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Lunch Club Clips

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i am not associated with any of the lunchclub members i'm just a fan with too much free time.
In this recent highlights video Jschlatt is having funny moments with Pokimane, Misfits, CallMeCarson, Lunch Club, Carson. This new Funny Moments video called Jschlatt Funnt Mic, Jschlatt Funny Moments, Jschlatt Minx, Jschlatt Minecraft, QuackityHQ. Also featured is Jschlatt face reveal, Schlatt and Minx Drama, Schlatt and Carson, Jschlatt Dating Show, Best of Jschlatt, Schlatt appearing in other people's streams, Jschlatt drama. Love or Host but it's Jschlatt moments, Jschlatt best moments, clips that made jschlatt famous, Lunch Club but its only jschlatt bits, Jschlattlive, Jschlatt Twitch, schlattcoin, Jschlatt wii, & schlatt wii are also featured.
𝙡𝙪𝙣𝙘𝙝𝙘𝙡𝙪𝙗 𝙢𝙚𝙢𝙗𝙚𝙧𝙨 ↓↓
Ted Nivison:
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val 10 tundi tagasi
words cannot express how much i am in love with this man
Mango Smoothie
Mango Smoothie 18 tundi tagasi
Why is nobody acknowledging the fact that Schlatt said bye bye to a camera
Midwest Gothic
Midwest Gothic Päev tagasi
He looks so different without facial hair wtf..
JustSilky 2 päeva tagasi
jschlatt was always my favorite member of everything he was a part of, from SMPLive to the Lunch Club.
Skarpne 2 päeva tagasi
Swagger has black stubble
ah ha ha fuck
ah ha ha fuck 3 päeva tagasi
Ted: "whats your name again?" Shlatt: "its shlatt" Ted: "okay shlagg" I DIED-
Kendall 4 päeva tagasi
this schlatt lo0ks like my dad when he was like 18 -_-
Sunshine 4 päeva tagasi
I-... He-... He dresses like a lesbian. And I can confirm this, because I am a lesbian.
Nugget Chiken
Nugget Chiken 5 päeva tagasi
I like that there are captions... I like being able to watch the video while my teachers loud ass is talking
Usagi Tsukino
Usagi Tsukino 5 päeva tagasi
Schlatt makes me sexually frustrated
Kurrow 5 päeva tagasi
I love that traves is so small
Allister Crow
Allister Crow 6 päeva tagasi
jschlatt is like the only guy ted doesnt make look like a dwarf
Nathan Haughton
Nathan Haughton 6 päeva tagasi
Schlatt and carson should become a misfit and not be with that other group, carson and schlatt carries that other group whereas if they were in misfit omfg that would be funny af
the slim bin
the slim bin 6 päeva tagasi
1:08 can't believe that uses the inferior beats by Dre headphones should have got in the far superior Sony or Bose headphones. especially Sony man they look as good as beats but have way better sound both in noise cancelling and how good your music sounds
The Doctor14
The Doctor14 7 päeva tagasi
I like how lunch club blurs out all the cussing until it came to slime saying “OH FUCK!” when Schlatt saw Carson
katie 8 päeva tagasi
What vid was 1:35 from
Reimaj Mohammed
Reimaj Mohammed 8 päeva tagasi
schlatt is such a handsome young grill.
Archeo 8 päeva tagasi
The ending was beautiful
NotLogical 9 päeva tagasi
bro schlatt was in australia with an _airsoft gun_ , how dare he, thats illegal!
Gomorrha 10 päeva tagasi
theres nothin better then smokin and eating
Jaden Fonger
Jaden Fonger 10 päeva tagasi
Schlatt is my spirit animal
the pog of all champs
the pog of all champs 11 päeva tagasi
so hes NOT A GOATMAN *my whole life is a lie smh*
CORINNE CHARTRAND 13 päeva tagasi
2:07 I love how everybody just started staring at schlatt in disappointment
Getting 100 subs without any videos Challenge
Getting 100 subs without any videos Challenge 17 päeva tagasi
“I am in love with CallMeCarson”
Leaf Water
Leaf Water 20 päeva tagasi
Can anyone tell me what video the first clip and 4:29 is from? 😔🤚
chloe a
chloe a 18 päeva tagasi
I’m not sure abt the first one but pretty positive 4:29 would’ve been from CallMeCarson SUCKS at Camping on the Misfits channel my dude
Itzterra! -
Itzterra! - 20 päeva tagasi
What going onnnnnnnnnnn... I’m the doctor
Jared Campos
Jared Campos 21 päev tagasi
Did he have a strap in the camping scene?!?!
Bloomie 24 päeva tagasi
8:45 genuinely had me rolling I can’t breathe
md 25 päeva tagasi
5:00 he’s acting like a old man
trebula 2
trebula 2 26 päeva tagasi
3:23 that aged well
chubbs 27 päeva tagasi
K D Місяць tagasi
schlatt is the blueprint
Dania Місяць tagasi
3:02 😳
kazuma kazuto
kazuma kazuto Місяць tagasi
Swagger has a beard?
