Most Oddly Satisfying Video to watch before sleep

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Fathimath Eenaa Azheel
Fathimath Eenaa Azheel 2 tundi tagasi
Soap the strawberry cow girl UwU
Soap the strawberry cow girl UwU 3 tundi tagasi
Soap cutting is very satisfying
Louis Mataga
Louis Mataga 4 tundi tagasi
That's cocoa
Simonis Bean
Simonis Bean 5 tundi tagasi
The absurd theory dfly melt because alphabet postmeiotically expect up a statuesque gym. tan, lovely hill
Tatem Wilson
Tatem Wilson 12 tundi tagasi
idk what that spiny fruit is called but thats what you use to make chocolate. I learned that from tt.
Kakali Mandal
Kakali Mandal 13 tundi tagasi
You are so cute
Aj Mabry
Aj Mabry 13 tundi tagasi
Aj Mabry
Aj Mabry 13 tundi tagasi
Do a bother anime video
Lillith _ Is _ Not _ Hidden
Lillith _ Is _ Not _ Hidden 13 tundi tagasi
My mom does raisin and she makes neckelts for me out of it
Matthew Fournier
Matthew Fournier 14 tundi tagasi
I felt so relaxed after watching this
anna Waldvogel
anna Waldvogel 16 tundi tagasi
hey sssniperwolf can u give me some advice I told my friend im bi and now they wont talk to me.
Carna Antonio
Carna Antonio 17 tundi tagasi
At 3:38 that fruit is called cacao in the Philippines and it is very delicious it can also be used in many things it can be used to make chocolate,cacao butter, and medicine
Bryan Root
Bryan Root 17 tundi tagasi
Logan Morris
Logan Morris 18 tundi tagasi
That thing you said had a spine is cholclet
Jeffrey Mao
Jeffrey Mao 19 tundi tagasi
I all ready no how you make macaroons because my mom makes them
Rico Stargell
Rico Stargell 21 tund tagasi
It’s a cacao pod the green fruit with the white stuff in it is used to make chocolate
Aubrie Brinlee
Aubrie Brinlee 22 tundi tagasi
probably a coco bean. (the weird spine fruit)
Crawlingdeer929 23 tundi tagasi
3:38 I believe that it is chocolate
mitch kern
mitch kern Päev tagasi
I love your videos
Destiny Hodges
Destiny Hodges Päev tagasi
Hermoine Granger
Hermoine Granger Päev tagasi
3:40 that are chocolade beans
Thomas Lund Jørgensen
Thomas Lund Jørgensen Päev tagasi
Kendall Cunningham
Kendall Cunningham Päev tagasi
It's generally makes me angry when she calls the epoxy resin because my mom literally does epoxy for a living it's not resin it's it's epoxy
Kendall Cunningham
Kendall Cunningham Päev tagasi
This actually not a fruit that is where chocolate comes from
Galaxy Toast Plays
Galaxy Toast Plays Päev tagasi
That fruit is a coco pod
Zoe Tarkas
Zoe Tarkas Päev tagasi
The first one tho -me 2021
Jupiter Riggs
Jupiter Riggs Päev tagasi
Random Things
Random Things Päev tagasi
Cacao fruit
Betty Wu
Betty Wu Päev tagasi
3:37 that is called a cacao pod and basically it is chocolate
Bob Lanane
Bob Lanane Päev tagasi
Nejire Hado
Nejire Hado Päev tagasi
This is how many people are subed to Lia: 27.4 Million People in the world: 7.674 billion People who aren't subed to Lia:seven billion six hundred forty-six million six hundred thousand JBFDNGDLKGHOIGNDITYGB WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
Wendy McCleary
Wendy McCleary Päev tagasi
Lia, that plant was a coco plant. It will soon be chocolate
Agent Pengu
Agent Pengu Päev tagasi
Is it just me or everything in this video I wanna eat-
Pain In The Blunt
Pain In The Blunt Päev tagasi
Two puppy morning euros means the F word
• wildflower •
• wildflower • Päev tagasi
Let’s take a minute and appreciate she calls us freinds
XxxGachas2010xxX ‘
XxxGachas2010xxX ‘ Päev tagasi
Who else thinks she looks so pretty today 🥺🥺
