Minecraft, but every 5 minutes there's a natural disaster

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We gave jschlatt the power to summon natural disasters and tried to survive. It was a disaster. Go to www.teamtrees.org and help save the planet!
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Minecraft, but every 5 minutes there's a natural disaster

jschlattLIVE Aasta tagasi
sorry about the whole killing the environment thing
MagmaCider 64
MagmaCider 64 6 päeva tagasi
Don't be sorry
IamArock22 13 päeva tagasi
For some reason I can just imagine Schlatt eating, like, a bag of chips while he says this like he doesn't care
Sushi Box
Sushi Box Місяць tagasi
Nothing personal kid
Tiko Murphy
Tiko Murphy Місяць tagasi
Schaltt he had a heart attack and he was a bad president he smelled toast and then died he didn’t even get to eat pie
Just a random snow poff :p
Just a random snow poff :p Місяць tagasi
this was awesome
Kydatyvegrybatokeanvisoko 2 tundi tagasi
Oh my god the calamity terraria music makes it so much better
DirectBeam 6 tundi tagasi
I can imagine that one of them forgets to change their morning alarm and wakes up in a cold sweat to apple iphone alarm-
AME2VASYT Vasquez 12 tundi tagasi
Geostorm in Minecraft
Ezra Taylor
Ezra Taylor 13 tundi tagasi
So you SPEND trees to MAKE trees...
Cherryio Studios
Cherryio Studios 15 tundi tagasi
Suna Rintarou
Suna Rintarou 16 tundi tagasi
10:25 indeed...
Aidan Rosario
Aidan Rosario 18 tundi tagasi
That ending was so emotional that I started to cry.
Brittany Fowler
Brittany Fowler 19 tundi tagasi
god do not like cross
Brittany Fowler
Brittany Fowler 19 tundi tagasi
Lt. Erik
Lt. Erik 20 tundi tagasi
Remember Schlatt has all the power.
commenting ha pog on every youtube video
commenting ha pog on every youtube video Päev tagasi
ha pog
Bon-Bon Päev tagasi
Slimecicle killing the baby zombie with a iron sword made me remember this: in my survival world i was mining then i came to the surface and it was night i kinda got scared BUT THEN i saw a BABY ZOMBİE HOLDİNG A İRON SWORD AN İRON SWORD but thankfully i had a shield
DrRamenoodle Päev tagasi
20:57 Barack Obama?
TableTopTime Päev tagasi
I’m sorry but did you just exercise a demon with the name of Barack Obama
Noah Collins
Noah Collins Päev tagasi
Can we have a movie about this?
Omega Star
Omega Star Päev tagasi
who would win? Mule vs Jschlatt
Pumpkin Cat
Pumpkin Cat Päev tagasi
The most iconic video on this channel. Fight me.
lonni 2 päeva tagasi
“I saw knowledge I saw power I saw empires rise and fall and I fell with them,” I never thought I’d hear such a profound quote from a minecraft gameplay
koyeta_face UWU
koyeta_face UWU 2 päeva tagasi
I need to know what the songs name is The song when slime said "What say you demon of the storm"
TopTextBottomText 2 päeva tagasi
“Jschlatt is a karmic force of the universe who punishes people for their hubris.” Quote, Mathew Patrick of The Game Theorists.
Dark Sans
Dark Sans 2 päeva tagasi
Charlie at the beginning: Minecraft, but every 5 minutes there's a natural disaster. And its spawned in by JSHLATT! ( THUNDER STRIKES ) i love that
Vector the Proto
Vector the Proto 2 päeva tagasi
How did I only just realize that, in the chant thing Charlie was doing at the end one of the things he said was "Barack Obama"
Hyperfire 2 päeva tagasi
This video has so much calamity mod music that I'm gonna put timestamps to each instance and categorize them by song
I_like_cake 01
I_like_cake 01 2 päeva tagasi
My guy raised 21 MILLION DOLLARS
Michael Kissane
Michael Kissane 2 päeva tagasi
EEpost: 1 year ago me:🧑👨👴
Bacongou 2 päeva tagasi
Oh my god what even happened
Finlay Temple
Finlay Temple 3 päeva tagasi
Why was there a legit KKK reference?
