Miley Cyrus ft. Noah Cyrus Perform “I Got So High That I Saw Jesus” | Miley Cyrus Backyard Sessions

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Miley Cyrus, along with Noah Cyrus, performs “I Got So High That I Saw Jesus” unplugged on Miley Cyrus Backyard Sessions. More at
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your [sic] reviews
your [sic] reviews 6 minutit tagasi
Absolutely dreadful. Spaceman 3 - “The perfect prescription” if you want to listen to real music made by real musicians who did a whole album based on this subject in 1987. Each song is worth x 100000 times more than this garbage
Blue 12 minutit tagasi
Say what you want about Miley and her family, but they are so damn talented and no one can take that from them ❤️
Reiphom shel
Reiphom shel 13 minutit tagasi
I am waiting so long for both to sing together
DK rodriguez
DK rodriguez 15 minutit tagasi
Raphael Lo
Raphael Lo 17 minutit tagasi
they are both very similar and very different artists
Federica Paravisi
Federica Paravisi 20 minutit tagasi
Why this performance makes me cry? And it's not for the lyrics.
n nancy
n nancy 30 minutit tagasi
Miley cyrus's voice sounds like a man
Matt Spence
Matt Spence 31 minut tagasi
They sound great together
Viktor M
Viktor M 39 minutit tagasi
The angels are AI, wow 🦧
Barbara Rausch
Barbara Rausch 54 minutit tagasi
Wunderschön sehr ergreifend ich liebe diese schönen Stimmen❤️🐶🦮❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Andrew Spangenberg
Andrew Spangenberg Tund tagasi
Debby Mabalcon
Debby Mabalcon Tund tagasi
Are they related???
Nastja Macogovič
Nastja Macogovič Tund tagasi
Noah reminds me on Cher, by her look. Amazing🔥
Giggles V
Giggles V Tund tagasi
Omg this was beautiful ladies!
Cathy Jo Ellis
Cathy Jo Ellis Tund tagasi
Noah reminds me of crystal Gayle! I love Miley and their singing is incredible!
Pame D
Pame D Tund tagasi
Cris Alfonso Dinopoehl
Cris Alfonso Dinopoehl Tund tagasi
Just when youre toxic and then your sib came to the rescue.
Lightworker Heart
Lightworker Heart Tund tagasi
it's a shame they're satanists tho
Dallas Beattie
Dallas Beattie Tund tagasi
i couldn’t even tell them apart for a hot sec
Ashiee D
Ashiee D Tund tagasi
Why am I crying 😭
Glenn Gunting
Glenn Gunting Tund tagasi
DaysilingG Smalys
DaysilingG Smalys 2 tundi tagasi
She goes so low and then high ! Wow one of the best voices out there is so unfortunately that Noah is so like , loca 😰
Florence 2 tundi tagasi
Miley has more technique but Noah has a more pleasant tone of voice. You can tell their music styles are different but they still sound beautiful together.
Colibri Sons
Colibri Sons 2 tundi tagasi
Meus amores 😍❤
NICHOLAS RONALD 2 tundi tagasi
MTV you should change the title Noah ft Miley, bcs it's noah's song
E Baker
E Baker 2 tundi tagasi
I'm an atheist but this song SLAPS
Florence 2 tundi tagasi
Weirdly enough I don't think they sound that similar. Maybe their lower register kind of is, but as soon as they start belting higher notes you can tell Noah has a softer and clearer voice. Miley's voice is stronger and more raspy. Their harmonies are really good though.
Reveille Domingo
Reveille Domingo 2 tundi tagasi
Is that from Conspiracy palette? 😛
Reveille Domingo
Reveille Domingo 2 tundi tagasi
Noah is giving me Cher vibes!
bibamundahoney honey
bibamundahoney honey 2 tundi tagasi
ariana grande god is a woman
Dean Mendoza
Dean Mendoza 2 tundi tagasi
Normally i would say because u r a celebrity's kid...But these celebrity kids actually have talents!
