jschlatt VODS: Every 5 minutes the water level rises (w/ Wilbur)

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Schlatt and Wilbur get wet. Streamed on 7/27/19
Thumbnail by saltycolaaa

xxPro_Gamerxx 2 tundi tagasi
schlatt and wilbur: we should get away from the water me: d o o r
Leora Thornton
Leora Thornton 10 tundi tagasi
"I want you to kill me" That didn't age wellllll
Ew U
Ew U Päev tagasi
sara Päev tagasi
sara 16 tundi tagasi
sara 16 tundi tagasi
sara Päev tagasi
its_ soato
its_ soato 5 päeva tagasi
when minecraft wasn't cringe
xX_ KatLeMac _Xx
xX_ KatLeMac _Xx 5 päeva tagasi
1:13 *tropical fussy*
• e •
• e • 5 päeva tagasi
even the description is sexual
John Kearns
John Kearns 5 päeva tagasi
What is the seed for this world
potato eater
potato eater 6 päeva tagasi
I'm like wilbur and my friends are jschlatt
XxJuno_StudiosxX Juno
XxJuno_StudiosxX Juno 6 päeva tagasi
Yes the good ole days when no one got offended by a wall
OliverSnickIsMyName 7 päeva tagasi
The sexual tension in this video impeccable
the MagicPotato2006
the MagicPotato2006 7 päeva tagasi
Is it just me or does anyone else really want this seed?
Ollie Accidental
Ollie Accidental 7 päeva tagasi
Wilburs tiny little “schlatt” is giving me life
Idonthaveafunname 7 päeva tagasi
What’s the texture pack he’s using?
Simonsaysgaming 8 päeva tagasi
Schlatt is the straightest gayest straight man ever.
SPYRIX X 8 päeva tagasi
ur cursor kills me
Apollo Phoenix
Apollo Phoenix 8 päeva tagasi
Koko 8 päeva tagasi
12:11 "I can see it dude" Chat: *I just shot a gay yesterday*
Hezal Nut
Hezal Nut 8 päeva tagasi
jschlatt video: 1 hour wilber's video: 22 minutes
bacon strips
bacon strips 9 päeva tagasi
vertigo 9 päeva tagasi
1:17:26 sounds familiar
Triple - Depression
Triple - Depression 10 päeva tagasi
Minecraft but THE EARTH IS ON FIRE
_Mushroom-Boy_ 11 päeva tagasi
Every single one of these videos is where Shlatt leaves Wilbur
_Mushroom-Boy_ 8 päeva tagasi
And this time Shlatt actually died more then Wilbur
Furret God
Furret God 12 päeva tagasi
How is this an hour
Artzi 13 päeva tagasi
Who else saw “BiggestLesbian subscribed x2”
Artzi 13 päeva tagasi
Whenever I say your name my voice just goes to this strange accent but I don’t do the accent on purpose it just does that, I can’t say your name normally
UwU 16 päeva tagasi
schlatts chat: i shot a gay yesterday schlatt: see wilbur? they love gays!
Eric Sandstrom
Eric Sandstrom 16 päeva tagasi
when you put ice in water what happens to the water level? what happens when ice melts in water? 1st one: water level rises 2nd: level stays the same......
Camy Pasteria
Camy Pasteria 17 päeva tagasi
"Schlatt and Wilbur get wet."
The Ender Dweller
The Ender Dweller 17 päeva tagasi
big daddy jschlatt
Goblin Man
Goblin Man 18 päeva tagasi
Wilbur: I guess I was wrong Schlatts chat: *full of homophobes*
Gill Ross
Gill Ross 18 päeva tagasi
Dry as a cucumber
Dawn the Weirdness
Dawn the Weirdness 18 päeva tagasi
Wilbur’s comment section: Great video, “insert funny quote” lol Schlatt’s comment section: This is a gay cinematic masterpiece
Senor Spaghette
Senor Spaghette 18 päeva tagasi
"Let's attempt to stop global warming" Proceeds to mine coal 👏👏👏😂
ogi full
ogi full 19 päeva tagasi
Janie Horton
Janie Horton 19 päeva tagasi
"Shall we try to fight the rising water level?" "Shore." Missed pun oppertunity, smh
Okay_Baelay Pogs
Okay_Baelay Pogs 21 päev tagasi
54:05 Listen to what shlatt says 👁///👄///👁
Gabriel Gerdes
Gabriel Gerdes 21 päev tagasi
What would happen if the water rise to block limit you just make underwater house?
Charlotte innit
Charlotte innit 22 päeva tagasi
Elisabeth 22 päeva tagasi
it’s simple. i feel an anxiety attack coming, i watch old schlatt vods to distract myself
Wolf_ Thing
Wolf_ Thing 22 päeva tagasi
Aqua 22 päeva tagasi
Jesus Christ but female
Jesus Christ but female 23 päeva tagasi
Wilbur and Schlatt: Have said they are uncomfy with shipping The comments: *ima pretend i didn't see that*
Tippy 23 päeva tagasi
schlatt: confident gay wilbur: *panic gay*
DaffireAnt 25 päeva tagasi
54:00 sounds..... like something.. 😳
Ian Hamilton
Ian Hamilton 25 päeva tagasi
I love the lost reference
Owen Kirgis
Owen Kirgis 25 päeva tagasi
Molly Macdonald
Molly Macdonald 26 päeva tagasi
What is the seed for that world its so pretty in a minecraft way and I wanna live there
Zack Ward
Zack Ward 26 päeva tagasi
Truly disgusting that some “people” would do this horrible thing
Oki tea35
Oki tea35 26 päeva tagasi
i just saw someone in the chat say "the gay can go away" i just-
StarGazer 26 päeva tagasi
Bruh what seed is this
crush 26 päeva tagasi
Before I watched the video I thought the comments are just overreacting. they are always gay with each other, it can't get any gayer .....well, I was wrong.
