I Spent $2,000,000 On Pokémon Cards

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Logan Paul

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Charizard, here I come...
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I’m a 25 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.

FollowMeDaily 2 tundi tagasi
fuck i wish i could be apart of this shit!
sizserb22 3 tundi tagasi
this shit crazy he made so much money with it this is just insane
Dylo Movies
Dylo Movies 4 tundi tagasi
Is this Lana Rhoades at 1:05? Asking for a friend haha
mehmet reis
mehmet reis 5 tundi tagasi
I love logen Paul the America i love em türkısh
mawar 6 tundi tagasi
anyone from malaysia?
SADruu Ddin
SADruu Ddin 5 tundi tagasi
I come from ML studios
VICTOR WONG 7 tundi tagasi
Ricky Müller
Ricky Müller 7 tundi tagasi
Guys i have a question i have a 1.Ed Machamp PSA 6 english shadowless how much is it worth ???
The real Pokemon Fan
The real Pokemon Fan 10 tundi tagasi
I don't like Logan Paul but the reason why I'm watching this video because I like Pokemon.
Bass by Arthur
Bass by Arthur 10 tundi tagasi
How much did he pay them to say nice things to him?
Ema Andeye
Ema Andeye 11 tundi tagasi
So nobody gon talk about the last kiss
mackenzie smith
mackenzie smith 13 tundi tagasi
How much Pokémon doubles do you have I really need then
mackenzie smith
mackenzie smith 13 tundi tagasi
Wow that’s a lot of money bro can I have some plZZZ
Jake Simmons
Jake Simmons 17 tundi tagasi
Man Logan really got his career back together I really respect him now.
Uriel Jimenez
Uriel Jimenez 18 tundi tagasi
No hate but I think you should be focusing in boxing man.
Beber Beliver
Beber Beliver 18 tundi tagasi
Logan paul you look sooo old last time you looked amazing
KoenWood 19 tundi tagasi
Post more
1 piece
1 piece 20 tundi tagasi
Vexx made you a cool drawing that took him 50 days
Christian Palomino
Christian Palomino 20 tundi tagasi
i just remembered logan ur hair style has changed for llamo
joshua elka
joshua elka 20 tundi tagasi
N3D 20 tundi tagasi
Great marketing. You will make millions upon millions while acting like you’re some “manchild” living his dumb, best life. Hopefully your team is getting racks too, cause they are the real geniuses.
Dmista 21 tund tagasi
who else misses logan paul vlogs🥲😪
Josh Brayboy
Josh Brayboy 22 tundi tagasi
Hey if anyone sees this relay this to Logan I would much appreciate it. I have collected the set of "TEAM ROCKET" .Except 4 cards only cause they stop coming in, back then when this set was released years ago and I sleeved them as soon as I got them and havent been out of the sleeve since then. I got proof. 👍
Bronx Reyes
Bronx Reyes 22 tundi tagasi
You know ours gonna be good when you pull a chansey
Eastern Russia
Eastern Russia 22 tundi tagasi
bro go and tell collectibles guru to get outta there
Amazing Tik Tok
Amazing Tik Tok 23 tundi tagasi
I post tik tok girls dancing with no bra, but you are not ready for that
martin sheridan
martin sheridan 23 tundi tagasi
didnt he say recently he was not doing pokemon anymore
Jack Rezek
Jack Rezek 23 tundi tagasi
Logan, you could of gave that two million ,that you spent on some stupid pieces of card, to some charity.
Oaktheonepunch Päev tagasi
What about Airrack?
roblox rules
roblox rules Päev tagasi
Mr Beast : give 1 million $$ to homeless Logan Paul : spending 2 million on pokemon
FathiBra Päev tagasi
Bee Network code : ahmad0404
ur bot ψ
ur bot ψ Päev tagasi
Give me gawk gawk Logan
Michely Torres
Michely Torres Päev tagasi
logan paul, my brother's godfather is Guadalupe Valencia if u know him by Lupe valencia
kaz0 Päev tagasi
mind blowing that he makes it all back
oddwing13 Päev tagasi
Yu-Gi-Oh players: so cute
SpeedGamer X
SpeedGamer X Päev tagasi
I miss 2017 Logan Paul vlogs when he was crazy and the whole gang was there and he use to vlog everyday and maverick and Kong was there
Fortnite Kid
Fortnite Kid Päev tagasi
I got back into Pokémon because of Logan Paul
VORTEX Päev tagasi
ur gonna need to replace kong if u do then he is gonna be a pokemon nerd
kys life
kys life Päev tagasi
i wish i didnt get rid of my pokemon cards i would be a millioner
Rasa Maximoff
Rasa Maximoff Päev tagasi
What’s the difference between you and trash……… nothing
Banda Świrów
Banda Świrów Päev tagasi
Every time when i see Lana in your vlogs i just need to visit fookin PH there is something wrong with me
CallMeToaster Päev tagasi
the fact he entertained us when we were kids and he matured along with us keeping his teen fans.This may be a pog moment
VerzcryFN FN
VerzcryFN FN Päev tagasi
Are you Dream
Craig Bailey
Craig Bailey Päev tagasi
Logan’s videos I on a different level I want him to make more 👊🏻🇬🇧
hamster Päev tagasi
Atleast u didn't get corrupt with money
Masroor Raza
Masroor Raza Päev tagasi
Lana is a very mature girl 👍
Le Levontin
Le Levontin Päev tagasi
Anybody love vagina?