Emma Faby
Emma Faby 2 tundi tagasi
Que Perfeição😍♥♥🇧🇷
zara ak
zara ak 2 tundi tagasi
It should be phenomenal if they performed July instead of this song
Ruby Baker
Ruby Baker 3 tundi tagasi
Sound like angels! My heart ❤ What a beautiful song! The way they look at each other.
Jacqueline Amor
Jacqueline Amor 3 tundi tagasi
Jona Casiraghi
Jona Casiraghi 3 tundi tagasi PLASTIC HEARTS 💖 11•27•2020 the new pop-rock album by Miley Cyrus! 🔥
Lozano Family
Lozano Family 3 tundi tagasi
The way Miley looks at Noah 😍 😭 💗 💖
Nicole Marie
Nicole Marie 3 tundi tagasi
I've been waiting 4 miley 2 sing this.
Xã Hội today
Xã Hội today 3 tundi tagasi
noah sounds like hana montena
Darby Aliya
Darby Aliya 3 tundi tagasi
It’s Noah ft Miley Cyrus... it’s Noah’s song.
jorrge alberrto
jorrge alberrto 3 tundi tagasi
Buy Plastic Hearts, the 7th studio album by Miley Cyrus out Nov. 27.
A C 3 tundi tagasi
Beautifull.i love that song
Wando Souza
Wando Souza 3 tundi tagasi
Love this song ! ❤❤❤🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
dollhouse of antheia // a.a.
dollhouse of antheia // a.a. 3 tundi tagasi
it’s such a good song that i thought it was a cover for a song that was released by an 80s legend, turns out it is noah’s original song. so glad that she’s putting out some good music 💘
Mary Bree
Mary Bree 4 tundi tagasi
love this!
Burt W
Burt W 4 tundi tagasi
These girls must get the best weed to be able to get that high! LOL. All jokes aside, they sound awesome together. Beautifully done girls!!
Kitty Queen
Kitty Queen 4 tundi tagasi
Noah had such a pretty voice. Miley is pretty too. But noah makes me speechless
megajeremy3000 4 tundi tagasi
I would love to hear The Avett bros cover this.
Cassa Knepp
Cassa Knepp 4 tundi tagasi
This is Noah's song. Its Noah ft Miley. Give credit wheres it's due please.
theRaulstons 4 tundi tagasi
Right when Noah starts her first solo part and Miley hums, all I hear is a scene transition from Hannah Montana 😂 love this song! ♡
Natashasuzanne1 4 tundi tagasi
Sherries 4 tundi tagasi
Nassi 4 tundi tagasi
So pure, please you need to make some song together. A album, ep or something
Laura Rosales
Laura Rosales 4 tundi tagasi
Omg I absolutely love this duet
FERNANDA S E R V I N 4 tundi tagasi
Que perfección ✨✨✨✨
Latia Harvin
Latia Harvin 4 tundi tagasi
Wow. 💜🥺
Chris Tyron
Chris Tyron 4 tundi tagasi
Na piangthak na laa hia Miley Cyrus?
Nior Nathân
Nior Nathân 4 tundi tagasi
Omg, im crying... oh god... 😢 is soooo beautiful...
Madison L
Madison L 4 tundi tagasi
kianna marceline
kianna marceline 4 tundi tagasi
this made me tear up
kianna marceline
kianna marceline 4 tundi tagasi
B.B Rod
B.B Rod 4 tundi tagasi
Noah and Miley #beautiful! no matter which sister the song belongs to,they both carried each other as sisters should and rocked the harmonies together. I see them both winning!#Noah&MileyCyrus#🥰
gwyn ho
gwyn ho 4 tundi tagasi
this is the most beautiful thing ever
Official Rosaila Magnolia
Official Rosaila Magnolia 4 tundi tagasi
So this is promoting alcohol and drugs to get to a higher source and that's what you want to represent for all the young children out there that's interesting
WowMady Dryer
WowMady Dryer 4 tundi tagasi
Noah’s voice!!!
NJ B 4 tundi tagasi
2:11 I love her sound there. Beautifully done.
