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in this week's video i embark on the challenge of being social everyday with a week. I had to rekindle a friendship with a bestie i haven't seen in a while, make a friend with an entirely new person, and spend some good quality time with family. i challenge you to try it too! people are the most important thing everrrrrr so cherish the people you love!!
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Haley Pham
Haley Pham Aasta tagasi
SUMMER POP RESTOCK SOLD OUT IN 35 MINUTES!!!! I can not thank you guys enough for the constant love and support!! Don't worry I'll drop a new...very cute new design soon so turn on post notifs or follow my instagram to be the first to know :) i hope you guys enjoy this new video style that i tried!!!!! I LOVE YOU GIRLYPOPS
Nekaiah Strong
Nekaiah Strong Aasta tagasi
Chelsea Weatherford
Chelsea Weatherford Aasta tagasi
Haley Pham your life is so aesthetically pleasing
Alexa Watson
Alexa Watson Aasta tagasi
😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪 watched the video to late wanted the merch
Dmitri Moua
Dmitri Moua Aasta tagasi
I missed it!
Pearl Oberlin
Pearl Oberlin Aasta tagasi
Haley Pham can you drop a fall one! That would be amazin!
Microbot max 24
Microbot max 24 3 місяці tagasi
12:26 bless u haley
MrBaggy76 5 місяців tagasi
12:49 Будь здорова!
Giant Boy
Giant Boy 7 місяців tagasi
12:50 bless u
Max Tucker
Max Tucker 8 місяців tagasi
Girl, this is so fricking relatable. I’m an introvert but I also struggle with social anxiety so this just hit me home like ifjidjdidgsudjuiwjddktif
Coco Aasta tagasi
Rose Charbonneau
Rose Charbonneau Aasta tagasi
I love Susie
Amelia Zakryte
Amelia Zakryte Aasta tagasi
Why did the building at 12:58 looked like Mona lisa's face WTF
Samantha Mason
Samantha Mason Aasta tagasi
Train. Your. Dog.
Batoul Arafa
Batoul Arafa Aasta tagasi
10:35 Yerrow is in a total different world
Ellie Mikula
Ellie Mikula Aasta tagasi
if you reduce the playback speed to 0.25x when she’s talking about the summer pop shirts in the beginning it sounds like the voice she and ryan use to talk like/about spock 😂
Misolmin Aasta tagasi
jinya is amazing
Lauren Vernot
Lauren Vernot Aasta tagasi
I think suzy was drunk the second time she popped in
Audrey Nightingale2828
Audrey Nightingale2828 Aasta tagasi
just watched your Gucci shoes and gifting gucci video. You're so beautiful and kind and generous, your content makes me so excited and it is awesome
Nola Todd
Nola Todd Aasta tagasi
i for one, remember susie. i’m an og girly pop
Elsie Shaddy
Elsie Shaddy Aasta tagasi
it’s funny when suzzy was hammered
Nathan R
Nathan R Aasta tagasi
Lol I love how this is a challenge
Kole302 Aasta tagasi
Wow that Suzy girl is so annoying
mallorytaylor6 Aasta tagasi
addison hunter
addison hunter Aasta tagasi
The monkey you had on your floor in your intro, I have that exact same monkey, his name is bopy I got him when I was in the hospital when I was 2 and I tetnically grew up in the hospital so he went with me to EVERY SINGLE hospital trip! And I love that you have one just like him, it’s makes me feel closer to you because I wanna be bestfriends with you soooo bad😂 you believe in everything I do and none of my friends really do😔
Melissa Catherine
Melissa Catherine Aasta tagasi
haha this was great
Hey Ey
Hey Ey Aasta tagasi
omg imagine having friends
Kate Baldwin
Kate Baldwin Aasta tagasi
When I used Ryan’s tic tok for my dogs 😂 thanks Ryan!
_Xxp3øp!333p!3ãš3rxX_ Aasta tagasi
10:31 (Ryan Yerrow) Me on Roadtrips: (Everyone else) My family:
Nick Iby
Nick Iby Aasta tagasi
E̲x̲o̲t̲i̲c̲O̲p̲t̲i̲c̲s̲ Aasta tagasi
Why do you look exactly like Lyla from Life Is Strange 2?!?!? just me? ok
meme city
meme city Aasta tagasi
Please subscribe to my channel:)
Maria Kim
Maria Kim Aasta tagasi
lmao i thought she was going to pull out one of those save the turtle straws for a sec
Léa Sld
Léa Sld Aasta tagasi
jiana Aasta tagasi
lol still waiting for you to go swimming with noaa 🏊🏼‍♀️
deylanny Aasta tagasi
anyone just noticed yerrow on his phone this whole video ? thats such a mood 🤣💘 .