Frank Bob
Frank Bob Місяць tagasi
What's the song from the I can't stop speaking like a youtube vlogger bit?
simone Місяць tagasi
it’s very strange to see schlatt just sitting around a house like a normal person
Kayce Canning
Kayce Canning Місяць tagasi
I'm stoned as fuck this confuses me
Dr. Mangoman
Dr. Mangoman Місяць tagasi
1:20 schlatt was not the imposter
TvHostToast Місяць tagasi
This quenched my thirst for shlatt clips
The Pandemonium o7
The Pandemonium o7 Місяць tagasi
They cut the scream off too fast and that's what I've been waiting for the while time
Clonk Місяць tagasi
I can’t believe this man is handsome. I would assume he would be a 40 year old balding man with diabetes based on his voice..
• Vico •
• Vico • Місяць tagasi
I can’t believe Schlatt caused the Australian bushfires
Chase Medina
Chase Medina Місяць tagasi
1:27 Carson looks like a super villains son
Red M&M
Red M&M Місяць tagasi
The last clip is my favourite
JAYCUBB. Місяць tagasi
Dayne Uyehara
Dayne Uyehara Місяць tagasi
Mutton chop Schlatt and mustache Schlatt are two different people
Bruh_ima _chicken_nugget
Bruh_ima _chicken_nugget Місяць tagasi
xdd xd
xdd xd Місяць tagasi
why where these clips not in the diagnosing fake illnesses video?
Sushi Місяць tagasi
But maybe the real Jschlatt were the friends we made along the way.
Hellfire Battalion
Hellfire Battalion Місяць tagasi
6:25 that cut to Carson’s face though
Millorkin Місяць tagasi
Why'd you leave out the part where schlagg I think his name is falls out of his chair with ted
Kevin Osorno
Kevin Osorno Місяць tagasi
Passive Playz
Passive Playz Місяць tagasi
i want the lunch club n the misfits to go on a vacation. not like a team trees trip, but like an actual vacation to like fiji or hawaii or somethin
Unofficial A’s podcast
Unofficial A’s podcast Місяць tagasi
Coke Monster
Coke Monster Місяць tagasi
The cameraman is having the time of his life
Chevy-Nova1 Місяць tagasi
Jshaltt? More like Gay Shlatt! You see it’s funny because he’s straight but he says gay things. I don’t know i find it kinda funny
FigIsBald Місяць tagasi
why do the misfits just insist on getting every single one of there guest to do drugs wtf
Dolphin lover Jotaro
Dolphin lover Jotaro Місяць tagasi
Jschlatt was about to kill if he didnt find his other limited edition steel toe timb
Tricky Dicky
Tricky Dicky Місяць tagasi
I never expected schlatt to be so tall
Just an a normal human being
Just an a normal human being Місяць tagasi
What video is last clip from?
yis bich
yis bich 2 місяці tagasi
I still can't believe that Jaylor Schwift predicted Australian fires
imcaii _
imcaii _ 2 місяці tagasi
i dislike how easily charlie was able to pull schlatt to the floor and hold him there for an amount of time
BBolt8 2 місяці tagasi
1:44 why schlatt bought a gun
Alanna Pinkney
Alanna Pinkney 2 місяці tagasi
Channels like this are total simps for schlatt and im not complaining we all are.
GoodGuyAutumn 2 місяці tagasi
how about adding the actual videos from where the clips are from in the description
beachai 2 місяці tagasi
Morten Kirkenes
Morten Kirkenes 2 місяці tagasi
It’s weird that it sounds like the same person.
Lil Greekie
Lil Greekie 2 місяці tagasi
Why not include when schlatt says I need superchats
Tanner Peaslee
Tanner Peaslee 2 місяці tagasi
I thought it said jschlatt lips and was excited
baba booey
baba booey 2 місяці tagasi
Jschlab is kinda like Eric Andre without the editing
baba booey
baba booey 2 місяці tagasi
Big guy
Tonoble52 2 місяці tagasi
You hear Carson laughing in the background with Schlatt and Slime interview
Ta Hop
Ta Hop 2 місяці tagasi
oh my god fucking finally you stopped using the Wilbur clip as an intro
Ta Hop
Ta Hop 2 місяці tagasi
YOOOOOOOO y’all look the same
Lunch Club Clips
Lunch Club Clips 2 місяці tagasi
Ta Hop wrong channel buddy
Lunch Club Clips
Lunch Club Clips 2 місяці tagasi
Mr.Subtitle The last
Mr.Subtitle The last 2 місяці tagasi
Schlatt poggers
Zetek 3
Zetek 3 2 місяці tagasi
i swear ive seen this uploaded by like 3 different channels in the past 3 months
Maci Someone
Maci Someone 2 місяці tagasi
the way he ate that steak- im not simping 😝
Яæton 2 місяці tagasi
Around 5:59 you can hear someone’s Life360 going off. Maybe schlatt’s mon wants to know where he is.
