Marvel Studios’ Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings | Official Teaser

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Marvel Entertainment

Marvel Entertainment

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Watch the brand new teaser trailer for Marvel Studios’ “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings,” and experience it only in theaters September 3.
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Lowkey 17 minutit tagasi
An asian superhero, i lvoe it
hidayatul amin
hidayatul amin 17 minutit tagasi
i want iko uwais
ChroLinkz 17 minutit tagasi
The people who dislike this need a covid test, cause they don't have a taste.
Lowkey 18 minutit tagasi
AndrewQuill Verow
AndrewQuill Verow 18 minutit tagasi
Fight scenes about to be on an elite level
bislay2006 18 minutit tagasi
Just waiting to see him fight Appa
Jorge 19 minutit tagasi
Mortal Kombat trailer --> Shang Chi trailer.
Omar Justin Smith
Omar Justin Smith 20 minutit tagasi
Could you consider gradually bringing in Taimak for a Bruce Leeroy-ish character?
Mide 21 minut tagasi
This movie is looking good. I just hope Marvel doesn't use it as a tool to preach to us, but instead, delivers a good movie that includes Asian representation and storytelling. That's all a fan could ask for...
Mide 17 minutit tagasi
@Random Jett main Exactly!
Random Jett main
Random Jett main 18 minutit tagasi
Asian representation done right. We're looking at you, Mulan.
symtoms80 21 minut tagasi
I imagine this movie is gonna be filled with ccp propaganda
Sharmoy 21 minut tagasi
this reminds me of mortal kombat
Michael German
Michael German 22 minutit tagasi
It’s a shame that Iron Man died without knowing the real Mandarin is still out there.
Luis Hernandez
Luis Hernandez 22 minutit tagasi
I feel like this movie is gonna have the best fight scenes out of all of the marvel movies
Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray 23 minutit tagasi
why are they speaking English?
Kyo Yagamy
Kyo Yagamy 23 minutit tagasi
This feels like black panther!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kyo Yagamy
Kyo Yagamy 24 minutit tagasi
History been made !!! About time they did right for the Asian community!!! I’m sooo watching this like 5 times
Adrick Viejo
Adrick Viejo 24 minutit tagasi
Its better if thats jackie chan
Adrick Viejo
Adrick Viejo 24 minutit tagasi
Its no to me
Logan Talks Gaming
Logan Talks Gaming 25 minutit tagasi
It looks legit! Hopefully the chick at the end of the trailer doesn’t ruin it.
Titanrex 051
Titanrex 051 25 minutit tagasi
0:47 B O N K
The J
The J 26 minutit tagasi
Jackson wangs voice in the back though
Raphael Elwert
Raphael Elwert 26 minutit tagasi
Uncle Roger approves this recipe for fried rice!
Erin Olson
Erin Olson 26 minutit tagasi
*knocks out 2 guys* *fluffs jacket casually*
Shaid Rahman
Shaid Rahman 26 minutit tagasi
Proud to be a asian
Brizzly 26 minutit tagasi
This movie abouta be lit Asian pride
ART ! 26 minutit tagasi
Not that good
Agung Nurdiansyah Firdaus
Agung Nurdiansyah Firdaus 27 minutit tagasi
I think, they actually could also put Joe Taslim or Iko Uwais in it.
Matthew Peterkin [Aikuru Yamoto Theokey]
Matthew Peterkin [Aikuru Yamoto Theokey] 27 minutit tagasi
Awesome movie. 😁😁😁⭐⭐⭐👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿
ZylusParv 27 minutit tagasi
Tony Leung is so handsone!
i3ihi 27 minutit tagasi
imagine jackson wang and lay brooooo
Sean Jiang
Sean Jiang 28 minutit tagasi
I’m not impressed. Sorry.
BecauseImBatman 19 minutit tagasi
I agree!! Let’s see what it does in the box office I guess.. It will be the 1st MCU movie I don’t see on opening weekend & that’s cause it doesn’t look good..
