I Spent $150,000 On This Pokémon Card

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Logan Paul

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That was intense... love you Gary thank you!!
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I’m a 25 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.

Issa Sandoval
Issa Sandoval 8 minutit tagasi
You expired me and I have 6 good one thanks for expireing me your the best and a I have 45 cards of pokimon
Herbo ⓖ
Herbo ⓖ 17 minutit tagasi
Eazy e came back😂
Neon 19 minutit tagasi
You got scammed
Isaiah Blumenthal
Isaiah Blumenthal 23 minutit tagasi
6:04 Logan: you can say no Gary: yeah I probably will 😂 A couple minutes later 7:52 Logan: is that a yes Gary: yes Logan's hart split's in two Thanks for bringing pokemon back logan
Engage Toaster
Engage Toaster 27 minutit tagasi
@Logan Paul could you please give my chanel a shot out i would love it
Amanda Tinsley
Amanda Tinsley 32 minutit tagasi
Btw its fake
Portalz 37 minutit tagasi
bro lana looks like she would rather be in hell that there LMFAOOO
Isaac England
Isaac England 46 minutit tagasi
Such a flexer
Dan Jackson
Dan Jackson Tund tagasi
Wasn’t that card fake 🧐
Stonk 37 minutit tagasi
hmm hmm
chicken tendis
chicken tendis Tund tagasi
Am I the only one who's seen the vid of him finding out its fake and smashing a window
hockeypromike11 Tund tagasi
to be honest always hated Logan but he has really grown up. actually enjoyed this
Maiva La
Maiva La Tund tagasi
hey logan, i think you’re gonna get popular again soon. this is just my reminder to you to NOT do anything stupid and get overcompetitive with views like 2017, or people will get angry, and cancel culture will return. let’s not go back to those depressing times. we’ve learned from our mistakes!
Dylmister X
Dylmister X Tund tagasi
Gotta say Logan’s talking and negotiating skills are 100% polished no wonder he’s so successful
Michael O'Reagan
Michael O'Reagan Tund tagasi
Stupid people with stupid money buy stupid stuff
James Noble
James Noble 13 minutit tagasi
And what exactly are you doing with your life?
Mitchell Robinson
Mitchell Robinson Tund tagasi
People investing in collectable figures. People investing in cardboard
Max Rifenbark
Max Rifenbark Tund tagasi
I actually enjoyed watching the Logan Paul video
Orienium Tund tagasi
Ah this was so intense ah i can feel it
YRB ELITE Tund tagasi
I ain’t even like your content and hated your for years but damn I liked this one!
Roberto Marino
Roberto Marino Tund tagasi
Your a bitch u don’t post no more the money all went to the maverick club so I said fk the fans and u sold out
Noah Augustine
Noah Augustine 2 tundi tagasi
Its fake
Randomrobotcat 2 tundi tagasi
Its sad it was fake lol
Tea Bae
Tea Bae 2 tundi tagasi
Lmaoo I can't believe I used to be a fan of you just for my crush. Disgusting. Anyways go check out D'Angelo Wallace's new video about Logan Paul and the rise and fall of fame. Have a great day y'all
dryipz games
dryipz games 2 tundi tagasi
It a fake card
Patrick Eline
Patrick Eline 2 tundi tagasi
You know, I don’t think I’d ever be able to be given the opportunity to have such a high valued card in my life. But if I was there in his house asking him to buy one of his cards and he said yes I’d feel like...for a brief moment...I was 8 years old again. To have that kind of harmless excitement from getting a card like that? I remember opening up my first unlimited packs (I didn’t even have a chance to get the first editions) and finding a holo jolteon. Idk why I’m even typing this out but this shit really hits home to me in a different way for some damn reason.
Ruben Alejandro
Ruben Alejandro 2 tundi tagasi
Jeb bush
Anwar Albalushi
Anwar Albalushi 2 tundi tagasi
I love you logan im joining the maverick club buying the mask and the hoddie and the shorts love you logan paul your my idol
Reese Sanders
Reese Sanders 2 tundi tagasi
When my dad says yes to the boys having a sleepover 7:59
Austin Perry
Austin Perry 2 tundi tagasi
so when is jimmy coming to la lmao
Tyagra 3 tundi tagasi
not even black label smh
Austin MN Jimmy Johns
Austin MN Jimmy Johns 3 tundi tagasi
Franklin Clinton
Franklin Clinton 3 tundi tagasi
Lana is like wtf is going on
FILE STORAGE 3 tundi tagasi
Completely unrelated, but where’s The Thinning 3? Everyone is so hype
Goldie & Koi
Goldie & Koi 2 tundi tagasi
I thought you were joking for a minute... please tell me you are? These vlogs are way better than the trash old Logan movies.