TheProAtPUBG 2
TheProAtPUBG 2 3 päeva tagasi
The best part was when he was muted
The whale Turtle
The whale Turtle 3 päeva tagasi
he really likes using terraria calamity mod music.
ClueLess 3 päeva tagasi
i like how natural disasters turned into supernatural disasters
kattenbroekcom 3 päeva tagasi
When i heard it was going to be spawned in by Jschlatt..... *I was scared* Maybe stal defeats the disasters
Coochie Crusader
Coochie Crusader 3 päeva tagasi
Can someone please for the love of god tell me what music is at 19:46
Michael Wockenforth
Michael Wockenforth 3 päeva tagasi
my favourite part was when the disaster happend
Zom B Gaming Channel
Zom B Gaming Channel 3 päeva tagasi
18:27 sounds like the titanic when the ice berg it which had my great great auntie on it
Colossal DUCKS
Colossal DUCKS 4 päeva tagasi
apples am i right chat
FrozenFury123 4 päeva tagasi
I want to know the song/hymm that played at 19:46 . Does anybody know?
star_ ri
star_ ri 5 päeva tagasi
I think I watch this every week I stg
Doctor Neon
Doctor Neon 5 päeva tagasi
what is the music at 19:45
Sam Kerr
Sam Kerr 5 päeva tagasi
i keep coming back to this video every month
nief sixten
nief sixten 5 päeva tagasi
Hey slimecicle can u tell me the name of the shader please
Crystal_clear 47
Crystal_clear 47 6 päeva tagasi
potato eater
potato eater 6 päeva tagasi
I guess they where in a HOLE lot of trouble in the first disaster Edit:every time I watch one of these my brain cells kill themselves
_b l o s s o m 花
_b l o s s o m 花 6 päeva tagasi
the ending is like an intense anime
Joel Writer
Joel Writer 6 päeva tagasi
Oh, so 2020
ErrorNoName23 6 päeva tagasi
Can we just appreciate that a chant with *Barack Obama* in it was the one to purge Schlatt?
cool sonicsoul
cool sonicsoul 6 päeva tagasi
how do you get these command blocks man
Hank Anderson
Hank Anderson 6 päeva tagasi
Oh god it’s a rain wrapped tornado. Are you trying to recreate Joplin?! 🤦‍♀️
Photon Output
Photon Output 6 päeva tagasi
I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream [Minecraft edition]
Shy Owl
Shy Owl 7 päeva tagasi
“We have to get off”
Kyle the Signiore
Kyle the Signiore 7 päeva tagasi
I appreciate the calamity mod music
Vain Gaming
Vain Gaming 7 päeva tagasi
Whats that song at the beging
Aryan Tuli
Aryan Tuli 7 päeva tagasi
19:04 lmfaoooooooooo
xXgolden-gamerXx 7 päeva tagasi
jschlatt will be the new herobrian in 10 years
Grey.cartoons 7 päeva tagasi
What what’s that song at the volcano part
Jessica and Donnie
Jessica and Donnie 7 päeva tagasi
"I saw empires fall" and theres Jschlatt... Lamanburg
Toshita Joshi
Toshita Joshi 7 päeva tagasi
Jshlatt: Murder on Dreamsmp and environment slayer Also Jshlatt: PUDI-PUDI
Toshita Joshi
Toshita Joshi 7 päeva tagasi
MRBEast: PLANTS TREES Jshlatt: Imma end this man's whole career
AranhaGamer19 ._.
AranhaGamer19 ._. 8 päeva tagasi
terraria calamity music go: BRRRRRRR
Cooper Barich
Cooper Barich 8 päeva tagasi
Let me take a Jörmungandr at that
Let me take a Jörmungandr at that 8 päeva tagasi
I like how when Slime gifted a poppy, it was by other, free poppies.
Sammobot5 8 päeva tagasi
This video has so many bits that its only reason to exist is to quote it 20 years later
Jonathan Joestar
Jonathan Joestar 8 päeva tagasi
Where is giorno? I hear his theme.