Alonte Williams
Alonte Williams 4 tundi tagasi
Siblings just blend different
Steven Rivard
Steven Rivard 5 tundi tagasi
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Nothando Nyuswa
Nothando Nyuswa 5 tundi tagasi
Miley’s voice is so iconic it’s crazy I could hear it anywhere and know it’s her I love it
FinkFonkRyan 5 tundi tagasi
Emily Rose
Emily Rose 5 tundi tagasi
Literally the same voice but not, it’s beautiful
Mana🌹 5 tundi tagasi
I want to see more of them together ! ❤ sister love
Paola CB
Paola CB 5 tundi tagasi
Perdón, pero amo muchísimo la voz de Noah, es muy hermosa 😍
multi-fandomer 5 tundi tagasi
after watching this for the 20th time, i now realise that Miley is the one harmonizing. 🥴 damn, this duet scares me.
Czarina Rose Ell'Tej
Czarina Rose Ell'Tej 5 tundi tagasi
The duet I never thought I needed.
CJ 5 tundi tagasi
Still wondering how Noah does all that with her voice whilst keeping her mouth barely open 🤔
Morgan Bartley
Morgan Bartley 5 tundi tagasi
Made me cry love you guys
any kind of videos
any kind of videos 5 tundi tagasi
The two Cyrus collide
J Ban
J Ban 5 tundi tagasi
What a classic moment for these talented sister's . Keep shining 🌞
Jazlyn V
Jazlyn V 5 tundi tagasi
Their whole family has amazing voices.
Cami Nicole
Cami Nicole 5 tundi tagasi
Noah looks like a doll 😍
Cesar Aparicio
Cesar Aparicio 5 tundi tagasi
The great thing about seeing Jesus you don't need to get high! 🙏✝️👌🏼
Mariam Meliksetian
Mariam Meliksetian 5 tundi tagasi
The power of these two -- I hope they both get to sing together, the harmony is phenomenal.
B Willzzz
B Willzzz 6 tundi tagasi
noah said imma break out the 60 inch wig and step on the girlies necks w my big sis
Jason-doc- Holiday
Jason-doc- Holiday 6 tundi tagasi
Yeah it's noah cyrus song not Miley's feat noah
Vibesom2 6 tundi tagasi
How beautiful
Genesis Sings
Genesis Sings 6 tundi tagasi
"I'm gonna burn this whole thing down" omggg 🥺💓
Vanessa Casiano
Vanessa Casiano 6 tundi tagasi
Some people in this comment section just love spreading hate and watching videos with people they don’t like...where’s the logic in that? Lmao take a chill pill if you don’t like Miley. I love her voice, I love the “raspiness” and how deep her voice is compared to Noah. Don’t get me wrong Noah’s voice is stunning but I feel like Miley’s voice is unique.
Mo r
Mo r 6 tundi tagasi
not a fan of the song but can't deny their talent
Emily Sarah
Emily Sarah 6 tundi tagasi
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Chris Cap
Chris Cap 6 tundi tagasi
This deserves more recognition
Yvette Morris
Yvette Morris 6 tundi tagasi
She has a beautiful voice just like her sister Wow!!!
Reshma Giri
Reshma Giri 6 tundi tagasi
I am so proud of em both Love you both 💕
solyndra 6 tundi tagasi
hahah. this is absolutely stupid. nice work, ladies. so deep, so brave. bravo
Chicha 666
Chicha 666 6 tundi tagasi
This is made me get goosebumps god I love them so much ❤️ Xoxox to Noah & Miley ❤️
Hidden Sharingan
Hidden Sharingan 6 tundi tagasi
If you really saw Jesus, he'd be telling you to wear some clothes.
Aubrielle Robinson
Aubrielle Robinson 6 tundi tagasi
This was beautiful💚
Robbie Rob
Robbie Rob 6 tundi tagasi
Who else thought this was a MILEY x CHER duet before clicking the thumbnail? Seriously though, beautiful harmonies!
Alice Carter
Alice Carter 6 tundi tagasi
Lori Morgan?
Nicolas Garcia Gonzalez
Nicolas Garcia Gonzalez 6 tundi tagasi
Actually this song topped nr 1 in Vatican pop charts
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