredRicks 5 päeva tagasi
I just want a Tesla in the £25000 to £30000 range. Would be just the right price range for me.
Christian Wille
Christian Wille 5 päeva tagasi
Modell 2, later than a Modell 1 comes its like a smart
Snowy The Bastard
Snowy The Bastard 5 päeva tagasi
7k for a self driving downgrade, yeah I said it, a downgrade, downgrading you to a passenger in your own car. Feck that lol.
Geoff Evans
Geoff Evans 5 päeva tagasi
The Climate fraud goes on and the gullible buy it. Let’s hope the idiots realise before it’s too late, maybe when they look outside at their car parked ON THE ROAD like everyone else’s and realise you can’t charge it there ,and the real objective of the NWO is to stop you travelling because travel broadens the mind,so they want you to sit at home in front of your screen andOBEY.
4Kandlez 5 päeva tagasi
Tesla LGB-GT
Danny Atkins
Danny Atkins 5 päeva tagasi
I want it to be called the Model 2
Tony Feasey
Tony Feasey 6 päeva tagasi
Thanks for a proper informative review - much better than some of your painful attempts at humour in that past!!
Anthony Martin
Anthony Martin 6 päeva tagasi
Are there any plans to actually test a model y?
Neil Morgan
Neil Morgan 6 päeva tagasi
All I can say is it won't be on sale for just £18,000 that is simply unrealistic. I remember them saying the Model 3 was going to be on sale for $35,000 which would be somewhere around the £31,000 price. Except they only sold a small handful at the $35,000 and you need to pay over £40,000 for the cheapest Model 3 in the UK. EV car prices are ridiculous and considering the price of battery technology has dropped by around 75% over the past 10 years and economies of scale should have kicked in with the bigger figures being produced simply raises concerns to me. Gone now is the range anxiety and it is simply the upfront cost of EVs generally that is putting me off upgrading my 30KW Nissan Leaf to what should be a far better car for a similar price. If Tesla can bring a smaller car to the UK market for less than £20,000 then yes I'm in. But for someone who bought my first house for £35,000 I just can't stomach paying a similar price for an everyday car.
S-K-Y 6 päeva tagasi
This is random but is it pronounced Tesla or Tezla
Kevin Bailey
Kevin Bailey 6 päeva tagasi
Hi Matt. In this video at 4:04ish you say that the tabless batteries will be smaller than the current 2170 but I don’t believe that’s correct.
Colin Taylor
Colin Taylor 6 päeva tagasi
the Tesla Bee .... floats like a butterfly
noah Mcquillan
noah Mcquillan 7 päeva tagasi
Model x
Attilla McGillacuddy
Attilla McGillacuddy 7 päeva tagasi
How about. TESLA MODEL TE. no not a model T But yes built for the masses
Alan Harrison
Alan Harrison 7 päeva tagasi
Electric cars have no future at this time in history. They are too expensive. Run on coal generated electricity.Too costly to maintain. A fire hazard. Very short range which is actually unpredictable especially in hilly terrain. Poor dealer support. Costly to recycle. Cost us all dearly in tax funded subsidies. Massive depreciation. Really - a joke.
gadiel Garcia
gadiel Garcia 7 päeva tagasi
Tesla model A
Baden R
Baden R 7 päeva tagasi
All the Tesla vehicles ( it spells something) S- model s 3-model 3 X - model X Y -model y C-Cybertruck A-Atv (included with Cybertruck) R-roadster S-semi truck
Bibin K Joy
Bibin K Joy 7 päeva tagasi
I will buy a model 2 or 3
clickallnight 7 päeva tagasi
Yo think Tesla is going to release a hatchback with only 160 miles of range? That hatchback looks much larger than a Fiat. More like a Golf. I expect a 300-400mi battery
Telbel 7 päeva tagasi
Elon Musk has alien intelligence! Yay!
Liyang HU
Liyang HU 7 päeva tagasi
I like how you start every sentence in a generic British accent, but half of them end as a Scouser.
Liyang HU
Liyang HU 5 päeva tagasi
@4Kandlez Sorry Brummies. I couldn't really tell from the tail end of a small handful of sentences. D: What does he say that marks him out as Brummie rather than Scouser though? Or is it just one of those instincts that you only pick up from living there?
4Kandlez 5 päeva tagasi
Yep, Brummie
Trefor Williams
Trefor Williams 6 päeva tagasi
More like Brummie.