Michelle Mchale
Michelle Mchale Päev tagasi
does anyone else know that those are cocoa beans or am i a human computer
Michelle Mchale
Michelle Mchale Päev tagasi
and those " Plastic containers are for planting things in
Becky Dehler
Becky Dehler Päev tagasi
Remember when you said that fruit has a spine you said you don't know what the fruit I know what that fruit is it's a cacao pod
swasti chokhawala
swasti chokhawala Päev tagasi
that fruit was a cacao pod from where chocolate comes
jayden john
jayden john 2 päeva tagasi
yh the fruit at 3:49 is coacoa now ya know
Sofia Prazaru
Sofia Prazaru 2 päeva tagasi
Well yall shod know that from this fruit comes coclate and coco
Brayden Claise
Brayden Claise 2 päeva tagasi
Gamer Alice
Gamer Alice 2 päeva tagasi
Raya Rogers
Raya Rogers 2 päeva tagasi
Ha ik what that fruit was it was cacao AKA what chocolate is made out of
《Gacha And gaming》
《Gacha And gaming》 2 päeva tagasi
Me: hey sis could I have some beans? My sister cuz I didn't say please: 2:07
Beck McDonough
Beck McDonough 2 päeva tagasi
I have a satisfying sewing machine you need to se it it’s so satisfying 🤩
Sibil Mosley
Sibil Mosley 2 päeva tagasi
cecile cabungcal
cecile cabungcal 2 päeva tagasi
The fruit that has like a spine it's actually a Filipino fruit
Ziggy Osmundsen
Ziggy Osmundsen 2 päeva tagasi
OMG... i love you and i love the oddly satisfyingly stuff it's to good so maybe you could do a vid on oddly satisfying baby toys * cuz meh baby brother has one and it has an oddly satisfying sort song on it*
Amikawaii NK
Amikawaii NK 2 päeva tagasi
3:48 it's coco fruit
Kera Drayton
Kera Drayton 2 päeva tagasi
Well if nobody didn't tell you,the fruit is coco to make chocolate.
Maria Taylor
Maria Taylor 2 päeva tagasi
Weird Gamer 2020
Weird Gamer 2020 2 päeva tagasi
the fruit is a cacao fruit what they use to make chocolate
Dulce Wences
Dulce Wences 2 päeva tagasi
It is a cocoben
RandoTrend 2 päeva tagasi
Trust me, sewing is not that satisfying. I’ve been doing it for 3-4 years and I ain’t seen any of that... even my teacher (doing it for 60 years) hasn’t seen it....
Simon Tomchuk
Simon Tomchuk 2 päeva tagasi
That fruit is a coca fruit
Roodjinie Etienne
Roodjinie Etienne 2 päeva tagasi
Cheyenne Martin
Cheyenne Martin 2 päeva tagasi
Me:nom nom nom I love whipped cream -looks around and sees a whole frickin fruit skeleton and spits out my whip cream Nom nom nom at fruit
omar Alaswad
omar Alaswad 2 päeva tagasi
Lia is sweet and cute smart en funny I want to meet her
Fiona Patton
Fiona Patton 2 päeva tagasi
who else is watching in 2024
Reneè Joseph
Reneè Joseph 2 päeva tagasi
The thing what is with the beans is called a cocoa
Melissa Marais
Melissa Marais 2 päeva tagasi
I know the name of that big bean its called cacao
darkening wolf
darkening wolf 2 päeva tagasi
i love this vid
-softie bomb-
-softie bomb- 2 päeva tagasi
Nobody and I mean *nobody* forgets “Hey Friends It’s Me” 👌🏻😭
kourtney johnson
kourtney johnson 2 päeva tagasi
the thing with a spine is were chocolate comes from
kourtney johnson
kourtney johnson 2 päeva tagasi
you need to make more of these
Luphiwe Sivile
Luphiwe Sivile 2 päeva tagasi
Play granny please 😭😭
Sis Bro
Sis Bro 2 päeva tagasi
Wow sssniperwolf i love you
jennifer johnson
jennifer johnson 2 päeva tagasi
That fruit is for chocolate come from
roblox games
roblox games 3 päeva tagasi
Bookworm 145
Bookworm 145 3 päeva tagasi
Chonky water beeeeen - Sssniperwolf 2021
akaashiell 3 päeva tagasi
3:50 that's cocoa. Though I'm not that sure....