Kushman420TV Päev tagasi
I know where 31 unopened first edition package are located 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 so dose this mean I have millions of dollars sitting in my grandmother's house
Deadly Agent
Deadly Agent Päev tagasi
this is as temting as opening 10 mega boxes in brawl stars
509 Päev tagasi
Or did he resell them?
509 Päev tagasi
What you doing with the other 5 or 6 boxes?
Seth Michael Brodie
Seth Michael Brodie Päev tagasi
Pokémon is about magic but it looks so harmless. I couldn’t imagine owning millions of dollars of these cards and then finding out that it’s demonic. That would be hard to get rid of.
925_. ignacio
925_. ignacio Päev tagasi
He waisted 2 mill no problem😭😭 but hes fliping that
Jacobymans Päev tagasi
Mike sucks.
Sinatra Triplofiltroadoppiaentrata
Sinatra Triplofiltroadoppiaentrata Päev tagasi
Ci mancava solamente questo idiota. Queste maledette carte stanno attirando sempre più dementi
Profighter2 Profighter2
Profighter2 Profighter2 Päev tagasi
i am an idiot. i hade a first edition charzard but it was years ago and i threw it away
Profighter2 Profighter2
Profighter2 Profighter2 Päev tagasi
respect to logan
InkyDaTwinkie Päev tagasi
Day One: Commenting on logan's pokemon videos until I open a first edition booster pack
M Carroll
M Carroll Päev tagasi
When does he get ginger back
Eli K
Eli K Päev tagasi
This is awesome
TLM Cosmetics
TLM Cosmetics Päev tagasi
they looked at hime like he was crazy 1:33
relendless Päev tagasi
a Lamborghini? nah some pieces of cardboard.
lewiscup l
lewiscup l Päev tagasi
Proof that karens have existed for all of history
Brisbari /Chris
Brisbari /Chris Päev tagasi
why the hell at the end there is pepole makeing out lmao
ItzJxySkii Päev tagasi
the dislikes was all of carols alt accs
Walter Moore
Walter Moore 2 päeva tagasi
The offbeat dugout physically behave because click kelly last save a stimulating foxglove. imperfect, wary brick
Dogeee Craft
Dogeee Craft 2 päeva tagasi
I love Pokémon but I can’t get it
Mobb Beats
Mobb Beats 2 päeva tagasi
Idk i think hes just faking some of these pulls honestly. Logan was trying to buy a Charizard at one point, now hes just pulling them left an right? Idk man im not buyin. I think he resealed cards for shock value to get views. But thats what i think tho🤷‍♂️🦆
Evin H
Evin H 2 päeva tagasi
He pulled 2 charz on stream and that’s the box
Evin H
Evin H 2 päeva tagasi
His prediction was right
pokemon master
pokemon master 2 päeva tagasi
Holy moly that was my birday 2007 21 September am not joking I swear
Cynthia Johnson
Cynthia Johnson 2 päeva tagasi
No he’s literally collecting infinity stones but what happens when he collects them all😳
Tina Kirchner
Tina Kirchner 2 päeva tagasi
Are you dream?
Roy 2 päeva tagasi
Where’s Evan????
seva seva
seva seva 2 päeva tagasi
hello azerbaijan
Dbow H
Dbow H 2 päeva tagasi
9:56 who's the simp with dark hair, holding onto his girl like she's a 1st edition box ??? The girl that's giving LP pure energy 😍🤩 He's embarrassing
Einen Namen zu haben ist nicht Notwendig
Einen Namen zu haben ist nicht Notwendig 2 päeva tagasi
That money for Pokémon cards? People need this money!