Bruce Kennedy
Bruce Kennedy 8 päeva tagasi
Maybe the Model-E? For "economy", or "everyone", or just plain old "electric" (which is odd I know, but this really will be an electric car for the masses) 160-180 miles would be crap on any other car, but with fast charging and the Tesla charging network, no worries, and it makes a ton of sense here to keep the price down.
Opinionated_one 8 päeva tagasi
Golf.......Or depends on the price of both., but if priced the same then Golf. Then again this is coming from a 50 something year old. Lol
Jack Dorsey
Jack Dorsey 8 päeva tagasi
pablo rages
pablo rages 8 päeva tagasi
Tesla had no choice ... they have cheaper competition now
Paul Lewis
Paul Lewis 8 päeva tagasi
Halfway through I get an ad for Polestar ...
Stojan Karlusic
Stojan Karlusic 8 päeva tagasi
Model 2. So you have 2S3XY for the line-up. I will pick this over the ID3 any day.
J Rod
J Rod 8 päeva tagasi
Model V
vox Lennart
vox Lennart 8 päeva tagasi
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Kevin T
Kevin T 8 päeva tagasi
The latest china motor show had several competitors and volumes will be much higher than tesla, with 4-door EVs starting from USD$16,000. Most will ship before the end of 2021 e.g.
venkat 8 päeva tagasi
Model 2. And that would make it 2S3EXY (too sexy).
bpregont 8 päeva tagasi
Pictures of what it COULD look like. Fuck you. Why would I watch this video. It's entirely guessing and speculation.
Jerry Smith
Jerry Smith 8 päeva tagasi
I was hoping to own a Tesla with the latest engineering and affordable price before it was too late for me. By the way what range did you say this new car is to have? I was not able to understand what you said in your video. Thanks
Brian Sutherland
Brian Sutherland 8 päeva tagasi
You failed to mention anything regarding how long it will take to recharge. That is the number one reason I've never considered owning one. It could never serve as my only car. I would never consider going on a road trip in something that takes about 3/4 of an hour to recharge from 10% to 80%. Range is always mentioned with electric cars but seldom, if ever, is the recharging time mentioned.
Alin Constantin
Alin Constantin 8 päeva tagasi
Model Æ
Nathan 8 päeva tagasi
I'd love to see Tesla pack a ton of quality into a car a minimum wage worker could easily afford. A small compact car in the sub $25,000 range with decent build quality and cabin noise dampening would be amazing. Maybe it's unrealistic, but Elon is literally designing a car that can do 0-60mph in less than 2 seconds, and supposedly can hover, so it's hard to define "realistic".
Kayderro CH
Kayderro CH 9 päeva tagasi
Model 3s brother
gahrie 9 päeva tagasi
It should be called either falcon or dragon.
Morten Helmert
Morten Helmert 9 päeva tagasi
S: model S 3: model 3 X: model X Y: model Y C: cybertruck A: ATV R: roadster S: Semi
Markus Strangl
Markus Strangl 9 päeva tagasi
"Here's some pretty renders and we're already taking preorders for it, but we make no promises what it will actually look or drive like when it's done." - Tesla I'm still taking bets for what the cybertruck will look like when it's finally being built.
Michael H
Michael H 9 päeva tagasi
Model 'i'
El At
El At 9 päeva tagasi
The lineup will be S3XY AF... The next one will be Model A
John Smith
John Smith 9 päeva tagasi
Sad that a Electric Toyota Corolla will cost as much a a fuel Toyota Lexus. They have a ways to go yet. BTW the the $7000 Batteries last about 7 years dieing slowly over that time. Good luck with resell , a engine last longer than 7 years and behaves the same as new.
Frits van Hoorn
Frits van Hoorn 9 päeva tagasi
Sponsered by Tesla?!
DeeselX 9 päeva tagasi
Yes I wouldn’t even consider the childish looking cheap interior ID3 if this was my alternative at same cost or less...
Oracle Seer
Oracle Seer 9 päeva tagasi
Baby Tesla is good enough
Pip 10 päeva tagasi
This could shake up the EV market, and looks most promising... !
Neil Collins
Neil Collins 10 päeva tagasi
Good interesting information.
Philip Mulville
Philip Mulville 10 päeva tagasi
This presentation is superb.
Chris Malan
Chris Malan 10 päeva tagasi
If the structural battery goes one has to scrap the car.
