My Best Run Mr Krabs Overdoses on Ketamine

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This is the greatest personal best of All Time

BananaDerp 5 päeva tagasi
How do they make a actual speedrun strategy in this game
Shroger_YT 10 päeva tagasi
I am savage I smoke wheat every day. 💪
Allan Eaton
Allan Eaton 13 päeva tagasi
What’s stopping you from buying bitcoin, waiting 12 hours and making $100 or $1000 profit? Charlie: I dunno I’m not your dad, go for it
Neal Maxwell
Neal Maxwell 16 päeva tagasi
I love his content, but he has the most pretentious voice I’ve ever heard
master hammy
master hammy 21 päev tagasi
Why does Charlie play these games like it's literally just some guy who thought hey I should make a meme joke throwaway game and then people start playing it
zach was
zach was 21 päev tagasi
Did he stop playing this
Baphom Hate
Baphom Hate 24 päeva tagasi
Mr Krabs Overdoses on Kelpamine
Ciumpalacul Місяць tagasi
🥱 how can peoples play this game? 🤮
Chris Місяць tagasi
i got 8.73 got shot into chumbucket onto key, then shot 90% of the way thru the chumzombs.
Nintendope Місяць tagasi
Every speedrun ever be like: okay bad run my hacking rng was off
Mr. Krabs
Mr. Krabs Місяць tagasi
Spongebob me boy pass me the pills
ChroLinkz Місяць tagasi
How many subscribers can I get from this comment?currently at 512
Alex Haynes
Alex Haynes Місяць tagasi
I’m sorry your best run on what?
Bubbles Місяць tagasi
Cwill Місяць tagasi
I broke my arm and when they realigned it they put me on ketamine coming out of it was the worst feeling I’ve ever felt in my life
XxConnection UserxX
XxConnection UserxX Місяць tagasi
Jesus charlie how much ketamine did you take
A FilthySanchez
A FilthySanchez Місяць tagasi
Lmaooo he read what I said in chat at 1:28
Jin Mori
Jin Mori Місяць tagasi
Girlfriend: He's probably thinking about other girls Him:
Bread The Trashpanda
Bread The Trashpanda Місяць tagasi
I'm so surprized he's still doing this 😅
Rage0497 Місяць tagasi
Please make a tutorial charlie
Dale Turner
Dale Turner Місяць tagasi
when charlie burped i could smell it
Scoobster69 •
Scoobster69 • Місяць tagasi
Have you tried grabbing on to the car a second time after grabbing the key? Hopefully it will launch you the right direction.
Kevin Hill
Kevin Hill Місяць tagasi
**Yoinks himself underneath the map** Charlie: Oh my goddddddddd these launches are PRESTEEEEEEEEEN
Andre Kroon
Andre Kroon Місяць tagasi
Thing about 10k bitcoin guy, you actually need to use this shit for it to gain value realistically, and the video itself probably helps too, so like if he hadn't spent 10k bitcoin would bitcoin be as valuable? And yeah, if he had 10k he probably had more, which also means that he probably had a net profit on bitcoin value increase by spending his bitcoin.
BentGear Місяць tagasi
I’m recommended useless content like this and question my previous “likes”and google searches..
Andres Bravo
Andres Bravo Місяць tagasi
I can do this all day, for a perfect timing.
christian price
christian price Місяць tagasi
What’s the name of this game?
pigman Місяць tagasi
Mr Krabs Overdoses on Ketamine
goth9ever Місяць tagasi
I would be willing to bet the creator of the game intended for this game to come to all of this to actually teach people about the dangers of ketamine addiction
JapL KwZ
JapL KwZ Місяць tagasi
Matrix Місяць tagasi
I like how every attempt he hopes for the best possible outcome
Eric Shawn
Eric Shawn Місяць tagasi
my leg
AR - 08MC 738224 Ingleborough PS
AR - 08MC 738224 Ingleborough PS Місяць tagasi
wat game is this lol
Spy Man
Spy Man Місяць tagasi
0:56 kinda sus
Blast Grey
Blast Grey Місяць tagasi
En Ay
En Ay Місяць tagasi
Charlie: Good eye, Matt. My brain: G’day, mate.
Connie Місяць tagasi
whatever you say jesus
Mark Simmons
Mark Simmons Місяць tagasi
How to get ketamine game
Bean Man
Bean Man Місяць tagasi
Now that’s a gamer moment
commenter Місяць tagasi
Lesson learned: stay the fuck away from ketamine or you will glitch out of the world, those ketamine deaths were actually people falling out of the world
Carlos Carballo
Carlos Carballo Місяць tagasi So apparently the god run that Grease described is possible.
Expendable Round
Expendable Round Місяць tagasi
Why this game, of all things?
Azurenighterror11 Місяць tagasi
I still can't believe Charlie discovered a new glitch in ketamine that changed the game forever.
Acherest Місяць tagasi
This is the most epic arc I’ve ever seen
E F Місяць tagasi
TubBuddies Місяць tagasi
5:20 is the actual run
HypernovaHeathen Місяць tagasi
*I Have Returned.*
Jack Stiner
Jack Stiner Місяць tagasi
It's been 5 days since you posted this and I just got this in my notifications
bonafide ride
bonafide ride Місяць tagasi
kelsey hartman
kelsey hartman Місяць tagasi
7:21 that would’ve been seriously unbeatable if plankton didn’t need to be activated before
Two Bruh
Two Bruh Місяць tagasi
Luma The Floof
Luma The Floof Місяць tagasi
here’s a tip, try to get the car further ahead an try to teleport straight to plankton
D'Orsey Hardy
D'Orsey Hardy Місяць tagasi
Bofous Місяць tagasi
Good job.