CallMeToaster Päev tagasi
dude, there are so many organizations that are special in that leave him alone.Shit, president kennedy donated his presidental salary THATS 5 MILLION DUDE
Lakeram Khemrajh
Lakeram Khemrajh 2 päeva tagasi
It’s kinda sad that it’s gotten so expensive for us to enjoy Pokémon
RIPETS 2 päeva tagasi
You're dork.
Viperiguana -BS
Viperiguana -BS 2 päeva tagasi
who is the German guy's channel
Lit Rc
Lit Rc 2 päeva tagasi
Collector cache said Logan is doing a good thing for the Pokémon community, cap. The only thing he is doing is making Pokémon so expensive where only rich people can afford it! My opinion btw!
HeadShotCow 2 päeva tagasi
Local man Logan Paul goes bankrupt after spending life earnings on Pokemon Cards.
Charizard 2 päeva tagasi
At McDonald’s there doing a Pokémon promo and the holographic pikachu card is the hardest to get out of all of them but it looks sick you should do a video or live stream where you open a whole bunch of happy meals to try and get all 25 cards as holographic or try and find a holographic pikachu like me holo pikachu is going for 300$ the minimum and I posted this because I know you really like Pokémon cards and every card except pikachu is recycled but rare because they have a tag that has pikachu and his cheeks say 25 sorry for how long this comment is
Zøøm 2 päeva tagasi
Watching him spend all this money hurts to watch Broke boi life 😢
LucasGaming 2 päeva tagasi
this is actually a pokmon channel now
Alex Vega
Alex Vega 2 päeva tagasi
Please Logan watch this video and subscribe please help this young generation to grow Poké pack 123 please and thanks
H3adshot 2 päeva tagasi
people still watch this clown
H3adshot 2 päeva tagasi
@Zøøm no both r shit
Zøøm 2 päeva tagasi
He’s okay Jake on the other hand.....
Jacob Rosco
Jacob Rosco 2 päeva tagasi
please start up the vlogs at least once a week
Jacob Rosco
Jacob Rosco 2 päeva tagasi
@Logan Paul thanks fake logan
Logan Paul
Logan Paul 2 päeva tagasi
+1•9•3•1•4•5•2•1•6•5•5 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲
Logan Paul
Logan Paul 2 päeva tagasi
Appreciate your comments link up with me today for something new
damian villalobos
damian villalobos 2 päeva tagasi
I wonder if he plays Pokémon Go ... catching shiny Pokémon always feels rewarding
Dave Maze
Dave Maze 2 päeva tagasi
Hayden is the best editor on EEpost.
Logan Paul
Logan Paul 2 päeva tagasi
. +1•9•3•1•4•5•2•1•6•5•5 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲
Logan Paul
Logan Paul 2 päeva tagasi
Appreciate your comments link up with me today for something new
Speedy_ xyz
Speedy_ xyz 2 päeva tagasi
I got 3 boxes right here willing to sell you 20k for 1 only because I'm a huge fan
Logan Paul
Logan Paul 2 päeva tagasi
@Zøøm yes of course, how are you?
Zøøm 2 päeva tagasi
OMG It’s The Actual LoGan Paul
Logan Paul
Logan Paul 2 päeva tagasi
+1•9•3•1•4•5•2•1•6•5•5 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲
Logan Paul
Logan Paul 2 päeva tagasi
Appreciate your comments link up with me today for something new
Logan Paul
Logan Paul 2 päeva tagasi
Hvdr Dsrt
Hvdr Dsrt 2 päeva tagasi
How to buy the NFT???
Tan Jun Long Harel
Tan Jun Long Harel 2 päeva tagasi
Logan be making cash jake be getting trashed :3
Y Boy78
Y Boy78 2 päeva tagasi
While yall focus on pokemon me focus on Lana😂
Fox 2 päeva tagasi
Wow, looks like his prediction of 2 Charizards was correct.
The Burn
The Burn 2 päeva tagasi
Logan and Jake have evolved so much throughout the years. Jake has just evolved...backwards.
NSW ROOFING 2 päeva tagasi
I watched your videos on opening 1st edition packs then went to my mothers attic and found all my old Pokemon cards in binders and shoe boxes get in touch I’ve got a treasure trove of cards here you could take them just feature me in your videos 🙂👍
Zøøm 2 päeva tagasi
Muhd Zakwan
Muhd Zakwan 2 päeva tagasi
Carole more like Karen 👌🔥😂
Kyo _
Kyo _ 2 päeva tagasi
jessica umbao
jessica umbao 2 päeva tagasi
Pokéman!!! Cards lol
Majiin Buu
Majiin Buu 2 päeva tagasi
This man collecting all the dragon balls before our very eyes.
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