Ken Howard
Ken Howard 10 päeva tagasi
"costs LESS than a VW Golf!" Right. In the past, Tesla has always drawn headlines with a prospective lowball starting price for an upcoming model. When the car actually goes on sale, it's only offered at higher trim levels - at much higher prices. Eventually, a year or two later, they offer the promised lowest-price model for a few weeks (to show they weren't lying), then quietly discontinue it.
Dave Williamson
Dave Williamson 10 päeva tagasi
I have yet to see a Tesla that could get out of it's own way.
Brad H
Brad H 10 päeva tagasi
chaotic one
chaotic one 10 päeva tagasi
still a rip-off for a small car
Sold Out Show *Justin*
Sold Out Show *Justin* 11 päeva tagasi
"Model 2" it's the current running name and it fits the naming scheme " 2 S3XY"
Prodromos Regalides
Prodromos Regalides 11 päeva tagasi
9:03-9:06 Tesla beetle (for the people) ahahahahahahaha :) or Folks Tesla :) :) :)
Tom Gray
Tom Gray 11 päeva tagasi
I thought this was a decent video, surprised to see so many downvotes. More used to the American pronunciation "Tess-la" so the British "Tezz-la" sounds exotic!
MarkMirche 11 päeva tagasi
Wooly Chewbakker
Wooly Chewbakker 11 päeva tagasi
Wasn’t the tm3 supposed to be the “affordable” EV ?
John Flanjak
John Flanjak 11 päeva tagasi
T b e tèsĺa baby eĺèctric
Deborah Anne
Deborah Anne 11 päeva tagasi
Call it the: Tesla “EM” : advertise “everyday motor with EM’ make your’ change, for the future.
Reece 11 päeva tagasi
Tesla model c then a then r so its sexy car
ScienceBitch 11 päeva tagasi
25k, but out the door will cost 40k. And if you ever need to replace the battery the car is totaled
Manuel Kress
Manuel Kress 11 päeva tagasi
Call it Model R so tesla is even „s3xy r“😉😂
Peter Flint
Peter Flint 11 päeva tagasi
I don't think Elon will be able to resist calling it the 'Model T'.
Phil Pdl
Phil Pdl 12 päeva tagasi
I'd buy a Tesla over VW anyday, there tech is miles ahead
NiTHi K 12 päeva tagasi
MODEL 2 ... "2 S3XY"
Vladimir Proca
Vladimir Proca 12 päeva tagasi
...160 mi in future wrong point as 100 + 16 % = 116, mathematical error i guess Elon Musk did not pay attention.
guy sumpthin
guy sumpthin 12 päeva tagasi
An electric car should cost 33% less than similar gas powered : no emission controls , cat converter , exhaust , cooling , combustion , highly flammable fuel , ...
Jeeban Gurung
Jeeban Gurung 12 päeva tagasi
Baby tesla is not good enough design and high price. Other mustang, gm, hyundai, kia, nissan, toyota , vw, renault mg, nio, byd, mercedese, audi etc are best price n design.
Ethem ERSÖZ 12 päeva tagasi
model 2
Radim Paluska
Radim Paluska 12 päeva tagasi
Loosing time by watching this video...
Joyus Apollo
Joyus Apollo 12 päeva tagasi
I think a great name would be: ECO (short for ecological) - if you are reading this Elon, you heard it first here . . . short and sweet, just like the car.
Perry F. Bruns
Perry F. Bruns 12 päeva tagasi
I'd call it the PG for Panel Gap.
Flxffyclouds 12 päeva tagasi
i bet its gonna be called !
Paul Rogers
Paul Rogers 13 päeva tagasi
oh baby come to me.
STAN de la SAN ANTONE 13 päeva tagasi
Note: Skip to 8:21 to see render.... (and avoid mat's usual extensive load of waffle)
Gordon Bos
Gordon Bos 13 päeva tagasi
Meh.... If the price of the early Teslas had been dictated by costs then Musk wouldn't have had the money to build all those charging stations for Tesla buyers to get `free` electricity. The guy is making millions and the bad thing about that is that it is mostly tax payer's money, money from people that don't even drive one of these ridiculously ugly and badly built cars.
Nick Shark
Nick Shark 13 päeva tagasi
16% increase in range for every 100 miles would be 116 miles. I swear he said 160 miles?
MadXed 13 päeva tagasi
Model 2. To make 2 S3XY
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