BLUE voli
BLUE voli 28 minutit tagasi
I love the beats and I'm getting a new age marvel vibes
υlтяα ιηsтιηcт υткαяsн
υlтяα ιηsтιηcт υткαяsн 28 minutit tagasi
Marvel Studios' Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. We'll see about that ☯️
YK Mahi
YK Mahi 29 minutit tagasi
*Shang-Chi 🍉🌝*
C h a r l e e D i g g o r y
C h a r l e e D i g g o r y 29 minutit tagasi
Let’s just hope it’s not a tv show like there all the rest of them (Wanda vision was good as one though)
Itz_Ez 29 minutit tagasi
about time
Analucia Villalobos
Analucia Villalobos 30 minutit tagasi
Señona: quien eres? Sang chi: * posa epicamente y la ignora*
Skypick 31 minut tagasi
Another tv show that meets the CCPs propaganda guidelines in order to acess Chinese markets smh it sounds crazy but if you wanna research it feel free I was shocked too at first
UBU LiveLive Nation
UBU LiveLive Nation 31 minut tagasi
Hey that's the guy from Kim's Convenience
Mari 31 minut tagasi
TopLift 31 minut tagasi
Brendan Ellis
Brendan Ellis 32 minutit tagasi
When I listen to Akwafina, all I hear is Sisu. 🐉
code-chimp 32 minutit tagasi
Was really getting into it - then Awkwafina
Big Lion
Big Lion 32 minutit tagasi
Marvel doin a kung fu movie, rad
Rony G
Rony G 32 minutit tagasi
Abi Ramez
Abi Ramez 33 minutit tagasi
Wow I like it. Gonna watch
kang kresna
kang kresna 34 minutit tagasi
Girl: Who are you? Shang chi: doing pose and yelling "Great Saiyaman"
Patrick Loroff
Patrick Loroff 35 minutit tagasi
Calling it - post-credits scene has Ben Kingsley's fake Mandarin being brought before the real Mandarin to answer for himself. They have to wrap up and explain that fake Mandarin thing.
Iche 35 minutit tagasi
Get this Shang-Chi a Shield.
barnowl 35 minutit tagasi
This movie couldn’t be released at a better time.
Potato Girl
Potato Girl 35 minutit tagasi
MC in this move remind me swag guy
Tithanhobit 36 minutit tagasi
"God is real. God loves you. God wants the best for you. Believe that. I do." Chris Pratt
Amy Gould
Amy Gould 36 minutit tagasi
By ten rings does it mean the ten rings of power and the Makluan rings?
Chris Mirell
Chris Mirell 31 minut tagasi
No. Ten onion rings.
Kero 36 minutit tagasi
He doesn't quite look like shang-chi... it'll take me a while to get used to it
Ultimate Gold
Ultimate Gold 36 minutit tagasi
ModernNomadsReact 32 minutit tagasi
Lool Zoro would be the one t get lost tho tbh 💀 😂 also Enjoyed reacting to the trailer blind on my channel wit my boys tho, can check that out if you want 🙏
Whoosh Bait
Whoosh Bait 36 minutit tagasi
Lady: Who are you? Shang Chi: (does the cool pose) Lady: Who are you?
PewDiPe ,
PewDiPe , 38 minutit tagasi
great content keep up the amazing work
Supguy 38 minutit tagasi
This looks horrible.
Vasqu3z 38 minutit tagasi
1:33 on the left there's the fat guy from Homecoming who said "do a flip" to Spider-Man
Rhiannon Coleman
Rhiannon Coleman 39 minutit tagasi
I knew that voice as soon as I heard it! Love you Jackson 💚
Ana Catarina Silva
Ana Catarina Silva 39 minutit tagasi
This is definitely going to be my next favorite Marvel movie. Haven't even watched it and already know it's gonna be in my top 5
Mitra Avesta
Mitra Avesta 39 minutit tagasi
I love awkwafina
Chris Mirell
Chris Mirell 30 minutit tagasi
I love aquafina.
Mahamed Hassan
Mahamed Hassan 40 minutit tagasi
Now all that is left is the eternals trailer
Bila A
Bila A 40 minutit tagasi
Black widow when 🙂
noobmaster 69
noobmaster 69 39 minutit tagasi
Syed Muhammad Umer Afzal V-A
Syed Muhammad Umer Afzal V-A 41 minut tagasi
Not me hearing jackson from GOT7 IN the background track 😭✋
randomguy7891 41 minut tagasi
Weird innit? Disney films next to co concentration camps and them BAM.
Roderick Bradley
Roderick Bradley 41 minut tagasi
Stevens dad can take them out because he can make rice in 1 minute rice in 58 seconds
eshswam 42 minutit tagasi
If Ben Kingsleys Trevor "Mandarin" Slattery doesn't make an appearance I will be mad.
Aaron - Go to NeedGod net
Aaron - Go to NeedGod net 43 minutit tagasi
What is he gonna do when they start fighting Galactus
Stephanie Armstrong
Stephanie Armstrong 45 minutit tagasi
Hell ya. Hold the shot in fights and keep the cuts to a minimum! :)
Emil Entertainment
Emil Entertainment 45 minutit tagasi
Captain America in China? whaaaaaa
HOUARI LSK 46 minutit tagasi
Bollywood !!
Jeff S
Jeff S 49 minutit tagasi
In theaters September. Sooo....on Disney+ by Thanksgiving or Christmas?
Jack I guess
Jack I guess 49 minutit tagasi
thought he was going to make a Dr. strange thing when he did that pose.
Ceará Yuè
Ceará Yuè 49 minutit tagasi
I feel like Awkwafina's character ("Katy") is somehow related to Colleen Wing.