Haley Houck
Haley Houck 26 päeva tagasi
That sound board laugh though-
Mr Aspecter
Mr Aspecter 26 päeva tagasi
Truly disgusting that some “people” would do this horrible thing.
Sydney 27 päeva tagasi
“Schlatt, my pretty princess” got me more than I expected
Sydney 25 päeva tagasi
Rubina Madilia
Rubina Madilia 27 päeva tagasi
Wingman 27 päeva tagasi
Truly disgusting, that some “people” do this horrible thing.
oren403 27 päeva tagasi
Not the subtitles saying babe at 10:46 lmaooooo
Not Playing God Hand
Not Playing God Hand 28 päeva tagasi
I thought Wilbur was a femboy when I watched this for the first time. Boy was I wrong.
Saxophonicus 28 päeva tagasi
It's the little things that really ground you, the old death sound, hotbar, and texture pack.
Chungle Bung
Chungle Bung 28 päeva tagasi
1:00 That giggle....
AnAmetuerAuthor 28 päeva tagasi
1:04:08 when wilbur breathed out so heavily i literally spat my drink out from laughing so hard, i was not expecting that, nor schlatts reaction
Amia- chan
Amia- chan 29 päeva tagasi
nostalgia texture pack vibes
soap 29 päeva tagasi
i watched wilburs video when it came out to find this a year later. and i the original and the stream are now on my comfort playlist
Samuel Miller
Samuel Miller 29 päeva tagasi
Gay= Pretty Poggers
JustHiraethTV Місяць tagasi
eden norris
eden norris Місяць tagasi
24:00 "Can we elect bernie sanders?" _i wish._
Len !
Len ! Місяць tagasi
Wilbur gets the furnace because hes gay schlatt gets the crafting table because hes straight /j
adrianna ferris
adrianna ferris Місяць tagasi
did anyone else notice the woody woodpecker laugh around 1:09:00 or was that just me?
KallmeKlay Місяць tagasi
8:46 28%
KallmeKlay Місяць tagasi
8:27 28% 8:28 28%
Saltii Lemon
Saltii Lemon Місяць tagasi
“YOUR NOT BUYING THE WALKING GREEN PENIS-“ My Mother 2020 at the shops
Lil Deb hee-hee
Lil Deb hee-hee Місяць tagasi
i miss this
cobbowe Місяць tagasi
36:56 saving this for myself
Beatrice Cipriano
Beatrice Cipriano Місяць tagasi
1:20:44 me (italian) listen to wilbur saying "bravissimo": WTF AHAAHAHAHAHAHAAH
momento mori
momento mori Місяць tagasi
54:03 I am questioning my life right now-
Wolf Song
Wolf Song Місяць tagasi
“Oh I’m fine- NO IM NOT”
XGN Frogz
XGN Frogz Місяць tagasi
“Look at this outpouring of support for gay people” while the chat says “I just shot a gay person”
tout le reste
tout le reste Місяць tagasi
Truwu Місяць tagasi
Jasouku !
Jasouku ! Місяць tagasi
Геккон с солнцезащитными очками Самый смешной дерьмо, когда я когда-либо видел
Lucky Moon joy
Lucky Moon joy Місяць tagasi
Dr Eggman
Dr Eggman Місяць tagasi
Jessie Edrich
Jessie Edrich Місяць tagasi
...How does he not know what a skirting board is?
Suki_Yue _
Suki_Yue _ Місяць tagasi
It sounds like Schlatt almost said nerd instead of Wilbur at 46:55
Flustered_Jellybean Місяць tagasi
Wilbur: I'm not going and try to make you come Jschlat: You're not gonna try and make me come? Wilbur: Yup Jschlat:Why? Wilbur: I've tried for some time and its not working, you've got some disfuction (They're talking about trying to make Jschlat get to high ground)
Flustered_Jellybean Місяць tagasi
Wilbur:Are you gonna come? Jschalt: No im not gonna fucking cum Wilbur: Okay but are you going to come up here Jschalt: CAN WE NOT BE SEXUAL FOR ONCE WILBUR?!?!
Jil Gaertner
Jil Gaertner Місяць tagasi
“It’s hopeless...you’ve got to kill me” Wilbur stop asking for people to kill you!
Andrew Lass
Andrew Lass Місяць tagasi
You should have used doors
Pats Hands
Pats Hands Місяць tagasi
🎵But as the Earth runs to the ground oh god it’s youuuuuuuuu that I lie with🎵
Money dollar
Money dollar Місяць tagasi
54:11 Don't mind me *saving my spot*
Uncool Potatoes
Uncool Potatoes Місяць tagasi
this feels like its from a different time period omg
Delta Місяць tagasi
*intense clapping* *intense typing* *intense smashing keyboard* *intense yelling*
Misty Wafers
Misty Wafers Місяць tagasi
"Obingus Obama Care" That one fucking killed me
Leora Thornton
Leora Thornton Місяць tagasi
16:20 hits so hard now....
AJ Kuz
AJ Kuz Місяць tagasi
these two are my comfort streamers 😌
warhol Місяць tagasi
this is the slowest gayest relationship that I have every seen...
Fire Man
Fire Man Місяць tagasi
Alternate title: two homophobes become gay while talking about oxygen and global warming
Stella P.
Stella P. Місяць tagasi
The extreme amounts of gay in this video is astounding. And hilarious. It’s astoundingly hilarious. XD I’m not funny
gabe itch
gabe itch Місяць tagasi
more like every 5 minutes the sexual tension rises
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