Coco 3 tundi tagasi
And he got finessed
HellaCrispy 3 tundi tagasi
Aye remember when KSI won that boxing match against you?
Marco Ruiz
Marco Ruiz 4 tundi tagasi
why was this so intense for me 😂😂
the unknown one
the unknown one 4 tundi tagasi
Zzzzzzzzz hope u enjoyed England buddy XD come back next time.... for round 3 it will be a beat you know it ps don't talk sh** about some one if you can't take the hits
Goldie & Koi
Goldie & Koi 2 tundi tagasi
Are you talking about the boxing match that was 1 year ago now like it happened yesterday. 🤣🤣
No one
No one 4 tundi tagasi
when u buy a 150k faked pokemon card lmaooo its pretty easy to tell if its fake just check the back design if its not strait its fake
Goldie & Koi
Goldie & Koi 2 tundi tagasi
Was looking for the comment on that hope he makes a real video on sure he will. Think he bought it online though the card in that story wasn't a charzard it was a pikachu.
Jo Nvo
Jo Nvo 4 tundi tagasi
Bro you should listen to jake's song Fresh outta london That's fire bro Anyway much love stay safe
Aj Esparza
Aj Esparza 4 tundi tagasi
Wait I have a lvl 75? Or 60 sum first generation charzard or classic idk is that rare
Kham Briggs
Kham Briggs 4 tundi tagasi
Alfie 4 tundi tagasi
get a fucking shave
Kenma Kozume
Kenma Kozume 3 tundi tagasi
Matthew Scott
Matthew Scott 4 tundi tagasi
You know damn well Gary was sniffing that seat when Lana got up😂
IRS 4 tundi tagasi
I would love if Mark Zuckerberg went on this podcast like if you would like that
Cabbage man
Cabbage man 4 tundi tagasi
Logan how do you feel about Ryan Garcia cheating
Joshua Fleury
Joshua Fleury 4 tundi tagasi
Gary probably recognizes lana
Brandon Rios
Brandon Rios 5 tundi tagasi
It would’ve been so funny if he would’ve said “mhm..... no get out my house”
Nuutti kivimaa
Nuutti kivimaa 5 tundi tagasi
Oh u Lucky snake
Qezify 5 tundi tagasi
lol he lost by KSI What a LOSER!
Nitro Axis
Nitro Axis 5 tundi tagasi
I was just eyeing up Lana in the back tbh with you man
SFG ExE 5 tundi tagasi
Morgz if spend that money for a vid he would be doing 3 seasons with 13 episodes to spend on video ideas
Federico Ortiz
Federico Ortiz 5 tundi tagasi
5:22 is that Lana????????
DrizzyCheats 5 tundi tagasi
Meanwhile, jake paul posting porn on his yt
Samurai 5 tundi tagasi
Logan you should try beyblade. They are really fun
AgresorDoe 5 tundi tagasi
That girl right there is like WTF Im doing here
Sorry I am about kong and mavrick but I have a pet like that I can give two of the pet for 1,000
sorucha 6 tundi tagasi
Lmao million dollars in a couple of years stfu Only way that would be true is if he centered his channel around pokemon cards, making them popular and thus increasing their value
Hudson_Plays360 6 tundi tagasi
Skip to 7:33 to see if he says yes or no
Big Boy
Big Boy 6 tundi tagasi
Bring back Pokémon go!!
Cheston Brainers
Cheston Brainers 6 tundi tagasi
U shit
drillz yt
drillz yt 6 tundi tagasi
Go watch my new EEpost video @Kale Kenny
ISR ?????