Paola Barrientos
Paola Barrientos 51 minut tagasi
Yes🤗 yes🤗 yes 🤗
Thakur Prateek
Thakur Prateek 54 minutit tagasi
Here's marvel makes bang bang entry in 2021 against DC . This one is gonna epic👌🤘
liam ks
liam ks 49 minutit tagasi
Finally a different type of superhero in the MCU
michael deadwyler
michael deadwyler 54 minutit tagasi
Frank Zaid
Frank Zaid 54 minutit tagasi
Como menos de dos minutos de Shang-Chi destrozo las dos temporadas de Iron Fist jajaja xd
Blessing 55 minutit tagasi
Supguy 39 minutit tagasi
@Moses Reed lol he said me just meh just meh I know what he said
Moses Reed
Moses Reed 47 minutit tagasi
@liam ks lol I know what he said
liam ks
liam ks 49 minutit tagasi
lol he said meh just meh
Moses Reed
Moses Reed 51 minut tagasi
Lol just meh
Mr Motor
Mr Motor 55 minutit tagasi
Marvel is trying to give another face to MCU so in the future it will help marvel to connect the old content with new one.
Mr Motor
Mr Motor 18 minutit tagasi
@Chris Mirell dad from where?lol
Chris Mirell
Chris Mirell 30 minutit tagasi
Thanks, dad.
Smiley 55 minutit tagasi
Benihana 55 minutit tagasi
Yeobo! Jung doing Hapkido Korea style.
Sicarius 55 minutit tagasi
Black panther trailer: Who are you Shang chi trailer: I’m you but asian with better cgi and fight scenes
Iche 36 minutit tagasi
Get this Shang-Chi a Shield
Hasib Ahmad
Hasib Ahmad 56 minutit tagasi
Anyone know who that guy with the white black and red clown paint is?
Tibby-BoSS 46 minutit tagasi
Hise name is avochini hese a member of the rogue temples order to kill shan chi or what ever his name is
TheGreat9 Productions
TheGreat9 Productions 56 minutit tagasi
liam ks
liam ks 25 minutit tagasi
@TheGreat9 Productions you cant say it you got to say why? that's not rlly a reason
TheGreat9 Productions
TheGreat9 Productions 28 minutit tagasi
it bores me out.
liam ks
liam ks 32 minutit tagasi
@TheGreat9 Productions Whys that
TheGreat9 Productions
TheGreat9 Productions 41 minut tagasi
@liam ks i dont like marvel
liam ks
liam ks 54 minutit tagasi
Ok this is just a teaser trailer they are not gonna put anything interesting inside it
Ann 56 minutit tagasi
Chauvin found guilty
Romeo Lopez
Romeo Lopez 57 minutit tagasi
Geez how many “who are you?”
My name is Aminé
My name is Aminé 57 minutit tagasi
This will be so much better than Mulan.
Jarrod Uland
Jarrod Uland 57 minutit tagasi
The music synced really well with the moves!
Jose Madrigal
Jose Madrigal 57 minutit tagasi
Disney never fails with their lame corny jokes at the end.
Blip Machine
Blip Machine 57 minutit tagasi
I love how Shang-Chi is a man of the people, being a valet driver for billionaires.
Magesh Gopi
Magesh Gopi 58 minutit tagasi
After Endgame, I thought this might be the end of the line for MCU. But Jeez....... Never been so happy that I was wrong. Marvel has outdone itself. One more time
Disciple 1
Disciple 1 Tund tagasi
Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ who died for your sins so you would not perish but have everlasting life!
What Is This
What Is This 23 minutit tagasi
@Chris Mirell First sentence questioning Second sentence lying Third sentence fantasizing
Chris Mirell
Chris Mirell 29 minutit tagasi
Is Jesus in this movie? He said he had an audition but I thought they cut his scene. You know, the one with the dinosaur.
What Is This
What Is This 43 minutit tagasi
That’s is one of Allah messenger Not a partner god and not his son Is the messenger who deliver the message the owner of The message it can’t be
Kelly Vasseur
Kelly Vasseur Tund tagasi
Very excited about this, just desperately hoping they won't Americanize and butcher the Chinese names
Victor Acosta
Victor Acosta Tund tagasi
Sad that Iron-Man couldn't fight the *real* Mandarin before Endgame, instead having to face that jack-off Killian. On the positive side, at least this guy looks like he could handle fighting the Mandarin.
sje106 Tund tagasi
It’s like Marvel done a Jacki Chan movie...
Guych Atayew
Guych Atayew Tund tagasi
Кто исполняет песню из трейлера кто изнайет
Andy Chanel
Andy Chanel Tund tagasi
Wahh kreen saya tunggu film perdana shang chi smoga sukses dan bnyak penontonya
Azza7867 Tund tagasi
Yooooo the Mandarin!!!!
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