Parker Arent
Parker Arent 3 päeva tagasi
you are simply the coolest youtber ever .
Shaban Saba
Shaban Saba 3 päeva tagasi
have u thought about who touched the coins or paper money u have? Somebody disgusting doing disgusting stuff probably touched all of them.
anime_gloomfan55 anime_gloomfan55
anime_gloomfan55 anime_gloomfan55 3 päeva tagasi
dude play fortnite where the fortnite at?????????
Habeeba Elshimy
Habeeba Elshimy 3 päeva tagasi
Sssniperwolf can u pls make another satisfying sunday video??
Lil Zombie Dust
Lil Zombie Dust 3 päeva tagasi
When we get new cars me and my brother fight over who gets to peel the plastic it’s always me
Alexzia Reid
Alexzia Reid 3 päeva tagasi
BLAZER BLAZE 3 päeva tagasi
Finish my sssniperwolf sentence "forbidden......."
Asia Wright
Asia Wright 3 päeva tagasi
In Jamaica that fruit is called chocolate or cocoa. that is where chocolate comes from btw. the seeds are dried and stuff 👍😀
kaleb case
kaleb case 3 päeva tagasi
omg omg omg sssniperwolf im on my brother computer and I'm a girl . and I have 5 brother
M W 3 päeva tagasi
Snipperwolf I have a rosat for you you can tell to fix my eyeliner but honey you needs fix your Attitude
Apear Boss
Apear Boss 3 päeva tagasi
That’s called a cocoa Bean forbidin fruit
Tms_clxps 3 päeva tagasi
Amilya White
Amilya White 3 päeva tagasi
you all are da best in da world so is sssiperwolf i really hope you guys will be youtubers
Amilya White
Amilya White 3 päeva tagasi
sssniper can you put one of my comments on your video idc witch one but heres one of my nice comments
The Neon King
The Neon King 3 päeva tagasi
6:05 That’s cream cheese it’s really soft and satisfying to squeeze,hey that rhymes!
minecraftfan13 3 päeva tagasi
Fact that fruit is a unripe cocoabean
Kawaii CookieKitty
Kawaii CookieKitty 3 päeva tagasi
3:42 that's a cacao plant. it's beans are what makes chocolate
Judy Johnson
Judy Johnson 3 päeva tagasi
That skeleton fruit is called a Cacow and the spine thing is what they use to make cocoa powder. Crazy right? Learn something new every day.
izuku midoriya
izuku midoriya 3 päeva tagasi
i accidentally fell asleep watching this 🧍
•S I E N N A•
•S I E N N A• 3 päeva tagasi
Wow a satisfying video made on my birthday😄
frogy plays roblox
frogy plays roblox 3 päeva tagasi
Good. Night.
Lindsey Loia
Lindsey Loia 3 päeva tagasi
Can you stop cursing
Kiara Lakesh McLeod Sexton
Kiara Lakesh McLeod Sexton 3 päeva tagasi
that is cacao fruits
MapleBear 3 päeva tagasi
3:37 it’s a cacao pod Ya know, chocolate?
Ali Chikodili Joy
Ali Chikodili Joy 4 päeva tagasi
That fruit with spine is Cocoa, used to make chocolate, it mostly common in Africa and you can eat it like candy
NJ Mclean
NJ Mclean 4 päeva tagasi
That's a coco frut in Trindad
Savage- Anime57
Savage- Anime57 4 päeva tagasi
When u said food closet Me:I’m 13 and I know it’s a pantry
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