ISR ????? 6 tundi tagasi
Vou aprender inglês só pra entender oq esses caras fala
Mayjinx 6 tundi tagasi
Turns out he bought a fake card 😂😂
Cxsh 4 tundi tagasi
@Ncnxjdnddj Ndndjdxnndsn yep
Ncnxjdnddj Ndndjdxnndsn
Ncnxjdnddj Ndndjdxnndsn 6 tundi tagasi
hey logan why don't you and Mike squash your beef with ethan and have him on the podcast
scott liaoodat
scott liaoodat 7 tundi tagasi
1:25 So funny
Tyler Danielson
Tyler Danielson 7 tundi tagasi
1:25 So funny
Bab 727
Bab 727 7 tundi tagasi
Bro I love were if you wanted to rob him you could you and your team could push him over and run away lol 😆 😂 🤣 😅
Tristin Young
Tristin Young 7 tundi tagasi
The best card ever
Maliksahab vlogs
Maliksahab vlogs 7 tundi tagasi
Why aren't you posting your vlog? Logan i am your fan from pakistan
Ernesto Torres
Ernesto Torres 7 tundi tagasi
why the fuck is pornstar at a pokemon trad
FINICAL 7 tundi tagasi
come visit me im in Vegas
Daniel Cabral
Daniel Cabral 7 tundi tagasi
Lol someone posted and it said he bought a fake one and he got mad and broke the window
Kakashi Zero715
Kakashi Zero715 7 tundi tagasi
I’ll be right back in 10 years making a sandwich
Nick Gauthier
Nick Gauthier 8 tundi tagasi
one word EPIC!!! I cannot begin to relate to the nostalgia I have and the goose bumps this gave me
Spicy Güero
Spicy Güero 8 tundi tagasi
Fake ass card and now you have to get stitches 😂
RNOOB 8 tundi tagasi
I like ur beard
APPLE KIDS 8 tundi tagasi
I REALLY MAKE ABCD SONG WITH “XXX” I just Upload it. and is LIT 🔥
Jackniel Rosado
Jackniel Rosado 8 tundi tagasi
Did Evan and Lydia have a thing
Sego Sargsyan
Sego Sargsyan 8 tundi tagasi
Please you can subscribe to my EEpost channel please
Mr.Critic Mr.Gamer
Mr.Critic Mr.Gamer 8 tundi tagasi
why is logan paul actually a good youtuber now wtf?!
Mr.Critic Mr.Gamer
Mr.Critic Mr.Gamer 8 tundi tagasi
@Sego Sargsyan no
Sego Sargsyan
Sego Sargsyan 8 tundi tagasi
Please you can subscribe to my EEpost channel please
Posting Daily
Posting Daily 8 tundi tagasi
Logan: This card is gonna be worth a million dollars in the next 3 years. Also Logan: Im never selling this card.
Real Power
Real Power 8 tundi tagasi
End was fake😊
Sego Sargsyan
Sego Sargsyan 8 tundi tagasi
Please you can subscribe to my EEpost channel please
Mr.MaximumShip 8 tundi tagasi
me sitting here whit 0.3 dollars on my account :(
Spectrom_Ghost YT
Spectrom_Ghost YT 8 tundi tagasi
As much as i hate him for what he did i love these vids
Aizen's Plan
Aizen's Plan 8 tundi tagasi
Id sell it for ten fucks with Lana Rhoades
CUT the B. S
CUT the B. S 8 tundi tagasi
Logan you should have borat on your podcast would be so funny
Dart 9 tundi tagasi
And then he loses it or someone steels it
Logan Cristaldi
Logan Cristaldi 9 tundi tagasi
Hi I’m such a big fan and I was wondering if I could be in one of your videos
Tazos Diaz
Tazos Diaz 9 tundi tagasi
coopaisdabest 9 tundi tagasi
Mrbeast like i'll offer you 1000000000000 dollars says no because he is not feeling it
Jaysofresh15 9 tundi tagasi
This has gotta be the weirdest porno I've ever seen
Giulia Sabatino
Giulia Sabatino 9 tundi tagasi
... that song a big mistake love🥰
guilherme nunes
guilherme nunes 9 tundi tagasi
lana is like "tf is happening"
Christoffer Lundgren
Christoffer Lundgren 10 tundi tagasi
And his name is Gary of course 😂
Kenny Vega
Kenny Vega 10 tundi tagasi
All I noticed in the entire video were those Charizard and Lana Rhoades.....yep 🥴🥴
Stix 10 tundi tagasi
I can just give this man the Pokémon for free
G2 Gamer
G2 Gamer 10 tundi tagasi
Logan you have summoned me again
ABDUL 12180
ABDUL 12180 10 tundi tagasi
u know what u are outta ure mind
Stupid Bros And Cams
Stupid Bros And Cams 10 tundi tagasi
I offer $225,000 for the charzard
Petar Number1
Petar Number1 10 tundi tagasi
Best actor ever
Ryder philp
Ryder philp 10 tundi tagasi
Its fake
Natron 10 tundi tagasi
I would’ve grabbed that shit and ran away
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