Cailin Klingman
Cailin Klingman Aasta tagasi
I really liked this video a lot!! Gave me an idea to do a social experiment too! Thanks Haley! Looking forward to more of your amazing videos
vanessa perea
vanessa perea Aasta tagasi
sis thats trevor noah hes amazing
Genevieve R
Genevieve R Aasta tagasi
Hey Haley! Anyway you could do a hair tutorial? Your hair always looks so nice! Thanks😋
Mr Fluthy
Mr Fluthy Aasta tagasi
2:54 I concur.
Imane Basraoui
Imane Basraoui Aasta tagasi
loooved this video 😍😍😍such a great idea
Anthony Priamo
Anthony Priamo Aasta tagasi
Addie look so similar to my sisters friend
Jade Armanii
Jade Armanii Aasta tagasi
Introverts cringed at the title it’s me I’m introverts
Majken Enberg
Majken Enberg Aasta tagasi
I think suzie was drunk lmao
hailey Aasta tagasi
The had a huge glow up😂(Susie & Haley)
Aimee Cooper
Aimee Cooper Aasta tagasi
I literally thought at the start of this: "I hope Suzy makes a comeback!!" I've been watching you for literally five years!
james franco
james franco Aasta tagasi
can yerrow and suzie date
james franco
james franco Aasta tagasi
what the fuck is in the ryans kitchen ??? i’m scared
em Aasta tagasi
OMG I MISSED SUZIE AND MICHELLE!!! now we just need more videos with Bella and Madison
Lindsay Burgess
Lindsay Burgess Aasta tagasi
Why is yerrow always on his phone
lys.v Aasta tagasi
Ryan at 3:20 scared me hahaha
Reagan Newton
Reagan Newton Aasta tagasi
suzi is back i love her
Annelisa Smith
Annelisa Smith Aasta tagasi
no one: not a single soul: Haley: they’re so cutie!!!!!!!
Amanda Kernan
Amanda Kernan Aasta tagasi
As soon as she snapped it went to a commercial.
Amanda Kernan
Amanda Kernan Aasta tagasi
I’m loving this video.
Julia McGuigan
Julia McGuigan Aasta tagasi
ok can we just address how actually funny nick is?? lmao
Adrianne Fantasia
Adrianne Fantasia Aasta tagasi
Does she think we can’t see Alex and Isaac in the car lmao
Nova Andrea Johansen
Nova Andrea Johansen Aasta tagasi
This and the High school vlog that got taken down are by faaaaaaar my favorite videos of yours
iida Aasta tagasi
Coming from your new vlog: I think videos that you make with your friends in them are really fun to watch! Seeing faces from a few years back was cool too! I think you've said it at some point that you sort of don't want to "sell" your relationships with your friends or ryan, and i totally understand the desire to make original/not volg - type content. I gotta say that I originally started keeping up with your videos properly when you started make those car vlogs, and i guess the point here is that you being just you makes great content!
iida Aasta tagasi
@amaya vyas yes!
amaya vyas
amaya vyas Aasta tagasi
iida you remember noa ?
Asia Denis
Asia Denis Aasta tagasi
My sister turns 12 today!!!
nessy s
nessy s Aasta tagasi
why are comments disabled on your blog channel :( have they always been like that?
wait ok i danced with michele the day you met up with her wth
Molly Bestge
Molly Bestge Aasta tagasi
spock is a crackhead
Taya dyer
Taya dyer Aasta tagasi
Haley, To me you are an inspiration. You are funny, pretty and absolutely amazing. I started watching your videos a few months ago and immediately subscribed. I love all your content it's so funny. I'm so happy I found your EEpost channel. Keep doing what your doing. I love you xoxo
bryn compagna
bryn compagna Aasta tagasi
noelle calara
noelle calara Aasta tagasi
everytime haley says “suzie” i keep on thinking of stranger things lmao
Livin’ Like Idi
Livin’ Like Idi Aasta tagasi
YAY a couple's channel!! I love you guys individually and together you make an amazing couple! 💜
Alexandra Grace Lyon
Alexandra Grace Lyon Aasta tagasi
anyone know where haley hung out on that huge field with the skyline???
candidly courtney
candidly courtney Aasta tagasi
yerrow looked so sad in the back. rip
Stella Rachui
Stella Rachui Aasta tagasi
please turn yerrow into a vsco girlllll
Lyndsey Paige
Lyndsey Paige Aasta tagasi
what sound effects do you use?