Shrek The Black Belt Karate Master
Shrek The Black Belt Karate Master 2 місяці tagasi
The end clip where Schlatt gets handled by Slimecicle is funny, but when I first saw it in the original video I was baffled Slimecicle could do such a thing. Schlatt is such a powerful being I was surprised he could be temporarily brought down to the ground and fed balls. Cotton balls that is.
Orange Tiles
Orange Tiles 12 päeva tagasi
Slime equally as chaotic but I think in the opposite direction, that’s why he was able to temporarily overpower Schlatt - their equal and opposite chaotic energies cancelled out each other
2sad4me 2 місяці tagasi
Aight cool but i think we need a joko or poke vid tbh
DreamTankers 2 місяці tagasi
I strive to be as exceptionally skilled at business as this man.
Bee’s Clone
Bee’s Clone 2 місяці tagasi
I thought lunch club uploaded and got so excited 😔
Lunch Club Clips
Lunch Club Clips 2 місяці tagasi
œ æ oh :(
TheycallmeWavier 2 місяці tagasi
Why is there more videos of wilbur than hugbox on this channel
Elise D.
Elise D. 2 місяці tagasi
who gave schlatt the RIGHT?!🥵 i think i’m bouta simp...
honkity_ 26 päeva tagasi
shit like this makes people uncomfortable
sloppytoppy Місяць tagasi
hes hot omg
Chloe Tremblay
Chloe Tremblay Місяць tagasi
frrr 😭 LIKE DAMN ✨😂
zali g
zali g 2 місяці tagasi
Jsclatt always looks like he’s trying not to laugh or smile
BRZIFDKKSKSKD 2 місяці tagasi
Jschlatt is the oldest of them yet he look like he is 12
Queline9 11 päeva tagasi
he said he was 27 as a joke LMAODJK he's actually 21
emma riley
emma riley 2 місяці tagasi
BRZIFDKKSKSKD he said he was 27 for a bit, he’s turning 21
zoe cunningham
zoe cunningham 2 місяці tagasi
BRZIFDKKSKSKD pretty sure he’s turning 21 in September
BRZIFDKKSKSKD 2 місяці tagasi
@zoe cunningham what? I thought he was like 27 or something
zoe cunningham
zoe cunningham 2 місяці tagasi
Schlatt is one of the youngest
Bruh He bout die
Bruh He bout die 2 місяці tagasi
i just ruined the 69 comments hehehehehe
Lunch Club Clips
Lunch Club Clips 2 місяці tagasi
Bruh He bout die >:(
ieetsoap 2 місяці tagasi
I was the 69th comment. Just saying. Happy almost father’s day Schlatt :)
onii chan
onii chan 2 місяці tagasi
he is beautiful 😔
Créme Soda
Créme Soda 2 місяці tagasi
Gamer time
Anice Lad
Anice Lad 2 місяці tagasi
5:30 my favorite part about this bit is as soon as the camera walks over, Ted just immediately starts talking, ready for a bit before he realizes no ones paying attention to him😂
Kiwii _
Kiwii _ 2 місяці tagasi
He an actual dad at the zoo
Chandler Eberhard
Chandler Eberhard 2 місяці tagasi
I love schlatt 2 місяці tagasi
Schlatt and Ted are two warring chaos gods
Ya Gotta Pay the Troll Toll
Ya Gotta Pay the Troll Toll Місяць tagasi
“This shirt was $55!” “You think money’s an object when you’re trying to be a snake?!”
Corporal Terry
Corporal Terry 2 місяці tagasi
Make another fucking podcast episode
Felix Cortes
Felix Cortes 2 місяці tagasi
I accidentally disliked the video, I corrected my mistake, and have now liked it. I'm sorry, this won't happen again sir.
Bully Maguire
Bully Maguire 2 місяці tagasi
If you pause it a around 2:25 you can not only see Traves' face of utter shock but also schlatt's face of disgust
SonnyBoyHere Місяць tagasi
make it easier and put it on the slowest speed to really see it
Penutty 2 місяці tagasi
loaf of disappointment
loaf of disappointment 2 місяці tagasi
why did you cut the superchats vlogger moment
beachai 2 місяці tagasi
“Cheeto” ah yes, schlatt is educated in the xQc lingo
MushEdits 2 місяці tagasi
Jeff Kaplan Main 123456789
Jeff Kaplan Main 123456789 2 місяці tagasi
Jam a man of fortune
Ditto furret
Ditto furret 2 місяці tagasi
I really enjoy this
Ditto furret
Ditto furret 2 місяці tagasi
@Lunch Club Clips :)
Lunch Club Clips
Lunch Club Clips 2 місяці tagasi
Ditto furret ❤️
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