Teri Culbertson
Teri Culbertson Місяць tagasi
Warp past the first wall, into the key, collide with the second wall at an angle that sends you into the doors
TheKuudereDude Місяць tagasi
Y'all just chant "ketamine" over and over again when it gets hype and very pog
FishyLogic Місяць tagasi
This content is incredible.
Little Trumpy
Little Trumpy Місяць tagasi
m4ssee Місяць tagasi
If Charlie isn't running this in this year's SDQG I'm going to ask for a refund for those two bucks I donated to GDQ like five year ago .
MPSkillz Місяць tagasi
MPSkillz Місяць tagasi
MPSkillz Місяць tagasi
xXmaRemXx Games
xXmaRemXx Games Місяць tagasi
I will now request you review the show called “Cheaters”. It is a “true story” show about adulterous individuals. They stalk and bust cheaters. I believe your commentary will be beneficial. Crabby patty daddy you 😘
Pinhead SSB
Pinhead SSB Місяць tagasi
It’s been 3 days since this video uploaded and I only just now got the notification
GMP Waruwu
GMP Waruwu Місяць tagasi
Cr1tikal: Uploads a video Verified youtubers: *Allow us to introduce ourselves*
Skorm Місяць tagasi
Why the fuck doesn't this man have 20M subs yet?
Jay Si
Jay Si Місяць tagasi
This is a very... weird game
DragonBow RGHR
DragonBow RGHR Місяць tagasi
Do you think a second boat launch could be faster than the Chum Run?
Stef.W Місяць tagasi
That bitcoin guy he is speaking about is actually dutch.
ASpicyMemelord Місяць tagasi
If nothing else, charlie revolutionized ketamine by discovering the biggest skip in ketamine history. Thats worth about as much as the record
Hohohomo Місяць tagasi
I remember the last game Charlie speedran this hard...
Give me subs Because yes
Give me subs Because yes Місяць tagasi
Imagine if one day he glitches the boat into the final boss
Fungi Fan
Fungi Fan Місяць tagasi
Davo the Mullet God
Davo the Mullet God Місяць tagasi
0:52 A gift from the Djent Lord himself
Mateus Elyachar
Mateus Elyachar Місяць tagasi
why is this 1.5 milion views?
tanukiixd Місяць tagasi
He needs to put on his black shirt
RonaldoMcDoldo Місяць tagasi
Don’t mind me I’m just watching Charlie speedrun Mr Krabs while doing my math homework
ShadowPolar Місяць tagasi
Speed run subnautica
Chandog14 Місяць tagasi
Bro when daily dose of internet watches your videos
Jack Quincey
Jack Quincey Місяць tagasi
Hear me out. Glitch in to the key then try to use the boat again to glitch over to the end of the hallway
Devin T
Devin T Місяць tagasi
Would it be possible to launch straight to the boss fight with plankton for a perfect run?
Rochipum Місяць tagasi
I didnt even know you played games you were just, "the guy who commentates slapping contests"
Erick Pearson
Erick Pearson Місяць tagasi
Jelle Місяць tagasi
I have 8 bitcoins stuck in bitcoin wallet :D paid 30 euros each waaay back
jdaks Місяць tagasi
I remember when you actually had to drive to the building
Rolled Potatoes
Rolled Potatoes Місяць tagasi
Proud Roach
Proud Roach Місяць tagasi
I thought I remembered you getting a world record this way like a month ago
Yandhi Місяць tagasi
Wtf is this game. What do you have to do?
Bruh Moment
Bruh Moment Місяць tagasi
Bruh just boat launch right into the boss room
lol lol
lol lol Місяць tagasi
17.69 seconds nice
DEthvantyh Місяць tagasi
I overdosed on penguinz ketamine vids
bryce Місяць tagasi
Should really set up a macro for the runs. One that will ALT+F4 and relaunch the game with just a key press. I just know I’d lose my mind doing that over and over again 😂
SushiRice Місяць tagasi
I think the trick is the boat rotating in the building so it doesn’t clip through the floor. If the boat keeps with one angle it passes through something, but, when it changes; it stops when it hits the walls or floor and bounces
MobileUser Місяць tagasi
Humans are the smartest species on Earth Also humans:
Harun Şentürk
Harun Şentürk Місяць tagasi
Pure satisfaction
Gaming_ Pal_John
Gaming_ Pal_John Місяць tagasi
I'm rooting for critical here
arockyroad Місяць tagasi
I just love that Charlie has the world record speedrun in the background 😂😂
Matt Dredge
Matt Dredge Місяць tagasi
I don’t find this game fun to play or funny to watch especially speed runs. Gives u a headache after a while
Inventor 47
Inventor 47 Місяць tagasi
EEpost channel; channel please. Thanks. Thanks
Lpn 4
Lpn 4 Місяць tagasi
People like Charlie think implying irony makes them less of a nerd. Fuck yeah
Dreayth Місяць tagasi
I dont think any other game would make someone say "If I had warped through the wall, I would have been on key then landed on ketamine" and literally mean that.
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