Jillian Copeland
Jillian Copeland Aasta tagasi
Ryan reminds me of Micheal Cordero from Jane the virgin :^)
ellen brulla
ellen brulla Aasta tagasi
Is it just me but haley makes me feel so happy when I watch her vids
M’Irie Aasta tagasi
this is blues on the green lmao i didnt know haley was in ATX?!?!
Mykayla Ward
Mykayla Ward Aasta tagasi
susie and yerrow date?? it’s a yes from me
Maddie A101
Maddie A101 Aasta tagasi
lexi marissa
lexi marissa Aasta tagasi
haley inspires me to make vids (along w. sydney and kenna) love all their channels
Bella McKean
Bella McKean Aasta tagasi
Y’all went to blues on the green the one time I didn’t go :(
Miya Brozowski
Miya Brozowski Aasta tagasi
Hailey you should do a "I want a baby prank" on Ryan!
Lauren Santos
Lauren Santos Aasta tagasi
I love how as soon as I heard music, grass and drunk teenagers I knew it was botg
abigail williams
abigail williams Aasta tagasi
the auto captions on this video are just horrible lol. I turned them on bc I'm eating chips and I couldn't hear a damn thing and anytime someone says Spock it auto translates to fuck, loss, stalk , ect...
Laney Hebert
Laney Hebert Aasta tagasi
as a video request.... you should do dressing like you’re in 2010 for a week!!
Cami Aasta tagasi
the moment she said "cause it don't matter what you look like in church" i immediately starting singing the song from princess and the frog
kelsey simmons
kelsey simmons Aasta tagasi
blues on the greeeennn
Bernadette Aasta tagasi
Omg spock at 11:21 scares me 😅😅
Nick Iby
Nick Iby Aasta tagasi
legit same
Gabrielle Costa
Gabrielle Costa Aasta tagasi
Chuy’s is my favorite restaurant everrrrrrrr
Johnna M
Johnna M Aasta tagasi
Yessssssss Susie I love Seth Meyers.
Wen Huber
Wen Huber Aasta tagasi
Wen Huber
Wen Huber Aasta tagasi
Serenna R
Serenna R Aasta tagasi
Haley where da back 2 school vids at ?😊
Lara Dunphy
Lara Dunphy Aasta tagasi
yo just watched your latest vlog and I really appreciate the message that was about halfway through the vlog about how those trips dont make you happy, people do. not enough youtubers talk about it and I really do think that it should be reiterated and more widely spoken about. loved the vlog and thanks for being such an good influence and for sending a good message to your fans!!
Dance Girl
Dance Girl Aasta tagasi
What about Bella?
Dance Girl
Dance Girl Aasta tagasi
I recognized Suzy right away!
Ayana Kelly
Ayana Kelly Aasta tagasi
Ryan doing the woah for church really got me lmao
Clara D
Clara D Aasta tagasi
I wish it was that easy for me I have social anxiety I can’t really be social if I want to it’s so difficult
Mariel Aranda
Mariel Aranda Aasta tagasi
ryan was annoying in this 🥴 Tik Tok is ruining everyone
maddi hooks
maddi hooks Aasta tagasi
MICHELLE!! (she probably doesn’t remember me)
Geof Tian
Geof Tian Aasta tagasi
Allie Hemmings
Allie Hemmings Aasta tagasi
“We all love food” me in the kitchen getting food😂🤦🏻‍♀️
Jaycee.T Aasta tagasi
The title made me nope so quick
Danyeda Herington
Danyeda Herington Aasta tagasi
Suzie at the music thing was ABSOLUTELY on something lmao
Sarah Mueller
Sarah Mueller Aasta tagasi
haha I remember watching you and Susie and I saw her at a dance comp this year because she won and I shouted “OMG DO YOU KNOW HALEY PHAM” and I heard a yes 😂
Netra Patel
Netra Patel Aasta tagasi
Spock in the thumbnail is a MOOD
Owlover 24
Owlover 24 Aasta tagasi
I remember Susie!!! And your old vlogs when you went to dance classes
Anne Mandour
Anne Mandour Aasta tagasi
why do Alex and Isaac always come as a package lol
Megan Marie
Megan Marie Aasta tagasi
lol only introverts know how hard this is 😂
spoiling myself for my 18th birthday *i cried*
we flew 1st class to the most exclusive vacation spot
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