TheLeafOfficial 8 päeva tagasi
Skelly 9 päeva tagasi
"If you die your bad luck goes away." Man.
abdougamerLOL 9 päeva tagasi
18:20 Eat, the apple... 乇卂ㄒ 爪ㄚ 卂卩卩ㄥ乇 卂卂卂卂卂卂卂卂卂卂卂卂卂卂卂卂卂卂卂卂卂卂卂卂卂卂卂卂卂卂卂卂卂卂卂卂卂卂卂卂卂卂卂卂卂卂卂卂卂卂卂
Xtr3Me Musix
Xtr3Me Musix 9 päeva tagasi
Alania 9 päeva tagasi
The intro was ~aMaZinG~
aidan is epic
aidan is epic 9 päeva tagasi
this video was one hell of trip
Owen Giordano
Owen Giordano 9 päeva tagasi
And this is why, every year, we sacrifice a child who dislikes apples. So that the child might keep Jschlatt at bay.
GAMING MORAN 10 päeva tagasi
I watched this video a very long time ago but I could not find it again and I found it again
Bobux man CEO of bobux
Bobux man CEO of bobux 10 päeva tagasi
I appreciate the great usage of calamity music
NameGame89 10 päeva tagasi
Calamity mod music in this video: Guardian of the former seas Return to slime The step below he’ll Stained, brutal calamity
I didn't read the terms of service
I didn't read the terms of service 10 päeva tagasi
Pogtopia was doing it all wrong, the true way to defeat schlatt is strange slimecicle chanting and BARACK OBAMA 20:57
Marion Collins
Marion Collins 10 päeva tagasi
To this day I'm still terrified of schlatt
Donut 10 päeva tagasi
Soo will I be born a second Time
Leigh Ann Apanites
Leigh Ann Apanites 10 päeva tagasi
This was the first slimecicle video I ever watched And I'm here again!
Foxy uwu
Foxy uwu 10 päeva tagasi
I plan to hang myself on my tree
DOGE Doge 11 päeva tagasi
I want to see schlatts side of this
Electability 11 päeva tagasi
I like the idea of Jshlatt being GOD
December 11 päeva tagasi
I want Jschlatt to adopt me
Nathan Animations / Other things
Nathan Animations / Other things 11 päeva tagasi
WTF 12,000,000 VIEWS
Jakub 11 päeva tagasi
MonoRomo 11 päeva tagasi
This was the best 21 minutes of my life
MemeLad00 11 päeva tagasi
Madie 11 päeva tagasi
This is my first Slimecicle video. If you'd ask me how i feel about it, i'd look you in the eyes while tears are streaming down my face, try to catch my breath from the wheezing laughter i've been doing for the past 21 minutes and 42 seconds, and say "Well."
Charlie Lamphere
Charlie Lamphere 11 päeva tagasi
I can’t believe this was how I was introduced to Charles and now he’s like one of the only EEpostrs I watch now and also a connection to all of my favorite EEpostrs. Like I could link Charlie to all my favorite EEpostrs.
Legend Light
Legend Light 11 päeva tagasi
Klypl 11 päeva tagasi
Minecraft but jschlatt is god
knight of ren 23
knight of ren 23 12 päeva tagasi
Mtn doom
Shadowsoftime99 12 päeva tagasi
Second video I've watched with this mod, second one that uses Terraria Calamity OST. Well, technically this one came before Tommy's. So he stole the idea. Anyway GOD CALAMITY MUSIC IS SO GOOD
Shadowsoftime99 12 päeva tagasi
This mod looks like it already does a number on most computers, and you're running *shaders*? Jesus it looks so good but hurts to think about the frames
Butternut Crinklecut
Butternut Crinklecut 12 päeva tagasi
Santiago Salazar
Santiago Salazar 12 päeva tagasi
How is called the creepy religious song at the end of the video?
Nescau 12 päeva tagasi
Jschlatt:starts to scream like a demon, with a volcano behind him Slime thinks how to stop this, and how?, oh, i know how, just scream *balakana*
Coolmcshothead17 ツ
Coolmcshothead17 ツ 12 päeva tagasi
Vanea Vicente
Vanea Vicente 12 päeva tagasi
I'm scard the nightmare 😨
Liam Miller
Liam Miller 12 päeva tagasi
he was never God but Satan
Paolo di Santo
Paolo di Santo 12 päeva tagasi
Jschlatt Is the best part of the video
monkey brain
monkey brain 12 päeva tagasi
schlatt you’re still muted *fuck*
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